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Iris Lark Iris opened the store late today, she's gonna have to hire some help. She pulls the cowboy hat off of her head, that allows a livid bruise on her right cheekbone to be seen, and sets it on the counter as she starts to turn on the lights and open the doors to let a breeze in. She filches a drink from the cooler and walks behind the counter to take a seat on a stool, sighing softly.
Matt Matt must've been pretty close by, because hes quick to pop into the door, hauling a sack of...something. Collections of odds and ends that he is probably looking to offload. "Well howdy there, ma'am." He reachs to tip an imaginary hat towards Iris. "Nice to see this shop opening up again. Been bus..ooh, you've got a shiner there, looks like something caught you but good!"
Lynnette Lyn decided to get away from the cantina, away from the craziness, and blow some time until Alpha got off shift. Taking a deep breath she would then make her way over to Iris' store to see she was about. Stepping inside she would then blink a bit then as she spotted her friends. "Um....Iris?" Frowning she'd point to that bruise on her face. But of course she saw Matt and wiggled her fingers at him, blowing him a kiss.
Iris Lark "It's open nearly every day, I'm just..a little late today, that's all." Iris remarks, reaching up to trail her fingertips over her face. "Yeah, delivered a baby today in Lincoln and got belted by the mother when I informed her it was a boy and not a girl." She shrugs and reaches out to hug Lyn when she'd make her way over to the counter. "How're you doing Lyn? You look a bit stressed."
Matt "Wha? Boys are good for labor and such at least. Golly." Matt rolls his eyes and lets his sack fall from shoulder to floor, then leans it against the counter. Suave as hell, of course, until some lady blows a kiss at him and he covers a cheek to intercept, or divert, or cover a blush or something. "Lyn is stressed cuz crazy girl Akane likes to start trouble. Damnable hell, drama ain't a thing to ferment at times like this."
Lynnette "Oh geez....ugh..." She'd shiver then as she shook her head. "I am not....having kids...." Lyn scrunched up her nose a bit then. "At least you're okay..." Licking her lips she'd then nod, agreeing to Matt's statement. "I'm just...yeah....Ashur came buy yesterday and gave me money to fix the place but ugh.....he just....makes my skin crawl." Leaning on the counter then she'd shrug. "Well the sheriff got stuff sorted's just be done with." Then she'd blink as she leaned in to Iris. " by the way. I got walked home and....they stayed later than I thought while we were talking...." Clearing her throat then she'd look around.
Iris Lark Iris shifts on the stool, crossing her legs as she pushes her hair away from her face. It's sticky enough outside without long hair draped around her neck. She snickers at Matt she taps her fingers on the counter as she drinks from her bottle. She watches Matt's reaction to the kiss blown at him and that, for some reason, makes her giggle softly. She blinks at Lyna nd gawks a bit adn she tilts her head, sighing softly. "Are you okay hon?"
Matt "Hon, you're not taking care of that." Apparently Matt has had it *UP TO HERE* with Iris and her floppy lanky hair, and comes about the counter to get at it. "Here, let me at it." His knuckles get cracked and it starts to gather up her hair to get it altogether. "I brought stuff to offload. Mostly fabric, and uh, things that I'd rather not have people know I picked it up, ya'know?"
Lynnette She'd stare at Matt for a moment then shook her head as she looked over to Iris with a smile. "Yeah....I'll...I'll be fine." Shrugging a bit as she just looked off then as she sighed softly. It was obvious something else was nagging at her but oh well. Letting out a yawn she'd look to her then with a wink. "I'm just worn out, you know...."
Iris Lark Iris surrenders to Matt and his hair braiding fetish as she yawns a bit. "Thank you, Matt." She murmurs, grinning back over her shoulder. "Why don't you want people to know you have fabric?" She tilts her haed as she gazes at Lynnette and then , reaching under the counter, she pulls out a bottle of scotch and pours a slug for Lynnette. "Worn out ..and?"
