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Akane      The wasteland had many places to hide. But many dangers accompanied it. Akane had ended up following the mutant Ashur into the wasteland after the fight and then, well everything went even further sideways. It wasn't too hard to find signs of jury-rigged shelters. If Ly went a touch farther she would find Akane was pretty easy to spot.
     Several yards from an outcropping of rock that dropped several feet, on a kind of mini plateau was the red-haired woman. She seemed to just be sitting there, staring at... Two naked men laid across each other like an X, each one's head twisted into unnatural angles. Clearly, Akane did not do that.. right? The woman was fast not hellishly strong. So unless she was a monster herself....
     But she knelt there, a gun laying on the ground in front of her. Her head was tilted forward and her hair was a mess, shielding her face from Lynette's view at first. But she did seem completely unaware of anything around her.
Lynnette Oh she had gone for a walk alright after being at the bar....a walk to go find Akane. Now if the girl was dumb enough to shoot Ashur....she was dumb enough to go looking for him. So what did Lyn do? Went in the direction that the monster ran off to.

Guns in tow she was making her way until she spotted those signs before frowning a bit. Licking her lips he would stay quiet as she pulled that pistol from the back of her pants....and took aim. Was she going to actually shoot the woman? Depends on her mood.....and it wasn't good. There was a soft click of that pistols hammer before she would slowly walk up. Oh yeah....she just wanted to get her where she could just snatch her but she was so tempted to pop a round off.

As soon as she got close she would then clear there throat as she aimed that small pistol at her. " first you get my bar messed up....and now you out here...." Looking over she would frown then. "....the hell?" Looking over at Akane she frowned. "....did your freaking friend do that?!"
Akane      The only hint that Akane knew Lyn was there at first was a slight jerk of the shoulders. Then slowly her head came up and she turned her head to peer at Lynn. The bruises on the woman's face had doubled and while the poncho was on the ground beside her, her arms were bare, showing deep bruising from Devlin smacking her on one arm and another bruise on the other arm, gotten in her headlong run.
     She looked right into the muzzle of Lyn's pistol and looked for a moment like she was fully prepared to take that bullet. But when Lynn spotted the men.... Akane sighed. "Yes. My Executioner did this."
Lynnette Staring she would seem to be disgusted before she looked back to Akane. "" Jerking her head to the side she'd motion for her to move away. "....get from over there...." That once playful glint in those green eyes were gone before she would tilt her head. "You're coming the sheriff can deal with you for starting that crap that ruined my bar...." Those eyes would narrow then as she stared at her. "....your friend....he's next to figure out what to do since he's the one that freaking destroyed my home..."
Akane      Akane tilted her head faintly, She looked unaware of that gun, her eyes hard like stone yet completely unphased. The look on her bruised face was somewhere caught between self-destruction and defiance. "I told you he's not my friend. Last I knew friends don't usually do this to each other." She indicated her face. "Besides. He was going to kill me."
     Again her eyes turned to the bodies. Being told to move away from them finally got a sort of response from the woman. Rather than be careful of how she moved or what she grabbed as one probably should be with a pistol aimed at her head, she simply picked up her gun and started gathering her things. She slid the pistol into her holster and began pulling her poncho on. "Why don't you send your sheriff then? Why come after a crazy slave yourself?" Her voice was smooth and showed little emotion. It was almost conversational.
Lynnette Staring at her she would raise her brow then. "I don't care what he two started crap in my place and it resulted in my place getting almost destroyed...." Those green eyes stared at her intently as she then frowned. "....well in that case....I"m glad I beat him to it..." Lyn's tone was harsh and cold as she watched her carefully.

