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Devlin     Almost a week has passed since the 'incident' and many things were chaotic due to the difficulty to find good replacements and the needed time to attempt to fix the things damaged. Devlin, for his part, was once again at the Cantina, sitting near the back of the entry room at a table rather than at the bar. Resting high and tight against his chest was his left arm, hanging in a sling though that didn't appear to stop the man from being well armed and armored, as if waiting for a fight to suddenly break out.

    On the table in front of Devlin was a combat helmet, likely his own as his platinum blond hair was messily finger combed back. Along side the helmet was a very small caliber rifle and a glass, clear, either water or moonshine, it was difficult to tell without taking a sip. The rest of the bar around the man didn't appear to react very much despite him being prepared for an assault.. Lynnette, the new Cantina owner, had made it known on several occasions that Devlin was hired security, and after the last incident, noone questions who he would shoot.. he did shoot a Supermutant that was causing trouble after all without batting an eye, though he paid the price.
Elsie Surelda's been missing for longer than a week, it seems. But really, who would notice that she's been gone? And gone from where, anyway? Where does she live? What does she do? Does she even have any friends yet? Does any of that matter? Likely not. But she's here, now, shuffling into Jack's with her black eyes squinted and her silver hair pulled up and back in a messy bun, as if just to keep it out of the way.

She looks a bit rough. Tired, more pale than usual, her dress wrinkled. She still has the leather jacket on, and she is using it to hug herself as she enters as if she's terribly, terribly cold. Her legs seem tired as she walks, but she manages, without a glance up or around in any direction, to find her way to the bar and flop herself into a seat, as if the very weight of her bones was bringing her to the brink of collapse.

"Coffee, please," she orders, her normally dusky rose colored lips cracked for want of liquid refreshment over the past few days. When you're high as she was, things like water become a distraction from the real desire.
Devlin     Standing up from his table, Devlin left his few things in place while he starts to make his way to the bar. Skipping over the first several seats, he moves to stand to the rear side of Surelda and bring up his good hand to rest on the far nape of her neck lightly as he leans down to her ear. "Order a water with that as well, then come along.. You need back support and something to better lean against." Not raising his voice, Devlin kept it soft, almost as if he was worried about making her scatter with his tone, though his next words were still soft, it was clear it was an order. "Join me back at my table."

    Shifting slightly away, he moves behind Surelda then to her once far side, using his body as a guide to guide her where he wanted to go if she stood. The hand on the nape of her neck stayed light, the only movement was from his thumb which began to stroke gently in a circle, an attempt at a soothing motion with less than callous free fingers. "I think we're over due with talking, I still remember from about two weeks ago that I had something in mind for you, I only got it this past week though.
Elsie Surelda's nerves are fried. And not in that overly-sensitive way. Almost the opposite; they're dulled. So the feeling of a hand, a man's hand by the size of it, at the back of her neck doesn't make her jump. She only starts to slowly turn when she hears Devlin's voice in her ear. She remembers him, and remembers his voice. The hand on her throat isn't threatening -- if anything, that little stroke is calming, soothing for a girl who has been living rough for over a week now, high as a kite. She nods, silently.

The water is ordered, and once it arrives she lifts the black coffee in one hand and the water glass in the other and allows Devlin to steer her where he wants her to go. She's a follower, our Surelda, and isn't one to kick up a fuss about being ordered about. It's almost relaxing to not have to figure these things out for oneself, sometimes.

"Something for me?" the silver-haired girl asks tiredly, her tone ever quiet as it usually is. She seems surprised that he might have something for her. "I'm short on caps if you're looking to make a sale," she informs him. No doubt she is -- all her caps went into pills, Jet inhalers, and injectables. Ah, benders. Still, her tone is slightly wary, slightly concerned that she can't pay for whatever it is he wants her to pay for. But still she follows, letting him guide her to her seat with her drinks where she will recline against the back of the chair with a little sigh. Back support is good support, just as Devlin predicted.
Devlin     A slightly smile appears to be on his lips once she agreed to follow him though with her reacting so meekly compared to last time, Devlin began to take more time and study the woman literally under his thumb. Once she settle down heavily within the chair he had offered her, he lets her loose from his grip for a few brief moments as he moves to his old seat and drags it to the side, moving to on her left side.

    While standing, he leans over the back of the chair to drag the butt of a BB Gun towards Surelda, leaving it roughly a foot and a half away, not bothering her drinks but leaving it within reach for her. "A gift, not a sale. I would ask what you spent all your bartending caps on but, I'm starting to have a theory.. want to tell me, or leave me guessing?" Withdrawing his hand from the rifle, Devlin's hand once again returns to the burnt out woman's shoulder. Firming his grip slightly, his thumb moves a bit higher, using the added leverage now to begin slowly massaging along one side of her neck, close to her spine, in part to sooth, in part to see how knotted she was, trying to see if she was sleeping on a bed or has been sleeping on the ground.

    "If you are looking for caps either way, I might be able to help. While you don't scavenge around ruins, you might know those with things they wish to toss out." Tilting his head slightly, Devlin tries to glance at the side of her face opposite to the side of the neck he was rubbing. "I'm looking for goods, rounds, cells and even a few types of arms. Interested in helping me? It's good caps depending how cheaply you acquire them."
Elsie Even with the weapon out in front of her, Surelda reaches for the water first. It was a good idea of his, for her to order water. She lifts it to her lightly cracked lips and drinks. One gulp, two, three, four, until it's finally just an empty glass that gets set back on the table, while the slender woman herself heaves a sigh and takes a deep breath. She doesn't even look when he puts a hand on her shoulder.