Matt "The fabric is fine. The, ahem. skin mags..on the other hand." Matt's voice drops an octave and goes quiet. "Tend to be fairly popular with the caravan group, but everyone is tight on caps right now so I can't realy offload them." Matt's fingers start high and pull hair back into something resembling a french braid. "What do you do with this? Drag it through sand?"
Lynnette Licking her lips she would just chuckle a bit. " I even want to know...why you know how to braid hair?" Giggling she would then look over to Iris at that scotch being poured. Licking her lips she would just pick it up and chug it before shook her head. "Just....stressed about some personal life stuff is all....."
Iris Lark "He loves doing it, for some reason." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder slightly as she relaxes under his tender ministrations. She pours another slug of scotch, grabs another glass and pours herself one, but this one sips. She's not good with booze. "Well honey, if you want to talk, you know that my shoulder is always open to be leaned on." Glancing over her shoulder at Matt she grins. "Everyone wanks Matt, you shouldn't be ashamed."
Matt "Lynnette, I have four sisters. *Four* of them, and ain't no one got fingers for braiding." Matt is *quick* too. Thumbs and fingers a-working before he rolls the braid up and shoves a pencil through it to keep it up and off Iris' neck. "Excus' me, Iris? Some of us have self-control. My hands, or a woman's hands have not, uh, ventured south of the border. Not till I've found me a love to possibly settle down with."
Lynnette Laughing she would just almost fall over laughing at Iris' comments about 'wanking'. Covering her mouth she would then look to Iris, nodding to tell her 'of course' then looked back to Matt. Grinning, she would just lick her lips a bit. " that....why you wouldn't walk me home and come.....hang out? Would I have been.....?" Trailing off she would just grin.
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Matt, a slightly intrigued look on her face. "You're a virgin?" She asks, and she looks innocent when she asks it. Not the master of tact, this one. She reaches out and gives Matt an impulsive hug, grinning when she pulls back. "Don't hear that often out here in the wastes, congrats." She pushes her snifter towards the man. "Drink some of this and help me out, yeah?"
Matt Matt looks at Lynnette, a bit confused. Apparently he missed any sort of invitation. "I don't actually remember, any sort of invite for 'hanging' out. When..." Matt is *attacked* Well. Hugged right proper by Iris. "And what junction would I have had occasion to share the sheets with a lady? I left home...ohh....4 months ago? 3 weeks on the road, ambushed Bit north of Jack's town, stumbled for a few days into your backyard. Nobody seemed interested, casually, in me since I've arrived. At home, it wouldn't be proper to step in with a lady. Too many ladies trying to get themselves into an 'easy' life of a ranch-owner family."
Lynnette "Oh honey when you offered to walk me home and then we shot those guys but...." A tilt of her head she'd scrunch her nose. "You seemed so shy when I was flirting with you...I just let it be." Shrugging she would then look to Iris she would shrug. "I feel like a //real// skank now that I think about when I first went to bed with someone...." Licking her lips she'd seem to be in thought...then that smile broadens. "....oh memories...." Looking back to the two she'd smile. "Oh don't worry me....I wouldn't want to be in anyone's family....not looking for that....not matter how easy of a life it would be."
Iris Lark Iris sneaks a look at Lynnette and she opens her mouth to say something, but a quick glance at Matt makes pause. She clears her throat and leans in, her lips slightly pursed. "Well you're not a home, so what was proper there might be different here. If you're happy with the way things are, you just keep doing what you're doing." She scratches at her nose and adds. "I wish I ..well..hrm..nevermind."
Matt "It isn't easy. Gotta, run about, chores and watching the perimeter. Though, anything to get outta some of these towns, I'd bet" Matt settles his hands on Iris' shoulders since hes still all up behind the counter like an intruder. "I don't remember being flirted with. Exactly...But I've definitely caught on that things seem different out west. I've just kept my head down. Hired on some folks to my caravan. Good lord hon, do you have boulders in here?" Matt presses on some sort of knot in Iris' shoulders.
