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Willow Caine Willow stands behind the bar, as per usual. She's cleaning up, pouring drinks and just generally doing what needs doing. A loud clatter comes from the kitchen and she turns, eyes narrowed, as she lets out a loud sigh. "I hope we don't have to replace the person we just fucking hired." She makes a face and pulls up the edge of her dress, muttering as she turns to face Konno. "Afternoon, sugar."
Konno     Konno peeks over to Willow and smiles her way. Head tilted some. Sounds are bad, and he seems to agree with the sentiment she brings out. "Never an ideal situation." he rumbles over to Willow, nodding to her. "Good afternoon, boss." he chimes.
Willow Caine Willow sets a drink down in front of Konno. "Afternoon." She glances briefly at the ladies, barmaids and the few customers lounging around the bar. "So how have things been here the last few weeks?" She asks, quirking a brow at Konno. "Anything I need to know about?"
Konno     Konno maintains his smile and sighs. "Aside from the enclave invasion and people bein' panicky and not very tolerable in general. Fine recently. I can't think of too much to consider off the top of my head."
Willow Caine "Business has been steady, so that's good, people need to drink when bad things happen." Willow says, as she pours whiskey for a regular. "How has Kasumi been? Keeping out of trouble, I dearly hope."
Konno     Konno nods and sips at the drink offered to him. "As far as I know she's been alright. Scarce seen either of you of late, though." is his mention. "Out of trouble I am uncertain, she hasn't made me aware of any."
Willow Caine "I'll talk to her when I get a chance then." Willow says, leaning against the bar, a half smile on her face. "Gonna open up and serve some food, see if we can't get more patrons in here on a daily basis. We're getting undercut a bit by a cantina somewhere out of town. You up for helping?"
Konno     Konno smiles, "Sure. I can try to do whatever you'd need." he chimes brightly, glancing around the bar as he straightens up.
Willow Caine "We just need bodies in here, so call whomever you've been romancing while all hell has been breaking loose." Willow remarks, a sly grin curving her lips. She pushes into the kitchen and everything goes silent for a moment. Then BANGING and YELLING and then silence again. When Willow walks back out, she smiles a bit and shrugs. "Creative differences."
Konno     Konno peers around. "Romancing, huh.. well." Considering how best to go about that and who all qualifies. Creative differences makes him chuckle and nod with a smirk.
Willow Caine Willow takes a seat on a stool and makes sure her hair hasn't gone all frizzy in the heat of the kitchen. "We just need people who will give some word of mouth and the like, nothing crazy. I would just like a full house."
Konno     Konno nods. "That's not hard to do." he muses, sliding over to take a seat next to Willow. "Askin' them to bring friends over, not at all a trying task." a small amused sound bubbling from him.
Willow Caine "Thank you then, hon, it's appreciated." Willow murmurs, taking a drink from her snifter. "I'm going to clean up, I think we might have a group coming in for some sort of social gathering."
Konno     Konno nods and finishes off his drink. "Never a bad thing to have happen. I can help with chores if you'd need." he offes with a tiny wink and another amused sound.
Willow Caine "Stay here instead, and help the lady coming in with her ice cream social? That would make me happy." Willow says, leaning in to give Konno a gentle kiss on the cheek.
Konno     Konno nods, "I'll do my best, then." he says with a hooked thumb, pressing against the kiss with a content smile.
Willow Caine The Saloon is quiet in the afternoon, only a few people sittig around. One of those people is the slightly infamous Willow Caine, the current proprietress of the Saloon. People all seem to have drinks and even though there is clanging going on in the kitchen, it's slightly muted now, as if the person making the noise is attempting to be slightly quieter.
Shiloh Shiloh would come in, dragging her hand over her face to wipe away a dark smudge on it. She nods over at the few people she recognizes in greeting, offering them a passing smile on her way over to the bar. She makes sure to wipe her hand off on her jumpsuit before looking up at Willow to greeting her, "Hey Willow, how are things running today?" She glances back over towards the kitchen and asks, "Stove's not giving you guys anymore problems is it? Had heard that it was getting finnicky again."