But when he rubs there? He'll find that, yes, she is knotted all over, and within the first few rotations of his fingers, that shoulder starts to relax. Those black eyes close and the woman sits back in her seat with a sigh. If there's a spa in town, no one needs it more than her, right now.

Eventually, though, she opens her eyes to regard Devlin just a little suspiciously, but too tired to be much more than that. After all, who goes around giving out gifts?! "I'm not bartending," she explains to him. "I got a job working the radio for Lone Star." It's a good, respectful job, the sort that no one can throw the word 'whore' around as a euphemism. See, people?! Surelda can do stuff! As for where her caps went, on that she doesn't comment.

Instead, she closes her eyes again, shifts, and just lets him keep rubbing that knot as long as he's willing to. And she listens, purring a soft 'hmmmm' sound while she thinks.

"I have a few things," she admits. "And I can tell Ashur, when I see him. He has a lot of things too." She opens her eyes, once more regarding Devlin with that curiosity. "Why are you giving me a gift?" Might as well be blunt about it, right?
Devlin     Not hiding the smile that was starting to form on his lips as he could feel her relaxing under his touch. Devlin begins to shift higher, closer to the base of her skull before running down the length of her neck until reaching the last bone of her neck and begins the trek upwards again, a steady pattern for now. "When did this change? I didn't know Lone Star Caravan even had a broadcast tower, will you be going with them to Rome?"

    Keeping mindful to keep his tone soft, when Ashur is brought up, the massaging thumb stops while a mild glare creeps into his eyes. The glare wasn't aimed at anything though if she looks towards him he would be trying to stare down the empty glass of water in front of her. "I have done business with the giant, said giant broke my arm and trashed this Cantina.. I will not be doing business with said giant for several lunar cycles.." The second question about the gift his hardly noticed at this point.

    Closing his eyes, Devlin gently shaking his head, settling his mind away from the pain and shifts his hand more towards her shoulder, drawing his thumb from the base of her neck. In its new position, Surelda would feel notable pressure along the nape of her neck as his thumb works along the curve of her neck, the motions almost seeming out of habit rather than having to think of how to help someone calm and relax. "Now, you said you had a few things yourself, why don't you tell me about them? they could be useful." Upon opening his eyes again, he looks from her face and towards her neck, a short while too late to notice what was revealed on her neck from his sudden hand movement.
Elsie "They have a shack with a large antennae, apparently it's enough." Devlin will feel her muscles constrict at her shrug. "I don't really understand all those things, I just take shifts on the radio to keep everyone heading in the right direction. So I'll be here when they go to Rome. I never want to go there, if I can help it." Chems are outlawed there. Bad place!

Devlin's hand moves down her bony spine and back again, and the tired, strung-out addict rolls her head forward to make more room for him without a word. She's very tense from sleeping rough the past week, from eating and drinking only chems, and from the general stress of that particular life. So his little massage is welcome indeed. She lets out a groan, almost a purr of appreciation at the man's gesture.

At least, until he mentions Ashur, and the breaking of the bar as well as Devlin's arm. That makes her sit up again, black eyes opening slightly wide at the news. "What happened?" she asks, slightly surprised. Yes, she's at least slightly surprised!

When he asks her what she has, she begins to rifle through the oversized pockets in the oversized leather jacket. She pulls out a box that is bigger than her hand, that contains a collection of gunsmith tools. "It's not much," she explains. "But it's what I have. That and some good scrap metal that could be used for ... well, something. I don't know how people make something useful out of nothing but scrap, but they do." Her word are quiet, almost sheepish that this is all she currently has to offer.
Devlin     Furling his brow at the peaked excitement and grumbled as he explains, "A moron and the giant argued, the moron shot the giant, I tried to detail the moron, giant to exception tried to toss me into a wall.. I shot the giant, the giant broke my arm and the rest of bar." The telling was short hand, but had all the necessary details though even that story was enough to cause his massaging thumb to pause, keeping pressure onto one spot without thinking about it.

    Closing his eyes again, Devlin sighs before making his thumb start to spiral, massaging heavily around the spot he had been pressing on before moving a bit further out from there, trying to make up from the excessive force. "That's something I'll take, the scrap might be something I'll also collect, though I need to work for a smith to see if I would want a lot of it or only a few pieces." Smirking at a though, he murmurs almost to himself, though Surelda could make it out if she focused, "The smithing kits will always be useful once I find someone with a machine shop.

    "As for payment, do you want caps or.. would you rather have a trade with getting something not just coin?" Opening his eyes, he settles his pale blue eyes onto the side of her face once again, trying to get a hint of an answer based on his offers, "Ammunition, food, weapons, chems, medical supplies? What is it that you actually want?"
Alpha     Alpha would still use the door. I mean, hole in the wall and all that is still there to be dealt with, but habits are what they are. He'd glance around as he'd head for what remains of the bar, pausing at spotting Devlin and Surelda there. "Ah.. you. Hey. You wantin ta press charges 'bout all that crap? Against Akane and Ashur? I'll make sure ta write it up ifn ya do."
Lynnette Making her way from Iris', Lyn sashayed her way from Avalon back to Jack's Town. Taking a deep breath she would just shake her head a bit then before stopping outside of that hole in her bar. Raising her brow as she heard voices, she'd step through since why bother using the door. Licking her lips she would raise her brow as she saw people inside which got even more a brow raise. " is this the hangout now that the place is trashed?" The bar was mostly cleared up of all the debris but still had a bit ways to go. Make her way to the part of the bar that wasn't smashed, she went behind it to see what was even still salvageable back there.
Elsie It doesn't take a non-strung-out-junkie to notice, between Devlin's facial expression and the sudden steady pressure on one point of her neck that the topic of the bar's destruction is not a favored one. So she doesn't push it any further. Instead, she almost meekly lowers her head a little again to allow him to continue working on those knots at her shoulder and neck. She shifts, stretching the muscles there for a moment. There's a gentle whisper of a crack.

