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Devlin     As with many contracts in the region, Lone Star's Merchant Caravan was likely related though this time the organization were the client, not the target. A contract was issued to make sure a trail is clear for the caravans to pass through, the contract was only issued out to clear 'a' den which was housing a clutch of 'Fire Geckos that had migrated from the north which usually kept to themselves along cliff sides and caverns. Taking up the contract a week prior, Devlin has been healthier and had two working arms at the time and events, seeing as time changed that he looked out to hire others to help him complete the task at hand to lower the risk.

    Much of the journey towards the danger zone wouldn't be done on foot luckily, the Caravan that was to be traveling through the region sent out one driver without notable supplies to carry Devlin and any he claimed were part of his team, no matter how they appeared. During the trip, Devlin gave a briefing of not only the contract in more detail, but also his experience with 'Fire Geckos'.. "If we're lucky it's just a few small packs, they are faster than a Jetthead but also have just as much of a attention span. I've seen them get distracted from attacking a caravan just to chase a Boatfly, just because it was closer. These creatures can breath fire from glands in their throat, they can only do it in bursts before they start burning themselves so if you can avoid the first burst, try to finish it quickly, okay?" Looking around from face to face, Devlin looks at Iris and Lynnette, the later he makes more of a face towards but doesn't say anything just yet towards the woman.

    Once the wagon stops, Devlin pats the side with his good hand before standing up. "As agreed, they would take us most of the way, they don't wanna risk their wagons or drivers just to make sure we get close enough to not break a sweat." Standing up, Devlin shifts his weight and clenches his jaw as he hops over the side, knowing the impact would jostle his left arm that was still trying to heal despite being steadily abused. Looking up, he waves for the others to follow him, though a grimace was unmistakably pained on his face. "Lyn.. next time I agree to have ya along on a contract, we're ganna have to get you some body armor."
Vuk Vuk would be quite happy he didn't need to use his own Harley to get around, it made life easier, instead, he would spend most of the trip settled beside his power armor, murmuring quietly to him self about ...Satansoft sending these Fire Breathing Biogenetic weapons and the like. He has several firearms with him, a large calibre pistol, two long arms, spare munition strapped to his power armor..until they seemingly stop, and then he begins to suit up, power armor whining to life.
Iris Lark Iris follows along with the group, pistol held close to her body as she warily eyes the surroundings. She purposely stays behind the bodies in power armor, checking to make sure she's got supplies on her in case they're needed. She falls in step with Jackie, nudging her gently with an elbow. "Fancy seeing you here, trying to get more skin for armor?" She asks quietly as she grins at her friend.
Lynnette Well for some reason Lyn had decided to tag along on this little adventure. Maybe she was bored...maybe she was pitying Devlin. Who knows! All she knew was she could have been in bed still but instead out of the goodness of her heart she pulled on some clothes and joined up with some rather....bulky stuff in hand.

While on the wagon, there was no shame as she just got undressed with everyone there before pulling on....armor?! Where did the girl get armor? Don't ask questions.

When Devlin hopped out of the wagon she just smirked as she shook her head then. Plopping down out the wagon she'd grin at him then. "Well what do you call this....? You're just being cute...."
Lee     Lee was riding along with the others, but that helm kept sealed. Visor down, it'd be that simple black that would hide anything he might be feeling or where he's even looking. At Devlin's brief, there's a simple nod given and when they reach the destination, he simply hops out of the wagon with that dull thud. Crossbow is checked and prepped as he'd look to the others and wait, ready to follow orders it seems. Afterall, this wasn't his patrol.
Krysta      Krysta had not really said much of anything the entire trip. She stayed silent and distant. Not that she was putting up walls, she just did not appear to have an 'off' mode. On alert. On duty. On watch. Still, she wasn't tense per say. She was just very alert. And she made certain to be sitting as close to an exit as possible. So when Devlin got up and stood and slipped out as well, shouldering her rifle and waiting, watching him closely with those eerie violet eyes. As usual, her white hair was up in a mass of braids pinned to her head.
     Everyone had gotten a once over during their journey. Except for Lee. Lee, she seemed to be pointedly ignoring.
