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Lynnette Well after scavenging around in the brush and then learning some skill from Devlin with Iris and Shiloh, it was back to the bar for her. Needless to say, she looked tired and worn out as she was still piling stuff up outside of the giant hole in her wall. Wiping her hands on her face she would then wipe her forehead with the back of her hand. Leaning on the peace of her bar that counter that was still in tact she would just put her head down. Lyn was just....done for the day.
Alpha     Alpha would walk in the door. Although that door was kind of redundant with the Ashur sized hole. He'd frown, looking around and shakes his head. "Started here then? huh? Oi.. hey.. Lyn? Ya ok?" Rolling his shoulders, he'd walk over to the bar. "Guess ya workin on that rennovations of the place early, eh?"
Ashur A day or two or three has passed since Goliath went on his rampage; pity the poor Lynette who had no sling to fell him, and has been left with a legion of broken tables, smashed chairs, broken bottles and mugs, and, most importantly, a giant fucking hole in the wall.

Pity Goliath, too, who woke up in the middle of a hot afternoon, dazed, missing his clothing and not entirely sure what went down. He had stumbled his way through the wastes, murdered two men who did him no harm, and then after an irritating encounter wandered his way elsewhere.

Now, at last, the bull returns to his crime. Wrapped once more in a now-clean toga and cloak, the signs of the previous battle absent, he stomps his way through the streets of Jack's Town, until at last he comes upon the low and slope-roofed cantina. Hunching over, Ashur makes his way inside.

Clutched in one massive hand is a rather pregnant-looking pouch, straining from a rather heavy abundance of Legion coins and caps.

"Woman," he calls to her, ignoring the man he does not recognize. "Come. Payment for damages."

The pouch jingles when he shakes it.
Lynnette Hearing Alpha's voice she would push herself up and chuckled softly. "Yeah...." Leaving it at that she would just lean her back against the bar now as she shook her head. "Renovations I was not prepared or ready to make...." Smiling she'd just looked to the basement door. "I've been crashing with Iris until I know this place is structurally okay. If you-...."

Her words came to a halt as she put her hand behind her back as soon as she saw Ashur coming through the door. Frowning she would look him over then just stared at him. "....why not use the other door you made on your way out the other night...." Those green eyes locked him as that hand behind her back twitched. As he called out to her she'd raised her brow. " Lynnette...." She'd push herself off of the bar as she looked at that pouch then. Hesitating she would step closer and held her hand out for the pouch, not exactly wanting to get too close.
Roxie If the big man wont use the hole in the wall, the Ghoul will. She even pretends like it's not twice her size by dipping her head when she steps through and mosies on over to the bar. With a guff, she pulls her hat off her ratnest of stringy hair and tosses it on the bar beside her. Then begins the long process of patting her pockets and bags and all the hangy shit until she comes out with some cigarettes and a pack of matches.
Alpha     Alpha flashes a smiel at Lyn, then glances over as Ashur and Roxie both come in. He'd eye the legionare with his sack of caps and frowns. "So.. that's 900 caps fer damages here.. and yer payin for all the other crap ya trashed in town? Jack's pissed man. Ifn ya wanna live, ya better be willin ta pay up, huh?" Alpha gives an upnod to Roxie. "Oi. Hey Roxie. this'll be Ashur.. giant ya heard the report on, yah? And Lyn here's the owner that had her bar trashed.."
Ashur The giant turns his head and gazes at the hole in the wall. The sight of it conjures vignetted memories -- the sensation of his arm hurtling through the air and snapping bone beneath it, the sounds of screaming, the scent of something burning in his nostrils. He lacks a complete and causal narrative recollection of the other night's festivities, but has an idea of what he did.

The fact the hole was clearly made by a supermutant-sized behemoth leaves little room for ambiguity, memories be damned.

"Payment rendered in denarii, aurei, and caps," he mentions, referencing the Legion-minted coinage of silver and gold. Almost all merchants in the Commonwealth and surrounding regions consider them valid -- even the NCR, who find value in the raw metals themselves. "Almost a thousand. That should be sufficient to restore.. this."

A sweep of unimpressed eyes from one corner to the other.