It's there, with her head down, that she considers Devlin's words. A flush touches her cheeks; very visible against the pale flesh. "Caps," she decides, drawing in her healthier-looking lower lip for a thoughtful bite. "But maybe, in the future, chems might be better than caps." Those words are said quite quietly, for Devlin's ears only.

The works he's done on her neck is good enough to awaken her fried nerves somewhat, for when Alpha comes up behind them, the silver-haired girl jumps slightly in surprise. She lifts her head to look up at him, drawing the leather jacket around her cold frame a bit more tightly. She stares, with big black eyes, looking between the stranger and Devlin.

She'll just keep her mouth shut now, thanks.
Devlin     "Oh?" is softly sounded as she makes a almost unheard answer which caused him to lean in closer to make sure he heard her correctly. Nodding his head slightly, and as Devlin was about to speak he could feel Surelda jump suddenly and trap his hand now quite firmly against her neck and under the jacket. Looking behind himself, he soon takes note of Alpha.

    He had just started to put the two out of his mind again and then.. a flat glare settles into his eyes. "Yes, Akane a lesser one than Ashur. That fucker tried to kill me twice in a matter of a few minutes and trashed the damn bar!" is seethed, not thinking to hold his tongue. "First he tried to throw me behind the bar for chasing after and trying to stop Akane's retreat, then he hits me later with his damn powerful -and- expelled a charge, I found that out the next morning.. Not only was he ten feet tall but actually used a charge.." Despite his hand being caught, Surelda could feel his hand tense, attempting to make a fist but some flesh, knotted muscle and bone kept him from doing just that.

    With another voice playing in his ear, Devlin turns towards Lynnette slowly and motions behind the bar as her bartender was there still trying to do his job, though he wasn't serving alcohol this early in the morning: coffee, jerky and water were the main things being sold to those who drank too much in private or at a bar a different night. "So far, haven't had to shoot anyone else.. Everyone is skittish about making a fuss wondering who else might draw 'it' back here."
Alpha     Alpha glances over at Lyn as she'd comment and flashes a grin at her. "Just enjoyin yer holes. For the bar. Makes an express route, right?" He'd snicker and shake his head, looking over to Surelda and Devlin. A small nod is given to the girl. "Alpha. Sheriff in JT. Dun sweat it none.." His attention finally returning to Devlin, he'd nod a little. "A'right. I'm puttin a bounty out on Ashur as is. Just need ta get ahold of Jack fer payin it.. I'll put out a warrent for the arrest of Akane for insiting violence.. Although.. from how I heard it? She was just usin a pistol, right?"
Lynnette Looking to Devlin she would raise her brow then looking over to the woman, wiggling her fingers and grinned. "Yo...." She'd cut those eyes back over to Dev then as she smirked. ".....why are you even here?" That question was earnest as she tilted her head. "I know you're not working....not after the other night...." It was more of a statement, a demand more than a question.

Casting those eyes over to Alpha then she would smirk slightly. "Cute....." Shaking her head a bit she would just sigh softly as she leaned on the bar, looking over at the poor guy still trying to work then back to Alpha. "Where's Roxie....? Thought she'd be on ya heels...."
Elsie Surelda lets out a little sound as Devlin's hand constricts around the back of her neck, but she doesn't otherwise address it. Not now, certainly. Instead, she gives Alpha a vauge, almost sheepish nod and reaches forward for her cup of coffee. She'd almost forgotten about this! But now here it is, providing delicious stimulation as well as social cover for all of this conversation on which she is on the periphery in so, so many ways.

Her big, black eyes flit over to Devlin as the conversation continues, but other than worry and a bit of fear there, she doesn't say anything to either man, or to Lyn who is fluttering at her from nearby.
Devlin     Luckily for Surelda the tense grip would relent the more they talk around Devlin. Closing his eyes, he would nod lightly towards Alpha but then corrects him, "A 'SMG', full auto right next to me.. she couldn't even control the kick and a few rounds went into the wall, not just into Ashur's chest.." Looking Alpha over for a moment, he studies the man's hips, then his chest and shakes his head grumbling, "Do -not- shoot Ashur, you don't look like you have something big enough.. he might change again."

     Looking away from the other pair, Devlin uses his hand on Surelda's shoulder to direct her torso so she could notice he also had a glass of water largely untouched though it was likely very warm by now rather then even cellar cool. "I'm on duty even now by choice, I told you working for you was a side job. I plan to limit the number of raiders coming by, I won't until my arm mends but until then.. I can execute any looters that I see, can't I?" A slight smirk appears on his lips though once he peeks over his shoulder again, he offers a half shrug to Lynnette saying, "Which one was Roxie again?"
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head. "There's a reason why I didn't when he came back ta pay Lyn for trashing the place. But that doesn't free him from the rest of the damages, or his assault on you.. hmm.. SMG? a'right. Good to know. She still owes her due too." He'd frown thoughtfully. Glancing to Lyn, there's a brief smile given and then he'd look back to Devlin and Surelda. "The ghoul was in here with me before. Deputy. I'm sortin out details of all this with her too.. But at the least, you were just doin yer job.."
Lynnette Sighing softly she would just look over at Devlin, fixing herself a glass of water then. Eyeing him, those green eyes would twinkle then as she leaned on the counter. "If you get yourself hurt again, I'm not gonna go keep you company again because you're stubborn...." Tossing him a wink then she'd just grin before taking a long sip of her water.

