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Lynnette Well Lyn had just made her way out of that jail and head straight back to her bar. Fuming, she just ignored if anyone was there or not and went down to the room in the basement. She had brought some things around to this spot but stared at them as she slowly started to pack him up. These past few days have been too crazy and now....was it time for her to move on again. Running her hands through her dark hair she'd just take a deep breath but stopped as she picked up her dress and stared at it for a second.
Alpha     Alpha left Akane to rest and recover. Despite herself. That done, he'd trail after Lyn, following her through that hole in the bar and down the steps. As she'd stop in that room, he'd lean up against the doorway, watching her. "So.. skippin town so you can go take the asshole down a peg yerself?"
Lynnette Stopping, she'd turn around and sighed a bit. " I....." Lyn would go back to grabbing her stuff. "I think coming back to this area was a mistake...." Clearing her throat she would toss that dress to the side and turned to face him. "As soon as I go to get something for gets destroyed. That there should have been a hint. And when I went searching for Akane's crazy behind....there was some people out there....that knew who I was so..." Licking her lips she turned back to her stuff. "I should go. There's too much shit going on and I don't need people I like getting caught up...."
Alpha     Alpha slams his fist against the doorframe. "Don't you dare!" He'd all but growl. Taking a small, shuddering breath, he'd let it out and straighten up in the doorway. "What the hell Lyn? Am I suppose to just let you go? What? A little trouble comes along, let the treasure leave?" He'd shake his head, arms folding across his chest. "That's not happening. If they knew who you were? Then good for them. I see who you are.. I don't care where ya came from. You dont' care where I came from. So frag em."
Lynnette She'd jump at the slam, dropping whatever she had in her hand. Those green eyes as she looked back at him seemed....concerned. "A little?" She'd snort as she shook her head. "This isn't...a little." Taking a deep breath she would then frown a bit and walked up to him. "This is...a lot. And all I can do is hope...they just give up." Looking him over she'd nod. "I never would care...where you came from. However....if anyone knew who was looking for me.....or what my dad was before they killed him....I just may not have friends anymore." Stepping closer she'd just frown then. "So are you gonna let me by....or are we going to have to fight it out....?" She really didn't want to do that....but she didn't want to put him in the line of fire in case something popped off. " much as I joke about it...I won't have you get killed because of me."
Alpha     Alpha watches her, then finally shrugs, nodding her direction. "A'right. Then out with it. What's the big secret they're willin ta kill for? I mean.. it may surprise ya.. but Jack sayin ex-raider? he meant me. I ain't exactly a slouch, eh? And I sure as hell ain't lettin ya just go. I won ya fair and square.. and I'm keepin what I won, hmm?"
Lynnette She'd stare at him and closed her eyes as her trying to calm herself. "I don't care....I don't care if you used to be a raider....okay? I..." Lyn stopped herself then looked up at him finally as she whispered harshly then. " dad was Enclave okay.....?" Saying it out loud felt like a death sentence. "....he met my mom....they got married....he left that crap. I was born, my mom died, and he had to raise me alone. He taught me how stuff....defend myself. When I was fourteen they caught up to him. Eighteen more years....apparently....he has a brother....and he freaking found me to 'take me home'. Happy?"
Alpha     Alpha listened impassively. There's no reaction at all to her being Enclave.. or any of it. When she'd finish, he'd finally nod. "Good. I'm glad that's out. Now, where we gonna lure their asses so we can drop them and end this crap? They got fraggin kicked outta El Dorado, ya dun think I'm gonna just roll over and let em take ya from JT, do ya? I mean.. seriously Lyn.. the only reason I didn't shoot Ashur was you askin me not to.."
Lynnette She would just....blink at that then. " don'" That brow would raise then. "...dude I'm sure if anyone else knew...they're treat me like I was diseased. It's not the first time." Licking her lips she'd sigh a bit. "I don't know where they even went.....but he said we'd see each other again." Licking her lips she would then stare at him. "Oh? I thought you realized because that would have been....well...dumb."
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Lyn then. "Why should I give a flyin rat's left nut where ya spawned from, huh? You're you. You ain't them. If you were with them, then you'd be with them and I wouldn't have my treasure." He'd shake his head firmly. "I don't care. And trust me.. I prolly have my own horror stories that might drive you away." He'd huff softly then shake his head. "Fine. Then we'll just have ta prep for em.. Either way.. I got my treasure.. yer mine, Lyn.. and I sure as hell ain't gonna give up just 'cause some asshole things he's gonna take ya.. Ya don't raid a raider, yanno.."
Lynnette Frowning a bit she'd just shake her head. "I doubt you could scare me dad's told me stories that probably scarred me as a child." Chuckling she'd then sigh as she just shook her head. "What if....?" Now she couldn't believe what she was saying. "....just leave with me?" Smiling she'd chuckle a bit. "I've been doing this for eighteen years....I've gotten pretty good at it.....until I decided to put my name on something that is...." There was a snort as she sighed a bit. "I don't get you, you know that....." Smirking up at him. "All this for some chick you barely know....." Poking him in the chest then she'd laugh. "Maybe I should change my name...."
Alpha     Alpha raises a brow. "Do ya know what drawin and quartin someone with cars is?" He'd shake his head a little. "Anyways.. I'm tempted ta leave with ya.. but.. frag Lyn.. we just got set.. and we got traction here.. I'm sheriff.. and yer the owner of this place. So ya got roots.. they mebbe comin ta storm in.. but I ain't afraid of em any more than I'm afraid of Ashur." Alpha would reach out, pulling her to him and he'd simply answer that with giving her a hard, deep kiss. Savoring it for a long moment too before breaking it lightly. "Hmm.. I know ya enough. You know me enough.. Know me enough ta trust in me.. and I in you.. yah?"
Lynnette "Okay but I don't know if that's because you're crazy or do-...." That conversation was cut off as she was pulled to him and into that kiss. Gasping softy she would just wrap an arm around his neck then as she kissed him back. Those green eyes just shut as she returned it just as passionately before slowly breaking. Licking her lips she'd open her eyes to meet his. "....I trust you, Steeve...." For once she used his real name.....guess she was serious. Taking a deep breath she'd let her eyes roam over his face before nodding a bit. "If I didn't know any better I'd say I was...." She'd stop her train of thought before slowly pulling away. "....well if they do....I guess we'll deal with together...."
Alpha     Alpha smiles softly, nodding a little as she'd use his real name. He'd raise a brow, greys watching her own greens at her words, there's a hint of a smile tugging at his lips but he'd let her pull away. "Yep.. and show em why they shouldn't of come lookin.. mm?" He'd walk over then, going to pick up the dress and shakes his head, walking back to Lyn. "See.. now.. this isn't just as good on any floor.. it has to be my floor." He'd offer it to her with a small smile. "Guess ya should keep it, eh?"
Lynnette Lyn would just nod before she'd lean against the wall by the door, watching him go pick up her dress. Licking her lips she would eye the dress then back over at him as she watched him intently. "But....isn't this your floor now too?" Grinning she'd wink at him playfully before she would just slowly reach out for that dress, taking it from him gently. "....I plan on keeping unless it stops fitting me." She'd part her lips but then chuckle a bit. "I suppose....we can continue this discussion when you're off of shift, hm?"
Alpha     Alpha smiles towards Lyn, nodding a little as she'd take it. "Hmm.. quite so. And that iiiss true.. But not when you're still dressed in something else. It's just not nearly as good. Now if it's me taking it off of you.. well.." He'd just trail off at that with a chuckle, watching her. "Hmm.. definitely. Consider it a date, eh?"