Jacqueline "I can't blame them," Jackie admits, glancing at the driver of her wagon over her shoulder. She's trying to keep hands close to her gear while doing some changing of her own; having arrived late and with unkempt hair, she'd apparently just thrown on her clothes, shoved things into a bag, and run for the wagon stop. "Most burden beasts panic around fire. On top of that, these things still bite like any other Geckoes. Just because they're not breathing fire doesn't mean they're helpless."
Finally ready, she drops over the side of the wagon and joins Iris, stifling a smile at the banter between Devlin and Lynnette. But her words are all for her healer friend. "I was thinking it might help to have someone along who'd dealt with problems like this. That horde wasn't made up of /fire/ geckoes, but it was still a lot of geckoes. I think we're more ready for them this time."
Devlin     "A play suit," is quickly chided back at Lynnette though he soon relaxes his jaw and looks away, though it was easy to tell the tension was passing by how was moves going forward. It was relaxing to have the banter but also the rather well armed squad behind him, who of which were trained Powerarmor Shocktroopers from the look about them. Glancing over his shoulder, he motions for both Lee and Vuk to step forward to act as the forward guard for the others.

    "The only reports were of a singular den, meaning a mother and a clutch of eggs, usually about a half a dozen, but in lean times they will eat their young to keep going." Rolling his tongue within his mouth, Devlin moves his good hand onto his holster, resting it onto his laser pistol, not yet drawing it out. "Keep your eyes open, while these two can manage to shrug off the flames, those of us not in sealed suits might get a bit cooked if we stand too close to them." Looking forward again, the man begins to assess the trail around them, the thinning foliage as they head towards the south but then he notices something.. Bringing up his hand in loose fist, he quickly motions to the side and into the distance, it wasn't anything special at their distance but it was a large mound, large enough to be a raised manhole. "Ants.. Try not to let shots go wild or things may be complicated, quickly."
Vuk Vuk will begin plodding along, servos hissing, the M4's safety disengaged, his HK slung at the low ready in case he decides to rapidly change what weapon he is employing. "Saint Sony will provide." he hisses to him self before glancing back at Iris. "My Beloved..remember to stay behind me."
Lee     Lee's helm com clicks for that external. "Roj." Checking the crossbow one last time, he'd move up as directed and once given a heading, would start out. While vuk had a gun.. Lee had a crossbow way too small for that power armor and the sledge on his back. Yeah.. guy doesn't exactly.. do.. range it seems. Then there's a question of why he's always hurt..
Lynnette Sighing she would just roll her eyes but stayed back behind 'boss man' as she just rested her shotgun on her shoulder. Looking around she would keep her eyes open and ears too but seemed to just be....standing there as she waited for orders from now. Looking to Iris she would just grin at her as she heard Vuk, not saying a word. :P
Iris Lark Iris glances around and she frowns a bit as she pauses. "There should be more here." She states and then when she starts walking again she adds. "I imagine if we follow the picked over corpses, we'll find the ants. They tend to drag dinner back home." She makes eye contact with Lynnette and grins before she offers Vuk a casual salute. "Unless I'm shooting something, sure." She says before she turns to grin at Jackie. "I don't know, but I guess we'll see sooner rather than later, right?"
Krysta      Krysta made certain to chamber a round and then simply nodded to Devlin, letting those well-armored members of the group to move forward. She was just here to shoot. But she also peered around to either side, just in case something unexpected popped up. Then she did notice something. And for the first time since they got in the caravan she spoke, her voice tight and official though by the tone she was talking to herself. "No targets in the vicinity. Rotters picked clean, though." She wasn't really talking to anyone. Iris had already taken care of announcing the situation so there was no point in popping up with 'i see it too!' like some idiot child. She did, however, turn completely around to face behind the group, walking backward with sure steps and looking specifically for weird shit behind them.
Jacqueline "I'll be careful, promise," Jacqueline says, taking her lever-action rifle into her hands and casting her gaze about. And giving Lynnette a sympathetic look.
She looks over the scene, frowning thoughtfully. "Nobody's eaten here in a while," she murmurs, grimacing as she gets a good look at the corpses on the ground.
