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Alpha     Alpha moved into that sheriff department with a sigh. Shaking his head, he'd go to one of the desks to fill out paperwork with a small frown. "Man.. starta job and they throw this crap at ya.. ain't what I signed up fer.. that's fer sure.."
Roxie Roxie sits at her own desk with her feet up on the edge and her hat pulled down over her face. Both arms sit across her dirty vault jumpsuit with it's faded yellow numbering and details. "Dont they know ninety percent of the people doin' this job can't read? Nevermind write."
Alpha     Alpha glances over at Roxie, then snorts. "I dunno.. But lemme tell ya.. this whole.. Ashur thing? Buncha crap that.. Akane's out. Ashur already took his payment from her. So.. it's done. He paid Lyn fer the bar.. So there ain't nothin left ta do with it. At least that's somethin I guess, huh?"
Roxie Roxie pushes up the wide brim of her hat to peer at Alpha with one milky dead person eye, "Jus' paid it off? Well that's a hell of a thing... better off prolly." Her hand moves to put it back over her face while she adjusts her shoulders to find a more comfortable position in the wooden seat. "I was gonna kill'em, so it's prolly better he did."
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head and returns to his writing. "Eh.. ya heard he's the one that slugged it out, toe ta toe with that spider mecha the Enclave sieged El Dorado with? Fragger was up on it, punching it. So.. ifn ya tried? It'd have ta be somethin real good.. But.. yeah. He totally accepted he did what he did and paid her in full fer the damages. As for Akane.. I ain't gonna say what he did to her.. but she paid. beyond full."
Roxie "Punchin' a mecha..." Roxie snorts and shakes her head, "I aint sayin' he's not the punchiest puncher to punch a punchbowl, but he ain't fuckin' bulletproof, an I ain't bad at shootin' like the god damn Enclave..." A little huffing sound beneath her hat, "Not easy, but not impossible either... but it aint necessary now. Too bad tho, he'd have been good eaten' for months."
Alpha     Alpha pauses again, peering over at Roxie with a raised brow. "Eh..? He's FEV loaded.. I dun think yer wantin ta be a mutant ghoul, huh?" Shaking his head, he'd frown then shrugs. "I dunno how that crap works.. But.. good ta know. I'll keep ya in mind ifn I get inta another shoot out."
Roxie "I ain't worried about all'at science shit... nobody misses mutants." Roxie doesn't raise her hat, remains hidden beneath it, arms crossed. "Eat a school child an' everyone wants to burn you with torches and chase ya out of town at the point of a scattergun..."
Alpha     Alpha smirks, shaking his head a little and finishes up that report. "Welp.. least I can tell Jack it's done.. He'll be happy ta know it's all chill now. And just gotta get help ta get Lyn's bar patched up.." He'd shrug a little and shakes his head. "I'm sure ya could tell me 'bout a lotta stuff like that.. eh?"
Roxie "Cleanin' up bars?" Roxie pushes her hat up, one desicated brow raised over a milky eye, "The fuck do I kno- oh you mean eatin' children? Sure, yeah.." That's far less insulting than ''cleaning''... "I been to some of them wild ghoul tombs.. old vaults where folk done went canabal." She turns and spits something horrible and destinctly innerard like into a brass spit bucket.
Alpha     Alpha eyes.. it. He'd shudder a little and shake his head. "Ah.. yah. That. Man.. that would have ta suck.. and I thought bein a raider was rough.." Shaking his head, he'd frown and then finally shrug. "So.. what was yer thoughts on that whole mess? I know ya weren't wantin ta do the bounty.. what were ya wantin ta do?"
Roxie Roxie takes her hat off her head seeing as there wont be no napping and tosses it on the table to run her fingers through her wire thin hair, "I want a mound of bottlecaps an' a beach that aint got no murder animals crawlin' out of it. I want a house what aint built from wood so god damn old, it could be a national treasure. I want to get drunk, have tons of bad sex with someone that they'll call ''pity fuckin'' an' go to sleep tellin' myself tomorrow's gonna be better."

Her feet remain up on the corner of the desk, "I been alive long'nuff to assure you shit ain't gettin' better cus we got a sheriff an' office.. We ain't the god damn postman. Five years an' we'll still miss the new season of Will and Grace... so what I ''want'' an' what it is ''likely'' are virtually not on the same field... they're better the same damn sport."
Alpha     Alpha stares at Roxie for a long moment.
    He'd sit back in his chair, staring at the desk for a second before shaking his head a little. "I know. I ain't lookin ta try ta stop jack.. Just try ta keep this place from fallin down.. that's it. Fraggers can use whatever they want ta kill each other.. Just outside town. That's my only request. Thought about puttin up a ring of stones and tellin people no large caliber arms use past that point. Includin a note of this means you, Ashur."
