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Alpha     Alpha escorts Akane into that jail and into one of the cells. She'd get all of her weapons taken, although he'd let Lyn be the one to make sure she's not hiding anything 'extra' anywhere it shouldn't be. Hey.. better Lyn than Roxie, right? Either way, once that's done, the cell is closed and only then is the rifle shouldered.
    "Alright.. WHAT THE FLIPPIN HELL AKANE??" He'd stare at her through the bars a moment, muttering. "Of all the fraggin times ya walk in. Oh, lets lead Jack in there!"
Lynnette Sighing a bit she'd look over at Alpha and nodded. "...calm down...." Lyn looked over to Akane and frowned a bit. Leaning on the bars she'd tilt her head. "Girl I left you outside of town....for a reason....because I couldn't leave you out there." She'd run her fingers through her hair and just sighed. "Now what possessed you to even shoot Ashur to begin with? Huh?"
Akane      Akane lifted her arms, letting Lynnette pat her down. Or grope her. She doesn't seem like she would be bothered by it either way. Though she couldn't help commenting to the woman, loud enough for Alpha to hear, "I should have kissed you when I had the chance in the wasteland."
     Akane just stood there, inscrutable and silent as Alpha started shouting. As before, her heart rate didn't go up in the slightest. Shouting? Who cares! Inside she winced but none of it showed. And with Lynnette there.... She simply stood still and silent like a child being yelled at for throwing a tantrum. It all broke across the woman like a wave upon a shore.
     Lynnette's comment about leaving her outside of own finally got her to shift her gaze. "And all avoiding it would have done is piss off the hunters. I might be insane but I'm not stupid." She turned then, taking a seat on the bunk. Her ankle was, in truth... fucking killing her. She eased it up onto the bed. Lynn was aware how badly it was messed up so no point in hiding that. But her starting the questioning simply got a return to her stoic nature. "Does it really matter? Just do what you need to do to get that fashionless 'king' off your backs."
Alpha     Alpha rubs his face. "it matters. Because if the prick asked fer it.. then he got what he asked for, huh? Lookit.. ya shot him. mebbe hit the wall with yer shot. The city.." He'd grimance. "JT dun got nothin 'bout that but ya owin the one ya shot up.. Devlin's pressin charges fer assault. So.. I need ta know what the frag happen.. so I can figure it all out, yah?"
Lynnette Shaking her head at the woman she'd just pinch the bridge of her nose. "'re making jokes now? I'd have shot you before they did...." Leaving it at that she'd just look over to Alpha and sighed. "We need to get Iris or someone over here to check out her ankle..." Casting that glance back over to that young woman, Lyn would simply wait to hear what Akane has to say about the situation.
Akane      Akane leaned back again and waited. Alpha certainly seemed sympathetic. He'd even basically told her what to say to get out of trouble. But she wasn't so sure why. And stepping into such a prettily laid trap could get her killed. Maybe.
     The bit about Devlin made her blink behind that mask, confused. "I didn't touch Devlin. He put a laser pistol to my head. I dodged." Backflipped the hell out of there. "Look am I staying in here? If so I'm taking off my damn boot."
     She leaned heavily against the wall then, her arms loose and laying wherever they fell. Her earlier display in the cantina, the guts it took to walk up to the sheriff with a pistol in hand, was melting away. Had begun to melt the second the cell door had closed.
     Lynn's comment about her ankle got her to shake her head slowly. That pulse was increasing ever so slightly. "It's heavily sprained. I'm a medic too, remember? But that's what happens when you jump between a certain bar owner and a grenade."
     Then she lapsed into silence, staring at her lap. If that mask hadn't been there, they might have seen tension growing, but she didn't want pity points so she kept it on.
     Finally she slipped her poncho off, leaving her with both arms ad a midriff bared. And both arms had bruises. When she did finally speak, her voice displayed that tension and a hint of something else... Hard to place on the apparently fearless woman. "He pissed me off." It was simple.. and not quite true. He had embarrassed her and hit a button. Her ears, visible despite the mask, turned a bright red as her face would have been if they could see it. She didn't want to repeat what he'd said to her. Especially around Lynnette. Hell, she didn't want to talk to a guy about it at all but Alpha was the Law so....
     But her composure was cracking, evidenced by her voice. "I just wanted him to back off.... I... And then. Devlin had.. had that gun at my head and I panicked. I didn't mean to really fire...." She wrapped her arms around her tightly then, knees pulling closer to her chest, a protective position. "He was going to hurt me. And I ran. Then he hurt me anyway..." That last bit was mumbled barely under her breath.
Alpha     Alpha leaned lightly against the bars, watching Akane as she'd slowly break down. "Yes. yer staying in there. And since I'm not giving you anything for tending to it.. we'll get a medic to patch it up." He'd glance to Lyn then. "A gernade? What sorta party were you havin exactly..?"
    Shaking his head, Alpha looks back to Akane. "So.. he threaten you. You responded, he did it anyways? Anyone else hear what he said? Is that what he's gonna say when I bring him in?"
