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Tobias An early start, the discolored sunrise paints fractured ombres across the sky as in shades of purple and burnt umber. The warming oranges bring early light with them and a small group is forming outside the Mechanic's Shop on the edge of town. A boisterous voice erupts amidst the sound of jangles as a filthy fellow bursts out the door, "Whatchu mean you know der out der?" Tobias spins on a pivot, moving in a smooth circle as he walks and talks toward the door without breaking stride. Moving backwards, "Yeh ain't been out dat far in the wasteland since yeh were my age ol' man."

Tobias is a squirrely scrapper with a mild sneer buried in his scruffy beard. He's peering at the Mechanic's Shop with a considering look and starts waving over the first person he sees, shouting at strangers with an orator's confidence, "Hey, hey, you guy, wanna make some caps?"

Tobias likes getting his hands dirty but bloody was another matter. "You look like a gunslinger."
Ruane "Offers of Caps implies danger." Roman will note to himself as he hears some strange individual shouting out in the middle of the own. "Danger could result in death. Death would severley hamper robotic projects." Roman notes as one of the people who is apparently brave or stupid enough to actually take Tobias up on his offer as he moves to approach the man.

"The Parameters of the mission are? Retrieval? Salvage? Rescue? Kidnapping?" He'll inquire before glancing aside to look about the rest of the town and around to see who else might form up as he looks to Tobias again
Skittles Strolling down to the Loan Star Caravan, Skittles finds herself close enough to Tobias' request for a hired gun. She smirks, having recognized the mechanic from the wagon recovery for the armorer.
     "Oy, Tobias right?", she calls as she approaches, "You're looking to give away some caps for free?", she continues. She's dressed in her dull gray overalls, a purple t-shirt underneath. A long coat or jacket of some kind is draped over her shoulders, the BoS embossed sleeves hanging down, empty, her arms free of their encompassing hold. A large pistol looking gun is in her front right pocket, and a medium sized firearm is sticking out of the left one. An assault rifle is slung across her body, barrel poking over her shoulder. She lifts a wave over to Roman and adds, "Heyas, I've a PIP Boy I want you to make me an offer on sometime.". She goes quiet at Molly's request and arches an eyebrow towards Tobias.
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "When there's caps, there's dangers right. So before I say yes i want to know the details on this to be perfectly honest. I want to know what I'm getting into before I do anything. I'd like to as Roman said, what's the mission details first. I can't answer unless I know what I'm agreeing to." She grins at skitles for a moment "If you need it all tuned up before you sell it I could giveit a look over if you want."

She doesn't need one as Molly clearly is wearing a pip boy herself.
Tobias "Me? Gods no." Tobias hooks a thumb over his shoulder at the shop behind him, "Old man's offering a discount in his shop to anyone who brings him some books.." Tobias gives a cordial roll of his arm that looks more enacted than reactive, saying to Roman and Skittles in stride, "So its like, retroactive caps.." He side-eyes Roman when the fellow strides over, "Danger is out there man. Retrieval in the Waste. Heading for a garage a ways out... I was out that way before and last time I turned around cause the place was stupid with raiders." Tobias chuckles, "Maybe they moved on, maybe something worse moved in." The smarmy Tobi gives a shrug. "Yeh jus' gotta decide if its worth the adventure."

He begins to clip the cross chest straps on his huge metal frame bookbag. Glancing to Skittles again, "Tobias Clearweather." There is a succint little nod and he hefts his pack before starting off on their impromtu expedition. Tobias glances over his shoulder at Molly's caution and she just gets some mad laughter in response- look at him folks? He doesn't look sane... or clean.

