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Devlin     A job was a job to Devlin, and as it had been arranged the man had led a small group out from the protective walls of the settlement and north a ways towards the rather untamed and ill-kept lands around Salt Creek. Those that followed the man would notice that his left arm was wrapped tightly, three broken branches were being used as supports while cloth wrapped tightly around it. The splinted arm hung in a simple sling, nothing that came from the clinic yet despite it all, he held a thin gun in his right hand, letting it hand near his hip as he walked.

    The surrounding were sparsely forested, and from the keen eyes of the group, they would be able to see quite a bit of life was scattering in the distance. Those focusing on what those creatures were would notice most were younglings, namely small geckos, several burrows of molerats, heavy hanging bloatflies and twisted birds.. the only creatures left undisturbed were the radroaches that skittered in and out of the cavern entrance. "Here.." is said in a slightly raised tone, but not a shout, followed by Devlin using softer words for the gathering behind him. "We're here so another famine doesn't struck us as harshly. We all have more than enough life to sustain these settlements if we focus, and use everything that's available."

    Lifting up his right hand, Devlin shows off the simple weapon, a BB Gun but keeps it sideways and away from being pointed at anyone. "This is a weapon, even if weak, it is one to be wary of. This is what you'll be taking turns with, I have more than enough ammunition to take turns all around." Looking away from the group, he nods towards the cavern entrance where the almost two foot long insects were crawling around a carcass of a well worked over Hunter Gecko. "Those will be the first prey. We'll not only kill them, but work on what was killed, salvaging what we can and then.. having a light snack." Turning back, Devlin had a slight smile on his lips as he looked from face to face, studying their expressions only to ask, "Any complaints?"
Shiloh Shiloh decided that given the raids and the potential for more looming on the horizon, food was important. Without the right rations and supplies, it would not matter how strong their fighters are or how long their walls would last. Hunger would stoke the fear that would lead to a city divided. She wanted to keep that from happening and learn more about how she could help in the future. It helped that their guide was someone she was at least familiar with. The memory of pulling him away from a hulking beast was still fresh on her mind and she was curious of how his wounds were faring. She knew Lynnette too, and Iris did seem vaguely familiar to her, so it was one of the better groups that she could hope for. She would walk through the Wastelands under Devlin's lead, stealing peeks at his arm every now and then while taking in the scenery around her. Out of everything that she's seen so far, she had to say that the bloat flies and the rad roaches were two of the worst for her. The sound of their feet skittering across the ground or their wings beating in the air was enough to make her want to squeal and hide. She breathes in a deep breath to steel her nerves and listens to Devlin's instructions attentively. She looks over at the BB gun and then back over at the insects around the gecko nearby. A worried look flits across her face but she tries to tell Devlin afterwards, "No complaints..."
Lynnette Well she needed to take her mind off of things to say the least and why not go learn something new!! Tagging along she would just stay quiet for now as she had her own shotgun and pistol with her. Lynnette was awfully quiet....quite the opposite for her normal disposition. Taking a deep breath she'd look at the others, a slight smile thrown their way but she just kept her lips shut. After what happened today in the Wasteland she was a bit thrown off to say the least. Taking a deep breath she would just listen to Devlin who was still in a sling. Clearing her throat then she would just shake her head before speaking up. "Won't hear a peep out of me......"
Iris Lark Iris stands at the rear of the group, arms folded over her chest as she quietly watches the demonstration. She drops her rucksack near where camp is set up and checks to make sure she's armed in case something surprising shows up. She glances briefly around the landscape and then she shrugs and puts her attention to the gun he's showing.
Devlin     Shifting his attention to the rear of the group as he could see how unease Iris was being, he shakes his head gently. "Shooting anything too heavy will alert things we don't want out here, and no.. we aren't 'safe' out here, but I am well enough to handle most things." Looking between two remaining women, he motions with his head to Shiloh, directing her closer to him as he holds the small caliber rifle out for her to take. "Lynnette, while not that great of a shot at times knows the kick of something notable, Shilew.. Shilow, I've heard little about you other than you weren't the type to be using guns, so you're up first."

