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Shiloh El Dorado's streets are dark with only the moon and stars held up in the skies and light cast off from simple street lamps there to illuminate the shadowed buildings nearby. The city is still very much alive, however, and the night is still young for the saloon. In fact, all of the lovely clientele are feeling a bit younger themselves from it too! There is a pleasant buzz and a hum of activity from the ambiant conversations drifting throughout the room from the people that gather at the bar and tables. The drinks have started their steady flow and several card games have started too. There is a young woman in works with the brothel leading a nervous and flushed man up the stairs, while another pair make their way down with an apparently content look on their faces. Amidst all of the merriment, Shiloh has managed to find a table to sit at. She appears to have some bruising around her cheek and eye, but nothing else is seeming out of place for her. Her head is ducked down low and she's huddled over a holodisk that she's inspecting with curiousity. "Might be able to make a few caps from selling this.." She murmers quietly to herself.
Matt Matt arrives next, having asked nicely(browbeat into coming) company to join him the Gold Digger Saloon, LoneStar's apparent hangout. He'll come in and raise a hand towards the bartender before scanning for anybody *else* to bother with his presence. Of course, Shiloh is spotted. Blonde hair, lowered chin is enough to make Matt lock in quick, and he bumps in next to her at her table. "Are you also here to meet our newest caravan hand?"
Iris Lark Iris walks in behind Matt, pulling her hat from her head and stuffing it into the rucksack on her shoulder. She waves happily to a few of the whores lounging on the steps before she moves to where the others are gathered to take a seat. The bartender knows her here and without ordering, she shortly has some cool water set in front of her, and without a word she passes some caps towards the bartender before she takes a drink.
Rolande Rolande is a fresh face to El Dorado, having only arrived just days after the Enclave's assault with a Lone Star caravan as an impromptu guard turned full time. It's no surprise then that he took it to heart that he needed to meet the men and women he'd be working with at the Gold Digger's Saloon, which he found among the rubble and starlight after a good bit of searching unfamiliar streets, seeing him enter not long after Matt and Iris have settled in. He lingers in the doorframe, taking in the scenery quietly behind the scratched lens of his Ranger's helmet and adjusting to the lively air that permeates it despite the recent hardships.
Shiloh Shiloh glances up from her prize when Matt settles in at her table, and she offers him a soft smile in greeting. "Don't think I am, no. Wasn't aware we got someone else signed on, but then again, still getting used to things around camp. It'll be nice to meet 'em." She tucks the holodisk away in her pocket and leans back comfortably against her chair, "Who are we looking for and what're they signed on for? They selling goods, protecting things around these parts, patchin' us up, or helping to handle general upkeep like I'm hoping to?" She glances over at Iris and lifts her hand to wave at the woman amiably, before her gaze drifts over to where Rolande lingers by the doorway. She does watch him, but otherwise stays quiet to wait for Matt's answer to her question.
Lynnette And not long after Iris and Matt made their way inside she would just stop at the doorway for moment. Looking around, she seemed to be a bit....out of it for a second then took a deep breath. Lifting that dress up to make it up the steps, she would just keep close to Iris now as she looked around. "Girl....." Leaning over she would look to Iris about to say something but thought better of it. Looking to the bartend, she'd cross her legs as one was exposed and then sighed softly. "Just...water...." What?! That world must be ending.
Matt     "So. Theres are my friendly friends. Shiloh, this is Lynnette, the muse with the tempting gaze. Iris, the dearest doctor, to stay death's hand once or thrice." He reachs across the table and points them out to his employee. A glance towards whats in front of her, then he orders for the poor lass. "Two of your nuka-colas please."
    Ah, speak of the wanderer. "Thar she blows, c'mon over here ya young buck." Matt *hopes* he is yelling at the right guy. "I think his name is Rolanda? Rollins?"
Iris Lark Iris turns and gazes at Lynnette, her eyes squinting a bit as she watches her friend. "You and I are going to have a talk, and soon." She says quietly before she turns to smile at Shiloh. "Nice to see you again, did you enjoy dinner last night?" Then Matt starts yelling, and Iris goes quiet to listen to him introduce people around, snorting quietly at his description of herself and Lynnette. She does the introduction justice though, getting to her feet and dropping a fancy curtsy before she retakes her seat, crossing her legs.
Rolande The man seemed perfectly fine poised as he was by the entrance, absorbing the energy from the bustling saloon and its bevy of robots and the jaunty tune until Matt could be seen off to the side hailing him over. He'd acquiesce, shifting through the crowd and shirking the odd glances stolen at him from various patrons until he'd arrived at the group's table, offering a short nod before speaking to correct Matt in a noticeable California twang muffled by the full helmet. "It's Rolande. Nice to meetcha'." He affirmed, looking between all those gathered before gesturing to an open seat. "Mind if I grab this one?"