As she claimed her things she would just keep that gun locked on her as she adjusted her other one on her shoulder. "My sheriff? The town sheriff isn't back yet from some work....and why wait?" There was a silence then before she motioned for her to move. "And trust me.....I'm probably about as crazy as you are. I'm just not dumb enough to show it to the move!" Her patience was running out as she kept her at a distance. "I really came out here to beat you myself but....I'm going to be nice..."
Akane      "Then do it." Akane opened her arms, hands out to either side and just started walking right up to the gun, mirroring what Ashur had done to her the night before, pressing the muzzle against her chest. "Do it."
     There was a hint of something dark in those green eyes, though the woman still seemed to have an abundance of courage where prudence was needed. Why would she so encourage Lynnette? She -- hopefully -- wasn't suggesting Lynn simply shoot her.. Right? RIGHT?
     Well that was debateable. Akane had an air about her in that moment that dared Lynn. Her eyes deepened and her voice lowered.
     "Go on. Do you want to shoot? Shoot. Do you want to hit me? Do it." She met Lynn's eyes like a feral cat studying its prey. "Do. It."
Lynnette Lyn was getting her patience tried and her temper pushed. The more she talked the more annoyed she got to say the least. As she walked over and started to tell her to shoot hit her....there was a flicker in those eyes. As soon as she got closer, Lyn let the hammer of her gun gently back into place before she just backhanded the girl in the face. Panting heavily she took her free hand and pointed it at her. "....stop pushing me....." There was a soft growl that left the back of her throat. "'re making me go to a part of me....I hate.....but you're seriously pushing it...."
Akane      The hand came at her and Akane didn't even flinch. The impact turned her head to the side but did not disrupt her footing. It did split her lip open again, however. Blood dripped from that long cut that split from her lip to her chin once more. Slowly she swung her head back to peer at Lynnette.
     She was stone. Cold and uncaring. Right? Right!
     Still, the words Lynn growled at her caused a faint tilt of the head. "Are you done now? Do you want more? I don't care. Go ahead." She seemed to honestly not care at that point. "Might make you feel better, yes?"
Lynnette Watching her she'd then frown before shaking her head. "No...." She'd shove that gun back into the back of her pants then as she motioned for her to walk. "You probably have some weird fetish for pain...." Licking her lips she'd step aside for her to start walking. "So no. Now get to's time to head back into town." Lyn was pissed....she wanted to beat the piss out of the girl satisfaction when she already had gotten beat up. "Now move!" Her voice echoed in the Wasteland....Lyn not really caring much right now.
Akane      Akane scoffed faintly as the pistol was put away and Lyn got herself back under control. She could easily have just ignored the other woman then, but for some reason, Akane felt calmer. Arrest or whatever this was bringing her back to the town even if it was to a jail cell seemed to calm the girl. She simply turned and began walking despite Lynn's shout.
     But as they came around the rocks of that outcropping Akane would suddenly freeze in her tracks, one arm coming out as if to stop Lynn. Before them sat a handful of men, rifles slung across their laps as though they were having tea with weapons out. They were just waiting for the two women. The oldest man there smiled, especially at Lynn. "Ah hello, Ladies. Come, let's chat for a while hmm?" It was clear they were at the least Gunners, at the worst Enclave... Especially the oldest one. Akane glowered. but glanced at Lynn. Gun or not, arrest or not she tried to encourage the other woman to run. "Get out of here. GO!"
Lynnette Rolling her eyes she'd just follow after her, her temper finally calming. Lyn was focused on her until she saw an arm come out to stop her. Blinking she would look up ahead and see then men. Those green eyes would narrow then as she slowly put her hand behind her back as she adjusted her shotgun her shoulder.

Looking at Akane she'd scoff and shook her head. "Oooh no. You're not getting off that easy...." Looking at the man that would obviously be in charge since he was doing the talking. "Sorry but....we kind of have dates...." With that she'd grab Akane's hand and started to tug her off to the side. "And I would be late....." Oh that hand was already on her pistol it would seem while the hand on her Akane's was yanking her to move on.
Akane      Akane blinked several times as Lynn seemed to think that letting her argue with goons int he wasteland would be her getting off easy. Irony. But then Lynn was grabbing her bruised wrist and Akane's expression was comical if nothing else. She looked confused as she was dragged along by Lynn. Her hand came up, though, that automatic in hand and she fired wildly, a kind of suppression fire. The men jumped back, watching as the two women tried bolting....
     Akane scolded as she was led, though. "You should have left me.People /like/ you! I'm not a loss!"
     However, they only got so far before there was an explosion at their feet, well close enough that they were both pelted by rocks and debris from the grenade going off in front of them. Akane somehow caught the grenade's flight as if it were in slow motion. Her eyes went wide and she turned her ankle, literally and figuratively, as if sliding into home base. But rather than dropping to the ground, she instead used her movement and agility to twist, getting ahead of Lynn just enough to wrap her arms around the woman and drag them both down.
     Akane felt stones pelting her back as the dust began to settle and when she lifted her head she was on top of Lynn. One of the guys whistled at the two women only to get thumped upside the head by another. Akane had thought only to protect Lynn from the grenade. The cost was her ankle was already swelling. "You ok? You need to get the hell out of here."
     One of the guys stepped up, leveling a rather nasty looking AK at them. "No one's going nowhere lady."
Lynnette As she started to open fire she'd groan in frustration then looked back at her. "Oh shut up! And stop shooting people damnit!" That's about when that grenade appeared then in front of them and before she could react, Akane already head. Letting out a scream she would be pulled to the ground and a loud grunt let out. Once the dust settled she'd groan as she put her hand to her head and looked up to see the girl on top of her. "I'm...fine." Looking down she'd see the swelling and bruising shaking her head. " however. Come on. Let's just get...."