    Taking a few steps forward, it was clear he was planning to meet with Shiloh half way though his eyes were soon onto Lynnette, studying her. "Now, while we get Shilow set up with her first time shooting, why don't you tell me what's got you distracted? Nothing too detailed for the class, but a overview." Giving himself a chance to look at the smaller woman, he begins to look her over with a more calm mood washing over him as he almost whispers, "Just so you know, it's not going to bite you. You're ganna stop them before they get to bite you anyways."
Shiloh Shiloh tries to smile warmly at Lynnette in return to help reassure her and asks her and Iris nervously, "Are you two hoping to catch something specific out here? I just hope that we don't see any mole rats..." When Devlin addresses her, or at least struggles with how to properly, she looks over at him in confusion. "Shiloh?" She asks of Devlin whenever he nods specifically to her and offers out the BB gun for her to take. She steps forward to take up the BB gun, looking it over with a thoughtful frown. "This...looks simple enough." She decides after some consideration. She squints up at Devlin after his reassurance, uncertain of whether or not to be relieved. "That's...good." She decides and she looks back down, "So do I have to...cock this or load this or something like that?"
Lynnette When Devlin talked about her less that great aim, Lyn would snort slightly before she would just fold her arms across her chest then. She would just step back a foot to get out of the way so that Shiloh can do her thing. When Shiloh speaks she looks to her with a smile and just shook her head. "No...not really. to see what we get...." Trailing off she'd run her fingers through her hair then started to tie it up with a rubber band she pulled from her vest pocket. When Devlin actually spoke to her directly, those green eyes cut over to him for a second....going to his arm then shrugged. "I'm fine...." Sure she was. Yup. Licking her lips she'd put her gaze back to Shiloh as she finished tying her head then. "Just....thinking."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head at Shiloh and she attempts to be reassuring back, offering the woman a smile. "I'm here to learn, like you." She says quietly, though there is a slight smile on her face when she sees the gun that's going to be used. She leans against an old pole that used to be part of a fence and watches, her eyes moving from person to person in the group.
Devlin     "It's loaded, it's chamber disk fed, so you don't need to worry about that part of things until you need to clear a disk." Moving a hand to the length of the barrel, Devlin points out the parts of the iron sights welded to the gun before pointing out towards the cavern with the crawling radroaches. "You're going to take your time, aim until both parts of the crosshair overlap the critter, then squeeze the trigger, release when you want to make a second shot." Looking back to Shiloh, he smirks faintly and says, "If you manage to get one, then I'll show you which prickly fruit is sweet rather than sour and we'll cook with it."

    Despite ignoring Lynnette's assurance that she was fine, when Devlin steps away from Shiloh so that she could attempt to fire the gun for the first time, he slips an arm half around the bartender. Those watching his hand would see he wasn't trying to hug her, not fondle her but run a finger to where she had a habit of hiding a light pistol. "You're also going to be shooting. You aren't going to be letting that wisp collect your supper too, are you?" If his search bore fruit, he would soon offer it to her before stepping back.

