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Bane      An open bounty, one that just about anybody can take. But not many did. Even more decided to leave it once they learnt someone else had picked it up, most wannabe bounty hunters do not want to cross experienced hunters in the field that has been known to end poorly. Her trail is pretty fresh, there is only so fast a saloon girl can run out into the wastes even if she has found herself a group of friends.

     Bane was one of the few that had still accepted the bounty, and even better he is one of those people who knows that a lone gun often ends up as a dead and rotting corpse in the wastes. He put the word out on the street he was assembling a team to head out and track down Lacey Lucy. Of course he passes work along directly to those he knows and has worked with before. The meeting place is the Gold Digger Saloon.

     When those that have accepted the invite arrive it is clear that Bane is planning to leave as soon as he has enough people to weather the storm that is most likely coming. Those that can recognise his horse can see that it is loaded up outside and ready to go, inside his rifle is on the table already loaded and freshly oiled. Behind the rifle is the man. Bane looks weary which is not like him, but he also looks determined and battle ready that is more like him. His armoured duster needs repairs badly the entire thing is battle scarred and littered with bullet holes. Some of the mans wounds underneath are visible and have clearly been tended to far better than his past wounds. Sometimes you need someone a little more qualified than a prostitute to patch you up.
Lilu Unsure of herself, or why Rose had talked her into coming along, Lilu was present for the hunt. Wrapped up as best as her scarf can manage, the healer with a ratty messenger bag on her hip looks...less than prepared. It's the horse, though, that gains her more pleased attention. Smiling behind her mask, she strides forward, giving the beast a pat on its shoulder before addressing it directly. "Ain' you a beauty, hmm? Strong n'tough. Gotta be t'lug dat one 'round." She teases, 'whispering' to the horse as her violet eyes glance skyward toward Bane.
Saeko Saeko wasnt a bounty hunter, she was a trained killer. Alive targets had little interest to her, but this one? This one was useful. She'd make an exception for a step closer to Soloman.

She had no horse, barely any armor, but the cloaked woman with the swird across her back had followed Lilu and jumped at Bane's bounty. This was important to her. "I can find this woman. If we wait till dark they will not see us coming," the asian woman speaks.
Rose Rose 's wounds? They were not quite as hot, perhaps her treating doctor wasn't quite as well supplied or experienced as Lilu. She'd survive the aches and pains for the moment though, but perhaps she'd let the big guy take the lead today if he's the one feeling better. "Mayor seems awful pissed to have put a bounty like this out," the blonde Ranger comments as she loads her revolvers. "She must know bad things await her, I very much doubt this thief or her friend are going to let this go by without a fight. We should be ready."

The girl with the sword gets a look, but a nod. The Ranger had no qualms about an attack in the dark again.
Bane      Looking over the balcony Ban nods to the assembled crew sweeping Retribution off the table before heading down to meet them. He smiles warmly at Lilu as he comes out into the sunlight with them. Normally the girls of the Saloon are more than good enough to patch him up, but there is only so much they can do and good docters are in short supply.

     He looks towards the others as he heads over to his horse and mounts up, his rifle moving into a thick leather holster at his side. He nods towards the lady with a sword, she has that look about her. But he has seen to many people like that high on psycho run into gunfire. They generally do not get very far. "How do you plan on finding her?" He shakes his head for a moment and adjusts his hat "By the way I am Bane Creel. Who are you?" He waits for a reply before continuing "I have talked to the 'friends' she still had at the saloon and learnt who she has been talking to and getting friendly with. After that I talked to the gate guards and learnt where they left from and their aproximate heading. We will still have to track them, but it is the best I have. If you have something better I am all ears."

     He looks towards Rose before shrugging. "You never know. Maybbe we will get lucky and they will all be falling asleep as we come across them. I am sure she is paying them somehow, and I doubt she wants to spend all the money she stole before she reaches the next town."
Lilu "I ain' much 'f a tracker. Dey be betta at dis. M'jus' here t'help kiss boo-boos." The woman explains, removing her cowboy hat and giving it a wiggle to dust it off. Her wild mass of hair falls about her shoulders, only to be pulled back and tied off with a hard hoop of twine. Hat back in place, she frowns Rose's way and then glances to Saeko, then back again. "Suppose we get goin', dough. Burnin' daylight."
Saeko Saeko tilts her head at Lilu's words. "But...this is good. We want the darkness?" Yep, she's a little more literal. Taking a nod at Bane she bows her head. "My name is Saeko," she offers, no surname given. "I am skilled with stealth and a blade. They will not see me coming."

A bow and a shotgun rest lashed to her pack, but she makes refernce to neither.
Rose      Rose herself moves forwards, one last check of her weapons. "A lead is a lead," she offers lightly to the man before giving a little whince. Last time she'd lead the fight, this time? The Ranger might be hanging back a little bit more. "We'll see where your info leads us and go from there."