Roxie "Gonna require some enforce'n if we plan on disarmin'em." Roxie traces a finger down the seam of her jumper, "But it'd certainly cut down on shootin' inside Jack's. Less paperwork in the long run, which is good, since readin' an' writin' is so questionable anyhow."
Alpha     Alpha waves his hand. "I ain't wantin ta even try ta disarm em. Just tell em ifn they use anythin bigger than a pistol, they're gonna get shot. Straight ta the point, eh?" He'd shake his head with a chuckle. "they can keep em. But ifn they dun wanna be shot, they keep it ta small stuff."
Roxie "..." Roxie eyes Alpha, "The hell for." As if to demonstrate her point, she reaches to one of the MANY holsters she's wearing to grab and hold out her big ass Desert Eagle. "You know what the fuck this'll do to a man?"
Alpha     Alpha shrugs. "Kill em. But it ain't as bad as a fraggin sniper rifle or some other crap like that, eh? No long arms. Although.. yer right. Should prolly keep it ta 9mm or less.."
Roxie "Should jus' disarm'em..." Roxie isn't sheriff though, "You ever heard'uh Wyatt Earp an' Dodge City? Same thing.. take their weapons, bring law.. we're a god damn wild city full'uh gun tote'n crazies."
Alpha     Alpha shrugs slightly. "Yep. So you wanna have ta track all of em? And what happens ifn someone comes along and steals some? Then we gotta figure out who's stealin em, eh? Lot worse.. and this fraggin crap pile.. Jack's words.. ain't worth it. Why I'd just post up that ifn they use too big a caliber in their totin craziness? They get shot.. Simple, straight ta the point."
Roxie "Or if they have a gun on... we remind them, possibly disasterously, that the law says they cant.. but tha's jus' my opinion on tha matter." Roxie shrugs, not overly invested in even her own idea. "Jus' sayin you can kill a person jus' as well wit a 9mm."
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head a little. "We're suppose ta work together. Ya got assigned here ta have yer ideas heard too. eh? So.. I'm listenin Roxie. Whatcha just said? That's why I'm tryin ta start with by narrowin it down. Raider's gonna carry what they're gonna carry. Ifn we seem reasonable in makin it small arms.. then they're more likely ta do it, than shoot us, yah?"
Roxie "Reasonable smeasonable... Put our god damn foot down." Roxie corrects, "We are dealin' with worse than the other boroughs, so we gotta be a lil more heavy handed with it. Like ya said, raiders gonna carry what they gonna carry, so it'll be easy to pick'em out an' put'em in jail or fix'em up with a tombstone."
Alpha     Musing, Alpha shrugs. "Works. A'right. So.. what? Unless yer parta the law, no lethal devices? Ifn we can guns, they'll bring the axes.. Because.. who's sensable and just goes unarmed, eh?" He'd chuckle then, shaking his head. "I ain't gotta problem with it. We gonna license those we'll allow ta have a weapon? Prolly any of the business owners 'round here.. Fer the guys who dun wanna listen ta us.."
Roxie "We could charge a few for weapons of 9mm caliber?" Roxie shrugs a little, "It's a lil' dirty, but gettin' some side caps is one of the perks of the job..." Bribes. If anyone was under the impression Roxie is altruistic, they were very wrong.
Alpha     Alpha snickers. "Works. Hmm.. rent em. Ifn they wanna have it.. they pay fer it monthly. We'll tag em so it's clear they're rented too.. eh?"
Roxie Roxie snap points at Alpha, "Buffer the ''county'' funds wit' a cut shot back at the Mayor an' now we're cookin' with caps." The Ghoul grins devilishly, "Ya got a gun wit no license, ya spend a night in the jail.. pay a fine.. lose yer guns permanently, what we then auction off every couple months.. money, law, good arrest numbers? Win, win, win."
Alpha     Alpha grins back at Roxie. "I like it.. Sounds perfect ta make sure there's peace here.. Anyone arguin with it simply gets shot.. Then we can loot the body and sell off their crap in the auction anyways."
Roxie Another snap point, "Now yur thinkin' economically. This is a thankless job, law'n order. Best to make the most of it by bein' vaguely corrupt."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles, shrugging. "Who said anythin 'bout vague? I am corrupt.. I ain't gonna try ta hide that fer someone else ta feel better. But.. I'm the one with the star, eh?" He'd muse, then gives an upnod Roxie's way. "Hey. Ya'll cool with givin Lyn a pass?"
Roxie "Givin' the woman with the establishment makin' all the caps a pass?" Roxie cants her head a little at Alpha, "You tryin'uh hit that?"
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Roxie, shrugging. "Ain't no tryin ta it, eh? But I'm just talkin her gun. Anyone else gotta pay the fee, yah?"
Roxie "Far be it from me to stand in tha way of bedroom time..." Roxie holds her hands up, "Yer' the gold star, ya wanna give the slash a pass, tha's not my business."