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Qwillis     Qwillis finally popped the lock on that bunker! It had taken nearly a month, but he was finally in! Inside, he'd started repairing the machines that was part of the bunker and part of why it was so hard to get in. This would be where he's found now, working on one of those generators to get it moving again so he can access more of the place it seems.
Akane      Akane was out walking, despite carrying a walking stick so she could keep from irritating her ankle again. Or rather worse. And came upon a bunker. What's this? Someone was inside too it looked like. She set her stick down slowly and silently and drew her pistol... Slowly approaching and putting her back to the wall before turning and peering inside, leading with the gun of course.
Qwillis     Qwillis is oblivious to Akane coming up on him. He was focused on what he was doing and that included that blow torch cutting something in the machine. His hand was steady. Afterall, it was a machine. That made it easy to keep it steady. He was holding a shield up to his eyes with the other hand, so he didn't go blind while looking closely at his work to make sure he did the right cut here.
Akane      Akane raised an eyebrow as she spotted the cutter and that leg. She sighed and lowered her pistol. Still leaning against the wall of the bunker she let out a tense breath... and thumped her head back hard enough to give herself a headache and make a loud THUNK.
Qwillis     "ACK!!" Qwillis starts at the thunk, falling over with a quick twist to cut off the burner at least. He'd come up with that needler pointed towards the noise, staring at Akane confused. "Wha..?" Blinking, he'd shake his head a little. "Ah.. sorry. You just knocked. I was kind of lost in my work. Can I help you?"
Akane      Akane blinked several times at that needler but didn't shy away or run. In fact, she simply stood there like was waiting for him to actually fire. Her face was obscured by her new mask but still, it was a similar expression either way. She sighed. "Sorry." And slipped her mask off as she stepped into the bunker to get out o the sun, limping a bit. "I was on a walk in the country enjoying Nature and found a random bunker."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles sheepishly and lowers the needler. He'd shake his head and puts it away. "Yeah. Uhm. My fault. I should of been paying more attention. THe bypass overlay for the restructured flow through is clogged though and I have to remove it so I can get a new one in there. Add in years of solidifying grease and.. well.. blow torch." Standing to his feet, he'd dust himself off. "I know you.. Akane, right? I think we met the other day?"
Akane      Akane tilted her head faintly, peering at the blow torch and the bit he was working on. But then he was asking about meeting her and she simply nodded. "All I did was hand you tools at the farm. I wasn't much help. And I was never a farmer." She took that mask off, her bruised up face was slowly fading but still enough that she felt more comfortable behind the mask. But she was more interested in taking a drink so. Off it went.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response, musing. He'd watch Akane take off the mask and looks at her curiously while she'd take her drink. "Are you alright? There's a couple of medics in town that could probably help you with that.."
Akane      Akane took her drink before stashing it again and shook her head. "I'm a medic. I just don't feel like caring about the stitches again." Screw it. she'd have a scar. She peered at Qwillis for a moment and took a breath, trying to not be hostile. "Sorry. Just had a rough few days."
Qwillis     Qwillis rubs the back of his head, shrugs and sits down, motioning to the pallet, presumably where he lays down at it seems. "Want to talk? I've been spending the last month trying to break into this place. So other than helping Iris out.. and then having her tell me I'm giving up.. I've been out of touch. I'll be happy to listen."
Akane      Akane's eyes twitched in a slight narrowing as he invited her to talk, almost like she expected a trap. But she had to get off that ankle and simply moved to sit. She seemed to ponder him for a long time, though she was clearly stiff. "I shot that brute Ashur. He ripped up the cantina. I spent a few days in jail." She didn't specify where in all that she'd gotten hit. Or shot. Or hit again. Or her ankle, but hey, she wasn't telling him off at least.