Willow Caine "New cook is more finicky than the stove, not sure if I'm a fan yet or not." Willow says, offering Shiloh a friendly smile hello. She turns briefly towards the kitchen, raising her voice for a moment. "Keep the bloody noise down or you're going to get chucked out the back door!" She yells, and the noise stops for about 30 seconds before it starts up, louder than before. Willow rolls her eyes and leans in. "Can I get you a drink, sugar?"
Shiloh Shiloh laughs quietly and nods her head in understanding, "Eh at least it costs less to get people in better working order than before...the good ones can at least be trained without needing to replace any parts." Her lips tug up into a grin after the noise stops and then starts up again, "She'll do it to." Shiloh tries to call into the kitchen to solidify Willow's warning, "You'll have to find somewhere else to make your caps." At Willow's question, she huffs out a breath and thinks about it, "Yeah, just some water, please."
Willow Caine Willow picks up a clean glass, drops a few ice cubes in it, and fills it with water before setting it before Shiloh. "Things were a lot easier here when most of our employees were family." She mentions, a slight grin on her face before she settles back down on her stool. "How's the family? Been a while since I've seen Sarah around, and I've been a bit worried after her."
Shiloh Shiloh reaches out and takes a few sips from the glass before she looks over her shoulder to survey the customers that are here so far. "Yeah." She agrees with Willow's comment, "Know them for one, so you don't gotta take the time to learn more about a stranger. You also kinda get an idea of where their strengths and weaknesses are, so you know where to place 'em better and how to motivate them...less of a disconnect that way." She shrugs her shoulder and admits, "Can't really imagine my own place...still mostly just an assistant over at the mechanic shop. Though I have signed on with Lone Star to help them out here and there for the extra caps." She considers the question then allows, "We're...doing alright. It's still...hard lately. A lot of us are still hurtin'...doesn't help that them Enclave bastards came by and started ripping open old wounds with their raids..."
Willow Caine Willow raises both brows and aims a grin in Shiloh's direction. "So you're with Lone Star huh? What's up with your boss guy, that Matt fellow?" She asks, folding her arms over her chest. "He's uh..he's a character." She listens about the Enclave and frowns. "I'm hoping Katherine has a good plan on how to get those assholes out of the way for good, nothing good ever comes of them hanging about here."
Shiloh "Matt?" Shiloh wonders and hums thoughtfully as she scratches her fingers over her neck in a thoughtful motion, "Seems nice enough to me so far, nothing too out of the ordinary. Haven't gotten tot talk to him as long as I'd like to admit. After that crazy shit happened over at the Jack's Town Cantina, he met me outside and was saying how he could use a few hands to help the caravans out. He's been offering to help me gear up ever since then. Maybe the more we talk, the better of an idea I'll be able to get about that..." She glances down at her drink and asks Willow quietly, "You...think they kept the people they yanked alive?"
Willow Caine "I wouldn't doubt it, I'm sure they've likely snatched some people." Willow remarks, a frown on her face as she props her hands on her hips. "I dearly wish that I learned how to shoot because if I had, I'd be out there with the rest, hunting those bastards." She says, huffing out a breath. She takes a sip of her drink and looks thoughtful. "Seems like a nice boy, we were playing cards the other day and he wants to take me out on a date, for whatever reason."
Shiloh "They're saying they got my pa and brother out when they were trying to keep the mess under control with the rest of the deputies..." Shiloh confesses, her grip tightening around her glass briefly before she lifts it to take another long sip from it. She looks over at Willow and nods her head in agreement, "Yeah...I feel you. Got a bit of a secret weapon cooking under my sleeve, but who knows how long that's gonna take to come together...I talked to Jackie a few days ago and her and Devlin were saying I should try and learn how to shoot a shotgun. Even said I could borrow hers until I found myself one. Sweet girl...I guess they figure I ought to learn -something- if I'm going to be going out on the trail more often..." She grins at Willow's admission, "Really? Well that's really sweet of him. You gonna end up going?"