Shiloh "I've met Lynnette before, and Iris! Though um...I did not...get her name when I did see her...both times." Shiloh starts to tell Matt, her cheeks flushing red in embarrassment whenever she realizes that fact. She looks back over at Iris and offers to her, "Sorry about so excited about being able to shoot some stuff that I completely forgot my manners. It's Shiloh, like he said. And I did! It was really lovely, thank you...I kinda lingered behind the group to try to find something and ran into a bit of trouble, that'd be my only complaint about that whole thing...but it was my fault. I caught up with Dev soon enough at least." She rubs at her cheek and then looks back over at Rolande again. "Oh, this is him? I was thinking that I haven't really see him before, but people are passing through here often enough...come on over and yeah, grab a seat if you want. It's nice to meet you."
Lynnette Lyn just raised her brow at the introduction but just shifted in her seat. Clearing her throat she would wiggle her fingers then nodded. "Hey girl...." Chuckling she'd shift in her seat but as soon as her water delivered she took a seat. Clearing her throat she would look over to Iris and nod. "Sure.....I promise..."
Iris Lark Iris eyes Shiloh for a few moments before she clears her throat and offers her a friendly smile. "If you'd like, I can take a look at some of those bumps, bruises and scrapes?" She says, ignoring the urge to just start fussing over the woman. She gives Lynnette another look before she focuses back on the rest of the group. "It wouldn't take very long at all."
Rexus Rexus wanders in. He pauses at the door to stomp his boots clean, heading on into the saloon and over towards the bar. He doesn't spot anyone he recognizes right off the bat, ordering his usual bottle of cola as he slides into a vacant stool at the bar.
Matt "Ohh, hon, what'd you walk into? A solid granite mirelurk?" Matt *will* fuss over Shiloh however. He lifts his nuka-cola bottle and goes to ease it against her cheek. "Lookatyou, you were telling me you weren't a shooter, and you're going out with these hooligans?" Just what any employee desires, their boss fussing over their bruises during their offtime. He'll give it up eventually. "Well, Rolande. I can see that you come equipped already. Got yerself some nice somethingsomethings."
Rolande Without further adieu, Rolande pulls out one of the free chairs at the table and settles in after some encouragement from Shiloh which is reciprocated with a quiet "Thank ya," before reaching up. His hands work the clasps hidden around the neck and under the chin before his helmet is pulled off and set in front of him on the table, revealing his much older face to his younger co-workers. There's a bit of sweat beading around his forehead that he wipes away with the sleeve of his duster as he looks around again at those gathered before fixating on Matt. "These somethingsomethings carried me a long way. Could use some more bullets, though." He'd mused with a dry chuckle, before flagging down one of the robots. "Nuka-cola," He'd request of it, and by extension, the bartender before easing back into his chair.
Shiloh "Oh? If you wouldn't mind, then I'd really appreciate it." Shiloh tells Iris, looking a little surprised by the woman's offer. She rubs the back of her neck and admits, "I saw a couple of caps nearby on the ground and rushed over to get them...turned out some pranksters had set up a trap of some kind. Soon as I stepped near them, it made this board swing up and smack me good. Just lucky that they didn't hammer the nails higher on it...Those parts only knicked my shoulders. It taught me to pay more attention where I was going, at least, if nothing else...guess whoever put it out there just left it or was taking a break from watching it." When the cold bottle is pressed to her cheek by Matt, she closes her eyes in relief, "Heh, I wanted to learn how to hunt my own food and we did end up bringing some radroach and gecko meat back for people to enjoy. Gotta be prepared in case we run short...Devlin let me borrow a BB gun and fire a couple of shots at one of the roaches." She glances over at Rolande's holstered gun and nods her head, "Bullets would be useful, yeah. Otherwise you just got a fancy-looking club."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and makes her way over to Shiloh, pulling her rucksack along with her. She leans in and grins, her voice quiet. "Just carry on with your drink and conversation, I'll be done quicker than you might realize." She stands up straight again, thumping her rucksack onto a nearby table where she pulls out some bandages, salve and a few other things. Iris has been doing this for a while and she's fairly decent at it. In short order she has the scrapes cleaned and dressed, even handing Shiloh a small crock full of extra salve.
Matt "We've got tons of extra gear floating around. At least I do." Matt shakes his head a bit, happy that he dragged along a doctor lady. "Well, I can't guarantee caravan work is less dangerous than what you've done. We've got Enclave on all sides right now, waiting for some juicy targets to go strolling through the wasteland. We're 'bout to go punch'em in the face too in the next few days. We'll. Show'em whats what."