Fortunately, Iris distracts her before her thoughts get too grim. "I have a feeling it'll be sooner than we'd like. Seems to be the way it always works," she replies, giving Iris a playfully gentle hipbump.
Lee     Lee glances at the bodies, then over at the women chatting. He'd sigh within his helm, then clicks that external comm on. "Ifn ants drag the bodies back.. this ain't them. This is somethin else.. they'd keep this clean.. So.. keep alert, yah?" Lee kept walking, although his voice is friendly enough as he'd keep scanning ahead of them while leading that pack with Vuk.
Devlin     Glancing around them, Delvin notices nothing was too close by but lightly shrugs his shoulders before continuing on behind the forward guard. Moving his hand to his pistol, he drew it out but left it to hand at his side while the cell begins to charge the coils. "This is a bit off putting, stick to the trail, anything off the trail that doesn't come after us -isn't- our problem unless it's a Gecko, then kill it on sight."

    That's when it happens.. a Gecko with red and black scales crawls to the surface from along side the road, revealing a small tunnel. The creature wasn't even knee high to most of the women along the trip but it pauses mid dash across the road to turn and stare at the two walking suits of metal.. and part it's stance and its arms, making itself seems larger before hissing loudly! (As loud as a foot tall Gecko at twenty feet could) The creature wouldn't advance but appear to be standing it's ground against invaders, snapping its jaws in a threatening manner.
Lynnette Welp Lyn didn't see a need in repeating herself as it seems the others saw what was up with the other situation. However when they were walking along and came across that gecko that was being all hissy she'd come to a stop. "Um...." Pull that shotgun from resting on her shoulder she started to look around. "Guys....I think.....he's calling for back up....." Looking around she'd keep her eyes peeled for anymore of the little buggers. "I think we need to either shoot the mofo or get the heck..."
Vuk Vuk raises his M4 to a shoulder, aligning the red dot with the Gecko and letting two quick shots bang out, some day, he might consider acquiring a silencer for the dependable assault rifle. Two impacts, blood splashes and Vuk begins to follow after the wounded Gecko. "It should lead us to the others." He announces, or it seems he truly believes this. "Hopefully before it bleeds out."
Devlin     The Gecko, reacted physically oddly to the shots, while the first one ripped into it's leg, causing it to run at a lopsided gant, the other round in the other leg wasn't noticed as much, the creature's scales caused the round to have quite a bit of difficulty at piercing the hide. Not looking to fight any more, the Juvenile Fire Gecko ran off down the road but was now moving off to one side, trying to look for something, likely another burrow, all the while screeching it's head off.
Krysta      Krysta blinked Vuk started shooting at the crazy ass gecko... He landed some hits but it was still alive. One pale eyebrow lifted at Vuk's comment that it would lead them to the rest. That was his plan? Piss off the giant lizard then follow it to more giant lizards? She sighed and stepped forward, ending up even with the power armor suits and simply opened fire. She nailed the damn thing in the back but it was still alive.. And fast as hell. "Che. Damn thing's crazy. Just kill it. That's the mission."
Devlin     Flicking his gaze from Vuk to Krystam Devlin doesn't realize what was being said and slightly tunnel visioned, lifting his sidearm and took aim quickly at the now badly wounded creature. The ray of focused light easily pierces through the Gecko's hide, through the back and faintly into the remaining blacktop. The Gecko this time doesn't keep moving but falls over with a slid, it's own momentum making it travel a few more inches. "There, at least that's one now.." Turning around he looks at Lynnette, wondering what she has said, "What were you saying? Something about backup?"
Jacqueline "She did... and she's right. I'd know that posture anywhere," Jackie says, frowning after the dead gecko. "He's got friends around someplace. Those tunnels I'm seeing in the rocks and depressions? They like those." She steps forward as well, her rifle held ready, eyes sweeping the surrounding ground. "Oh... good shot, Mister Devlin," she adds hastily.
Lee     Lee watches as the beast gets taken down. Shaking his head with a grunt, he'd swap to that sledge as he'd eye the path. "Great.. that means more's comin.. fer sure.." He'd look to the others through that helm, nodding a little towards Jackie and he'd prepare himself, moving forward again. The external comm gets clicked on. "Then we keep goin. That one was tryin ta ward us off.. and it wasn't afraid of us.. So.. that means more's comin now. I'm sure."