Looking over at Alpha then she'd just raise a finger up as she seemed to have a thought. "If I may....." Lyn wanted to try to keep it as direct but friendly as humanly possible. "If I were this handsome sheriff here....I'd drag Akane in...question her..figure out why did it to begin. Since that freak ain't dead, fine her? Then as for Ashur....he attacked Dev who was going after the shit starter? So....charges for assault? He can go to court if he wants but uh....that mofo there?" Taking another sip of her water. "In my younger days I used to deal with men like that a different way but...." Clearing her throat she'd chuckle. "I don't think that's acceptable for me to do right now. So I say....get Akane on the monster second for assault if we wanna go there. She did escalate the situation. The brute did at least pay to fix this matter how much of an ass he is."
Elsie Surelda sees the water when Devlin moves to tilt her torso in that direction. But instead of reaching for it, she simply sets down her now-empty coffee cup to turn her black eyes toward the man with a hand on her. "I should go," she admits, quietly. She reaches for the gunsmith toolkit and slips it back into the oversized pocket of the oversized leather jacket. "I'm sure we can talk later about stuff for sale," she promises.

Then she moves to rise, and Devlin will have the option of pulling his hand out from underneath the neck of her leather jacket or pulling the leather jacket down, and possibly her down with it. At least she has the good sense to leave a cap or two on the table to cover the cost of her coffee. The fuzz is here, after all! There will be no dine-n-dash!
Devlin     "Ya.. Anyways, I'm on the market for a gun to put down a mutie like that it something comes up again, if you ever 'repossess' something like that, please, tell me." Looking away from Alpha and towards Lynnette, he simply gives her a slightly toothed grin but he doesn't say any form of retort her way, this time. "If the brute paid for the damages, then I care quite a bit less.. As for my arm, it's a reminder.. I am starting to get just why the Enclave surge broke, especially if there are more of him."

    While his arm was broken, the hand attached to it wasn't, and it was able to tense into a fist before relaxing again with a soft sigh. It was only then that he could feel himself move due to Surelda starting to stand up, but unlike what she expected, Devlin didn't withdraw his hand from her jacket nor did he push her around.. he pulled. Drawing the woman to his side, his thumb begins to stretch to the other side of her spine where he had yet to work on the muscle until that moment.

    'Shh.. shh..' "We started to work on brass tax on what we can do for trade, don't ruin that just yet, anyways.. sleeping next to a radroach or a molerat burrow isn't the best idea anyways, is it," is faintly asked, only loud enough for the woman beside him to easily hear, though he didn't hide his lips. "You're forgetting your gift though, pick it up. I'll be showing you how to use it soon anyways, you two will become fast friends in a way you know?" is offered a bit louder, attempting to dismiss the tension he could literally feel building within.
Lynnette "Yeah but you were doing your job too and he stopped you from doing it for some....inane reason...." Rolling her eyes a bit she'd then before shrugging. "Oh yeah he did pay....I got a whole four or five words out of him."

Licking her lips she would then look to the woman that was about to leave. "Oh girl you don't have to leave. I'm just trying to sort out the crap in my bar....." She'd shrug then as she finished off her water. "Though I can see how that's a turn off. So...." She makes the zipping motion with her hand across her lips and shrugged.

Casting those green eyes back to Devlin as she would smirk. "...sorry if we're scaring off your uh.....friend?"
Alpha     Alpha muses, eyeing Devlin, then looks over to Lyn and nods slightly. "So.. need to talk to Akane. Figure out what the hell her problem was. Then get Ashur. Even if he paid for it here.. there's still 2000 caps worth of damage to the rest of the town that he trashed and needs to pay for. So.. one thing for this place to be patched. Rest of the town needs it too." Shaking his head, he'd hold his hand up towards Surelda. "Dun let me be the one chasing you off, eh? yer fine. Just dealin with crap.."
Elsie Surelda is, indeed and in fact, surprised when she's tugged against Devlin's side. She'd started to turn, so it's the right half of her back that finds itself pulled toward the older man. She tenses; he'll feel that with his hand on her shoulder.

"No bother," she's quick to assure the Fuzz and the Bar Owner. "Just thought I'd head on home." The last, while said to them, is directed with a casting of eyes toward Devlin. She moves to slide her jacket lower, down over her shoulders so the man can remove his hand if he so chooses. After all, surely his continued presence there and his tugging is all just some sort of freak accident, right?

Meanwhile, she does not pick up the gun on the table. There's no such thing as a free lunch ... or a free firearm. "Why are you giving me a gift?" she asks, sounding a bit more comfortable with Devlin, who she must have met before given the liberties he takes with his proximity to her. "You never said."
Tibbie The dusty young gal strolls in through a large hole in the wall, taking in the scene of things while savoring the last bite of today's fresh sourdough, savoring it with a noisy but contented sigh. She's never usually seen outside Shantytown but today she's taking a break, but her smile perks up when she sees others here and the bar, "Well aint this nice spot! All this here needs is some tunes and we got ourselves a big ol' dancefloor with a breeze!" Tibbie says to nobody in particular while patting some of the dust off herself.
Devlin     "Turn off?" Arching a brow briefly, a more relaxed smirk was on his lips. Tilting his head to the side, he eyes Lynnette questioningly before concluding, "Now, you're just trying to tease me through other's? That's a bit cruel, don't you think?" though there wasn't a hint of actual bitterness now. "Words or not, he paid, like he paid me for a even trade as agreed.. I cared more about fixing this place up than I worried about my arm. Camilla will tend to it soon, it's not like it's the first time it's been broken.. won't be the last."