Qwillis     Q raises a brow, listening to Akane. He'd tilt his head to the side slightly, then shakes his head. "Well. Ok then. I guess he probably said something legiony and obnoxious for you to shoot him. But you're ex-legion, so most likely he followed up on you shooting him too. That'd explain the contusions as well as the bruising." Frowning, he'd finally shake his head with a soft sigh. "Sounds like you had it rough. I'm sorry you had to go through that."
Akane      Akane tilted her head faintly but simply nodded to his assessment. Then she gave a short laugh and waved a hand. "He hit me a few times. But so did Lynnette. Anyway, this is nothing. You should see my back." She wasn't just acting or being brave. She really saw a teeth-rattling backhand as nothing. As if she'd stubbed her toe. "It'll heal. My skin is just pale and likes to mark." She peered at him for a bit then offered him a drink of her water. "So what are you doing with the bunker?"
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns. "Your back? I see your collar is gone too. From the bruising, I'm guessing that Ashur had an effect on that as well? Considering density of the metal compared to his strength.. the bruising does match." He'd smile his thanks and takes the water, taking a drink and returns it to Akane. "Thank you. As for the bunker.. I had lost my first lab. So I found a place to make a new one at. The most pressing concern is Dunwich. The mist is spreading and now that El Dorado isn't under siege.. We need to deal with it. Promptly."
Akane      Akane nodded to his comment about Ashur. "Oh twisted it off my neck with his bare hands." She shook her head, eyes cast to the side for a moment. But then she just sighed softly as she listened to him talk about using the bunker for a lab. And then she furrowed her brow. "The Mist.. what's that? It sounds like something from an old legend."
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses, then shakes his head. "Yes. That sounds about right from my study of his capabilities.." He'd muse a moment, then blinks at Akane's question, raising a brow. "The Mist? It.. ah.. I guess you haven't seen Dunwich then. There's a.. well, people use haunted, but it's just a high level of pychokinetic energy focused on the lost city of Dunwich. Apperitions, sounds, visual illusions are all involved with anyone that goes into that area. The typical blood on the wall and other nasty things of course." Qwillis waves that metal hand dismissively. "Ultimately? There's something focusing that energy into a dark focus. The Mist started recently. It's a fog that brings darkness with it. Literally. It's darker in the mist. It's spreading. There's word of people going missing.. a cult worshiping it.. all sorts of the usual insanity humans do."
Akane      Akane listened intently to Qwillis' words, focused, but not excited or interested in the usual sense. Her expression darkened a bit as he explained wht was happening. She mumbled, just barely audibly. "Wrath of Mars, Fist of Poseiden...." She chewed on her thumbnail for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. "I thought it was just bullshit to make the priestesses feel special..."
Qwillis     Qwillis studies Akane, then nods her way. "Well? Share? Information even if laiden with religious conotations is still useful for determining factors of what reality we are dealing with. If we have any sort of way to get ahead of this thing to stop it? I'll take it. Even if it's myth and stories."
Akane      Akane looked up at Qwillis as if he was crazy then shook her head. "I doubt it would be helpful. I was groomed by the temples. There were stories about mists and monsters all the time but. This was referred to as the Wrath of Mars, the Fist of Poseiden. Because it was Legion's enemies that were affected. So the priestesses thought Mars - the God of War -- was angry and so had asked his brother Poseidon - God of the Seas -- to punish the enemies. I had to prepare a few sacrifices for rituals but other than offering Mars more blood to make it worse on you guys... I don't know anything." Religious babble.
Qwillis     Qwillis muses thoughtfully, nodding slowly. "Interesting. Still there's a relationship there that may actually be viable. Did you hear reports of actual increase in negative activity with us with the sacrifices of the people that were done? I wonder how long an increased activity would be accounted for with the release of additional phychological energies.."
Akane      Akane shook her head slowly. "Of course there was. The temples could never be discredited. And I was nothing but a slave. I couldn't even look the High Priestess in the face. But the blood was collected, some was given to the commanders, supposedly to protect them. If the sacrifice was willing and young it protected them.If not they made it slow and..... bad. But that was used on weapons." She pulled her knees to her chest and rested her forehead there quietly. She didn't want to talk about it but she'd answered his question anyway.