    Iris was the last to get his attention but it was more collective than with Lynnette. Devlin slips his good hand into his jacket to withdraw a pistol, one she might have remembered as the one he took as payment less than a week prior. "Now, why don't you take this one? I don't have any augmentations to it, it's very much like the last time I showed it to you. Rather than those Radroaches, I'd like for you to try something more difficut, have you ever shot a pistol before?" Extending his hand, he left it out for Iris to collect the pistol but seemed to question if she could. "It'll help you eat something different tonight."
Shiloh "Chamber...disk." Shiloh repeats after Devlin, sounding unfamiliar with the term there. Still, she's satisfied with the answer offered to her questions and tries to lift the rifle up to line it up with the rad roaches in the distance. She closes the eye furthest from the crosshairs to try to help her focus, frowning thoughtfully to herself as she waits for both parts to be on the creature. "Honestly never did this before..." She agrees quietly with Iris at the mention of still learning, "So this is all...really new. Usually my trips outside are with the company of people that can guard over me or just...relatively peaceful outings." She breathes in a deep breath after saying that, trying to hold it in to help her shot be more steady before she squeezes the trigger to peg the Radroach on the torso. When it starts to skitter closer she frowns and asks the others, "Aren't they...supposed to stop moving after they get short?"
Lynnette Watching the woman fire off that BB gun, Lynnette's smile would soften slightly. Licking her lips she would then nod then. "Good job!" Now she was cheering her on but this wasn't her class so she kept her mouth shut.

Feeling Devlin near her, that brow would raise as she watched him carefully. As soon as she felt his arm moving around her those green eyes would cut over to him then as she felt him....checking for something. Chuckling, she'd just shake her head then as she felt it slip out of the back of her pants and was presented to her. " kind of you...." Rolling her eyes then she would take it from then before sighing.

Raising up the small pistol, Lyn took aim at another one of the Radroaches before firing off two rather silent shots. Pop pop! Right in the torso two times the creature would drop. Holding her gun still she'd stare but just relaxed as she shoved the gun back in it's home then.
Iris Lark Iris stares at the pistol handed to her and she tilts her head as she gazes at Devlin. "I uhm, my gun is quieter than this, and I don't really..use..these types of things." She says holding the pistol back out to Devlin. "I can use my own pistol, right?" She eyes the radroaches and wrinkles her nose, wiping her hands on the legs of her jeans.
Devlin     "Assuming you wish to spend a lot more caps on each replacement cell.. unless you have something similar to Lynnette's?" Looking away from Iris, Devlin motions towards a bloatfly dancing in the air that was somewhat annoyed at what was below it.. it turns out he has wanted her to choose to shoot at either a bloatfly or a juvenile Gecko. "It's your choice in the end, the further along the food chain, the better the creature tends to taste." If Iris still held out the pistol for him, he would accept it before slipping it back under his jacket.

    Looking way from Iris, Devlin looks up towards the cavern and could see a dead radroach but another wounded one was approaching them steadily. "Hmm, it will stop moving once you shoot it enough. Take aim again and fire again. With two and another creature in tow, we should then work on the foraging side of this little outing." Nodding to himself, he settles his gaze onto Shiloh, wondering how well she would handle actually killing something, let alone eating what she has killed. "Lynnette will likely be rather skilled at that step. Picking out seasons, slow cooking things just right.. might be a bit more rough than what it could be from traders, but it will do."
Shiloh Shiloh peeks over her shoulder and grins at Lynnette after her praise, though she tries to let her attention return to the slightly wounded radroach that she had hit before. She lets her tongue poke out of the corner of her mouth while she takes some time to get used to the pace and speed of the roach's movements, letting the crosshairs linger over it all the while. By the time she does shoot, the BB ends up hitting the Radroach dead on its tail, forcing part of its innards out of the back. There's a few moments where it tries to scuttle in vain, before it ultimately gives up the fight and dies right there. She stands on her tip toes to try to get a better look in the distance, then tells Devlin, "I think that one stopped it!"
Iris Lark Iris glances between the people and then the radroach is dealt with, so she tucks her pistol in the back of her jeans. "I can dress and clean what people kill." She says, one of her shoulders lifting in a slight shrug. She points to her rucksack and adds. "I have some spices and some tubers in there as well, can make a nice lunch of it, if you'd like."
Lynnette Lyn would tilt her head a bit as she looked over to Devlin with a brow raised then. Taking a deep breath she would nod a bit then looked to Shiloh with a smile. "Good job...." Giving her a wink she would looked to the two that were downed. Those eyes cut over to Iris and chuckled. "I think you'd be way better at cooking than me....I don't know why Devlin thinks I"ll be good at the 'next step'." Chuckling she'd crack her neck then smirked to Dev. "So then boss man....what's next?"
Devlin     "Shh..! Shh.." is sounded twice when Shiloh suddenly shouted about the radroach. Looking away from Iris for a moment, a smile steadily infects his lips as Devlin sees the sight at the cavern and easily seeing the excitement within the squeamish shooter. "That's going to be our snack that.. Iris, the general store owner will dress and clean because apparently the bar owner who's paying me with meals isn't as good.." Slowly shaking his head gently from side to side he returns to looking at Iris and arches a brow while looking at her pistol of choice.