    "Don't worry too much about this little mouse Alpha, she won't be skittering too far." Looking down at Surelda, the grin he had showed Lynnette is then shown towards the woman now beside him. Not once did his hand shift away, though with the looseness, his thumb is more easily able to seek out another knot before trying to massage it out of her neck. "As for the gun, it's a down payment. For information, for advertisement but also.. for first pick at what you manage to come across, such as your smithing kits. As you said, nothing's free but not everything is paid in caps, now are they?"
Lynnette Licking her lips she would sigh a bit then looked over at Dev. Grinning she would tilt her head a bit. "Oh...I'm sorry. Would you prefer me to tease you directly....? I can pop back by your place again...." Winking she'd just snicker then as she moved from around the bar then.

Watching Surelda she'd smile then let her beg as she seemed a little...skittish. Leaving them to she'd just walk over to Alpha and put a hand on her hips then. "Want me to go find her again? Besides I need to you about some other stuff in regards to when I went out and found her the first time."

Clearing her throat she'd then look to the newcomer and raised a brow. " meant he huge wall in my bar that's bringing that breeze in?" Sighing she'd just put a hand on her face before shaking her head. "I'm gonna def need to hit the hot baths tonight and find pair of strong hands to work out these nots...."
Akane      Akane had not been seen in town - any town -- for a few days. Truth be told she could hardly walk on that ankle. But when she returned she was unrecognizable at first glance. Her hair was covered, her clothes were different. She did not have her usual dress on, but rather dark tight pants and a top that, quite honestly wasn't made for protection. Her poncho hung around her as she walked the streets but when she came to the Ashur-hole she pushed it back and yanked the hood down letting her hair flow around her loose, her mask still on her face. It was strategic. She had a way to handle this and it was... well she was crazy so possibly stupid. Still, she didn't need pity points.
     Once she stepped into the bar, she had her pistol in hand and moved with a determined step. Straight up to Alpha. She had seen him once before. Met him once before. (Sort of.) So she recognized him. She spotted Lynn too. But hoped the pace and the surprise along with the new clothes would set her off balance a little.
     Anyone with eyes could see she was having a bit of a limp with one of her ankles but she did not baby it. She was only a touch unstable. Lynnette would know exactly why her ankle was the way it was....
     She lifted the pistol... and laid it on the counter near Alpha's arm with a little click. And then she waited. Staring directly at him. Silent.
Vault Girl The sound of whistling was heard approaching the Cantina followed by an exuberant, "God Damn!" The sound was familiar as King Jack, the leader of Jack's Town who was rumored to be far more ruthless then his friendly demeanor would let on, "That son of a bitch really burst through the door like the Kool-Aid man."

King Jack looked at the group and grinned, "You know what Kool-Aid is, right? Nevermind, the lot of you probably can't even keep track of what day it is, let alone icons of the pre-war period."

Drawing his pistol, a very heavy looking custom piece he handed it over to one of the men accompanying him before asking, "So, how many people are in irons for this? Gotta make examples and we sure as hell aren't going to be able to make an example of Racist Superman Hulk." Jack facepalmed, "You guys probably don't get that either. Fucking hell, why am I always surrounded by retards."
Alpha     Alpha glances between Lyn and Devlin thoughtfully a moment. Nodding a little to Devlin, he'd look to Tibbie. "Ah.. that.. isn't safe. There's a door you know.." He'd look to Lyn with a small shake of his head then, smirking faintly. "I can probably help that after shift.. finding someone to help with the knots and all that."
    Alpha glances over as Akane would step up, then step in. It's then that Jack would show up. The boss himself. Great. Well.. easy answer there. That rifle is immediately drawn and pointed at Akane. "Eh.. That was easy. Oi, hi King. Or greetings? or.. anyways. This is the woman that started it. With.. her.. uh.. just walkin in, I haven't had a chance ta get her side yet. But so far, she shot Ashur with an SMG. Ashur attacked the security guard tryin ta stop her." He'd nod at Devlin with that. "And then he went on a rampage and trashed the city.. It's a big mess."
Vault Girl "Fuck, you ex-raiders aren't the brightest, are you? It's a fucking shithole at best, don't call it a city." Jack sighed before walking up to the bar and smiling at Lynnette, "Shit, in fifteen years nobody has had the balls to trash the place and in a week of leasing it to you, it's all fucked up. Talk about bad luck, right?" He didn't seem patronizing, but his hand was already pointing to one of the intact bottles on the wall, "That bottle will do."

He looked right past Akane and then back to Alpha again, "Shit, she shot Ashur? You've met the guy right? Like taller than all of us, with muscles bigger than your torso..." He just sighed, "Let me know when this shit is dealt with, I just came for a drink and to walk through the hole in the wall. Felt pretty cool, make sure to give it a try."
Elsie "Really, this doesn't seem the time or place to discuss it all," Surelda begins in her quiet, sheepish tones, starting to twist a bit away from Devlin's hand around the back of her neck. "Besides, it sounds like you've got more important calls on your talents than me." Lynnette out and out said she needed a massage! And Surelda, for however much she was relaxing earlier when she and Devlin were sitting and talking quietly, is now tense as a rock.

Does she get away from him? Does he just let her go? That's really for Devlin to decide, as she's trying to shake him rather than actively fight him.