     Saeko's introduction earns a nod from the Ranger, as does her words of skills. Swords work much better for silence than her revolvers did."
Bane      Bane grins at the doc as he takes his reins in one hand and nudges his horse out on to the road heading towards the north gate. "Don't worry about tracking. Myself and Rose can do that, as long as we find the right trail at least. Isn't easy with how much comes and goes from this damn city." He shakes his head "Yeah. We wan't do do the shootin' at night. Hopefully when they aren't expectin' us. I can't see as well, but neither can they and chances are their night vision will be ruined by firelight or at the very least they won't be expectin' us."

     He smirks slightly at Saeko's words. Yeah they want the darkness. But only after they have found the bastards. "Like I said I am Bane Creel, I shoot those that deserve it. And sometimes just those that are stupid." He looks over the woman with the sword again, his practised eyes can see that she is not lying but other than that can not make head nor tails of the woman. He shakes his head as he looks between her and Rose "If you guys are going to keep doing this. I recommend investing in a horse. Makes it a mite easier to run down your targets."

     The trip through the gate is easy. The guards there don't much care what goes out only what comes in, and even then only if it is serious enough to warrant real attention. The 'road' out is twisted and broken as well as being downright missing in parts. What tracks are still there are overlapping and twisted, hundreds of different feet, horses and wheels. Bane speaks up again as they make up some ground from the city "I heard tell that they headed off at one of the old road signs up ahead. Thats where we will try and pick up the tracks."
Lilu Lilu looks at the trio and shrugs, giving her shoulders a roll before following after. The travel doesn't seem to bother the woman personally, as she's said before that she was known to wander for some years now. This, was just another wandering. She keeps behind the horse, but not diretly so, even the most tame of beasts can kick about now and then. She settles herself between Saeko and Rose, her eyes flitting to Saeko's sword, gun, and quiver, now and then.
Saeko "Horses are loud," Saeko says softly, but she doesn't argue so much as stay quiet. Her own tracking skills fail her, so she follows along with hand on the sheath of her sword.
Rose      A grunt of pain, a hiss now and then, Rose really should be sitting this one out. Maybe Bane's stubborness was rubbing off on her. The comment on the horse earns a noise of frustration and a shake of her head. "If the militia hadn't taken the ones we got back and the extras? Wouldn't have been a problem. Might just have to ante up for one some day."

     Complaints made, Rose too follows along quietly, offering support where she can when it comes to tracking and stretching her own shoulder out where the dressing was starting to itch. A look to Saeko and she tilts her head to the side. "If you want to go in close sword girl, I can try and cover you from out here."
Bane      Bane snorts as Saeko speaks "Yeah they certainly wouldn't hear you sneaking up on them from ten miles away. I hope you have a really long sword." He shakes his head as he looks back at the rather large gun case strapped to his horse "Even my best toys can't even hope to spit that far."

     The tracks are confused, it takes them a little while to stumble across them even with sort of knowing what they are looking for. Luckily without enough horses to all ride they are moving slow, they have a girl with them that doesn't know the wastes as well. She won't be moving at pace. Hell they might have even think they got out clean. Bane dismounts after a little while, the tracks moving across rough and dry terrain, not much to go on. But both he and Rose are used to the deserts, they keep on it. Bandits dread the day a Ranger picks up their trail for a reason. Bane may be no Ranger like Rose but he manages.

     Night is beginning to drop by the time they get the first hints they may be closing in. They can smell it on the air, it is a distinct smell. Manure that has been dried to be used as portable fuel for fires out in the waste. Just detectable under the smell of the burning brahmin and horse feces is the smell of burnt roasting flesh. And then finally something breaks the silence of the night, it is still a ways off but clearly in the direction of the smoke. A scream rips through the night full bodied and incredibly high pitched.
Manuelito As dawn broke, the Militia captain had saddled a horse and proceeded outward toward the wasteland on patrol. His ride would take him further out than his normal patrol as word had gotten to headquarters about the thief who stole from the Mayor.

His first stop was with the Navajo tribe. There, where he was welcome with open arms they spoke quietly about the woman he was after. They had given him directions from one of the scouts who had spotted her a few miles from their location. With gracious thanks, and a few hours spent with his people, Manny headed out.

Even with the information, it had taken hours for the Navajo to find any sort of tracks. He had followed the tracks for several miles until finding a crest to look out over. Sliding off the horse, he took out a pair of binoculars to scan the horizon.

Something just beyond he visual range of the binoculars caught his attention. As he slid them back in the satchel on the horse, Manny withdrew his sniper rifle and scoped. A smirk crossed his face.

Hours would pass, before the sound of another set of hooves is heard by the group, coming up from the rear as night began to fall.
Lilu Lilu keeps her silence during the walk. She doesn't speak, doesn't bring attention to her being there. Now and then, the trio might just forget she exists if it weren for her unruley, auburn hair and almost six feet of height. Her eyes rest on the tracks, but for the most part, she had seen a number of people moving in, and out, of the town. The secondary set of hooves, however, causes the woman to tense. Giving a soft whistle, she moves off the path they were following, pressing herself behind the shadow of a stone.
Saeko "If that scream is our target...then we will have to act fast." Saeko says as she reaches for her sword, taking the sheath in her hand and drawing the weapon slowly. Bane's barb about her blade had gone unanswered and now completely forgotten as the young shadow moves.