    "If you shoot either with that there's a chance it will be fully turned into slag, you know how.. No, you probably do know how to minimize the charge." Looking from Iris, Devlin takes back his pistol and then points across to the creek, making a point of aiming low. "Iris, I think you three deserve a small steak on top of the kabob fodder we're going to mix together. The Gecko please, if you are as confident you are, aim for the head, will leave the most meat possible.

    Motioning towards Lynnette, he moves out of Iris's line of fire and points towards the cave then down along the way the radroach moved. "You're job then, seeing as I'm a half lame boss, you and your shooting partner are to collect those two and bring them back here, we need them. We'll worry about the fruits next, make sure nothing nibbles her now," is said in a bit of a teasing tone before looking to Shiloh, waiting for the pair to move out.
Shiloh Shiloh looks over at Devlin in surprise and murmers more quietly than before, "Sorry." She nods her head and looks off into the distance, "I hate them when they're alive, but they don't taste half bad if they're cooked right. I think I've probably tried it once or twice." She does listen to Devlin talk to Iris about her potential shot, and tries to peek over at one of the young geckos in the distance. She tilts her head and asks quietly, "I've heard somewhere that those things are poisonous, is that true?" She doesn't have much time to linger on the question when Devlin gives her and Lynette the order. "Alright, we'll drag 'em down." She beckons Lynnette with a smile and starts to head down to where the rad roaches were stopped mid-scurry, "I hope that they're still attached inside..." She whispers with a scrunch of her nose, "I don't really wanna gather their guts seperate.."
Iris Lark Iris takes a breath and pulls her pistol up, lining up a shot at the gecko. She squeezes the trigger gently and a bolt of plasma streaks out and all but takes the gecko's head off. She purses her lips and tries not to grin as she puts the pistol back where she got it. "Confidence is key." She murmurs, a pleased look on her face, as she squints Lynnette. "So what you're saying is, you're hiring a cook?"
Lynnette She'd nod then as he did as instructed following after Shiloh. Taking a deep breath she would catch up to the woman then smiled. "Yeah...I hope not either...." Lyn would giggle a bit as she finally continued to make her way back towards their kill. Licking her lips she would scrunch her nose then before looking at the one she shot. "Well....." Leaning over she'd quickly grab the thing and started dragging it. Keeping hush she would nod to her shooting buddy and smiled. "Grab yours girlie...let's hurry up and get these back...."
Devlin     By the time the pair had returned, Devlin would have been walking towards the decapitated Gecko while keeping the pistol out, using himself as a deterrent for the other creatures close to the creek. The only issue he would realize was.. he only could use his pistol wielding hand to carry the creature, and even then it would be awkward. Using a foot, he rolls it over to examine the damage done to it and checking the creature's weight. A light chuckle escapes his lips as the pistol is slipped away under his jacket, "If there's anything, Iris is going to slaughter it before I get two shots into it."