Lynnette Slipping from her seat she would finish off her water then looked at the group. "I...." Clearing her throat she would smile and just shook her head a bit. "I'm just going to step outside for a minute." Lyn simply turned and made her way towards the door, lifting up the front of that dress so she wouldn't trip with that speed walking she was doing. Putting a hand to her head then as she sighed softly, she'd go to that doorway to the steps out side to just....chill.
Rexus Rexus spots Iris.. doing her Iris thing. Always with the bandages and the salves and the tinctures. He takes a last drink of his cola, sliding it across to the bartender for recycling.. reather, re-using it would seem. He watches Lyn depart, raising an eyebrow as he looks over at Iris... is this some secret girl thing?
Shiloh Shiloh's eyes follow Iris when she walks around to her and she does unzip her grimy jumpsuit down just enough to shrug the injured shoulder out she mentioned. Sure enough there's some consistent bruises there too, these ones with clusters of shallow punctures around it that have been trying to scab over. "Anything I owe you?" She asks of Iris, "Willing to pay ya for your generosity." When she accepts the salve, she looks it over with curiousity and tucks it away safely in her pocket. She glances back over at Matt and raises her brow at him, "We are?" She asks him, "I mean...I guess I could try. At least enough to not get in the way if I had to." She watches Lynnette hurry off and frowns quietly in concern, though she doesn't really make a move to stop her. "She must be under a lot of stress from what happened over at the Cantina..." She murmers sadly.
Rolande Rolande had turned his attention off of Matt and towards Shiloh's direction, watching as she was seen to by the resident doc it'd seemed with an approving nod before remarking on the woman's prior comment to him. "Yeah, yer right, but thankfully there's still a few rounds in her still to plant anyone ornery." He'd smirk a bit, before his eyes had wandered back to the other man. "I'd seen what the Enclave were doin' coming in. If I'm being honest, I thought I had my fill on Hoover Dam, but I still have some fight left in me." He'd murmured, his pleasant tone dropping with the subject with a passing glance to the departing Lynette. His cola arrived to punctuate his growing silence, picking it up off the table for a slurp.
Iris Lark Iris waves away the mention of payment. "Not necessary, it was just some linen and salve. Just stay safe, alright?" She says to Shiloh, her eyes following Lynnette as she walks towards the door. She flashes a grin at Rexus as she follows her friend, and instead of saying anything she leans against the wall next to Lynnette, squeezing her shoulder with a soft hand as she gazes out the door with her.
Shiloh Shiloh twists her lips thoughtfully as if debating on whether or not to give the doctor payment anyway, but she just nods her head over at Iris with a smile, "Alright, if you say so. And I will, don't you worry about that! Thank you again." With the wounds tended to, she tugs her jumpsuit back up over her arm and rights the zipper back into place. She chuckles at Rolande softly there, "That's good. Save 'em up for an emergency if you can help it. At least until you find some more ammo to claim, you know? What rounds does she take? I go out looking for scrap for my project back home often enough, might find something useful out there that I could bring back to you."
Lynnette She'd look over quickly as she felt that hand and looked over at Iris with a smile. "I think I'm going to head back to the cantina.....or something....I don't know...." She'd put a hand on her hand that was on the shoulder. Leaning in she'd give her a hug and pulled back a bit then. "I'll see you back at home or later....we'll talk....I promise..." And with that she just made her way out of the saloon, taking a deep breath and heading off into the night.
Devlin With his right hand working at a kink along the left side of his neck, Devlin uses the bottom of his boot to force the door open with a mild amount of force before stepping inside. Turning his back to the door, he uses his shoulder to catch the door if it swung back more quickly than expected. "I wonder if there's any nibblers here tonight or if I should just return.." is softly said, muttering to himself as he opens his eyes to look around the Saloon. It wouldn't take him long to recognize quite a few familiar faces, though they were mixed with several he only faintly remembered. "Hmm.. None of the buy.." Glancing to side, he looks Lynnette over briefly before giving Iris a similar look.. only to dip his head with a slight smirk, "Boss one and Boss two."
Rexus Rexus takes this opportunity himself to get up and head off. Getting late and, well the midnight candles need burning at the office. He gives a departing little wave to Iris as he heads out the door after Lyn.
Matt "I'll take care of Iris for ya." Matt comments, since Iris boot-scoots-n-boogies out the door to chase down poor Lyn. "We got some camps cleared out, but we're gonna have opposition heading into New Rome. The heavy hitters are gonna be way 'head of the convoy so we'll just be dealing with the trickle-ins. I've got some armor in the compound...uhh..a BB gun too. If you really like'em?" He bumps Shiloh with his shoulder. "Or we can getcha something better than a bb-gun."