But then none of that matters, because Akane is here, along with Jack. Surelda knows the former, not the latter, but he at least seems to display some level of authority. So she'll stop twisting for now and just stare. Yes, it doesn't seem like she's going anywhere, just now. She'll stay here, with Devlin even if he has released her, watching with big black eyes and a closed mouth.
Lynnette Seeing Akane walk in she would just groan a bit. "Oh for...." Licking her lips she would then just watch as the girl sat the gun down and looked to Alpha. Just when she didn't think things could get any comes Jack. If she could scream she she just screamed inwardly instead.

Clearing her throat she'd just smile as she pulled herself up to sit on the bar and swung her legs around to hop down. "I guess that's what happens when Ashur loses his shit an just tears up stuff." Grabbing that bottle, she'd turn to lean over on the counter and gave him a wink. "Though may be a shithole but we don't won't people making it a trash heap, right?" Hearing all those jokes she'd just chuckle, shaking her head. Looking back over to Akane, she stared at the girl intently....seemingly annoyed. "Should we take her over to the jail? I can walk over with you since Roxie isn't here yet...."
Devlin     Devlin just.. stood there. He didn't change his expression much, the smile seeming stuck on his lips, though the hand on Surelda's shoulder had gone still, not trying to have her relax but just rested there. His eyes how ever followed a masked woman that caused the very trouble that made his left arm ache, just turning herself in.. then the Mayor walking in without much of a summons, as if he would answer one personally.

    Blinking a few times, his eyes drift from Jack, the men beside him, Alpha, then Akane only to loop once again. Lowering his head slightly, Devlin begins to shake his head and start to murmur, "I'm starting to wonder if that was water was actually blended skillfully with moonshine. This can't be real, I think I'm actually passed out, drunk on that table." Surelda was in range to hear him murmur yet.. that lop sides grinning smirk was still on his lips when he lifts his head again to make sure he saw.. what he saw.
Akane      Akane glanced back toward Jack as he asked about irons and mentioned how no one was going to make an example of Ashur. But she seemed uncaring. When she turned back, she was looking at Alpha's rifle pointed at her.
     Perhaps her voice from days before would play in Lynnette's head. ~Do it.~
     The masked woman certainly did not seem phased by the prospect of shackles or getting shot. She was stolid and silent, waiting for Devlin to freak out on her or someone to take a pot shot. Yet she did not even tremble. Her heart rate, just barely visible in her throat, was not even elevated. The true sign of a sociopath right?
     Jack's comment, surprise that /she/ shot Ashur made her tilt her head faintly, a slightly avian motion. She looked him up and down behind that mask... Then turned her gaze back to Alpha, green eyes like little stones behind her mask. With her poncho slung over her back, both arms were exposed and Devlin would see the dark black and red mark left behind from his attempt to pistol whip the former slave on one arm. The other had another lighter series of bruises.
     Her wrists, however, showed ligature marks.
     Now Devlin? Devlin got a glance from the woman but he wasn't approaching with a pistol or trying to punch her so there was that. And then she turned back to Alpha, waiting for him to decide what he was going to do with a fugitive that just walked into the crime scene, handed over the (attempted) murder weapon and stared at him.
Alpha     Alpha eyed Akane, then the weapon. He'd take it and slip it into a pocket for the moment. The rifle made it harder to pat her down for anything else.. but she IS turning herself in. He'd glance over to Lyn and nods slightly, then looks to Jack. "Yessir. Ya'll know as soon as I got it sorted out.." Alpha looks back to Akane and motions for the big hole. "Move. We're goin ta the sheriff department. I need to talk to you, eh?"
Elsie Surelda lets Devlin's hand sit there for now. If she's got one skill in this world, aside from her ability to ingest chems, it's finding someone larger than her and sticking very close during times of stress. Like this time. This is a great example of that. She lets Devlin's hand remain at the back of her neck, and even very quietly slides her leather jacket back up, which she uses to hug herself to chase away some addict's chill that she has.

She watches too, those big black eyes of hers wide with surprise.

She's still pulled back to Devlin, and so she leans against him a little more to turn her head slightly and mutter to the man. "Who is he?" Of course, there's only one he that she could be referring to, and that would be Jack. She's new in town, after all. Why should she know him from Adam?
Vault Girl Jack smiled at Lynnette as he took the bottle, uncapping the whiskey and swigging it back, "Thanks." When he was about half done the bottle, he walked over to Alpha and shoved it towards the man's chest, "Here you go Sheriff. Looks like, you got a long day ahead of you and you seem like the type of man who takes more action when he's drunk. So drink up!"

"What the actual fuck?" Jack said as he noticed Akane with her strange jeans and a zipper in the ass...