Lynnette She'd look to Iris then grinned. "Oh what? I know you wanna say something...." Winking she'd then looked to Matt. "Dude....I...." Stopping she'd just shake her head a she face palmed then laughed. " said I'm like your sister anyway so that ruined that." Chuckling she'd then pout a bit. "See? Now he's giving back I'm really jealous....lord knows I can use one after these past few days....."
Iris Lark Iris lets out a soft groan at the pressure on her shoulders. "No, just tension, twenty years worth." She mutters quietly, hunching her shoulders as she tries to lean into the massage. "Take him away from me before I keep him." She says, shivering a bit before she reaches out to take another sip of her glass. "I was just going to make a comment about my age when..but I don't want to ruin the mood." She has a slight smile on her face as she lets out a sigh. "You're going to find someone nice, Matt, and if she takes advantage of you, your sister and I will club her." She points at Lynnette and chuckles softly.
Matt "You're what? 20? Something?" Matt eases his thumbs into her shoulders a bit more. "I wouldn't worry much, I don't think I'm gonna be hanging out much with Akane, Ashur, and whatever collective drama-crazy bandito posse they're forming." He abandons that massage now. Get them buttered up, and *then* barter. "I *did* come here with an objective. That was to sell things. Are you looking for these sorts of things?"
Lynnette Looking over at Iris she would just grin then as she watched her. " better not keep him....someone might get upset." Snickering she would take another sip of that scotch. "And I get''s fine...." Smiling she would then look to Matt with a brow raised. "....who's twenty something?" Looking at Iris she'd raise her brow. "You mean her right?"
Iris Lark "Yes, twenty something. Over twenty was spent in a camp where people were not terribly nice." Iris mentions, taking a hold of Matt's hand and cheekily biting down on the pad of his palm. She releases him and pulls the items he put on the counter towards her, rifling through it to pull out some fabric, some porn, and a few various other odds and ends. "Well you hang out with whom you'd like sweetheart, just don't get yourself shot." She intones, pulling a pouch of caps from her rucksack to pass to Matt. After a moment or two she winks at Lynnette. "Rexus is a sweetheart, I'm not looking to break him." She glances between the two of them now before she bursts out laughing. "Do I look older?" She suddenly fusses, putting her hands on her cheeks.
Matt "You look like someone an older brother like myself should be fending off feckless suitors for. Though, you're nothing like my sisters." Matt is biten! He steps back and out of the way of Iris' mercantile eye, finally taking the whiskey he was poured and downing it rather quickly. Dulls the pain, it does. "Have you met me, hon? I'll walk down the street and take stray bullets. I'm a magnet or somesuch." He hipbumps poor Lynnette on his way past though, like a rude person.
Lynnette Blinking Lyn would just look between the two and shook her head. "Yeah....we'll not get into my past...." She had enough of that for that past few days. Clearing her throat she then looked to Matt with a brow raised. "Dude....I'm thirty-two....." She'd sip that scotch before getting hip bumped. Stumbling she would just frown at him before sticking her foot out to trip him and then looked to Iris with a smile. "Also...I need you to look at Akane at the jail...."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Lynnette, and she nods briefly, picking up her bottle of water and taking a quick sip. "Does she want my help?" She asks, shifting to recross her legs, one hand sliding along her new braid, humming happily. "I don't know why, but I get the feeling that she's either looking down at me or thinks I'm going to shank her in the back when she's not looking." She glances at Matt and shakes her head. "Stop being a bullet, and don't offer to fend of feckless suitors, there are far too many of them for my own bloody good, and I would encourage you to use force. Then you'd get beat up...again."
Matt Oh no, a trip? He steps jively over it and moves to Lyn's other side, to lean shoulder to shoulder into her. Matt offers a roguish(maybe?) wink Lynnette's way. Since theres clearly no chance of anything happen, he is allowed to be excessively suave. "Well hon, you've got the face and body to make a man sin, at any number. May the heavens have mercy upon our souls." More whiskey into his cup, and he looks to fill up others before putting it back down again. "Shes a wily one, at that. And I'm gonna buy a helmet. Protect my head, only thing that hasn't gotten shot quite yet."