When Alpha speaks to him, the giant pauses for a moment, considers, and then turns to walk back out without any concerns.
Alpha     Alpha would immediately draw that gun from his back, cocking and aiming it. "Lookit. I'm Alpha. Sheriff of JT. and You, buddy, owe a lot more than that. Now.. ya might take me down, eh? Might even get outta here.. but ifn ya want every town connected ta El Dorado huntin yer ass? Then keep walkin. Otherwise, we'll deal, hmm?"
Ashur Ashur will continue to walk unless Alpha takes a shot.
Lynnette Those eyes would cut over to the woman that walked in via that hole then back to Ashur. Taking that bag she'd step back then as she eyed it then looked to Alpha. Licking her lips she'd stuck the bag into her belt and let her hand relax from behind her back. That hand would then go to Alpha, touching his arm then. "...leave it." Those green eyes would cut over to him before watching him go. "I don't need any more crap popping off in enough."

Lyn would then run her fingers through her hair before leaning back against the bar. Now....she had to figure out what to do next. At least....she was going to get her place fixed.
Roxie Roxie turns to Alpha's address and then cuts her eyes back over her shoulder at Ashur while lighting her cigarette, "He's definitely a giant." Said in her raspy voice, watching the lug head out after making his payment.

"Ah, Lyn... nice place... I like the breeze." Motioning back behind her.

With the commotion, Roxie glances back and over at Alpha. Her hand dips down to unclip her pistol, but she leaves it sitting comfortably in the dirty ol' holster for now.
Alpha     Alpha hesitates, then curses quietly. He'd lower his aim, staring at Ashur's back. "Fine. Ya'll have a bounty placed. See what happens." Shaking his head, he'd re-shoulder that rifle. "He did double the damage here to the rest of JT.. I can't just leave it.. but.. I won't cause more trouble in here.. I can't do that ta ya." He'd muse, then nods over to Roxie. "Lyn, meet Roxie. She's a deputy that came with the position of Sheriff.. they decided ta assign her ta JT ta work with me."
Lynnette Sighing she would laugh at Roxie's comment, her hand going on on her face for a moment. Lyn just exhaled deeply before shaking her head. " I would design this place...just saying." She'd look over to Alpha and then back to the woman with a smile. "Nice to meet you, Roxie...." Those green eyes cut back over to Alpha with a grin before nodding. "Poor Devlin got it good trying to stop it. But hell....when Akane took off after starting it...that....thing decided to protect her." Rolling her eyes a bit she'd reach back behind her to pull that gun out of the back of her pants before setting it on the counter next to her. "Who I found but...." There was a hesitation and she just nodded. "...I lost her."
Roxie Roxie lifts her hat off the bar while puffing at her curled cigarette, then lays it back down as if raising it in greeting to Lyn. "I think it's more to get me out of the city proper. Somethin' bout stinkin' the place up or scarin' the baby meatbags." Ashes right onto the floor.
Alpha     Alpha steps close to Lyn, reaching out to touch her shoulder and give her a hard once over, making sure she was ok. It'd probably be just her that could see that honest look of concern there. Done, he'd look over at the payment, sighs and shakes his head a little. "Akane started it huh? Ok.. we'll have ta find her too.. oi, Roxie! Have a bitta respect fer the place, huh? At least ash on the tray." He'd motion towards it with a shake of his head. "I dunno what. But.. yer here. So we'll deal. We'll sort out how we work together as we go, I'm sure. This is all new ta all of us anyhow.."
Lynnette Lyn was in her own world for a moment then felt that hand. Looking up she'd stare up at him and smiled, nodding her head. "....I'm fine....I swear. I didn't even get a scratch on me last night...." Now she didn't tell him she was involved in the brawl....nope. " And yeah...she just pulled her gun out and shot the guy. I didn't do a damn thing to him but eh...." Shrugging then she'd look over to Roxie then shook her head. "I doesn't even matter. All of this is gonna have to come up anyway....."
Roxie Roxie rolls the cigarette between her teeth at the proposition of ashing in one of the trays, but with Lyn's go ahead, for what it's worth, she resumes tapping it off right on the floor. "We'll do fine. Can't make this party of the town more shit, anyways."
Alpha     Alpha sighs quietly, looking between Roxie and Lyn, before nodding and stepping back to let her be. He'd move to one of the few stools available with a small grunt. "Alright. So we get a bounty set up for the giant asshole that just left. Gotta take em alive fer him payin what he owes.. and we see about gettin this mess cleaned up.."
Roxie "Bounty on the big guy, who we jus' let walk out of here without molestin' a hair on his gigantic head..." Roxie chews a little and grabs her hat to settle it back atop her head, tugging it down a little to hide her missing nose by shadow cast. "Neat. What's the word on wingin' em? How much of him has to be alive?"
Lynnette Licking her lips she'd look at Alpha and part her lips to say something. Brow furrowing, she'd just look off to the side for a moment. Not about to tell him how to d his job in front off is coworker. Licking her lips she would nod. "I think...we need to get Akane first...." Looking over at Roxie she would chuckle a bit. "Trust me....he ain't that easy.....I'm gonna ban them from coming in here for real."

