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Lee     Even despite the low threats going on, those patrols around el Dorado had to continue. Afterall, the only way to keep it safe was to keep working. Thus, Lee, assigned with a few additional resources allocated from the city, would head out into the wasteland. Having been assigned an upgraded suit of armor, Lee himself was still getting use to it. But, even so, it was good being out there with less pain than before. "A'right.. all ya'll listen up.. I ain't makin ya be parta the Militia. But ifn ya wanna get paid fer this? Then ya gotta listen. Got it? I'll call it how I see it.. ya listen ta me.. and we'll all live.."
Jacqueline Stepdaughter of a Sergeant, even if technically he only trains now due to combat-induced disability, Jackie Wayne could probably have guessed that part. But she nods all the same, tucking her shotgun under one arm and saluting casually. It's as close to a 'yes' as she can get without interrupting.
Harmon Harmon had heard the call for additional help with patrols and, with his background, felt it was only right to offer a hand. He arrives, old battered NCR Ranger gear and trust repeater in hand rest on his shoulder, and makes his way towards Lee with a nod at the man's words, "Fair enough. Name's Harmon, former NCR Ranger, combat medic and doctor." he says simply, offering at least a barebones introduction and what Lee has to work with in regards to his abilities before continuing after a short pause, "Any recent reports of activity in the area I should know about?" he asks simply.
Melinda Standing firmly at attention as Lee speaks, Melinda shows a blank stare on her face as she listens attentively to what her superior is saying. Once he finishes speaking, Melinda renders a salute and replies, "Yes, sir." She then proceeds to equip her rifle, having it at the ready when the time comes to move out.
Krysta      Krysta. New to town new to the militia. New to patrol too. At least for El Dorado. But it was clear she had some experience with command somewhere. She remained silent, watching and listening, nodding to Lee, offering he and Melinda both salutes.
     She was an odd looking person with white hair in braids and held tightly to her scalp. She wore the militia gear she had been issued and carried a rifle. Lets go hunting.
Tibbie Tibbie stands with the rest of Lee's lot and nods agreeably to the bosses words, though a bit too much. It seems she's recovering from a few drinks, but functional enough to haul herself to this meeting though and she's kind of standing on her own, leaning off a bit too far at times but hey she's here right? "I'm all ears boss-man! Call me Tibbie, Tibbs, whatever!" She says with a slight slur.
Lee     "That's a first.. usually it's a buncha rando civvies.." he'd glance to Jackie with a flashed grin. "no offense." Nodding, he'd motion to the south. "I'm Knight Lee. We got reports of ghouls ta the south. We're ta flush em out, determine if feral or not. Terminate ifn they are, help em ifn they aren't. We ain't shootin first unless they're hostile. Got it?" He'd sweep them from within that helm, then nods and flips the visor close. "A'right. Move out, V formation on me." And with that, he'd start off himself. Time to go huntin.
Jacqueline Jackie smiles and shrugs. "None taken. And call me Jackie," she says, nodding to Harmon, Krysta, and Tibbie as she falls into v-line with Lee, shotgun at the ready.
Harmon     "fair enough. I've got nothin against much of anything unless it's trying to kill me or mine." says Harmon as he receives the details he requested. He shifts his repeater and makes sure everything is sliding smothly before bring it back up to rest on his shoulder, held by one hand, while his other goes to the laser pistol on his hip for a quick check. A brief grunt and nod to himself as it all checks out.
    At the call to move out he brings the repeater to both hands barrel down and offers the others a nod now, "I'll bring up the rear." he says simply, moving to position himself at the back of one of the arms of the formation - This isn't his first rodeo.
Krysta      Krysta nodded and fell into line. She was the lowest ranked militia member there (civvies not counting) and so she simply fell into line. Command structure and all that.
Tibbie Tibbie spots a familiar face, Melinda, and decides sticking behind the serious blonde woman would be her best bet of seeing another day. She looks at what lies ahead with just an inkling of seriousness now that she's heard ghouls are involved.
Melinda Falling into line immediately, Melinda readies her rifle and prepares to move out in formation. "Everyone stay alert," Melinda states firmly. As a Corporal, she's got some authority over the lower-ranking members and the civilians. "As long as we keep ourselves focused on this, we'll be fine."
Lee     The trip is fairly uneventful. Lee has point and leads the way along to the south. They get roughly 2 miles from El Dorado before something ahead is spotted by everyone. There seems to be a car, tipped on it's side and a group of figures crouched around something near it. From this distance, it's hard to tell what exactly.
    Lee watches the scene ahead then glances to the others. "Ya'll see it, yah? Let's see what happens.." He'd pull that sledge from his back, gripping it in both hands as he'd move with the others.
Tibbie Two miles is quite a walk for someone who's intoxicated, but the trek does sober her up a bit, especially after seeing what Lee's spotted in the distance. "Aww jeeze, a-aww jeeze.." She mutters quietly to herself.