Shiloh Shiloh glances over in time to notice Devlin coming through the door of the Cantina, and she lifts her hand to wave over at him. "Howdy Devlin." She calls over to him, "Come grab a seat with us. Not sure if you've met Matt yet, but here he is, and this new fella's Rolande. He's going to be riding with the Caravans and helping keep things a bit safer around them if I understand right." She lets her attention return to Matt to listen to him explain the situation coming up. "Probably will need something a bit more padded than this old thing..." She mutters, glancing down at her clothes, "I mean, got some jeans from a merchant, but don't really got a good outfit to pair 'em with." There's a bit of a grin offered for Matt and she tells him, "You can get me something better, if you're willing to trust me enough that you think I won't put someone's eye out with it."
Iris Lark Iris sighs and turns to walk back into the bar, retaking her seat and taking a small drink of water. She nods at Devlin as she settles in propping her chin on her palm as she listens to Shiloh and Matt converse.
Devlin     "Looking rather crowded over there, I'll take a seat near by though. You got me a bit nosey as Matt over there never gave me a price for my service yet." Glancing to the side, Devlin watches Iris and makes his way over towards the woman an soon takes up a stool beside her's though he sat with his back turned to the bar. "Now, I might not be able to go so easily. I have a few obligations that I would feel bad about dropping so suddenly." Turning his head towards Iris, a faint smirk was on his lips even as he lowers his tone to that of a whisper, "You two doing okay?" so that only Iris might have heard him before turning back to glance at Shiloh and Matt's table.
Rolande Rolande was content to nurse his cola for a time, watching the comings and goings, and offering a polite nod to the newest arrival by name of Devlin before he'd opted to speak up to Shiloh once more. "The beaut on my hip? It's a bit rough coming by bullets for her, .44 rounds to be exact." He'd explained, setting his half-empty bottle down on the table beside his helmet before reaching for the piece in question, pulling it free and presenting it with proper trigger discipline- his finger far and away from it to prevent any accidental misfires. A shift of his thumb and flick of his wrist has the chamber fall open, reaching to pull one of the large bore manslayers free to show it off to Shiloh, inclining his head in Matt's direction a moment to listen and show his understanding with a nod.
Iris Lark Iris glances at Devlin and a slight smile tugs at the corner of her lips. "I think Lynnette is stressed out or something else is going on. She said she would speak to me about it later." A beat. "I'm all right though, just here because Matt invited me. I'm not part of this crew - though you all should get a dedicated medic." She reaches for ehr water and takes another sip.
Shiloh "What sorta services?" Shiloh asks Devlin, and she does mention, "I noticed you got one of them pip boys before when we were hunting. Got a holodisk you might be interested in if you were in the market to buy something." She looks over at Rolande when he starts to talk about his gun and looks down long enough to check it out when it's presented to them. "It is a pretty nice piece, far as I can tell." She agrees with him, smiling at him, "If I happen to find those rounds, I'll bring them by to you first. How's that sound?"
Devlin     Lifting his right hand, Devlin seemed like he was going to pat Iris on the shoulder but then pauses, mid air and lowers his hand, letting it drift to his thigh. "A request is a request.." is murmured, though the smirk tugs a little wider as he turns to look towards the full table. "She is liking thinking about the bar and Akane, she got tossed into the pen, she and Alpha walked her to the jail" is softly said to Iris before he tilts his head slightly up, projecting his voice now for the table.

    "I'm a 'sellsword', you put up the caps, I shoot everything attempting to take what's your's from you. If you don't put up the caps, I may look the other way, or I may not.. depends on the mood." Patting his thigh twice lightly, Devlin bring attention to the holster his palm was quite close to. "I don't normally use ballistic weapons, I use something more akin to what Iris used while hunting." While speaking, his eyes shift to Rolande questioningly and out of instinct, his own hand began to reposition itself to make it easier to grasp his AEP9 Pistol.
Rolande With a few motions, the round is placed back in its chamber which is then closed, the revolver put away afterwards before returning Shiloh's smile. "I'd be much obliged, miss." He'd enthused, before he turns his gaze on Iris and chimes in on her remark. "Truth be told, I know a little bit about first aid, Ranger survival training and all, but I ain't on the level of a good doc and I sure as hell don't have the supplies for it. I really ought to hit the streets and pull some equipment together before long." He would admit to this with a sheepish laugh before settling back in his seat with his nuka-cola in hand, eyeing Devlin in silence.
Iris Lark "Yes, she asked me to come and take a look at Akane." Iris murmurs back, her eyes going to the hover hand before she raises a brow at Devlin. "You okay?" She asks, before she glances back towards the table, a slight frown on her face. She takes another drink and after a moment lets out a sigh before she speaks up to Rolande. "If you need some supplies, feel free to stop by the general store sometime. I can get you set up."