Willow Caine Willow reaches out and gently pats Shiloh's arm with her hand, her eyes filling a bit with tears. "I'm sorry about your family hon, if there is anything I can seduce or kiss into submission honey, you just point me in that direction." She tilts her head and considers for a moment or two and chuckles. "You shoot what you want to shoot honey, let the heavies worry about benig a badass, you know?" A beat. "I'll go on the date, might end up being more than he bargained for."
Shiloh Shiloh swallows down a lump in her throat and musters up a smile for Willow despite the way her own eyes have started to gleam with pain from the subject, "Ma hasn't been able to go to her room hardly since it happened, both of 'em haven't been touched since they haven't come home. She's just been staying out in the den or the kitchen...keep telling her she's not gonna get any rest in there and she may as well be comfortable while we wait on word of what to do next...Thinking about trying to take her out one of these days...try to get her mind off of it. Might even come down here and give that cook of yours some more practice." She tries to force out a weak laugh but then looks back down at the bartop. "I'm still thinking about it a lot. Even Dev said that I should stay in the wagons whenever we go out...lay real low and hide until something popped in to try and get me. -Then- try and shoot 'em down. Hard not feeling like a coward then, but if it keeps you alive then it rightly doesn't matter. " She laughs after that and tells Willow, "You show him the time of his life, he'll get hooked. You wait and see."
Willow Caine Willow nods at Shiloh and she lets out a soft laugh as Shiloh offers help with her kitchen problem. She leans against the bar as the other woman speaks and she tilts her head a bit before she adds. "Matt seems a bit innocent, the last thing I want to do is ruin him, so I'll take it easy, you know?" She shakes her head and chuckles softly. "You don't seem anything like a coward honey, and heaven help anyone who might call you such."
Konno     Konno shifts a little between the gals talking, taking the time to have his palm-mirror out and adjust his hair, make sure nothing was running and that he wasn't wearing a weird face or sommat.
Shiloh Shiloh glances up at the ceiling when she considers it and then nods her head, admitting, "Yeah. He does come off that way now that I think about it. But don't think you could ruin anybody Willow. People are lucky if you decide to give 'em the time of day, should be proud to have you on their arm if you let 'em." She chuckles at the thought, shaking her head to herself, "And thanks...means a lot...sometimes when you aren't out there like all them mercs and guards, can be hard keeping yourself convinced of that..." She glances over at Konno when she notices him nearby and lifts her hand to wave at him in greeting, "Who's this now?" She hooks out a thumb to point to herself and offers an introduction, "Name's Shiloh, nice to meet you."
Willow Caine "You're such a sweetheart, Shiloh." Willow says, a blush coloring her cheeks. "I won't forget that if you ever need anything." She pours the girl another glass of cold water and grins.
Rolande Rolande strides into the saloon, much more confident than his first eventful arrival, moving right to the bar after only a few moments of scanning the scene. He takes note of Shiloh with a friendly little wave before his Ranger's helmet is removed and set on the counter, addressing the bartender with a quick smile. "Give me a Nuka-Cola, would ya kindly?" In the interim, he finds himself leaning against the bar to continue watching the usual crowd until the crisp and cool bottle is planted next to his helmet, snatching it up to take a long and needful swig of its dark contents.
Matt The man, the myth, the innocent. Matt has invariably been summoned by an itchy ear to the Saloon. Someone was thinking right when they built Lonestar and this place near enough to each other you could hit it with a rock. Matt doesn't show up anywhere in town decked out in armor like some other people might feel they need to. He doesn't really glance around much before also headed to the bartop. Maybe Rolande and him arrived together? Or coincidence "Uhh...just some whiskey'll be fine."
Willow Caine Willow pours matt a glass and holds out her hand. "Two caps." She murmurs, eyeing Matt with a slightly amused grin on her face. She pulls a bottle from beneath the bar and sets it in front of Roland, grinning at him. "One cap for you, sugar." She sits on her stool and crosses her legs, watching the rest of the bar with wary eyes.