Wanna follow?!
Ruane "Danger out in the wastes, predictable. Omnipresent. Danger from fellow humans, unknown." Roman observes before turning his head slightly to look at Skittles as she approaches and lifts his chin as he studies her for a second. "Model number and designation is important in determining the quality of the product. What Price are you looking for?" Roman will inquire before glancing back to Tobias then before offering simply. "Going into the wastes offers salvage, experience and knowledge. Hmm, possibly information as well. Likley wise to travel with a group. More bodies mean more targets." Roman observes before looking to Molly Borwn then. "Improving the quality of competition while not desirable has some merit."
Skittles Skittles follows after Tobias, a glance shot over one shoulder towards Roman, "It's a 3000 mark IV. Maybe 1250 or so, I've also a 5000, but it's busted pretty good.". She stops inside the diner for some travel food, coming out a few moments later. Jogging to catch up to Tobias, she asks, "How far out is this place? You said you saw raiders there before?".
Molly Brown Molly Brown listens to the man for a moment as he gies details she thinks it over in her mind, she can likely check out her pipboy, there might be information on this thing, in the machine's memory, if she's lucky. She'll have to find out what's upandshe pauses at the mention of the 5000. "Huh busted might let me take a look at that later." She's clearly got somehing in mind but wants to wait to hear the last details from the man before she says more.
Tobias "I travel out there by myself all the damn time, jus' changes the game... gotta be quiet when yer out there alone." He dibs a hand into the pack on his back as they head through the gates at the edge of town. Everyone else may have a pistol but Tobias draws a bloodstained machete from his pack. It looks sharp but its just as filthy as its owner, the talk of Pip boys raises his brow and he listens for a long moment before turning his eyes back forward and tipping his attention to Molly. "I fix things too." He offers but with WAY less decorum than Roman. "All sortsa things, good with wires..." There is something child-like about his confidence as he leads the charge with little more than a knife.
Ruane "Too expensive." Roman responds to Skittles rather dryly then as he lifts up a finger to jab at her then, just shy out outright poking her. "What use would I have overpaying for pipboy. Profit margin unlikley. Quality of model unknown, ultimatley great finacial risk for little gain. Could resell if bargained around 500." Roman notes before glancing back to Molly then. "Another Vaulter? Interesting."

Yet then he'll turn to Tobias and offer just simply. "Lead. I'll follow. Keep an appropriate distance."
Skittles Skittles scoffs at Roman's offering price. "We'll talk", is all she says as she keeps pace. Her grip comes to rest on her laser pistol as they reach the wastelands.
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "I see pardner." Molly's not being mean he seems friendly enough and might as well be friendly right? She tilts her head for amoment. "I am, got off my duff to get outside. I had more interesting things happen in the last two weeks than... I have in the last ten years." She notes before, she takes note of the tracks it seems the man is on track and it looks like Skittles is dealing with Roman over the pip boy, that's fine by her. She does keep her hand close to her 10mm pistol though not that she expects foul play from their emplpyer, but more because this is the wasteland. If you let your guard down? You are pretty much hosed.
Tobias The road they travel cuts between dunes of sand and disappears around blind turns in the landscape.

Tobias dresses little better than most Raiders but has the unique advantage of being a known fixture around these parts. His grubby face grew up on a farm outside El Dorado and he has a reputation as being a little /off/ but an honest man. When Roman tells him to take the lead he skirts a few paces ahead of the group an stays down in a crouch...

Looking back over his shoulder a short time later he glances to Molly when she speaks, pointing out tracks on the road in agreement, "I see a couple horses, not sure how many people..."
Ruane Roman will be walking along then down the road with the rest of the group, shaking his head in response to Skittle's words. "Not for personal use. Looking to make a profit. If you wish for me to sell it on your behalf. We can talk. No more than that however." He'll observe as he walks along, pausing then to consider. "Humans. Out in the wastes. Unknown campsite. Possibly dangerous? Designation raiders normally. Would suggest caution. Five at least."

Already Roman's hand is going to his 10mm and drawing out the pistol as he exhales slowly.
Skittles Skittles eyes the surrounding terrain, but comes up with nothing to add, "Well, doesn't mean they're raiders, but doesn't hurt to be cautious.". With that she slings her rifle forward, grasping it in one hand, the other's thumb hooked in her left pocket.
"Should we try and circle around them? Although the only good raider is a dead one, as they say.", she concludes.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Looks like people wne through here but no idea how many either." She looks to Romanand nos for a moment tiling her head a bit. "At least five, great if it's more raiders." She sighs a bit, it never went well with raiders she found maybe it will just be other people out salvaging for once?
Tobias The walk remains uneventful for a time but soon our unlikely group follows the road around a large dune and the garage appears in the distance. A small squat building with broken windows and a busted in door. The whole structure bears a fine layer of sand from being blasted by desert elements. A car bay sits to the east and the garage door is pushed to expose a small fire glittering inside. Figures move around the fire but.. closer still.. the sound of singing can be gleaned.

The first person they see is a drunken raider taking a piss outside the building. He has his back to them and is singing some non-sense with a country twang. Tobias is still in the lead and he dashes up the side of one of those dunes to get a good look at the place, glancing over his shoulder with a finger pressed to his lip. Go time.
Ruane Roman Raune is in an awkward position then before he exhales softly and moves to draw up his handgun and glancing aside to look at Tobias and study the man for a second. He'll move to follow of course and take cover behind a dune.. or a bunch of trash piled high where he is comfortable."Negotation unlikley. Unwillign to hand over resources for small payout. lethal opening salvo will reduce enemy effectivness by forty percent. Counter-attack, ineffectual. Final sweep." Roman notes before glancing to Skittles then.