Shiloh "Interestin'." Shiloh tells Devlin, considering what he has to say carefully. She shakes her head to herself and mentions to add to the other conversation, "Still don't know a thing about Akane, other than she was the first person you were asking about when you ended up coming to from when you were still seeing stars from that puffed up beast." She shrugs it off and looks down at his holsters there, "Interesting. They do seem like fine weapons if you know what you're doing with 'em. Doesn't answer my question about if you'd be interested in this old thing." She reaches into her pocket and brings out a holodisk with the word Security labelled on it for Devlin to see. She lets her attention return over to Rolande, "Probably going to make a difference between life and death someday knowing that stuff though."
Devlin     "Right as a light rain in the middle of summer," is said softly, though as Devlin watches Rolande's display, his hand lifts up and brings his arm back, resting it onto the bar's counter. "Just thought I saw something odd is all. Already took a chance, not taking a second, you know?"

    Turning his gaze from the now holstered revolver, Devlin looks to what got Shiloh somewhat excited about showing off, a holodisk. Tilting his head off to one side, he hums softly but chuckles at the idea and starts to shake his head gently from side to side. "That old thing would be amusing, for a price. Now the price depends, how many caps do you want to part with it, or do you want some marksmanship lessons in exchange?"
Rolande Rolande would give a gracious nod to Iris after shifting his focus from Devlin, remarking with "I'll be sure to drop in when I've got the time- which is to say, I think I'll have plenty of it until things start moving in force with all this Enclave business." He'd sighed, taking the last few healthy swigs of his nuka-cola before setting the empty bottle down on the table. With a shift of his weight, more relaxed the same as Devlin, he was back to focusing on Shiloh. "Already has saved my hide plenty of times in the Mojave Wasteland," He'd comment idly before growing quiet, observing and listening by this point.
Shiloh Shiloh looks down at the holodisk and frowns at it in consideration, "I uh...haven't really thought of a price. I figured you would offer something, and if I liked it, I'd take it." She tells Devlin after chuckling softly, "But we can pick a price and start the ol'back and forth haggle...much as I'd like some more lessons, kind of need the shinies to line my coffers with. So how about I start the bidding at...three hundred caps? They always say to start off with what you feel is high, least...that's what I think is said." She does glance over at Rolande and tells him, "You're here, so some congratulations are in order. You want anything else to drink?"
Iris Lark Iris looks confused but she covers it by ordering a cola from the bar tender. She scunches down a bit and just watches people talk amongst themselves, her crossed legs swinging idly to and fro. She glances briefly towards the door before she pulls her hat from her rucksack, settling it back on her head, and tucking a few stray wisps of hair behind her ears.
Devlin     Rocking his right hand back and forth, showing his uncertainty, he follows with saying "Now, while you say you need caps, caps are just a means to an end. What would you like? I'm able to pay in other means, and three hundred caps? A bit too much, I'd do closer to a hundred and a half." While Devlin was becoming somewhat amused by the seller which knew too little of what she was attempting to sell, he turns towards Iris, but then tilts his head slightly. "Hmm? If I didn't know any better I'd think you were trying to hide away or.." Lowering his tone drastically, he tries keep his next words hidden save for the one beside him at the bar, "..are you missing Lyn but don't want to depart just yet?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Devlin and her mouth forms a little 'o' when he murmurs to her. "I think you might be mistaken about a few things." She returns, her cheeks going pink as she turns away from Devlin and instead watches Shiloh's bartering methods. She finishes her cola and sets it aside, slipping to her feet and retrieving her rucksack. "Anyone else need any medical assistance before I head back to my store?"
Shiloh "Then a hundred and a half and it's yours. " Shiloh decides after winking at the man, correcting herself easily after Devlin's observations and opinions about her sales pitch. "As for what I'd like, going to be needing it for some new parts. Not so sure if you can find them or not...heck, even I'm having a hard time right now. Found an old military junker in a heap and trying to work on getting it up and running." She smiles over at Iris and shakes her head, patting a recent bandage gingerly, "I'm all good for now and I'll be sure to use that salve you gave me on them too. If you're heading back, keep safe alright? See you around later."
Rolande Rolande had kept to his silence in the interim, speaking up only after a short time had passed in response to Shiloh's question of him. He'd turned his attention on the young woman with a quick smile before shaking his head, leaning forward to put either gloved hand on the table and push to his feet. "I appreciate the offer, but I'll pass. I should head out myself and find a place to lay my head a while before the sun's out." With that, he'd collected the Ranger's helmet left on the table, tucking it underneath an arm before giving those present a wave. "Good to meetcha'all."