Shiloh "Think nothing of it, just feels like the truth, you know? Shouldn't have to be no reward for being honest." Shiloh tells Willow, shrugging her shoulders and lifting her glass in thanks once her glass is refilled, "Thanks!" She takes another sip and sets it back down, folding it on the bartop. She glances over at Rolande and smiles at him, "Hey Rolande." She greets over to him, "How's it going today? You get any of those supplies you were needing a few days ago? Iris keeps her place pretty well stocked." She smiles over at Matt and she lifts her hand to offer him a friendly wave in greeting, "Hey Matt, how're things today? Still setting things up for when we go out on the trail?"
Rolande With his thirst slated, Rolande would set the bottle back down next to his helmet with his smile maintained as he reaches into his duster to produce a cap which is turned over to Willow. "Much obliged, miss." He'd answered her in that California twang before his attention turns once to Matt with a curt nod and then settles on Shiloh. "Doing just fine, thank ya. I haven't had a chance to look over Iris' shop, but I did manage to pick up some ammo and found myself a little strapped, so I'll have t'put that off for now." The man would admit with a heave of his shoulders before pressing the conversation forward. "And how are yaself, firecracker?"
Willow Caine Willow leans against the bar and listens to the conversation. She remains quiet, occasionally getting to her feet to pour drinks or wipe up after someone messy. She pauses once to check on her hair in the cracked mirror behind the bar and then continues to serve food, booze and cola. Other barmaids and whores move about the bar, doing various jobs.
Matt     "Horses are around. Got a wagon and the warehouse people are getting it loaded up and ready. You need some sort of armor though. I've got some laying around if you want to see what you fit into." Matt comments towards Shiloh, then his whiskey arrives, but he raises his hand up to hold Willow up, downs it and points down at his glass again. "I have the caps to cover ammo. Don't want you runnin out of shells in transit."
    Some whiskey in his system, and the normal greetings towards his employee, he'll turn his attention to the bartender. "Hello again ma'am...Willow. It seems like this Saloon is ending up Lonestar's hangout, isn't it?"
Shiloh "Firecracker huh?" Shiloh tells Rolande, laughing softly at the sound of that, "Gotta say one of the first times I've been called that, partner. I like it." She offers him a wink and tells him, "Good to hear you found some ammo though. Think you and Matt ended up leaving by the time I finished the other day, but worked out a deal on that disk for one hundred and fifty caps before I turned in for the night. Not three hundred buuut it's something that I could live with." She listens to Matt's report on the situation and nods her head at him, "I'll go through with you and dig up what I can before we set out, try to get something on me at least...Think it'll go alright, trying to keep high hopes about it." She sips from her glass of ice water again, crunching on one of the ice cubes in thought.
Rolande "Ah, ya like it? Suits ya mighty fine if you ask me- on the slight side, but there's a spark there ready to go." Rolande explained, unable to contain the mischief-laden grin that spread across his weathered face. He'd reached for his cola, pressing it to his lips and upending it for another earnest swallow and a 'Ahh!' as he plops it back down with a clink onto the table. By this time, he'd inclined his head towards Matt with an understanding nod. "I figured you'd keep me up to my neck in rounds, but better safe than sorry, as it goes. No such thing as havin' too many bullets when you walk the Wastes." The man affirmed of himself, shifting his weight against the bar and his gaze on the barmaid Willow, not shy of noting how she gussied herself up before continuing to tend to the patrons.
Willow Caine "Lots of people hang out here." Willow murmurs, refilling Matt's drink as she smirks. "You could see just about anyone at any time of day. That's the kind of place this is." She points at a couple in one corner. "Those two run a brothel in a small settlement." She points to another young lady in a dark corner. "She sells flowers on the road between here and Tinnie." Then she points at a particularly handsome man leaning on one edge of the bar. "This bounce that I hired? He's supposed to be from California."