This could be about to turn into a rescue and that itself was perhaps the strangest thing to Saeko of all.
Rose      Rose had no sniper rifle, not since the incident with the fire-lizard on the road out of Vegas, but the marksman rifle she has slung over her back will have to do for the same purpose. Adjusting the armor that's still sitting rather uncomfortably against her wounds, she eyes her own 5.56 and then the .50 resting on Bane's horse. There's a joke to be made about size there, but instead the blonde ranger just shakes her head and pulls her helmet from her pack to place it atop her head, letting the faint red glow of her optics come to life.

     Another rider coming up from the rear earns a shift of Rose's gun, but the woman peers through her viewfinder and sure enough, it's a familier face. "Friendly...I think," she says calmly.
Bane      Bane jumps at the sudden sound in the distance, a womans scream is more or less his least favourite sound to hear in the desolate wastes, no matter what part of the wastes he currently occupies. But as the adrenalin begins to pump through his body from the jumpstart his wish to respond is overidden by the immediate threat to himself and his posse. Lilu's whistle alerting him, bringing his mind away from the scream. His rifle clears the long holster on his saddle in damn near record breaking time the first round chambered into retribution immediatly. Luckily he recognises the face even in the dark, he has always had a memory for faces.

     He lets out a deep breath as he slowly lets out his baited breath. He lets out a low his "Get off the horse. I assume you are here for the bounty. No other reason to be out this way. They are close. And we need to move now. Don't know what that scream is but I doubt it was good.
Manuelito The rider was friendly, or at least a someone most knew. As he drew nearer to them, the sound of a scream catches his attention. "Whoa boy." He whispers to the horse gentle as he came to a halt near the group. Then, two guns are pointed at him; Bane's big gun and Roses rifle.

He slid off his horse, looking to Lilu and gives a soft smile. He withdrew his sniper rifle, then frowned before putting it away. His pistol would have to do in this fight. "Yes, I was tracking her out this way. However, I was doing at the behest of the Militia more than for the money." He adds soft spoken, a small smile on his face.
Lilu Lilu slips out from behind her rocky cover, giving Manny a nod of silent greeting before motioning forward. "Ain' got time t'chatter. Get goin', dat smell ain' good. Maybe...maybe dat girl on de menu next." She whispers, taking a position behind everyone with a firearm to their name. She was there for plugging holes, not necessarily making them herself.
Rose Rose moves off sideways from the others, one last salute given before she makes for an overwatching position. She's moving slower with her poorly treated wounds, but she still has her nack for disappearing into the desert! Off she moves, ready to give the others support for their rescue.
Saeko Saeko is off into the dark even as Manny makes himself known. He wasn't an enemy? That was enough for the cloaked Kunoichi.

Setting off, her padded steps are silent as she can make them with years of training. They were moving quick, but that didn't seem to effect her ability to evade detection as they narrow in on their goal.
Bane      Bane is big, his footseps are heavy. He is a hard sight to miss even at night, the big man in the armoured leather duster and the large shining rifle. And yet the bandits to a man miss the giant armoured figure, and if they miss him? They definitly miss the Desert Rose and the Ninja as they fade into the night their feet almost making no noise nor disturbing the hard rocky ground.

     But it is not because Bane is being unusually stealthy, nor are they all blind and deaf. They are distracted, their senses dulled. A woman. Their target. She lies before three men rapidly backing away skinning the palms of her hands, her dress ripped open exposing her breasts. She may have charmed them into helping her leave town, but charm only gets you so far. It is clear even in the dull light of their fires the woman has been roughed up a little. Behind the three men advancing on the woman stand another four, all of them facing away from the party. They are watching the show, that or waiting their turn.
Bane      She may be the target, and he is definitly going to bring her in if he can. But Bane cannot stand this kind of thing. He won't just sit back and watch even if it would potentially mean an easier job for him. He lines up his sights carefully, his position on the slope giving him stability. He breathes out slowly before depressing the trigger. Two bullets burst from his barrel, his hands rapidly racking in more rounds. One of the bandits stumbles with a loud curse his shoulder torn up by the large .45-70 round. This is going to get rough.
Manuelito The sight unfolding before the group though angers Manny. Eyes narrow, brows furrow in anger as his teeth gritted and free hand clenched in a fist. Even with her having stolen from the Mayor, the actions be taken upon her was not justifiably right. There was a tenth of a second of thought to plug the men with his weapon. He was clearly displeased, and had he not be disciplined in the art of patience his gun would've already fired.

As Bane fires, so too does Manny on the closet target, a watcher.