Lynnette "She needs....your help..." Those green eyes would stare at her intently. "I uh....went looking for her yesterday and found her but we had an accident. She twisted her ankle pretty bad...." Taking a deep breath she would shrug and then looked over at Matt then with a smirk. "Careful...." Winking she would then nod. "I might take you home if you keep talking like that. might end up shot afterwards. Might be worth it...."
Iris Lark Iris folds her hands in her lap and gazes back at Lynnette, unflinchingly. "I will help any who need it, you know that. I don't turn anyone away - but that doesn't mean they always want my help. I'll come with you, of course, to take a look at her." She glances at Matt and smirks a bit. "He gives a good massage, so it would be worth it to someone until he got shot. Maybe he can massage the gun out of your man's hands." She slides off of the stool and moves towards her rucksack, dropping to her knees as she rifles through the contents. "I'm full up on whatever I would need for medical stuff, so you let me know when we can go look in on her, and I'm there."
Matt "Well dear, I know whom to come to if my death is neigh and I'm 'bout to leave the world behind without knowing the gentle embrace of a woman's delight." Matt frowns as Iris goes to dig into her bag. "Whoa now, you brought the whiskey out and you're all ready to meander away?" He leans forward to fill up his cup one more time. Not as much as before, however. "Though, I am 'bout to take a caravan straight into the face of Enclave fortified positions and doom's decree of death and demise. Maybe its not too soon to lose myself to debauchery."
Lynnette Looking to Iris she would give a nod then. "Just let me know when.....she'll be there a couple of days...." Licking her lips she sigh before shrugging a bit. "Her ankle definitely needs some looking at...." Leaving the rest of it be for now she would lean over into Matt, wrapping her arms around his neck then. Licking her lips, Lyn would lean in to gently kiss his cheek and then murmured softly. "Since you think you might die....wanna come by later...." Grinning she'd then pull back and look over at Iris as if she never did anything. "We can talk when we get back from the Jail if you want...."
Iris Lark "I know of a few clean whores if you don't mind paying for it." Iris remarks, and there isn't any hint of teasing there, she's probably serious. She shrugs as she gets to her feet and walks back over to the counter, sneaking Matt's cup away from him and taking a sip before she slides it back. "Do you want help with the camps? I know a lot of people don't give me much credit with weapons, because I'm a Healer, but I'm probably a better shot than I am a Doctor." Suddenly Lynnette! Iris gazes at the woman as she puts the move on Matt and takes several mental notes, before she swallows some soft giggles.
Matt A soft ahem, is issued from Matt's throat. He does wrap an arm about Lyn's waist as she leans into him. Not entirely suave, a blush comes. "I daresay death would be assured if I were to tumble in the sheets with a lawman's woman. If the rumors I am hearing are correct?" He archs an eyebrow Iris' way at his rumor-mongering. Gossip-mongering. Namedropping? "A rifle isn't the sort of firearm ya bring to a high noon showdown. Either of you ladies would be worth such a trip though."
Lynnette That brow would raise then as she stared at him. Licking her lips she'd frown a bit and tilted her head. ".....rumors? What rumors?" Lyn now seemed to be intent as she looked watched him intently. "....where did you hear that.....?" Looking to Iris, she would raise her brow a bit before letting go of him and folding her arms across her chest. Now....she was curious.
Iris Lark Iris points at herself and shakes her head back and forth. "I didn't say anything to him." She says, gazing steadily at Matt, a slight smile on her face. "Are you a lightweight, you're starting to get awfully sure of yourself." She notes, pulling his glass away from him again to steal another sip. "I have more than a rifle, honestly. If you trust that I can keep you safe while kicking some ass, I'll come with you."
Matt "Oh Lyn, I wouldn't worry too much. I was just spouting gossip until you got afluster. Caravan folk talk. And caravan folk *love* that bar. Cantina?" Matt ehhhs as Iris slides his glass away from him now, waiting to reclaim it and filch some whiskey for himself from it. "I've got LoneStar folks on it, Devlin has set up a team to apparently go toe to toe on it. I just need to make sure I can ride a horse, or at least the wagon."