And there was the guys. Sighing she would slide from under the girl and stood up slowly. Dusting herself off she would run her fingers through her hair and stared up at him. Breathing heavily she still that hand on that pistol in the back of her pants. "....what the hell do you idiots want.....?" There was no flirting or anything today....her patience was gone since last night. "....huh?"
Akane      Akane glowered down at Lynnette as she seemed to be worried once again about Akane's condition. The crimson-haired woman shook her head and taped her forehead to Lynns before she shifted to let the woman get up. One of the men took Akane's pistol from her hand and, interestingly enough, bent to check the woman's ankle.
     Lynn would find she was faced with that AK still. "Boss wants ta talk to ya, Lady. Come on don't be so frigid." He motioned for Lynn to return to where the older man was still sitting as if nothing had happened.
     Meanwhile, the other guy patted Akane's ankle enough to cause most people pain before helping her up and over to sit as well. The Crazy One looked annoyed if anything. Not a hint of fear on her features. But once she was sitting in front of that older man she entered into a staring contest with him. A few eyebrows went up and the tension grew.. Until the guy with the AK thumped Akane upside the head. "Knock it off."
     To Lynn, the older man would chuckle. "Your little friend has spirit. She's cute. Lynnette, right? I do have that right?"
Lynnette "Well I don't want to talk to him....but it seems....I don't have a choice." Staring down the barrel of that AK she'd snort and just sighed as she walked over where she was being so 'gently' guided to. Staring at him, she'd just sit down slowly and leaned back. Eyeing him she would frown a bit then crossed her arms over her chest.

Looking over to Akane she'd shake her head but then yelled. "Stop...touching her." She'd glower at the man that smacked her before looking back to the older man.

Oh but that frown deepened as she stared at him. "....I don't know who you are to be knowing who I am. You might be might be wrong. name could be Sarah." A brow would raise though as she was wondered how this guy even know her name. Did he overheard Akane say her name? But did the girl even say her name?
Akane      The guy that thumped Akane and Akane both stared at Lynn oddly as she demanded he stop touching her. He was surprised she would dare and Akane was surprised she would care. But then the Crazy One piped up, covering well, sticking her nose higher in the air. "Yea. Pervert."
     This, of course, confused the guy. The older man though laughed like it was a jolly good joke and slapped his thigh.
     Then he turned serious and looked at Lynn again. "Well if you're not Lynnette I suppose I should just shoot you." He was deadly serious. He was apparently looking for Lynn specifically.
     Akane tilted her head. "Maybe I'm Lynnette."
     The guy snickered. "Lynnette never had red hair."
     "I dyed it last week. Ain't it just so pretty?"
     "You're cute. Crazy as fuck, girl, but cute. Now shut up before I let them decide to gag you or beat your head in."
     Akane looked nonplussed at the threat but kept quiet for a time. A glance up at the Pervert behind her told her he'd enjoy just bashing her head in.....
     Ball was in Lynn's court now. And all eyes turned to her.
Lynnette Clearing her throat she would stare at the older man coldy, her green eyes flickering. Looking at him intently she would look over at Akane then and frowned. "....shut it...." Taking a deep breath she'd eye the man behind the girl then looked to the boss apparently.