Qwillis     Qwillis winces. "Sorry. Probably bad memories. I didn't think of that so I do apologize, Miss Akane." He'd muse for a moment, shaking his head a little. "Pychosemantics then. With some propaganda. Not sure how valid the information would be.. and I'm not willing to sacrifice someone for it." He'd frown, then sighs, watching Akane. "We can speak of something else. I do not wish to cause you distress."
Akane      Akane shook her head again. "It's not your fault. You asked and I do want to help." She let it drop. Lifting her head she sighed softly. "You don't have to call me Miss either. I'm not that respectable. Just Akane is fine. You know.. you can remove that corrosion with some cola right?"
Qwillis     Qwillis shrugs a little, then smiles faintly. "Maybe. But I still think you're nice enough to call miss. If you really insist, I won't though." Q would raise a brow, then shakes his head solemnly. "Sure. If I wish to change the charge differential of the phasic conduit and ruin the whole thing. But as I'm trying to restore it, I have to do it the long way. I do appreciate the offer though." He'd purse his lips a moment. "Miss... Akane. If you are interested.. I can give lessons on science?"
Akane      Akane tilted her head faintly, listening to the explanation of how it would degrade the plastic as well and she seemed to comprehend it at least. His offer to teach her about science made her blink a few times. "Science...." She stared a the wall then through the wall for a few moments the on her hands and knees crawled over to peer at the machinery that he was working on... "Like what? We were never allowed science."
Qwillis     Qwillis grins at Akane. Now that? That was a question he loved to hear. "Well.. actually science covers everything. Physics, mathmatics, electronics, biology, psycology. You name it really. We could get into meta-physics, but that's a bit more complicated to start at." He'd muse a moment before nodding at the machine. "That puts energy into a plasmatic state for powering the system. It allows a higher output of energy through out it. Of course.. it's a lot more deadily if it breaks. But that's why it's off right now while I work on it."
Akane      Akane peered into the machinery for a while as he explained about science in general and then about the plasma whatchacallit in more depth. She looked blank and confused but then tilted her head as if considering it from another angle. "Like... putting the machine to sleep before you work on it." Yes, she just did a comparison to surgery.. which she CAN do.
Qwillis     Q muses, studying Akane. He'd nod and point to the machine. "Open heart surgery. This is the root of well.. all of it. Elevator. Door. computers. That's why it's important. Of course, if it was on, it'd vaporize anyone around it right now. I have a part off that helps regulate that."
Akane      Akane's eyes went wide at that last comment and she scrambled backward. "Are you insane?! What if it has radiation or something?!"
Qwillis     Qwillis sighs softly, watching Akane. He'd hold up that pip-boy 5000. "See? No rads. Look.. I may not be a surgeon.. but would you freak out if you had someone's chest open and was helping them with a bullet wound? This is my.. well.. anything. This is what I do, Akane."
Akane      Akane lowered her eyes and slowly moved back over beside him. "Sorry..." She looked back at the thing then shook her head. "I... maybe should start on something.. easier?"
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles softly and waves a hand. "It's quite alright. I assure you that while I have a basic understanding of the organs within a chest, I would probably react the same way." He'd muse and nods slightly. "Most likely. yes. As you have no training in science.." He'd trail off, glancing further in the bunker. "Well, tell me, Akane. How well do you understand Physics? It's the basics for a lot of things, afterall."
Akane      "Well, I never really studied it specifically. But I kind of understand the rules of reality. things fall down, explosions happen because of chemicals... simple stuff."
Qwillis     Q purses his lips, then chuckles. "That.. is the basics. Yes. Things fall down due to a force pulling on it. Gravity." He'd shrug. "I'm sure you've heard that. Gravity is made by mass. The greater the mass, the greater the gravity. You, as a person, have gravity and you pull things to you too."