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Willow Caine A bar is never really *busy* early in the day. People are working, keeping up on their lives or taking care of a family. The Caine family takes care of themselves, for the most part, so Willow is absolved from that distraction. She prefers the Saloon anyways. The loud patrons, the occasional fights and the food - or what might pass for it.

Several ragged men sit on stools, and in front of one of them is the diminutive blonde, listening to his woes as she slowly pours him whiskey from a bottle. He talks, he gets drunk, he gives her caps. A few go to the till, but the extra? Straight down the front of her dress. She keeps an eye on the door in case something new comes in to entertain her, until then? Weepy will do.
Rexus Rexus wanders on in. He's not a drinker so... he orders a cup of tea.. or cola.. or whatever non-alky drink they have as he sidles up to the bar. He's left his armor outside, not wanting to cause a fuss, just here for a quiet bit of refreshment and maybe some entertainment.
Willow Caine Willow spots Rexus when he walks in, and her canny eyes take in his appearance as she measures him for what he might be worth. Weepy is far beyond caring much now, so she jerks her chin up at one of the wenches and gives her quiet instructions to go pour Weepy into an empty room. He won't miss another 100 caps that will pay for the privledge. She sways as she walks over towards Rexus, stopping to pick up the cola that the other barmaid was fishing out for him. She leans against the bar in front of the very much taller man and sets down the cola. "Here you go, sugar, enjoy."
Rexus Rexus squints at Willow. He's not so obtuse he doesn't know what this place is, but still, he's not super used to it either. "Thanks." he murmurs, "That siege... put a real wreck on my armor... be cheaper to find a new set at this rate." he murmurs, drinking down the cola, "Got any water? Cola's nice but... I got some thirst that needs quenchin and I don't wanna guzzle this."
Willow Caine Willow turns and walks over, pouring out water as her brow furrows. Before she turns back to Rexus, she clears her face of emotion, at least anything negative and offers him a bright smile as she sets the water down. "Here you go." She croons softly, and latching on to a subject she leans in, one finger idly tracing the grain on the wooden bar. "What kind of armor are you looking to replace, darlin'?"
Rexus Rexus jerks a finger at the door. "My power armor.. i've had it for ages and... much as I like her, she's startin to get kinda worn down... in need of a refit really... but.. why keep the old thing when I could upgrade to somethin else, ya know?" he takes the water and chugs it down, quenching his immediate thirst.
Willow Caine Willow pays attention, and she prides herself on doing so. She gazes at the door when he gestures there and she watches him as he speaks. She makes the appropriate noises when he speaks and she tsks softly as she shakes her head. "Probably because it has sentimental value. We all do really odd things for sentiment, you know?" She murmurs, tracing her tongue across her lips as she considers how to broach the subject. "I might know of someone who is selling some armor, power armor, in fact." She takes Rexus's glass and moves to fill it up again, and with the prospect of money to be made, she adds ice this time before she sets it in front of him again.
Rexus Rexus smirks, "Oh? What kind? What condition an how much?" he squints, settling himself into barter mode as well. He's... trained in power armor so, he knows them like the back of his hand and...well he knows his stuff. "I've seen some more sale but... the price is far too high and beyond most folk's means... mine included."
Willow Caine "It's very advanecd, and there isn't a scratch on it." Willow says, her eyes wide and seemingly guileless. She lets those eyelashes flutter for a moment or two before she continues to speak. "Point in fact, if you don't mind the light smell of perfume, it might just be perfect." She holds up a hand and her lips tilt into a smirk. "I haven't sprayed it, but standing in the corner of my rooms, things might gather a certain girlish scent. Nothing that can't be fixed with some oil and dirt." Her eyes flick over his clothes, how he holds himself and she allows another smile to curve her lips. "For you, handsome, nine hundred caps and the promise you'll come back and have another water sometime."
Rexus Rexus smirks, "Well, I won't mind the smell... I know someone might but I won't." he says, listening to the details. "Right, i'll take it..." he says, nodding slowly. "And I will come by for water here more often... I suppose you'll need the business a bit more often now?"
Willow Caine "I'm not asking you to come back for business, sugar. It's slow now, but it kicks up in the evenings. I hire pretty girls so that it continues to do so." Willow says, running slender fingers through her blonde hair. She straightens up and without looking away from Rexus, snaps a finger. She lets her look linger for another moment, a smile still on her face before she turns to speak to two strapping lads. "They'll bring the heavy shit down here, and when you pay me, it's your problem." She holds out a hand, her head tilted slightly.
Rexus Rexus sighs as he reaches into a pocket. 900 caps is.. a lot of bottle caps so.. he just hoists a bag that looks about right onto the counter and slides it across to Willow, "You can count it.. if you dare!" he grins, looking over at the men who are going to do the lifting. "I.. don't even want to know."
Willow Caine "It's big, you know how it goes." Willow says, taking the pouch of caps and stowing them somewhere safe. Business concluded she sets down a cold bottle of cola and offers the tall man a saucy grin. "Enjoy it honey, and don't trash this one. It might not be something I can use, but it'll be useful." She turns then and walks to another likely fellow, swirling his scotch around with a morose look on his face.
Rexus Rexus grins, "I'll be sure of it." he says, letting the lads carry the thing outside. Now he just has to walk one suit back to Avalon or... walk with one suit and carry the other? Either way, this will be some chore!
Willow Caine Willow watches Rexus as he walks out after the lads and makes a frowny face. She could have made another 100 caps or so if she offered him the use of the lads to get his old armor home. Shit, she usually doesn't think of these things after the fact. She needs to keep on her game.