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Matt     Hadn't been that long of a day today for Lone Star employees, there was a few short run caravans that needed loading and there was going to a big caravan heading out in a few days so plenty of employees were simply milling around.
    Milling around turned to hunger, so Gold Star Saloon ended up with a second lunch rush, and Matt comes in with the first crowd and manages to grab a small table to himself, and whoever else would decide to sit with him.
Willow Caine One diminutive blonde sits behind the bar with two darker haired harlots. playing a game of boisterious rummy. She sees some people walk in and Willow gestures for a server to go take care of the folks. Going back to her game, a loud laugh rings out as she slams her cards down on the table. "I win bitches, pay up." She crows, shaking her hair back out of her face.
Shiloh After travelling back home to El Dorado, Shiloh decided that before she settled down to work, that she could take some time to unwind and relax from her travels. Hopefully this decision would turn out better for her than compared to what happened at the Cantina. She was still trying hard to not have nightmares about it unfortunately. Once inside, she looks around over the patrons and offers some friendly nods in greeting to the couple of people who recognize her. She does glance over at the card game Willow is a part of, but then makes her way over to where Matt sits once she's noticed him. "Hey, how'd you end up sleeping?" She asks of him, rubbing a hand over her face. "I slept like a rock after all that excitement."
Matt "A bit more excitement than I wanted. I don't sleep well out in the open anymore though. You think they'll have coffee?" Matt perks up as he thinks of coffee, he would wait but it doesn't seem like any servers will get to him soon, and he goes to stand up to head towards the bar. "Would you like me to order you anything?"
Willow Caine Willow gathers her winnings, stuffs them down the front of her dress and gets to her feet. "Get back to work girls, you owe me a few more caps, and you better lure them upstairs any way you can." She sways out from behind the bar, making her way over to the table where Matt and Shiloh are seated. She strikes a sultry pose, props her hand on her hip and offers both a smile. "Can I get either of you anything to drink?" She leans in and the tight choker around her neck glints in the light. "Or maybe some more company?" Her gaze briefly flicks back to the harlots, waiting near the stairs.
Shiloh "I think so, their coffee stock goes pretty quickly after noon though. Lots of working joes need their caffeine in the mornings." Shiloh tells Matt after trying to recall. When he gets up, she does follow behind him on his way up to the bar. "Oh, I don't know. I might need to go soonish...we'll see. Thank you for the offer. Honestly? Some cola would hit the spot so I'll end up grabbing a bottle later." She reaches up to hide a faint yawn behind her hand, "Just checking in on things around here. And kinda get what you mean...about that whole sleeping out in the open thing, harder to figure out whether a sound out there is something you can ignore or something that you gotta worry about...even then, if you hear it...could end up being too late." When Willow addresses them, she grins at her sheepishly, "Ah, maybe just a nuka cola to go?" She tells Matt afterwards, "Sometime we'll have to see if there's something on the board, I should get a move on though." She gives Willow time to pick out a cola for her and pays the couple of caps for it, telling her, "Thank you." She lifts her hand to wave at the others and heads out of the Salloon at a quick job.
Matt Matt settles back into his chair once Willow comes back around. Odd that he doesn't have to look up at her as she is standing by the table. " would definitely be nice, ma'am. What is cooking in the back?" Matt follows Willow's gaze off towards the women, then back to Willow, then realizes what she meant. "'m here for a meal, is all."
Willow Caine Willow brings Matt a cup of coffee and she casts an eye on the back kitchen, her nose wrinkled. "Well I'll see what's back there, but I don't promise that it's going to be tasty or good for you." She says, shaking her head slowly as she hitches up her skirt to just below her knees and walks behind the bar.
Matt "Well...Uh...let me know." Matt sips lightly at his coffee, since its probably way too hot still. Hopefully. A cough ahems as some scandalous amount of ankle and calf is shown by his waitress and he averts gaze quick. Oh man, he may've picked the wrong establishment for his lunch.
Willow Caine Willow comes back with a large bowl of stew and several biscuits. She sets them in front of Matt and snaps her fingers again, and two of the whores come over and sit near the man, cooing and gigling over him. "Enjoy your food hon." She says, giving him a casual salute.
Matt Matt smiles as food arrives for him. "Oh, thank you. It looks good!" A biscuit gets dipped into stew before he gets joined at his table by ladies of ill repute. "Oh...I'm really just here to get some food. Honestly, I'm still too injured to uh, participate..." Perhaps they'll listen, perhaps they won't. He is dressed decently enough that he has is sure to have the bottlecaps to afford them.
Willow Caine Willow chuckles quietly as she sways behind the bar. The women coo over him some more and stay, whispering to him and giggling about something. Probably something naughty. A server walks out and delivers food to the two women, who blink, glance at Willow and then settle in to eat as well. After a few minutes pass Willow walks back out to the table and takes a seat, setting down a deck of cards. "Up for a game?"
Matt Matt is starting to feel a bit like prey now, watching Willow return. Devious women whispering naughy things into his ears has his cheeks scarlet. "I don't know too many games. Caravan mostly, but I lost my deck on my horse in an ambush a few months ago."
Willow Caine Willow folds her arms over her chest and her eyelashes bat gently as she starts to shuffle her cards. "This one is simple, first to twenty one wins, ever play that one?" She asks, jerking a chin up to one of the whores, motioning for her to back off a bit. "We can even play for caps."