Those eyes would cut back over to Alpha before nodding. "If you say so....or you can let me handle him...." Thinking for a moment she would nod. "But lord knows I don't want to get arrest for out of my....job." Chuckling she'd wink at him playfully before pulling that bag of money off of her pants to peer inside. Eyes would go wide as she just shook her head. "....well hell...."
Alpha     Alpha shrugs a little with a smirk at Roxie. "Yah. I let em go.. 'fore we had another fight here with yet more damages, wiz? Ain't the right place ta brawl with that beast." He'd shake his head slightly. "Guy's tough. I heard he's the one that was fraggin punchin the mecha the Enclave had rolled up in. So.. I doubt anyone out there can drop em.. He has ta be alive to pay. That's all I'm sayin." Looking to Lyn, he'd muse and nods a little. "Yah. We'll have ta get her too. Although, from the sounds of it, she was just dealin with Ashur.. she didn't trash the place did she? So.. fightin with the giant.. well that's more suicidal than somethin arrestable?"
Roxie "Mm.." Roxie cants her head a little, "As ya say... but if a mecha can't do the trick, the fuck ya think we're gonna do without irons? I say we blast his ass an' be damned the bounty..."
Lynnette Shake her head she'd just run her fingers through her hair. "Dude...I was there. He did punch it...." Leaving it at that she would just look over at the two of them. "Akane....I don't know. All I know is she popped off at him...he said something in response. Then she pulled her gun out and shot him. All was calm until she pulled her gun out." Nibbling her bottom lip she'd just shake her head. "Then poor Devlin got caught up in it. He was going to grab her for shooting just turn into a hot mess...."
Alpha     Alpha shrugs at Roxie. "Ya sick enough raiders on a bounty? Ants and the farmer, yah? They may trickle em down.. but he'll still come down.. Otherwise.. well.." He'd motion to Lyn. "What she said.. he was punchin a mecha. Even ifn I pulled off a sniper shot on em.. I think all it'd do is piss em off.." Shaking his head then, he'd look to Lyn, musing. "Mmm.. so we need her for questionin. Fragit.. Dependin on what he said, I dun think I would even blame her fer shootin em.. but we gotta definitely get ahead of this fast."
Roxie "Your call." Roxie doesn't seem pleased by it though. Her cigarette is stabbed out in the tray and two fingers tug at the front of her hat, "I'm gonna go take a look roun' town. Make sure people see me, make'em uncomfortable." Her grin is sickening. Too wide, too many jagged teeth.
Lynnette Sighing she would look just shake her had a bit. "I don't even know. Just....screw it." Lyn was pretty much at the end of her rope after today. Licking her lips she would then looked to Alpha with a smirk, raising her hands slightly. "But hey....I won't tell you how to do your job. I"m just the poor business owner that's doing this....again...." There was a groan and then she'd lick her lips and looked over to Roxie with a smile. "....well then....I'm sure I'll see you around. Don't be a stranger....." Those eyes would cut over to Alpha as she pulled that pistol back to her person, shoving it in the back of her pants, then that bag of money. "I guess I'll head back to Iris'....she's given me a spot....probably for my poor other person that crashing here too."
Alpha     Alpha muses, then shrugs a little. "I know, Roxie. It ain't good.. I just see it as a way to have us all live after it.." Shaking his head, he'd wave after her. "A'right. See ya 'round town fer sure, Roxie. We'll sort out more details soon."
    Looking to Lyn then, he'd smirk at her, shrugging a little. "It's.. delicate. I ain't denyin that. But.. first challenge fer me ta deal with.. prove I can sheriff this place.. yah? As fer that.. Well.. I'll be happy ta escort ya there, hmm?"