Licking her lips she would tilt her head and then sighed. "Yes....I'm Lynnette.....though..." She'd raise her brow now. "Don't know how the hell you know who I am? Did I sleep with you at some point? Break you heart....?" Now she leaned forward and raised her brow. "....or was it a son of yours who's heart I broke....wouldn't be the first or last time...."
Akane      Akane raised an eyebrow at Lynn's order but didn't speak again right away. Something was going on here and while bravado was always good... It wasn't going to help since they seemed to know each other. Somehow.
     The man took a breath when she admitted she was this Lynnette. He looked at her with a strange appraisal in his eyes. "No, girl, you didn't break anyone's heart. William betrayed the family. That idiot brother of mine. But now we've come to take you home." He glanced at Akane. "I suppose you can keep your pet... Unless you'd like to shoot her first...?" Apparently, he'd seen the exchange with Akane to a point. "Though she might have useful information."
Lynnette As soon as she heard that name the color drained out of her face, that attitude of her seeming to be waning. If she could throw up now she would but not in front Parting her lips to speak, not a sound leaving her lips then. This is the first time she was quiet but it only took her a moment.

Standing up she would stare at him and just sneered. ".....I am home. And you plan to take me better prepare for a bullet or you're going to have to kill me...." That hand went to her pistol in her pants and she looked around at the other men. Staring back at the man she'd frown even more now. " if you know know I'm fast enough to at least get you before I die....."

Her breath was heavy now as she looked at the other four then back to him. "Besides she doesn't know crap. She's been roaming around out just let the broad go...." Licking her lips she'd cut her eyes to Akane then back to him. "Now....are you going to just....drop this bullcrap....because it's crazy talk....or is it going to get ugly again."
Akane      The man watched Lynnette closely as she processed the information provided to her. The woman's threat did not seem to phase him. He had more bullets after all. But her defending Akane again made him raise an eyebrow. Tension grew in the air and Akane shifted as if to get a better angle to release pressure on her ankle which was still swelling. But in reality, she was slipping her other weapon from her purse... None of the men noticed anything.
     Finally, the man chuckled. "Well, I can see you're not really in the mood to listen since you feel you have to protect this degenerate. So while that's cute you want to protect your pet, she's not walking anywhere on that leg and we all know it."
     He stroked his beard faintly as if thinking. "I tell you what, we'll make her a shelter and I'll even leave one of these boys here to make sure no Muties get her while you go back and get a stretcher."
     Akane spoke up finally 'I don't need a guard."
     "We wouldn't be gentlemen if we let you die out here after protecting my beloved niece, hmm?"
Lynnette She'd frown a bit as she listened to him and shook her head. "No....." She'd relax her hand off of her gun then and turned to look at Akane. Staring down at the girl, she'd lick her lips then nodded as she turned to look back at him. "I'm taking her with me. I can carry her...."

Turning her attention back to Akane she just shook her head slowly before reaching down and slinging the girl over her shoulder. "If you think I'm going to leave her here with you" Lyn was obviously a lot stronger than she let she picked up the injured girl with ease. When he called her his niece she spit on the ground then as she cast the eyes towards him. "....if you gave a damn you....." She'd stop and caught herself before she continued. "....leave us be....."
Akane      Akane stared at Lynn for a long time. She didn't fight when the other woman stood and slung her over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She squeaked. She would have thumped Lynn too but between the shock and the fact that these guys might be letting them go.... She kept quiet.
     Lynn's uncle raised an eyebrow but shrugged and one of the guys tucked Akane's gun in her belt. The last thing the man said was, "We'll see each other again Lynette. And probably that one too." But they let the two go.
     When they were some distance away from the men Akane tapped Lynn's hip as it was all she could reach. "Hey. I can walk some. You don't need to carry me... Plus you're a better shot than me..."
Lynnette Casting her glance over her shoulder at the man she'd sneer. "I sincerely hope not....I have enough problems in my life because of you people....and told me to usually shoot you first and don't bother asking questions..." With that she would watch them part so she could leave with Akane in two.

Once they were far enough away and Akane spoke up she would stare at him over shoulder then frowned. "Shut it." It was simple as she said it before looking behind them and speeding up her walking. "I wasn't going to leave you with them but you're still not on my favorites list right now." Shifting her a bit she'd just shake her head. "And one of y'all will be paying for my you're the easiest to grab and bring back."

Lyn would just shake her head now as she seemed to be in thought. How the hell did they even know she was alive or where she was. Fan-freaking-tastic. Hopefully she wouldn't be seeing them again anytime soon....ever.