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Lynnette Well Lyn was there at her bar, standing in the center of it as she looked around the place that was smashed up. Taking a deep breath she would start to pile up all the shattered tables and chest....might as well make a wood pile. Not dressed up in that dress but in her clothes she can get dirty in she would just grumble before letting out a yawn. " we go...." Tilting her head a bit she would grunt as she picked up half of a table and threw it out that hole that was left by the brute.
Iris Lark Iris walks in, a frown on her face as she steps in through a hole in the wall, rather than the door. She gazes around with wide eyes, a bit dismayed at the amount of destruction here and immediately, without a word to Lynnette, she moves to start lifting debris, carrying it back towards the hole and tossing it out into the pile that the other woman seems to be making. This goes on for a short while, silent work, the only noise being grunts of effort when one of them would lift something heavy or unwieldy. When a break presented itself, the slender redhead speaks up quietly. "How are you doing, Lyn?"
Lynnette Looking over to Iris...she doesn't say a word as she just let's her do as she pleased. Wiping her face she would be silent for a moment as she finally said something. "....I this place....." Licking her lips she would look off into the distance. "....I spent so much money to get this place....and now I have to pay a fortune get it fixed."
Rexus Rexus follows.. after awhile.. Iris through the new.. door? "Well....." he says, examining the hole. "That.... I see we missed the fun bits?" he mutters. "Ain't Ashur got loads of money to pay for it? Or Akane? Or... whoever else contributed? I mean.. there's a bar fight then there's... this..."
Iris Lark Iris glances back at Rexus and then she lets her gaze move back to Lyn. "I'll help if I can hon, you just tell me what you need. Caps, manpower, someone to yell at? I'm here." She murmurs, and to put action to her words she moves to continue to pick up debris and carry it towards the hole, chucking it out to the pile that is growing in front.
Lynnette Those green eyes would cut over to Rexus then as she stared at him. " going pay for this...." Sighing she would just look over at Iris and just sighed a bit. "Thanks...." Her voice was soft but that normal jovial demeanor was pretty much gone. "All I know is when I find Akane....I'm going to beat the hell out of her....with my bare hands." There was a snort as she bent over and picked up another one of those heavy wooden tables with ease and tossed it out the hole. "Hell I haven't even caught up with the Sheriff yet. He's gonna be pissed...." Sighing she'd look to the door that lead to the basement and just shook her head. "Noway I'm sleeping downstairs with this not even structurally sound.
Rexus Rexus looks down at the ground. He bends down to pick up the leg off a chair.. offering it to Iris, "Here..." he says, motioning to the pile of debris. See, he's helping? "If its any consolation at least you've got a... room.. with a view? Maybe expand to an outdoor sitting area?" There has to be a bright side to this if we look hard enough.
Iris Lark "You're welcome to stay with me, as long as you need Lyn." Iris says, moving to continue her work. She sucks in a quick breath as she gets a splinter and she mutters under her breath as she grins at Rexus and sinks to her knees, giving a moment towards manuvering the splinter from her flesh. "I don't think she wants an outdoor area, babe." She mutters out of the corner of her mouth, moving her finger to suck on it as she grimaces. "Has Alpha seen this yet?"
Lynnette Lyn would smile but laughed. "Thanks but....someone...." She'd trail off before she let her though leave her and shrugged a bit. "I appreciate it, Iris. I will definitely until I get this place fixed up. Watching Rexus she would just laugh and shook her head. "No." That was all she said before shaking her head. "Naw....not yet. He's out taking care of stuff....I'm not gonna bother him until he gets back."
Rexus Rexus grumps, "Well, if that hole is any judge... he'll see it soon as he walks by..." he murmurs, "Come to think of it it's good advertising... dinner.. drinks.. AND a show.... and you don't even have to open the front door no more... hell.. make that the new front door." he laughs.... then he sees the other damage, "Well, there is that... but... decor?" He looks to the more fashion-inclined Iris.
Iris Lark Iris aims a look at Rexus and if he's paying attention she's subtly shaking her head. She gets to her feet and walks over to Lyn, clapping a hand on her shoulder. "I think he would want to be bothered, honestly, and if he comes looking for you - sees all of this, and can't find you. He'll worry." She murmurs, before she frowns a bit. "Whatever you need Lyn, just let me know." She picks up some more debris and carts it towards the hole. "If you want, I can ask some of the people who helped me with the General Store to come by and help."
Lynnette Frowning slightly at Rexus, those green eyes held no mirth right now. "'s not a freaking joke.....all my money was in this place...." She'd go to say something else but then Iris put a hand on her shoulder then. "....I'm sure he' fine." Clearing her throat, she was trying not to let her feelings betray her but she was angry. "I'm more worried what he's gonna do....he's uh....not very rational sometimes when it comes to certain things." Things like her, hence why he didn't even question when Alpha shot a raider threatening harm to her. Taking a deep breath she'd smile then. "That could be nice. I could use the hands I guess. I just need to try and make money but...." Motioning to the bar she would laugh. "....this is how I made money so....I'm out of work for a bit while I build this up. But until then....I'm about to go find Akane and let her have a chat...with my fist."
Rexus Rexus hrms as he looks around, "Well, folks built the walls... by gettin together to help... i'm sure people'd be more than willing to come by. I got a new set of armor I could use to do the heavy liftin an constructing.... and I'm sure people'll come by afterwards, business'll pick up again. If anything Jack's Town is the one town that needs a bar to hang out and get silly in."
Iris Lark Iris lets her gaze settle on Lynnette and then she lets out a sigh as she continues to work. "I'll get a hold of them, and we'll see what I can manage. If the Vault team was still around, we'd all have been here by now." She shrugs a shoulder and takes a moment, wiping at her forehead with her hand. "I've got dinner on, at home, so once we're done clearing out all of this and gathering whatever you'll need, we'll go rest for a bit." She gathers her hair and pins it into a bun. "I'll get whomever I can who knows about construction as well."
Lynnette "Fair enough...." She'd nod then as Rexus and just sighed. "This is just....a mess." Licking her lips she would then look to Iris. "Honestly....I think I'm emotionally...just done." Lyn just shrugged a bit as she wrapped her arms around herself. "I'm gonna go for a walk....wait for Alpha to get back. Y'all go on home....and Ill wrap up here." She'd head over to where she sat her guns and nodded a bit. "I'll see you there for dinner in a bit."
Iris Lark Iris gets her coat, shrugging it onto her shoulders as she picks up her rucksack. "Be careful out there Lynnette, I'll be in Avalon." She murmurs, moving towards the hole in the wall before she gingerly steps out. She waits for Rexus to join her and then she walks south towards the neighboring settlement.