Jacqueline Jackie nods, glancing at the rest of the group to see if they've noticed it as well. "That's not much shelter... think they just don't know any better?" she ventures, keeping her voice down but moving to back up Lee. Her shotgun's better suited for close work.
Harmon     Harmon grunts and nods to Lee, keeping quiet with the acknowledgement. He keeps his repeater held across his body, trigger finger on the side of the rifle. He eases his pace slightly, minding the flank as the patrol as it nears the group of beings, "Not a good feeling. Anyone have a coin? It's a gamble either way - Could be some folks in a pinch or some folks waiting to put us in one." he all but whispers.
Krysta      Krysta answered with a single nod and a "Yessir." And while she unslung her rifle she carried it casually like it was a toy. The woman looked mid-twenties. Unless one looked in her eyes. There she looked much older. But as things stood she simply watched the car as they approached. She tilted her snowy head faintly, violet eyes watching with a kind of bored curiosity. And then she turned, never breaking formation, but watching their sides and backs, checking for flanking movements.
Melinda Melinda looks and attempts to take a good look, but it's kind of hard to do without binoculars. She readies her rifle and looks to the others. "Could be a trap. Everyone be careful." She leans forward a little as if trying to get a better look despite her lack of binoculars.
Lee     Lee shakes his head a little. "It's simple. Ya'll are with the Militia." he'd tap his duster. "So.. we offer. or we walk inta it so others don't. that's what we do.. Just.. ifn it comes ta it.. stay behind me, yah?" He'd shrug helplessly then heads onward, leading the group towards the horde. As he'd get closer, those at the car would look like they start sniffing the air, hiss, then look over at the group. "Frag.. ghouls!" Lee shouts as the group of things starts rushing the patrol!
Krysta      Krysta narrowed her violet eyes. That was.. a human they were swarming up there. "Che." She lifted her rifle then, as calm and unphased as could be. She still looked bored to be quite honest. "Sir Lee Sir, that is a human body they're chewing on." Then her voice grew dark. "Rules of Engagement Activated. Firing when ready." And fire she did.
     The first ghoul rushing for Lee (as he was Point) took a bullet to a <CENDORED> and simply dropped dead, skidding a ways from its momentum. A second crack from her rifle and another fell to the ground, it's arm completely gone at the shoulder joint. Krysta did not look interested in finding cover at that moment either. She was simply and methodically stepping forward as she opened fire.
Jacqueline "Uh-oh... definitely ferals!" Jackie says, agreeing with Krysta's observation. Looking quickly around, she spots some large but low rocks nearby. Not enough to break a charge, but enough to brace a weapon on, and a little out of the line of the charge...
Darting off to the right, she drops hastily to the ground behind the rocks, bracing her shotgun over the top of them. Tracking the movements of the second group of ghouls, she waits for just the right moment to open fire.
Tibbie Tibbie rushes out and tries her best to aim at the nasty looking ghoul, but alas, her aim is terrible even with an assault rifle. She squeaks as her bullet flies into the wasteland abyss and immediately cowers behind her battle-buddy Melinda.
Harmon     Harmon doesn't even blink as the figures turn feral ghouls and charge. A single fluid motion brings the repeater to his shoulder as he stops walking, drawing a steady bead on the first ghoul. The rifle echoes out with a loud *CRACK* followed by a thud as the ghoul drops lifeless.
    A quick adjustment is made as well as a furrow of his brow as the meanies close the distance, "Tch. Things seem to have a habit of ending up this way out here, don't they?" he murmers softly as he draws another line on a second ghoul, another shot followed by another lifeless ghoul skidding across the ground, "We're making a good ruckus out here, keep your heads on a swivel in case we piss off any more of them." he says, more offering a bit of advice than anything resembling an order -- doesn't seem to be his style.
Melinda Suddenly, Melinda is forced to dodge out of the way of an incoming attack. "Dammit!" She yells, twisting to one side before readying her rifle at another ghoul that's coming directly at her. She fires a single round, then moves to try to find something to take cover behind. "I knew we were in a trap!"
Jacqueline Jackie rolls out of the way of a charging ghoul, which is fortunately taken down before she has to blast it. "Feral ghouls don't set traps! They don't have the brains for it!"
Lee     The ghouls fall fairly quickly under the hail of fire that comes at the group. Lee watches the one that charges right at him, gnawing on that new chest piece. "Aww.. man. come on! that ain't even finished dryin the paint yet!" He'd mutter and shove the ghoul back. As Melinda shoots that last ghoul down, Lee's massive hammer comes around and down, smashing the ghoul into the pavement with a heavy crunch of bone under metal. Then the piston within the hammer fires, concaving the ground under that ghoul wtih that impact. Straightening up, he'd look around then nods.
    Looking to the group, he'd give a nod. "A'right.. Let's get em cleaned up and buried. Dun wanna bring worse. See ifn ya can get ID offa the person they were eatin.. and we'll head back. Good job folks."