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Devlin     With the morning sun still low in the sky, Devlin was already awake, though from his movements just outside his home it was a wonder if he slept yet. He didn't have running water so he could be found at a pump spicket, pumping the lever to try and bring up some ground water into a bucket he had positioned under the spout. The wounded arm was sandwiched between two pieces of broken wood and wrapped in the shreds of an old shirt, keeping the arm initially set but only just so, largely it was used along with a crude sling to keep his arm still rather than from swaying from side to side causing him more pain.
Lynnette Lyn had remembered where Dev said he had lived and went straight over there after sleeping over at Iris'. She had passed her bar on the way out and just shook her head as she made her way out to that security guy's house. Licking her lips she was about to knock on the door but she heard a noise then. Adjusting her shotgun on her shoulder she'd make her way over to see Devlin. Frowning as she looked over at him, she announced herself before moving closer to him. "Hey, Devlin. Morning."
Devlin     Glancing off to the side, Lynnette could see the man was less than please, and unable to give the snarky smirk and tease he was accustomed to giving Lyn. "Mornin.." Looking back down in front of himself, Devlin continues to work the pump a bit but then picks it up by the central cord. "Follow if ya want.. I have ta filter and boil this." Turning away from the woman, without waiting for her reaction, he begins to head towards his small clay and brick home, using his knee to force open an unlocked and knobbless door.
Lynnette She'd run after him before she would go and open that door then for him. Snatching that bucket from him she would just sigh as she shook her head. "Go sit down...." Licking her lips she would just look around for his kitchen area. "You need something for the pain?" Setting down her shotgun she'd then take that bucket off to the side and set it down too. Poking out of the back of her pants was that small pistol she kept on her but took that off too, putting it with her other gun. "....let me look at you..."
Devlin     Starts to resist Lynnette helping him but when he does, Devlin hisses with pain, he jostled his left arm in the motion causing him to shift away. "I'm -fine-," is heavily stressed as a glare settles into his eyes but then he looked away, focusing his attention elsewhere in the room. "I need to be 'clean', things are going to be worse then they reset it and properly bind it, only so much you can do yourself using shine to numb the pain and a compress for the welling." Not once to sit, Devlin moves around Lynnette in the small kitchen area and pulls out a strainer that had another cloth put on top of it. "Now.. follow me with the dang bucket, the fire's only cinders now, we'll have to revive it."
Lynnette Sighing she would just tilt her head a bit then frowned. "I'm just trying to help. You got hurt at my place...." Lyn would make her way back to that bucket then and picked it up, following after him with it. "And I'm just asking. I can find something for the pain...." She'd then set it down in the kitchen. Making her way to the fire she'd drop low as she then looked around but just rubbed her hands together started to blows on the cinders. Fanning them slightly she'd hold out a hand. "Give me something to poke it with...."
Devlin     "I'm not used to help," is equally hissed out while Devlin let his eyes drift close for a moment. Taking in a breath, he exhales slowly and steadily, forcing himself to calm down again, getting back into a pattern to distract himself. "Anything that risks too much might make what the clinic does lesser.." Setting the filter down, he goes to the doorway to pick up a piece of rebar that was capped on one end with a leather and cotton weave, making it a good protective grip even if the rod accidentally stayed in the fire too long. Rather than spark the flame, he tosses it up slightly to regrip it and offers the protection to Lynnette. "Here.." is said more softly, a slight smile on his lips, his acting left much to be desired at this moment.
Lynnette "Well get over it, loser...." Frowning she would just watch him for a moment but then stepped back when he tossed that piece of metal around. Staring at it she'd take it from him then nod. "Now go sit down...." Turning around she'd just go to that fire then as she started to poke the fire. "I'll be in there in a second...." Lyn was quiet then as she got that fire going and began to work getting that water to boil. Once she did everything she made her way where he was. "When are you going to see the clinic?"
Devlin     Closing his eyes, Devlin lets out a slightly amused sigh through his nose before moving off the side. Using his good arm, he pulls one of the chairs over to sit closer to the fire.. only to then go and get a second, the second one he would sit in, leaving the first for Lynnette. "After the water boils, it'll be time to smother the flames, letting the water cool quite a bit.." Seemingly ignoring her question about the clinic until then, he looks up at the small window high in the room and nods towards it, "In a few hours, I need rest, I need to gather a bit of strength as well as get used to shooting without my balancing arm.."
Lynnette "Yeah yeah...shush." She'd wait to sit down, seeing that chair being brought over but didn't worry about it. Ignoring him for now she would just wait until the water came to a boil then. As soon as it did she would then move the pot over and begin to smother the fire. Once it was down she would set the rebar to the side and sat down next to him. Looking at him intently then as frowned and reached her hand out and put it on his face. Patting him gently she'd chuckle. "You were off last shouldn't took on that guy...."
Devlin     With the patting on his cheek, Devlin turns towards the hand and snaps his teeth at it, trying to not actually bite her. "I'm no wounded dog. When I said I'd be your guard, I meant any time I was there, there isn't a off the clock.. just limited time I promise to be there." Leaning back into his chair, a faint grin was on his lips as he says, "You're safe, noone died and.." Looking down at his arm, he closes his eyes and attempts to get his teasing tone once again, "You know how girls love battle wounds of those that fought a minu behemoth in close quarters and lived, right?" Soon a wink is offered to Lynnette but the man didn't move much, keeping his arm close and still against him.
Lynnette Staring at him she'd pull her hand back as he tried to 'bite' her she'd just laugh. Licking her lips, Lyn would raise her brow at him then before tilting her head. "Do you want me to stay here for a bit?" Grinning she would then pat her lap before leaning in and gently wrapping her arms around him. Standing up in front of him she'd shift her arms around then pulled him slowly to pull his head her body. "No funny business though. Just to keep an eye on you until it's time for you to get checked out....."
Devlin     Murmuring, Devlin softly says "Says the spider to the fly.." Rather than resist, he leans into Lynnette's embrace seeming to relax though he remains somewhat stiff. Suddenly as he starts to truly relax he chuckles, "Alphas ganna kill me.." Gently shaking his head, he goes still for the time being while his own hand rests in his lap.
Lynnette Licking her lips she would chuckle a bit as she shook her head. "....are you the fly....or the spider?" Licking her lips she would slowly pull back and raised her brow. "He has no reason to kill're not trying to touch me..." Laughing she would then let go an make her way over to that hot water. "Now....go relax while I finish getting this together, okay?" Looking back to him she would smirk. "Just don't get any wrong ideas, hm?" Winking she'd go back to what she was doing then as she hummed softly, back to work to at least keep him comfortable until time to get fixed up.