Then he notices Alpha motioning to the hole in the wall and gives a thumbs up, "Told you man, gotta try it at least once, feels cool as hell. No wonder Ashur smashes through walls instead of using doors." Muttering under his breath as he went to leave, "Lucky son of a bitch." Likely talking about Ashur as he stepped through the hole.
Alpha     Alpha is left with a half bottle of whiskey, which he promptly drinks. Although it doesn't have that rifle waver from that one-hand grip on keeping track of Akane as he'd go to escort her out. The others? Well, they'd just have to deal. Lyn of course was welcome to come.. But it was time to deal with this in a bit more official location, right?
Akane      Akane moved her hands away from her body, fingers splayed. He would, of course, be able to take her purse and inside he would find a 45 and one hell of a knife. And makeup. Of course.
     The reaction to her jeans made her raise an eyebrow behind her mask. She almost chided the man for not being fashion savvy but figured to leave it.
     Alpha's motion for her to leave got no real reaction. She dropped her hands and the poncho slid down around her of its own volition. She turned, still not affected by the gun trained on her, and walked back out. Simple as that. Her slight limp was still there but she was walking on it. Probably making it worse.
Tibbie Now that the tensions of the bar has lifted slightly, Tibbie tries taking Jack's lead as she attempts to order a drink of her own from the olive-toned Lynette behind the bar, "Got anything clear, but uh, alchololic? Yeah." She shakes her head agreeably with herself and fumbles in her pockets for the caps needed.
Lynnette Lyn just...blinked at what us happened. Sighing a bit she would make her way after Alpha and Akane. Stopping she would just look to Devlin and raised her brow. "Since you're intent on being here....just make sure no one steals what's left, hm?" Sighing she was about to step out but looked to the girl. Smiling, she'd just motion to the other tender behind the bar. "Chuck here can help you out.....I think we have something left from the big fight. I unfortunately have to deal with something...." Taking a deep breath she'd just make her way then out the door after Alpha with the booze and the limping Akane.
Devlin     "'Mayor' Jack, employer of Raiders as a personal security force, the one who manages a settlement run by, and exploited by raiders.. Alpha's the first one dumb enough recently to take the title Sheriff.. and start hiring outsider to start 'removing' the issues" is carefully explained but as he did, he watches everyone moving almost as quickly as they arrived.

    Devlin was even more dumbfounded than before as Jack walks away after drinking.. then the new Sheriff starts drinking on duty then takes his 'prisoner' to the jail, only to be followed by Lynnette after then asking him on his off day to work.. doing what he was already doing before she arrived.. Each and every one of them gone without much of a word further leaving Devlin, Surelda, who was likely as confused as he.. and a new patron, Tibbie who he only then seems to notice as she sat at the bar.

    "I'm not sure what happened here.. do you?" Looking down and to the side, Devlin glances to Surelda for an answer but then looks back to Tibbie as if trying to gauge if she was a thief he was asked to watch or just a bystander.
Tibbie "Alrighty! Did you get that Chuck?" Tibbie smiles to the barkeep and is given a shot of moonshine, exactly what she was looking for. She sets the caps down on the bar's counter with a little extra for Chuck, as she's the generous sort of person. She looks around to whoever's left and laughs softly as the dramatics end, "Didn't think I'd see anything like that today! Guess it pays to get out once in awhiles."
Elsie "I think Akane was just arrested by a couple of drunks and a bartender," Surelda says, staring at the quickly-emptying bar that's left her beside Devlin, his hand still at her neck. He'll feel the muscles and vertebre move slightly as she shakes her head, and then she turns to look beside her and upward toward the man's face. "But then, as I s'poze you work for all these folks, it'd be rather more important for you to know than me." Surelda is a nobody! A quiet mouse just trying to scratch out a living and get a good fix on a regular basis. She's not complicated like all these people, even if she is the thus-far-unknown daughter of the biggest regional crime boss and former El Dorado mayor. It's all such confusion.

"So what are you going to do, then?" She asks Devlin.
Devlin     Closing his eyes, Devlin starts to chuckle slightly, shaking his head, snapping out is his confusion by choosing to focus elsewhere. "I work for Lynnette, the bartender and owner as security. I work for Alpha indirectly, I collect bounties for the region and will be turning them in to him. I have been treated by the woman lead away, and Jack is Alpha's boss.. So.." Trailing off for the moment, he nods his head gently in agreement, "I have working relations with all of them"

    Looking towards the door after the last question, Devlin nods towards it gently. "I was asked by the owner to keep looters at bay. So anyone who steals I shoot.. Oh." Looking down at his chest, takes a partial step away from Surelda, "Part my jacket, you can see what's inside the holster if you really want to know what I would be using." With that said he lifts his gaze to Tibbie as she settles down with her drink. "I haven't seen you around here before, then again I've only been about a few weeks now. What's your name stranger?"

    Wether if his jacket was parted or not, Devlin's hand began to move again, this time his thumb hooks and becomes an anchor while his other fingertips curl downwards, hooking low into the nape of Surelda's neck, drifting down to her collarbone as he begins to seek out new tension to at least lessen it. "As for you.." he almost whispers, "You and I still have to work out the details, don't we or were you stringing me along for more of a neck rub?"
Tibbie Tibbie downs her shot with a stressed cough after swallowing, as the stiff drink burned her throat. She smiles at the couple nearby and responds enthusiastically as she's leaning on the bar, "The name's Tibbie Gaines! Y'ever need a somethin for ya stomach, or ya veins, you'll find me in Shantytown most the days." Tibbie notions for one more shot from Chuck, letting it rest a while before trying the fire-water again
Elsie Surelda doesn't part his jacket. "I'll take your word for it," she offers instead, glancing up at him more easily now that he's sidestepped where she was resting against him. Her big, black eyes track to the woman to whom Devlin speaks, and she gives the other a slight nod, but offers no more than that, just now. After all, she's got the man's fingers curling around the back of her neck, all the way to the collar bone. There's distractions, for better and for worse.

So when Devlin whispers to her in this position, she tilts her eyes downward and gives an almost sheepish nod. Once more, she digs into her pocket to pull out the case of gunsmitthing tools, setting them on the table with a slight stretch of her arm. "Caps," she says once more. "If it's something you're interested in."
Devlin     "You should offer the later too loudly, though I can find you in Shantytown? I might be paying you a visit, if the prices are just right that is." Devlin nods towards 'Chuck' the bartender that noone ever remembered the name of, half the time Lynnette fained she didn't either. "Her next two are on me, I'll pay before I leave this evening, don't worry." Looking away, he says "Devlin, gun for hire. If you need something recovered or something protected, come to me. I'll usually be in this town unless I'm on a job."