Lynnette Looking over to Alpha she'd cut those green eyes quickly. "....this was yesterday. Let's....not talk about it. Not right now." But at that she'd cast a fierce gaze at Akane and snorted. ".....I didn't ask you to....." She'd shake her head the but sighed. "Get comfortable. I'm gonna send someone by later to help you get fixe up. But you need to tell us....what he said." Licking her lips she'd frown a bit more now. "All I know is you pulled a gun, Devlin pulled his gun...then all hell broke loose. I don't even now what the brute said to start you pulling out guns..."
Akane      Akane seemed to take the comment that she was staying int he cell as if time had frozen, though she started ripping the laces from her boot. As he worked it became pretty plain that the ankle was well and truly messed up. Finally, she yanked the boot off and the black and red and purple bruises extended inches in both directions surrounding the joint. She had severely sprained the ankle and then proceeded to walk around on it acting like it didn't hurt.
     "It wasn't a threat. It was a promise." Akane lowered her head a little and finally slid that mask off her face. She was a mess. The vertical slash of a bullet down one cheek had had the stitches split and there was a dark bruise there from a certain female's backhanding her the wasteland. The other side of her face was a mass of bruises in various stages of repair. The most striking bruises were the most recent, however, as even a few days later they were still the red of hematomas. Considering it was Ashur, he probably hadn't punched her but he'd hit her pretty damn hard and more than once. The ligature m=bruises on her wrists suggested ropes and about the same time frame as the strikes to her face. Top this off with her lip having been split before, nearly to her chin, was worse now. If something needed stitches that was probably where to start. But she didn't look like she cared about medical attention.
     Lynnette was talking then and while Akane hadn't been looking for a pat on the head for protecting Lynn from walking into a grenade blast, she looked a little depressed when she was just outright scoffed at for it. Her expression changed then, a kind of dulling of both expression and spark in her eyes. She leaned against the wall, her face feeling hot against the cool surface. Something was happening there and she looked to Alpha, hoping to avoid having to admit to what was said. But his stern gaze proved to be the straw that snapped her pride and resolve.
     She withdrew a little more. Her voice automatic, her body language defensive toward the two outside the cell, as if trying to protect herself from /them/. She parroted what he'd said. "Here's your stuff, Devlin, keep the woman. I don't need another........" a pause. "I thought I'd fucked the bitch out of you." Her eyes took on a haunted appearance and then.... "Shoot." Pause. "You're very brave. Clench your teeth."
Alpha     Alpha stares at Akane. hands gripping the bars tightening to white knuckles. "That bastard." It's said quietly, but certainly a lot of rage was there. Glancing to Lyn, he'd shake his head a little. "Make sure it's Iris. She's the best one to handle this. That Camilla will prolly rage. I don't need that in here. But.. I think I'm only holding her long enough ta make sure she heals up.. fraggit.. First days and this.." He'd turn away, walking a few steps away to stare off to the side.
Lynnette Lyn's face just went pale as she heard that. Those green eyes would then flicker as she took a deep breath then before she looked over to Alpha. Her eyes said it all as she then looked back to Akane. "....I'm going to kill him...." She'd move away from the bars and started her way out from that room. "Alpha....I'm sorry...and if you totally don't want to deal with me after I do what I have to do to get to him....I understand that....but I'm done." Stopping she'd look back at him and frowned. "I've dealt with his type before....just gotta get them in a vulnerable position..."
Akane      Akane remained as she was while she forced her eyes closed and her heart rate down again. She missed Alpha calling the giant a bastard. She did not miss the rage in his tone. Her eyes opened again and she blinked several times as though confused as to what was going on. Then Lynnette was speaking... but all Akane caught was that she was planning to do something to Ashur. They both were.
     As this dawned on the woman int he cell she sat up, pale and once again her heart rate leaped. "Don't! Just don't! No one needs to know! It doesn't matter! It's NOTHING NEW!" She slammed the side of her fist into the wall hard enough to make a CRACK. "Don't you understand? No one else needs to get hurt over a worthless slave stupid enough to shoot someone like that! Just.. Whip me in the square and let me go already! Fucking.. goddamn.. sonofa..." She looked ready to attack the bars next.
Alpha     Alpha stares at Lyn a moment, then reaches out to capture her hand, shaking his head a little. He'd look over at Akane with her outburst and raises a brow. "Don't you understand? Fraggit if this place is a crap pile, it's still a crap pile that I protect people in.. and that crap? That dun fly. Fraggin asshole.. I'd of prolly done the same thing in your position."
    Shaking his head, he'd look at Lyn. "As fer you.. lookit. Yer welcome ta join the posse ta hunt his ass.. but dun do this alone. You told me the fragger took the mecha point blank.. Ifn ya try what I think yer gonna? He won't be vulnerable. ever. eh? That's how he thrives."