    With a clear hand, and some pain, Devlin shifts the headless Gecko against his shoulder before thrusting it higher to be over his shoulder so he can carry it one handed. "Now, along the green brush, not the brown or rustic ones, will be a plump fruit, you'll need to pick this or the ones with yellowed green pods at the end of longer stocks. The first is, as you would guess, Prickly Pear fruit, the second is called Banana Yucca." Carefully kneeling down at where they began firing at the local wildlife, he lets the body flop to the ground, luckily the plasma cauterized the massive wound down to a trickle.
Shiloh Shiloh looks down at the radroach she shot and awkwardly picks it up by both of its front legs, "Alright, got it." She starts to set to work on dragging it back over to where Devlin works on starting the fire that's going to end up cooking their prizes. Carefully setting the radroach down, she brushes off her hands and looks off to try to see the brush that Devlin is talking about. "Alright..." She decides uncertainly, "Plump fruit...yellowed-green pods at stalks. Okay, I think I can do that..." She tries to set off nearby, looking through the shrubs nearby with a thoughtful frown. She finds one of the fat prickly fruits and tries to pick it, but lets out a sharp hiss of pain and quickly retracts her hand after pricking her finger. She pouts at the fruit and glances down at her hand, before she sticks her finger in her mouth to try to help keep it from stinging and bleeding as much. She wanders around until she finds the safer banana yucca, and decides to free one of the pods. The rest mostly seem too ripe and are relatively mushy, so she returns to Devlin with her small prize. "The pears hurt a lot." She mentions to Devlin, in case he wasn't aware of that.
Iris Lark A yelp sounds as Iris reaches in to pick a fruit and when she draws back, pricks of blood are showing on her hand. She did manage to snag a fruit, but it doesn't seem like one she might want to eat. She wrinkles her nose and kneels, scavenging low along the ground trying to find wild tubers or other things that might grow out here in the wasteland. Not having a lot of luck, she sits back and chuffs out a sigh as she grips a bandage with her blood-spotted hand.
Lynnette After bringing that radroach down and bringing it near by she would exhale. Looking over to where Devlin was heading to she would put her hand on that gun but frowned. "....should you really be doing that....?" Taking a deep breath, Lyn would just shake her head at him then and left him to it. As Dev was talking about the fruit she'd just wave her hand then as she made her way over. "Yeah yeah...." But of course, as soon as she put her hand there she got pricked. "Ow!" She'd look down at her hand then raised her brow. More carefully now she would make her way through the bush, getting pricked her or there but finally was able to free one of the Prickly Pears. "...there." Since it seems the rest were pretty crap, she took the one good one she found then brought it over to the group. "These things were more dangerous than the creatures were were shooting."
Devlin     Even for his part, Devlin didn't do much better than anyone else even though he was supposed to be their guide! What he had a mind to do even then was to slip a hand and pop off a jacket strap to free a knife. Stooping over one of the prickly pear plants, he slowly sinks the blade into the plant around the protected plant, with quite a bit of difficulty. Once he gained a bit of leverage the fruit popped free.. stabbing Devlin in the throat on top of stressing his broken arm as he attempted to bat the fruit away, an instinctual response of now fresh pain.