Iris Lark Iris frowns as people keep saying that more geckos are coming. "Lets try to get ready then, and protect the goods, yeah?" She says, moving closer to Lynnette and Jackie. "I hope everyone is good on ammo.." She says, checking her pistol before she gazes around, looking for any indication that they're being set upon by geckos.
Lynnette She'd blink a few times as she saw the gecko get knocked down a peg. Looking to the guys she would grin a bit then smiled. "Nice shot!" Licking her lips she'd look around then but agreed with Lee. "I think he has a point so.....let's try not to get our asses handed to uh, hm?"
Vuk Vuk watches the gecko go down before letting his M4 dangle from it's strap and the HK is brought up, sweeping between what is apparently..their caves? He is aware this could be a tricky situation. "Stay close Iris my beloved, and remember you opted to coerce me out of farming to be useful yet again." He might be teasing, it is hard to say with the mechanical growl of his voice through the armor's speakers.
Devlin     Hiss..! Hiss! Hissss..! The sound began to come not just from one spot, but some of the hissing was coming from under their feet. The sound of gunfire and warning hisses was enough to set off a rather dangerous situation. From the old tunnel another Gecko appeared, small like the first.. then a second.. then three slip free from another tunnel. Further down the route more small Geckos constantly appear, counting almost a dozen in total worst yet.. the sand in the distance was moving, a meter and a half tall gecko slips from the sand, it's chosen sleeping spot due to the amassed hissing and seemed more than a little confused until he saw two walking sets of powerarmor and began to charge, it's inch long fangs, baring at the invaders.
Devlin     Looking down at the ground and seeing one of the younglings slaughtered before her, the massive gecko doesn't hiss but lowers down almost to the ground and charges. Rapidly moving in a weaving pattern, the mature gecko leaps into the air and directly onto Vuk's powerarmor, attempting to sink its fangs into the metal encasement and rip it off with only minimal effect, the second attempt at biting the walking metal man's head causes it to miss, but continue to crawl around on the man snarling.
Lee     Lee grunts as the big'un rushed Vuk right next to him. He'd swing, then again. "Blast it.. hold fraggin still!" With that, Lee finally manages to connect with a solid smash of the hammer to the middle of it's chest, knocking it off to the side and to the ground. It'd definitely be messed up now, but it's going to take a moment to recover from that it seems!
Krysta      Krysta watched the creature take after Vuk. She didn't even look at Lee, simply stepped back and to one side as he barreled past her to slam the thing off his Power Armor Brother. She didn't waste time, though after Lee bashed the ever loving sense out of the thing. Rather she stepped up, put her boot on it's dazed head and fired. Then her weapon came up and she nailed another in the head with her rifle, making the thing stumble around shaking its head. She let out a small 'che.' Her violet eyes were like amethysts and tough she appeared bored, anyone paying attention would see a cold enjoyment of this whole affair.
Devlin     Still recoiling from being shot in the face, one of the group of four wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, it couldn't even see straight or hear. The others of its small pack aren't as limited. Rushing forward, the Geckos split into three directions but sadly two of the three don't get rewarded for their hunt, the third.. the third has quite a bit of luck. While Devlin was trying to back away from the spiralling creature, it thrusts it's needle like claws sideways while lashing away, lodging them not only through his outer jacket but past the layers of protection and buries its claws into the man's groin and dangerously close to something else before ripping free, leaving the man more than a bit off guard and the man barely able to not scream out in pain.
Devlin     The second pack of geckos proves to have much more luck hunting, while they are lost to the trickery of the tin man with the large mallet though the softer targets wearing the pelts of other Geckos didn't fair as well. Sinking tooth and claw into the two girls, each of them manage to get a taste of fresh blood, and now show no signs of wanting to give it up.
Iris Lark All hell has broken loose and there are geckos everywhere attacking anything that they can get their claws and teeth into. Iris raises her pistol to fire, duckng around the carnage as she makes an attempt to find decent cover. Streaks of plasma flare out as she puts pressure to the trigger and one of the geckos falls dead, twitching as it bleeds out.