"Whenever you are ready." A beat then as he looks to Molly then too, studying her. "Let us try not to die."
Skittles Stalking swiftly over to an adjacent location, Skittles grasps her rifle in both hands and prepares a mental path up to the building, one that is both out of the line of sight of any windows, as well as the pissing man. "Molly, try and stay back a bit, give a 5 count before heading in after the first shot.", she whispers in the vault girl's direction.
     With a sharp nod to Tobias and Roman, she darts out of her position, and, just like that, is skimming across the ground towards the building.
Ruane Roman Raune will move quickly then, popping up over the dune then with pistol in hand as he holds up the gun, aims down the barrel and tries to take a shot at the first raider he sees. "Firing. Two shots." He'll call out then as two bullets rip into the raider camp.

The first finds it's home in a man's chest.. the second going just a bit wide and bouncing and richocheting everywhere to cause some noise and distraction.
Skittles Skittles squeezes the trigger of her rifle, sending a hail of bullets towards the raider. Once she reaches the building, she ducks against a wall, waiting for return fire.
Skittles      The thunder of gunfire is deafening as the bullets pelt the building around the raider who's pissing outside. A few of the rounds impact his ass and back, and the drunken stupor he finds himself in sends him into a panic hop into the distance of the wastelands, screaming and crying at the top of his lungs. His friends are a little more coherent, and respond with return fire, two bullets finding their ways towards Roman, which send up gravel and grit around his position, and two more that send chips of brick flying as they impact the doorway beside skittles.
Tobias With the first shots fired Tobias presses his back into the sand dune beside Roman. There is an owlish hooting laughter from the man as he rolls back down the dune, ass over head, to pop onto his feet at the bottom. Crouching, he darts out in the open toward the building where Skittles took cover not long ago.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is doing all right all thing considered but she's on alert as she looks at the place they arrive to she can hear them singing, She's also pretty sure they are raiders. IT had to be raiders didn't it? It totally had tobe she has her pistol out for a moment. "I hate to say it but your right." She's keeping het tone low as she whispers back andshe'll hang back and will follow what Skittle's suggested. She'll let the others move in fiorst as suggested. She'll take aim and open fire on the first raider firing off two bursts from he 10mm pistol at him hanging back like Skittles suggested before she actually moves in.
Ruane Roman Raune lifts up his pistol then even as bullets fly around him, focusing down the sights at he second raider now who is left in a bloody state, taking the time to pop two rounds off in quick succession. "Second Bandit down. Third Running. First unclear. Further ammo needed expending to clear the area."
Tobias The gunshot continue outside an Tobias stays out of it, sneaking his way toward and into the garage while the others are still distracted with the fight. By the time they make it inside he's already rooting around looking for the manuals.
Skittles Skittles pops her head out the side of the door, and jams her rifle into the room, letting off two quick shots ending the last raider's life.
Molly Brown Molly Brown won shots ring out and she also aids in putting a raider down. She doesn't like it but she's seen only in a few weeks outside Vault Town just what they do. Maybe her mother had a point about the outside world?
Tobias The raiders have been dispatched and the garage is free to be looted... the place appears pretty picked over though. Tobias is still inside tossing the place and he comes out with books rolled up. Smacking the manuals against one hand, "Found what we're looking fer.." He hails to them as he steps back out into the wasteland.

Tobias tucks the books into his pack without taking it off and turns to the others, "Ready to head back?" If no one else plans on looting the bodies, he makes sure to grabs guns and bullets from the raider's corpses. He does give first dibs to the gunslingers with him by staying back long enough for them to check first.
Ruane At this point, Roman just lifts his hand then as he steps inside, moving to slide a few more bullets into his half-spent maganzine as he looks between Tobias and Molly then as he offers softly. "Return quickly. Saw a camp containing five. Only found three. returning sooner is better than later."
Molly Brown Molly Brown nods for a moment and pauses as she looks about. "We might want dispose of any weapons they have before we do. Less guns for less raiders right but then again we don't have much time, do we?" She'll help with the itembut it's clear that it is indeed time to go soon.
Tobias "Don't destroy what you can scrap, love." Tobias calls as he plys some things from the dead bodies without stopping in his quick stride. He scoots from one to the next but when Roman claims more Raiders are a possibility to deigns to make tracks. "Done and done." He agreed, hoisting his bag up his back and taking off back along the road to town.