Iris Lark Iris tips her hat to Shiloh as she pulls on her jacket and she shrugs, tapping her hip where a plasma pistol is resting. "Oh, I'll be fine." She assures the other woman, slinging her rucksack over her shoulder. She offers Devlin a two finger salute, the tips of her finger touching her temple only briefly. "Safe travels to both of you as well."
Shiloh "You too!" Shiloh tells Iris and lifts her hand to wave at Rolande with a smile, "Alright then, maybe the next time I can spot you a drink. It was good meeting you too Rolande, keep safe and rest well." She twists back around and watches Devlin to see if he decides to take her up on the altered offer.
Devlin     Devlin, now slightly confused by Iris's twin reactions before she departed, simply shakes his heas a few times. Watching as Rolande departs, he nods towards the man before sagging back some, letting his attention fall onto the small girl that was left between the table and that section of the bar. "Now, you agreed to one and a half right? That's three small pouches." Lifting his arm from the counter, he slips his hand into his jacket and starts to unattach and lay out several bags of roughly the same size along the counter beside him. "These are your's once you hand over the disk and I make sure it's real and not a damaged variant."
Shiloh Shiloh looks as the pouches are set out and nods her head over at Devlin. "Seems fair to me." She stands up and walks over to sit down beside of Devlin at the bar, passing over the Holodisk in hand to him in the process. She looks down at the sacks curiously, trying to eyeball their weight with a thoughtful glance. "Haven't had the chance to test it exactly, but looks authentic enough to me. If it's not, then guess you saved me from wasting my time trying to do anything with it..."
Devlin     Taking the Holodisk gingerly, Devlin slips his sleeve back and clicks through a few settings until a section on his pipboy slides back, revealing four empty slots. Placing the new disk inside and closing the panel causes a hourglass symbol to appear until.. Status: Okay, appears next to Slot 4. "Yup, seems all good to me." Looking up to Shiloh, he motions for her to move along side him and take up the pouches filled with caps. "Those are all your's then. If you find more things out in the wastes, tell me, I might want them."
Shiloh Shiloh accepts the three sacks of caps offered to her and ties them to the tool belt around her waist, "Great then, thank you kindly. This will go a long way towards getting that monster up and running." She sits up and folds her arms to lean against the bar with a casual posture. "And sure thing. Don't really have any people I'm used to going to, so would be nice. Can't say that I won't inadvertantly try to gouge you on the prices though...sellings not usually my end of things, you know? But practice makes perfect."
Devlin     Extending his hand out, this time not hesitating, Devlin pats Shiloh on the shoulder twice before letting his hand drift off. "Now now, if I fall for it, then it's shame on me. If you stick to your guns too much and not shift the price, I might look elsewhere, simple as that." Turning his head to look at Shiloh, she would find him not looking at her eyes, but looking her over well from head to toe. Eventually, he shakes his head from side to side, more softly saying, "You're not ready for a long caravan trek, you'll likely get far too hurt after just the first ambush of raider.."
Shiloh Shiloh chuckles quietly and tells Devlin, "I figure that if I didn't spend anything to get it, then as long as I come out with something, then it's still a net gain...not worth making a huge fuss about it." When she notices Devlin's glances she looks down in mild confusion, checking to see if there are any new stains that she might have not noticed coming out of the mechanic shop. When Devlin says what's on his mind, she smirks and rubs the back of her neck, "You're...probably right." She agrees with him, "But Matt is saying that he might have some supplies I can look through that might help with that sort of thing. And the trip we're going to be going on in a few days isn't going to be too serious. Something about how all the strong front men are gonna be further down the trail and we might just end up picking off scraps from the rear."
Jacqueline The front door opens and shuts, admitting Jacqueline and her tool kit. Habitually, her dark eyes scan the room for familiar faces and malfunctions, as the latter are what usually bring her here.
Instead, she sees two people having an earnest conversation about caravan trips. She smiles and casually salutes the pair with two fingers, moving deeper into the room to look the robots and juke box over.
Devlin     Nodding lightly in agreement with Shiloh but then Devlin hums softly to himself, tapping at the girl's head gently. "Don't try to engage in a fight. Get a shotgun, hide in a enclosed wagon, shoot anything that pops into the wagon after you. Defense only, understand?" Arching a brow, he waits for Shiloh to reply though his eyes have already began to drift for a moment as an even younger girl with a tool kit makes her way into the saloon. Shrugging his shoulder, he lowers his hand onto the counter again to say, "Also, don't come here often alone nor when looking for work, do you know what this place is?"
Shiloh Shiloh raises a brow at the specific instructions Devlin gives her, but she breathes out a quiet 'huh' under her breath. "Alright." She agrees after thinking about it, "I'll try and do that. Long as it doesn't end up conflicting with any of my other orders, you know? Sounds like a smart plan." She does end up following Devlin's gaze and squints over at Jacqueline thoughtfully as if trying to place something, "It's a Saloon?" She tells Devlin distractedly, sounding a little confused. "Is up on the sign and all and serves drinks." She calls over to Jacqueline, "Jacqueline? Is that you?"