Devlin     With each pack of Geckos there was another reaction to the geckos, while some looked for flesh others wished to attack the thing that crippled their brood mother.. Lee. All at once, three Geckos bite and snapped and clawed at the man's armor to little progress, one managed to slightly scratch the paint.
Jacqueline This could be going better: The group is getting /swarmed/ by fire geckoes, and nobody knows it better than Jackie. /Two/ of the little monsters are trying to snack on her! One doesn't do so hot, all but tripping over its own feet, but one of its nasty kin grazes her head as it leaps in, making her stumble back under its weight. That'll leave a nasty bruise. As she tries to regain her balance, it lunges from behind and its teeth close on her upper thigh painfully, raking as it returns to the ground. As if it's adding insult to injury, the little monster tears out most of the seat of her pants with its weight, leaving her pink underpants and some bleeding, bare thigh showing.
Gritting her teeth to keep back tears of pain, Jackie levers her rifle and opens fire. But it looks like she's having no better luck than the first gecko, missing entirely. "Can we... get out of this? If there are more of them... I don't know if we'll survive!"
Vuk Vuk's auto senses are highlighting enemies; it isn't hard, they are distinctly -not- human, and he hasn't programmed in as friendlies in this situation, and thus he will turn the firearm towards Lee and the swarm pouring over him and bark. "Brace!" Before the HK Roars, buckshot spraying out, shells ejecting rapidly to the dirt beside him, and an empty magazine clanging to the ground. Another one is inserted as he turns about, calculating the likelyhood of -more- Geckos swarming from the nearby terrain. "Iris! There is every possibility I may have hit friendlies." At least he's honest.
Devlin     The hissing and the gunfire locked Devlin's focus much closer to home, the Gecko that ripped open his groin.. Taking hasty aim at the creature before him, Devlin uses a few too many charges against the creature, as shown by the four seering holes and boils along the lizard's skin even as the man staggers back a half a step before bringing his hand to his groin, attempting to slow the bleeding. "Of all fucking.." a hiss seeps through his teeth while looking around for what other critters were close by.
Lynnette Well needless to say Lyn was not please by the sudden outpouring for geckos. "Aw hell..." She'd keep herself somewhat out of the way until she got it good in the torso and leg. "Shit!" Well that was gonna leave a mark. And trust me...she wasn't happy about that. Once steadying herself, she'd look over to see one near Iris. "...oh no you don't!" Once she would steadied herself, she would wince but pulled that trigger to blasted it away. Turning her gun quickly, but too quickly, she aimed for the one by Lee but....miss. "...dang it."
Krysta      Krysta narrowed her eyes looking for her next target, only to hear Vuk shout 'Brace~' at Lee. She sweatdropped and ducked to the side just to be sure. And still there was one on Lee, but the new Militia Recruit simply looked at him with those cold calm eyes and then turned her rifle on the gecko by Lynnette. Lee was going to question her tomorrow anyway. now he would have something to be angry about. Let the gecko gnaw on him. >:|
Devlin     Following in Krysta's actions, Devlin moves his hand away from his groin long enough to take aim at the now wounded Gecko, letting loose another ray into the small creature causing it to slump over rather than snapping at Lyn's thighs any longer. Jackie would see a sudden flash of light and the Gecko poised to pounce on her once again staggers to the side, favoring one more so than the other. The remaining gecko near the girls chose the path of the survivalist! ..It ran screaming. The wounded gecko near the pair likewise now turned tailed and ran but notably slower than the healthy one.

    There was one brave soul left locked in combat with Lee, it was shot badly but it held on. Looking down at the tin can, it didn't bite at his visor but opened its mouth and hisses hoarsly, the sound is followed but my gout of flames, blinding Lee briefly with the brightness and thermal pressure. Once the flames passed by, the oils dripped harmlessly off of the suit of powerarmor, not a bit of the heat was hot enough to sink down far enough nor did the oil manage to bring the flames inside the suit.. leaving sooty scuff marks on the helm as the only signs of the assault.