Lynnette Feeling that hand she came to a halt as he stoped her. She'd look to Akane and frowned. "Sit down...." Lyn was not happy with this situation at all to say the least and she was trying to calm herself. Taking a deep she would grin a bit then before tilting her head. "Fine....we'll play this right...." But her gaze hardened and she pointed at her. "And if I //ever// hear you sat that about yourself again...I will smack you again. If I thought you freaking worthless I would have left you out there with those it?!" It was the first time she had raised her voice since being in this time. "So shut! Sit the fuck down! And rest!"

Taking a deep breath she'd look to Alpha and frowned. "Hunting him is not smart. From what I gather...she's some....big shot." Licking her lips then she'd just shake her head. "Ask him to come in....even fake deputize me and let me talk to him. If a mech didn't put a dent in him....y'all definitely won't. Only think you can do is probably fine him.....get him for assault.....but anything else? You're shit out of luck." Sighing she would just shake her head then. "I hate to say it but.....he's pretty untouchable. We may have to just....fake punish Akane..." Looking to the girl, then she'd frown then looked back to him. "....let me deal with Ashur.....the bigger they are....the harder they fall."
Alpha     Alpha grits his teeth, then sighs. Shaking his head he'd glance over at Akane, then back to Lyn. "A'right. She's fined 200 caps fer the trouble she made. Paid ta the owner of the bar. Ya good with that?" Alpha wouldn't let go of her hand, watching her for a moment. "We'll get em.. ants and the farmer. Just takes enough.. dun matter how big it is.. fraggit.. El Dorado took down the mecha.. And he's a big ass target fer the same sorta thing."
    Looking over to Akane, he'd shake his head. "I dunno where ya were a slave.. but ya ain't now, so, that means ya got rights. And this asshole violated the hell outta em.. Ifn ya won't press charges.. then ain't no one knowin 'bout that. But he's still the one that wrecked JT. He still has to pay fer damages, eh?"
Akane      Akane was on her feet and at the bars, then, in a flash, despite the pain from her ankle. Her eyes were wild, a panic engulfing them that spoke of abject fear. She tried to grab for Alpha. Any part. Shirt, sleeve, arm, neck. it didn't matter. She needed some kind of anchor.
     "I DO understand damn you! And I understand where he comes from. I understand what he sees me as and this is ACCEPTABLE where we come from. Look in that purse! LOOK IN IT!" She'd keep hold of him if she had managed it, otherwise, she'd look like she was about to strangle the bars themselves. If he did, in fact, look in the purse he would find that 45 and a knife... some miscellaneous, and two pieces of shiny bright metal snapped in half. It was clear, however, that the slave collar had been ripped apart manually and not with some kind of tool.
     Lynnette's shouting at her made her blink a few times. She hadn't really eve noticed she was on her feet again. She was freaked out about /something/.
     And Alpha's talking to her about being a slave. But she shook her head slowly, hands on the bars, forehead resting there too. She was shaking visibly. A fine. She didn't seem to even register such a thing was possible. But rather than continue to argue, tears slipping down her cheeks silently, she just spoke quietly, in a hopeless manner. "The Legion. I was a slave in the Legion. And he was a Legionnaire. What I did would carry a death sentence. And I've already got a crucifixion waiting for me as it is." She shuddered and slid to her knees on the floor, head bowed, shaking, a tiny voice coming out of her as she well and truly broke. "Please.. d... don't make him more angry with me."
Lynnette "That's fine....." Feeling her hand still in his she'd smile but cleared her throat a bit as she looked to Akane. Those emerald orbs would stare at her then as she listened to her intently and actually stayed quiet. It was a bit before Lyn would finally speak up.

"We're not in the're not a slave. I don't freaking care what he thinks." There was a sincerity in her voice but she was angry. "You're going to stay here until you heal. As for don't go around you understand me?" Taking a deep breath she'd look over to Alpha then. "We're going to start simple. He's banned from my bar. I'll make sure it's my own special way." Cutting her eyes to Akane she would nod a bit. "I might have to band you too so it doesn't look....suspicious....."
Alpha     Alpha gives a gentle squeeze to Lyn's hand. Finally, a nod is given and he'd look over to Akane. "So.. there ya have it. Jail time. Fined fer damages done. Yer gonna stay until a medic other than you says yer ok.. So ya might as well get comfy there, Akane." He'd sigh softly, shaking his head. "Fraggin legion.. reason I was a fraggin raider.." he'd grumble and head over towards one of the post boards to write up the info on Akane.
Akane      Akane just sat there on her knees as Lynnette told her not to go around Ashur. Ever. Idly she wondered how precisely she was supposed to manage that one. The reality of the situation was that Ashur was too big and strong and honestly was going to do whatever HE wanted to. Akane knew it. She figured Alpha and Lynnette knew it. So rather than promising something she wasn't sure she could manage, she just stayed silent. Even the idea of being banned from the cantina wasn't enough to get a real reaction from her. She just lowered her head a bit further, still shaking, still crying, and trying to hide behind her long bloody hair.
     She would eventually crawl over to a corner of the cell and just curl up there silently. At some point, she would end up asking one of them to inform Lee where she was so he didn't go looking for her in the wasteland but otherwise made no requests.