    For the next dozen pieces of fruit, Devlin proceeded to stab the prickly fruit, cutting them open to make sure they were ripe and easily removed, though this massacre left many pieces of fruit in his wake that could have been salvaged if he just took his time. Closing his eyes, he shakes his head, grumbling, returning to the campsite himself with several badly cut into pieces of fruit, pooling the collection near to where the corpses for the meal now rested, "I.. Lets not talk about that part, I think we all need a little practice and more than a bit more luck when a pack of Bighorners come though. There wasn't much left in the area that was edible. Now Lyn, Iris.. what else do you need to cook, you two are the specialists.."
Shiloh Shiloh sets her banana-yucca fruit down with the rest and looks over the other's gatherings. She looks relieved that she isn't the only one to return mostly-empty handed, but she looks shocked to see blood sort of trickling near Devlin's neck. "What did you do?!" She asks him in surprise, heading over to inspect the wound with a worried frown to herself. "I thought pricking my finger was bad, that looks pretty you need a bandage or something to wrap around it so it doesn't bleed more?" She does glance over at Iris and Lynnette, waiting to hear their answer on what else they may need to help finish their meal.
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head as she gazes at the collected meat and fruits. "This is fine." She says, settling down so she can work. "The secret is really in the sauce anyway." With that she gets to work, slicing meat and bits of fruit, mixing with juices and different kinds of seasonings and herbs. She glanes over at Devlin and gestures to the campfire. "If you could stoke that a bit, it would be grand."
Lynnette Looking at Devlin, Lyn would point to herself as she look around then back to him. " keep asking me this like actually.....cook on the regular...." Pointing to Iris she would chuckle as she shook her head. "This is the expert here. I don't even cook at the bar. That's the other guy...." And with that she didn't even give Devlin a chance to move. Hopping up she moved to the fire and started poking it a bit to get it going a bit more for her. "You sit there mister...."
Devlin     Grumbles at Shiloh's shock and buzz when she could see the faint trickle of blood from neck. Waving his good hand at the woman, Devlin seemed to forget at first he was still holding a knife and ends up waving both at her slowly. "Settle down, I slipped with the blade, it got somewhere it shouldn't have. I was more careful after that stint. The bleeding will slow soon, it's a shallow wound, don't worry." Turning around to look at Iris, he nods lightly as he begins to take a single step but then has to stop as Lynnette moves quickly ahead of him. At the calling of 'mister', his eyes narrow but he eventually does just that, by close to the fire as it was being tended to.

    With Iris taking over the final section of the lesson without it being originally planned, a smirk appears on his lips. "When the meal finishes, we'll wrap what we can and we'll take it back with us to the settlements, a snack along the way.. Thanks for helping with this Iris, this was to be a lesson to know what to cook and how to kill but.. I think you had both of those covered, a bit eccentric, but it works." Then something seems to strike the man's mind as Devlin turns to Lynnette to say in a mock serious tone, "Ya ganna learn to cook. The reason I agreed to the means was you were paying for it in a different way, no cheating on my payments now."
Iris Lark The meat and fruit cooks up quickly and she gathers a few large leaves to wrap the food into. It doesn't take terribly long on such a hot fire, and soon Iris is handing out leaf packages of grilled meat and fruit. "I'm not eccentric, I'm prepared." She says, handing her share to Shiloh as she picks up her rucksack and closes the drawstring, preparing to take her leave. "I hope you get that arm looked at soon, and it was nice to see the rest of you." She says, offering a casual salute and a smile.
Shiloh Shiloh takes a step back after Devlin inadvertantly waves the knife around at her, raising a brow at him. Despite still looking worried for the man, she does try to gently nod her head at him, "Alright...if you say so. But you should still try to...I don't know, put pressure on it or something until it stops trying to bleed." She smiles gently with a thankful expression shared for the others, "Yes, thank you. It's really appreciated. She reaches out to accept her leaf package and licks her lips before she starts to pick at her food. She asks Iris curiously in between the hungry bites she takes, "You aren't heading back with the rest of us?"
Lynnette Licking her lips she'd blink a few times as she looked over at him then. "Look....I don't mind learning but you provide you a meal. You didn't say that I was the one that had to cook it....besides....." Grinning then she'd toss him a wink. "How would I look if I don't cook for the sheriff really but I cook for you..." A shrug then before she would smile and nodded. "Don't stress out dude....I'll make sure you're fed..."
Devlin     "I'm ganna starve with stale beer and old jerky.." is sighed out loudly though the smirk on his lips was easy to see as, despite his arm the day set him into a better mood. Shifting to his feet, he picks up his piece of the meal but when tilts his head slightly as Iris began to move off, "With how this arm is, it'll be soon. I have a 'date' with Camilla, hopefully she won't be busy like she was today with another patient.. I don't want this thing to set wrong.. that gets messy and.." Curling his upper lip, he just shakes his head gently and uses his boots to help him work at snuffing out the fire. "Her home is north the road we traveled to get here. I'll be taking you lot to the south back to the city, come along now."