Jacqueline Jackie's looking over one of the serving robots when she hears Shiloh's call. Blinking at the familiar voice, she glances up and takes a long look at the blonde. "Shy!" she exclaims, setting her tool kit down so she can rush over and hug her taller kin. Which takes some stretching!
Devlin     With a flicking motion, Devlin motions towards several other patrons drinking with women who were shamelessly dressed before motioning up towards the upper levels where there were many side rooms, though there were no signs for renting a room for the night. "A saloon in part.." is said in part but then more quietly said, "..this is also a whore house, you might get mixed up as one. You're not armed or large enough to put up might of a fight against one of the drunks yet. You'll have to be taught in time." The smirk on his lips widens a bit before looking away, shifting between the two girls as they appeared to know one another quite closely from the hugged embrace. "Fast friends I'm guessin?"
Shiloh Shiloh grins when Jackie heads over to hug her and leans down to make it easier for her to return her. "How have you been doing, Jackie?" She wonders of her earnestly. She sits back up and glances over the girl, "Look at you! Seems like you're still growing up every time I see you! Becoming a real proper young woman you know. Feel free to sit with me and Devlin here." She gestures at Devlin with a free hand before she goes back to leaning on the bartop, "Just finished a business trade and talking about a caravan trip coming up. Probably haven't had a chance to hear it yet, but I got hired on with Lone Star Caravans. Mostly going to be around to help with repairs, but they were telling me that this is a trip that I'll probably be able to handle." She looks back at Devlin and blinks at that, glancing over at the women nearby. "Gotta be into some weird crap if they think the woman in a grease-covered jumpsuit's a whore...but yeah. If I can avoid a fight, then all the better right? Oh, this is my cousin Jackie, been a little while since I last got to see her. Could hardly even recognize her from a glance she's gotten so pretty!"
Jacqueline With her gecko-leather outfit, Jackie might have more of a chance of being mistaken for one of this establishment's professionals than Shiloh. On the other hand, the shotgun she habitually carries might discourage such conclusions, no matter how alcohol-fueled the jumper. She blushes a little under Shiloh's praise. "But your height and your hair will always make me totally jealous, Shy," she replies, hugging her cousin a little tighter. "You're working for the caravans now? I'd been trying to talk to someone about scouting work, since I have the Wanderer running and all."
She turns a smile on Devlin. "Better than friends; family!" she replies, turning and catching up her tool kit so she can join them at their table. "Do you work for the caravans too?"
Devlin     "Alcohol does wonders, there's a reason I said drunks and not just pushy patrons." Turning to Jacqueline, Devlin gives her a questioning look though he still extends his right hand, offering it to her once she releases Shiloh. "Jackie.. Jackie.. 'Lazy farm guard playing in a pond', Jackie?" is asked more than a little unsure if he was remember the name or the incident correctly, he was hearing it second hand at best and names often twist. "Name's Kyne either way, if you want to call me Devlin steadily, call me 'Mister Devlin', then we'll do just fine, and no. They haven't hired me, might worry I'll cost them too much as a guard, though if you're willing to protect your 'little' cousin here.." Closing his eyes briefly, he shrugs and motions towards the doors Matt walked out of not long ago, "They might hire you on."
Shiloh Shiloh smiles at Jackie and reaches up to pat at the bun she she's kept her blonde locks tied up in. "Who knows, you might hit a growth spurt one of these days!" She encourages Jackie, "Besides, you probably got an easier time than me trying to get into crampt places. Still kind of a task getting down and under a car for me...anyway, yeah, pretty much. At the very least part time work on their boards. I gotta show you what I found out in a junkyard later! Looks like a genuine, broken-down military robot! If I can get it up and going, Devlin and Matt won't have to be as worried about taking me out on some of these more dangerous treks." She looks back at Devlin and laughs partly at him, shaking her head to herself, "Might not be able to take much of a hit, but still think I could probably pull my weight if push came to shove...not -that- much weaker than the usual so and so."
Jacqueline "I think that would've happened by now if it was going to," Jackie replies wryly, shrugging. She's not /that/ much younger than Shiloh, after all! "Show me later? I'd love to see it!"
She blushes, hearing that comparison, though she still shakes Mister Devlin's hand. "It was a creek, and I wasn't lazy, I was bored," she replies. "I mean, I was just staring at a treeline most of the time. I had to do something before I went to sleep, and the water was cold enough to help me stay awake. Besides, I still helped a woman who hurt herself. How's that lazy?"