Matt "We could *even* play with caps? You look like you make your caps like this, ma'am." Matt sidles closer to the table, clearing away his finished bowl of stew and nibbling on the remnants of a biscuit. "I do have some time to pass, and I find it hard to say no to a face like yours, ma'am. You can win some caps from me."
Willow Caine "Call me Willow, not ma'am." Willow murmurs, giving Matt a flirtatious smile s she shifts, her breasts bouncing a bit in her dress. "Okay, I'll go first." She says, setting down five caps. "If you get a higher number or I go over, you get the pot." A beat. "The buy in is five caps." She tilts her head and grins slowly. 'Are you up for that?"
Matt Matt moves his hand out to expose the watch upon his wrist, before settling his elbows upon the table. "Do we only got number cards in the deck? Face cards do anything special?" His hand dips into his pocket and pulls some caps out, sliding one, three, then five into the middle of the table.
Willow Caine "No face cards, it makes it harder." Willow murmurs, her eyes alight with amusement. "Aces are worth 11." She leans back on her chair and watches as the caps pile on the table. "If you have any other questions we can go through them when you draw."
Matt     Matt waits for cards, asks for a second and settles, waiting and thinking as he adds values in his head. "16 huh. Thats pretty close to 21..oh, you've got it now too, missus." His fingertips spread his cards apart, pushing them back together as he thinks. "I think I can take one more card, eh?"
Willow Caine Willow gestures to Matt and and shakes her head, letting out a sigh. "Twenty one, I'm out." She says, handing him the five caps. "Good job." She says, giggling softly as she takes a drink of the whiskey at her right hand. "Another?"
Matt "Sure, I have nothing else to do tonight. And you're very good company, ma'...Willow. I'm Matt, by the way. A caravaneer from Lone Star, like most of the men and women taking advantage of this place's...side business." He eases forward and sweeps half of the pile of caps to the side, leaving his buy-in still in the middle of the table. "This Saloon has been here a very long time, I've heard. I was unaware of its sidebusiness though."
Willow Caine Willow gazes at Matt as she slaps down another card, getting 21. This makes her whoop and cheer and she bounces a bit as she cheers. Then she blinks and stares at him for a moment. "You work for Lonestar?" She asks, smiling a bit. "There is a casino in here as well."
Matt "Yes. They were kind enough to take in a buck like myself, devested of a caravan. I'm running my own convoy occasionally. Once I get healed up a bit, that is. Took a few too many bullets during that nasty siege business." Matt pulls aside his original buy in and will push it back towards the center of the table once the pot is taken. "Most of the folks hiring on, arent exactly the gun-toting type so I'll be heading back out there soon enough. I play card games for the company, darling, not the chance at big wins."
Alasa Alasa makes her way in through the doors, "Hey everybody!..who wants to invest in a timeshare?...Nobody....right, ok." She laughs to herself as she makes her way over to the bar.
Willow Caine Willow leans back in her chair, slowly crossing her legs as she winks at Alasa. "Welcome to the Saloon, if you want a drink, let me know." She says, as her eyes stay on Matt. "So you're here attempting to, what? Get financed?" She asks, laughing out loud as she shuffles her cards. "Or...what?"
Matt "No, nonono. I'm doing alright. I came for breakfast and some lady got me playing cards with her." A roguish wink across the table, Matt think its roguish anyways. "Oh golly, its Alasa! Alasssa, hey there darling, gone come sit and have some coffe with me?"
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Cards you say....." she eyes Matt, "Tell me, has he tried the I don't have any money. How about a game, if I loose..we'll go to supper. Thats a sneaky one for you." As she makes her way over to the table.
Willow Caine Willow gazes at Matt and raises both brows as she grins. "You'll get a date if you win. She says, handing the cards to Alasa. "I'll watch." She murmurs, crossing her legs again as she hums softly.
Matt "I would never!" Matt pushs out a chair for the nice lady Alasa, whom he has had many(1) adventures with. "I don't know how well I'd be able to entertain on a night 'bout courting a lady. Got some holes in my leg and such." His 5 caps go into the center of the table though, and he narrows his eyes towards Alasa. Shes a sneaky one, and she might do a sneaky deck thing. Cheating as it were.
Alasa Alasa takes the cards, and starts to shuffle them..." about a nice civilized game then..." as she fans the cards, and reshuffles them. Setting the deck down on the table, and tapping the top of it.
Alasa Alasa says, "Just a tad over...oh darn, someday I'll learn this game.."
Matt Matt lays his hand flat upon his cards at 18, and watches Alasa go bonkers with drawing cards. Absolutely bonkers. "Uh thats an 18 as well..oh, 15. 17...22." Matt laughs at Alasa's reaction and starts to gather up the deck himself to shuffle it up, unconcerned about caps for the moment. "We could've split the pot between us, I'll remember this next time we go scavving."
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, no...fair is fair..the pot is yours.,,,,but, lets try this again...but lets play it a little more interesting." She grins."
Matt "Why would we do such a thing? I've been winning like this so far." Matt leaves the caps on the table anyways, servers get tipped in the apocalypse, don't they? He'll turn his head to look towards Willow, "An odd thing to bet a night of possible boredom on a game you're not even playing. I wouldn't think to hold you to it, hon."
Alasa Alasa makes her way into the saloon, a large cat walking near her feet. "Remember, don't eat anyone..." she says, as she strolls over to her usual table and sit down. The cat jumping up into one of the other empty chairs.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "yeah, though I wouldn't make him mad...he gets mean when he's mad...well, he gets mean when someone tries to hurt me its a balance thing." She laughs, as she signals her order to the bar.