Lynnette Raising her brow at Matt then she'd tilt her head a bit. "And uh....what other caravan people been there? That's the type of gossip that can get someone hurt or shot at for assuming I'm the 'sheriff's woman'." Licking her lips she'd then let the two talk shop and said nothing. Licking her lips Lyn would just run her fingers through her long brown hair for a moment.
Iris Lark "Sounds like a no, then." Iris remarks to Matt, moving towards the cooler in the back to get another bottle of water. She stops along the way to fold a few pieces of fabric that have fallen off of a shelf. When she returns to the counter she settles back on her stool and unscrews the cap on the water, taking a drink. She gazes at Matt and after Lynnette speaks and nods slowly. "She's not wrong, there is more than one Sheriff, and besides that..rumors rarely lead to anything nice or good."
Matt "Apparently, I've settled upon a sore subject. You know that I'm joshing ya, right? Your relations or dalliances are not to something to be bustled about like so much hubbub." Matt sighs and finishs off the rest of the whiskey that was in the glass. "I can a lot with my guys, keeping'em from gossip ain't one of those things."
Lynnette "I don't know.....are you?" Chuckling she would raise her brow a bit. "I would hate to get caught up....the defenseless woman that I am...." Grinning now, Lyn would seem to be teasing him. "Whatever shalll I do if someone mistakes me for a law man's girl? They might try to kidnap me or...hold me ransom..." Putting her hand on her forehead she'd fake a swoon.
Iris Lark Iris slips to her feet again while the two talk and she walks along the few shelves, making sure everything is neat and orderly. She tugs at the braid, fiddling with the end as she walks slowly. She kneels near some food stores and checks them for freshness, moving things back and forth before she continues back towards the front of the store slowly.
Matt "We've bored her." Matt would respond to Lyn, but now Iris is moving 'bout the cabin, righting things and in general being a busybody. He'll reach down and lift Lyn's hand to peck a kiss onto her knuckles before he'll attempt to catch up to Iris and drag her her back towards the counter. "You have *visitors*, Miss Lark."
Lynnette "I think so too...." Laughing she would just shake her head a bit but Lyn let her do as she pleased. Feeling him lift up her hand and kiss with she would just laugh. "Oh lord...." A raise of her brow before she would look around then to Iris. "I can get out of your hair if you like.....I may head back to your place and....clear my head..."
Iris Lark "You two are not in my hair in the least, I was letting you talk." Iris says, letting Matt yank on her. She squints at the pair of them and she picks up her rucksack, tossing it over her shoulder before she fishes out her hat, stuffing it on her head. "Okay you two, come with me." She says, a slight grin on her face. "We're gonna go get some food and then we're going exploring."
Matt "I've gotta head back, actually." Matt looks down at his watch, barely working as it is. "I think theres *bonding* going on with my new hires. Which is actually open to you folks. We don't exactly get crazy, so, uh, it'll be a quiet night?" Matt looks between the two ladies, perhaps hoping to derail their current plans.
Lynnette She'd shrug a bit then as she looked to Iris with a brow raised. "I mean I'm game for what you want, lady....but this boy here...." Looking over to Matt, she would give him a playful smirk. "I think he's trying to lure us to some caravan party?"
Iris Lark Iris is in the midst of pulling her coat on and she shrugs, gesturing at Lynnette. "It's up to her, I was just going to take her to the ice cream shop and then show her something I found the other day when I was exploring." She narrows her eyes a bit and lets out a sigh. "How many people would be at said party?" A beat. "I am horrible in large crowds."
Matt "Seven? Including us. Might be at a saloon, but I don't think we'll be ingratiating ourselves with the larger surroundings." Matt shrugs his shoulders and leaves his bag o stuff behind, ready to head out. "They all kinda look at me like I'm in charge. I'd appreciate some balancing of that. I don't reckon I'm ready for that quite yet."