    Turning fully, Devlin looks towards the table at the tinkering kit and nods lightly. "I very much would like that, I'll be in need of a machine shop and someone with steady hands, but I feel I can put several kits to good use. How many do you have like that, also manage to squirrel away any energy cells I might have a use for?" Glancing back towards Surelda's eyes, but when he found them turned down, he steps closer again, nudging her hip with his own, but the slow massage didn't end just yet.
Tibbie Tibbie nods agreeably with Devlin's advice and services, then smirks at the two and let's them get back to whatever those two are up to, as it seems she's distracting them from business. Taking down another shot with the same reactionary cough, she looks to the now two more shots lined up for her by the faithful Chuck with a big eyes, a bit intimidated. Tibbie soon changes her attitude to optimism once again and accepts the mid-day buzz challenge by finding a spare stool to settle into, just in case.
Elsie It's the nudge of his hip to hers that seems to awaken Surelda to the man standing beside her now. She casts her eyes up at him, giving her head a little shake. She wets her lower lip, still slightly cracked from the days without water. The water and the coffee seem to mostly have cancelled each other out.

"Just the one," she confesses. "But I'll sell you that AK-47 I have too, if you'd want it." She does have another weapon now, even aside from the one Devlin keeps trying to gift to her.

She wets that lip again, glances down, but remembers that he seems to want her looking at him, so she does so.

"I know you won't deal with Ashur, but anything he's willing to sell I can bring to you?" she suggests, quietly and with just a hint of trepidation. It might be that Devlin, Ashur, or both hate that idea. And as the middle woman, those displeasures would likely land on Surelda's head.

For the moment, though, it seems those tensions in her neck and shoulders are once more starting to loosen.
Devlin     "The one will do, I'll give you.. seventy caps for it. Also, I'm just interested in our dealings. The giant can be dealt with on his own." Looking down at Surelda, he uses his hand's pressure and his hip to nudgingly guide her to a set but doesn't press her into sitting down on it. "Now, I need to sit down.. If you want me to keep working on your neck capless, then you'll have to kneel or sit on the floor."

    Bringing his head close to her ear, Devlin murmurs, "I could see the bruising, I don't want to ask you to take off the jacket, would let too many see what they shouldn't. Can't rub with it on easily if we're both on the same level is all, so relax to this treat." Drawing back, he speaks up once again, "Now, the 'AK' isn't something I would want, though the rifle here 'is' your's. Just broadcast at times my flier and other things, a trade of a good for a service. Fair?"

    Looking away from the woman under his grasp, Devlin looks to the other at the bar and couldn't help but grin as she began to prepare herself for the challenge without questioning it at all. A low toned whistle could be heard as he watches Tibbie settle in to try and down them all. "Tibbie, am I ganna have to carry you back to Shantytown before walking Surelda home herself?"
Elsie "Seventy caps," Surelda agrees quickly. She seems like she wants to say more to him, but his whisper has her flushing with color and lowering her face and eyes, once more meekly. "Really, you don't have to," she insists, moving to step away and keeping her jacket loose so Devlin can remove his hand from her. She doesn't sit, either in the chair or on the floor.

"You've been very kind, but I ought to get home. You don't need to walk me; I know the way, I'll make it," she promises him, speaking a little quickly, a little nervously. Her black eyes flit to Tibbie, and then back to Devlin. "She needs more looking after than I do," she states, and indeed it does seem like a fact.
Tibbie A flush of red invades Tibbie's face as she's got one shot down and one left to kill. Her grin and head seem to lean off to one side as if being pulled by alcoholic forces when she's trying to reassure Devlin "Nooo, I-I'mma be alll right after, uh, like, a few hours or sooomethin' Devliiin yeah I'm fiiiine!" she laughs again and pops a small hiccough before pounding down the remaining survivor, she raises her arms in triumph "Wooo!" Tibbie reaches out to throw Chuck a high-five, something he smiles to and gladly reciprocates as he doesn't get much attention himself.
Devlin     Devlin chuckles softly before tugging Surelda closer still just enough got his lips to press against her ivory hair. "I'll expect to see you with a waterskin quite soon and no longer dried out, yes?" Stepping away, Surelda would find the once massaging hand gone, moving a hand into his jacket to pull out a small pouch of caps but then started to add more to it. "There, seventy as we agreed, along with the practice rifle." Taking a step away, Devlin looks the woman over now that she stood on her own fir several moments before checking onto Tibbie, quite curious if the small woman could find her own feet right now.
Elsie Surelda stiffens when she's tugged and when Devlin places that gentle kiss against her hair, whispering his expectations to her. Goodness, there are so many expectations for behavior around here! It makes her blush and glance away. But then, just like that, she's free of the hand that had been on her neck for so long; the skin there is slightly red from all the massaging. It'll fade back to white in a minute or two.

Once she's free, she turns to face Devlin, and holds out her hand to recieve the caps. Then, at the man's insistance, she takes up the rifle. "Thank you," the quiet girl says, at last looking to Devlin again with a mixture of surprise, confusion, and worry.

But those thoughts are for a later time. For now, she needs to get home ... and to whatever might await her there.
Tibbie Tibbie Tibbie looks at the tall, tanned, athletic man Devlin like one would look at any handsome looking older-man while drunk, smiling stupidly with a face almost as red as blood. Her little body can't process alcohol as well as the bigger folks. She pushes on the bar top for standing leverage, then quickly clings to it for dear life as her knees buckle below her, "Oooopsies! Looks like I neeeda lil'more time heheh!" Tibbie chuckles and just barely finds her butt back on the safe barstool.