Lee     Lee grunts as the swirling brawl is just that. At least no one is crying out in death. That's something. He'd clear the local area. Or was that shots? Who knows. Most of them are falling and the geckos are starting to turn tail. Although this punk? He tried to burn him! The internal HUD shows an elevation of temprature briefly, then nominal conditions. "Ya just scuffed up my armor!!" He'd try that swing at the elusive lizard only to have it dodge. From there, he'd go after Iris' buddy, smashing it with that hammer as it'd hit the dirt like he had done before. "Get!"
Jacqueline It's no small amount of relief to the beleaguered Jackie when one of her attackers is blown away, and the other gets blasted and begins limping away. She's still in pain and bleeding and feeling a draft, but at least there's a light at the end of this miserable tunnel.
But not everyone's out of the woods. Despite the incredible temptation to finish off her retreating tormentor, she notices that Lee needs help more. Turning, she levers a shot into her rifle, shoves the muzzle into the space where the little horror's tail meets the rest of its hinder, and pulls the trigger. The result is a splatter of fire gecko innards, a screech, and a flopping fire gecko on the ground, missing a leg and bleeding out.
And a disgusting mess on Lee's faceplate. Jackie grimaces. Awkward... "Um, I have something that'll get that right off! It's in my bike bag... back at my shop. Fudgesicles... sorry, Lee."
Iris Lark Iris fires off two shots at two different geckos, stumbling along as she tries to avoid fire and teeth. After she fires the second time she upends herself and falls backwards landing on her ass. A brief muttering of swear words follwos and she pushes to her feet, continuing to move to stay safe.
Lynnette "Oh no you don't!!!" Lyn took aim again at that gecko that was trying to make a run for it. Smirking she'd just take her time and then pulled that trigger and boom! Right up it's butt! It wasn't what she was aiming for but hey, it took it down permanently. Giggling she would slowly lower her gun as she tilted her head a bit and smiled. "Well....there we go."
Devlin     Death was all around them now though they paid the cost: several of their team.. Devlin, Lynnette and Jacqueline were bleeding, Lee was still on fire but also covered in Gecko bile from the one that shot, Iris would have her work cut out for her for the trip back to the settlements tending to the wounded, Krysta had yet to 'accidentally' shoot Lee, and Vuk was down quite a few rounds and having to pay for scuffing Lee's new set of powerarmor! There was a boon, everyone was alive.. all the Geckos were dead.

    Returning to the relay point, a driver was waiting with a caravan shotgun in hand, poised to defend himself if need be. The tarp to cover the top of the wagon had been set up, allowing the passengers to have some shade on the long trip home. There was a mixed blessing with the contract, goods were divided among themselves but to keep the peace, Devlin took out part of the contracts payment and divided it among those that preferred hard caps than other supplies, giving each of them a hundred caps for services rendered.

    "I'm starting to wonder if I should even be walking around this region without a suit like you two. Sometimes this.. this doesn't cut it" is said begrudgingly towards Lee and Vuk but he doesn't look towards them.
Jacqueline Carefully sitting in a corner of the wagon box with her posterior against the two walls there, Jacqueline sighs wearily. "Tell me about it, Mister Devlin... tell me about it."
Vuk Vuk will let the safety re-engage on his firearms before moving to follow Iris, ignoring the others. He had nothing to communicate, there was no further threats, but his beloved was going to have to work on people, so he would simply make sure she was safe.
Iris Lark Iris checks her supplies and offers healing to anyone who heads to where she's going, which is looking more like Acme, when she splits off from the group. She turns briefly to give a salute and a smile, before she turns to continue walking.
Lee     Lee would work to get himself put out before approaching the others. It's not like the armor would actually get hurt by it. More an annoyance than anything. That done, he'd help the others as he needed to. Easily able to even carry the women if needed with that armor. As it did add to his own strength. "Time to get back."
    Once they were back 'home', Lee makes sure they're tended to, eyes Krysta, then heads off himself. "Devlin, if you want training, let me know."
Lynnette Putting her gun on her shoulder, she'd wrap that free arm around her torso before getting back to the wagon. Of course once they were all there, she'd just be quiet for now as she shook her head. "....over it...." When she got as close as she could to Jack's town, Lyn would hop off and just grunted. "...ow...." And off she went back to that lovely little town.