Devlin     With Jacqueline's quickness to explain and defend herself, Devlin doesn't try to hold back his chuckling as it causes his smirk to widen into a full grin as a hand moves in front of his lips. "That you went from guarding, to swimming to babysitter. You were a lazy guard, but a active babysitter." As the chuckles die out, the wide smile on his lips would remain prominent. Standing up, he walks around the pair but then pauses, moving a hand onto Shiloh's shoulder, tapping it twice, "Hun? If you had a sentry bot with twin-linked gatling guns of three-fifty-seven grade set to full auto against every possible threat.. I'd be worried about you being on some of the more dangerous treks. The issue isn't just weaponry, it's the mindset. If we get you some Gecko threads like your cousin here, it would be a nice start, but not too much better." Stepping away, he begins to head towards the door way, waving his hand behind himself as he says, "Now if you got shown how to use the business end of a shottie, that may change my mind, maybe even Matt's."
Shiloh "Maybe...but always a chance. Weirder things have happened..." Shiloh tells Jackie, before she glances around and whispers to her cousin, "Got to see this giant man turn into an even bigger mutant on the spot whenever I went down to Jack's Town. It was a real sight." She smiles and sits back up, "Keeping most of the parts for it in my room. If I start making more progress getting it together, might need to move it outside. But figure it's safest there." She does listen to the explanation with interest and eventually glances over at Devlin after her shoulder is tapped. She chuckles quietly and tells Devlin, "Alright, fair point. I'll keep trying to learn more either way. You heading out now then? Better keep safe if you are."
Jacqueline If anything, Jackie only blushes more. "I wasn't swimming, either. I was just wading. I was still watching the trees, just not sitting still to do it. And I wouldn't have kept my jacket on if I was swimming." Somehow the smile doesn't make her feel any better. Who knew trying to stay awake could be so... embarrassing?
She blinks at the description of the man. "I think I know that man," she replies, leaning close to Shiloh to whisper back. "Let's talk about it a little later?" Lifting her voice, she glances down at her weapon. "A shotgun? I think I can help a little there."
Devlin     "I got one arm, and a mood to shoot everyone who looks at my crossly, I'll be fine." Turning towards the pair, Devlin gives them a brief salute but then focuses his attention onto Jacqueline to say, "Take care of her now. Teach her to shoot Geckos until she needs to hop on that caravan. I'll be heading down a route myself in the next few days, need to make sure the route's clear. Don't tell Matt though, I doubt he knows of the subcontracting." Chuckling once again, he waves one final time to Shiloh and Jacqueline before disappearing through the doors.
Shiloh "Alright, your secret's safe with me." Shiloh tells Devlin, watching him head out the door. She looks back over at Jackie and tells her, "Don't worry, I'm sure he doesn't know what he's talking about." She grins and then nods her head, "Sure I can tell you more about the story. And if you could show me how to shoot one of them..." She points a finger at the shotgun casually, "I would be very grateful...though I...don't even really have one yet. Matt says he can probably find another BB gun for me to practice with but it depended on what we were stocked up on for anything else. Probably going to come on down to me finding one and buying it...or finding a broken one out in the wastes somewhere that I might be able to salvage."
Jacqueline Jackie waves to Devlin as the man makes his way out. "I think the geckos are gonna be in trouble, though," she says reassuringly to Shiloh. "It's not too tough to learn, a shotgun, and we can practice with mine 'til we can find one for you."
She looks after Devlin, then turns her attention to Shiloh once more. "I really was trying to stay awake," she murmurs.
Shiloh "Yeah, they don't seem too tough." Shiloh agrees with Jackie readily, though it does sound kind of like she's trying to convince herself of it. At her cousin's offer, she smiles at her, "Well, thanks. I appreciate it. If I find rounds for it, they'll be going towards the shots I gotta make up for practicing in the first place." There's a soft laugh and she tells Jackie, "I believe you. I feel like you'd be the best guard they'd have to hire and it sounds like you got the job done. But honestly...thinking about heading on back to the house and trying to get some rest. You want to come over and talk for a bit before we turn in?"
Jacqueline "We didn't get attacked, even though that poor woman did hurt herself," Jackie admits, smiling faintly. "So I did do a good job, even without my boots and pants. Maybe I can do just as good of a job as a teacher, at least with a shotgun."
She glances at the robots one last time. "Everything seems okay here, and I've got time. Sure, I'll come! It's not like we see each other every day, cousin Shy." She gets to her feet, picking up her toolkit and shotgun.
Shiloh Shiloh laughs quietly at the nickname, shaking her head to herself with a smile. She pays for a soda to carry out to go, and then leads Jackie to the door on the way out, "Great, it'll be just like old times. And you can tell me what all you've been up to, you know?" With that, she would go and lead the way down to Wayne Street to their family home.