Matt "Well, ain't that a treat. Cali-for-nee-yah. Even with the brothel, this place has the best bartender in El Dorado." Matt raises his glass towards his fellow Lonestars now, "We're not anywhere close to fully hired, so anyone who can carry a gun will be riding my wagon. Or driving it, ifen they can." He sips at his whiskey once or twice more, letting the conversation flow away from him before turning towards Willow. "Ya'know, I've only got two to three more days before I throw myself into the wilds of the Enclave."
Shiloh Shiloh snickers quietly after Rolande's explanation and shakes her head with an amused expression, "Long as you keep on your toes and don't cross me, soldier-boy, you don't have to worry about getting burned by that spark." She tells him, watching him get ready to enjoy his refreshing cola. In a moment of inspiration, Shiloh moves quietly when she thinks Rolande's distracted savoring that classic Nuka-taste and tries to lift up the bottom end of his bottle hoping to either give him more than he bargained for or some spillage on that nice and somewhat pristine uniform of his. She tries to keep her cool afterwards and occupies herself with looking over the people that Willow points out to Matt. "Huh, got your cap's worth him, huh?" She asks of Willow, glancing over at Matt with a teasing grin, "Hopefully someone doesn't get too jealous..."
Elsie Lonestars? Where? Apparently at the saloon. Matt was right; the home base did need a watering hole. Surelda was going to keep that in mind. For now, however, she could use some water herself, though she's no use or need of whores. She comes into the place wearing her slate blue dress, but that can only be seen at the knees. Above it, she wears a grey cowl-necked poncho-cloak with a big hood pulled up over her silver hair, which has been left down with but a few decorative, tight braids among the tresses. When she pulls the hood down, she's got a healing split lip, but otherwise looks well as her booted feet carry her toward the bar.

"Mister Ward," she says, warmly if not a touch deferentially. From her pocket comes the popular old-timey tune, 'Straighten Up and Fly Right'.

She is, after all, the Radio Girl.

"You're looking well today, sir." Is Matt younger than Surelda? Possibly. Does she call him sir anyway? You bet your beehive she does.
Willow Caine Willow glances at Matt and allows a small snicker to escape before she makes her way over to Surelda. "What can I get for you?" She asks, wiping down the spot in front of the silver haired woman. "We've got a special today, don't ask what's in it, or I'll be likely to tell you. The usual drinks. Booze, cola and water. We also have dessert, a rendition of a funnel cake, or something similar."
Rolande As if to show that the former Ranger did indeed keep on his toes, Rolande had caught the attempted sleight of hand at the moment that Shiloh tried to tip his cola, lifting the bottle just a hair higher to maintain control of the situation before he found himself drenched. It elicited a sly glance from his pair of hazels and a knowing smirk, though it was replaced with a surprised look from Willow to the man she'd acknowledged as a fellow Californian. "Good to know I'm not the only one so far from home," Rolande would comment idly.

The man would shift in his stance against the bar as another face waltzed into the Saloon that greeted Matt, giving her a curt nod. "Howdy, miss." He'd greeted after Willow gave her the run-down, finding himself unable to help but tap his boot to the floor along with that tune, a wistful smile coming across his mouth like recalling a fond memory.
Shiloh Shiloh glances aside at Rolande after he's caught onto her ruse and grins at him in return. "Not bad." She compliments, "Guess you are pretty sharp. I might get you though, one of these days. We'll see. Til pass the test." She looks over at Surelda when she approaches the small gathering at the bar and offers her a friendly smile and a tip of her head. "Oh, funnel cake?" She asks of Willow when it comes up, sounding surprised that it's on the menu, "How many caps for that? Haven't had anything like it since I was a kid..."
Matt Matt shifts aside a bit so Surelda can step up to the barcounter. Ah. Mister Ward and sir, he nods along with the honorifics, raising an eyebrow towards Willow. "Still definitely not necessary, my dear. But thank you. Wow...look at us, my wagon. Well, missing Stitch. *Also* of NCR repute. Everyones met everybody by this time? Shiloh, Surelda, Rolande...oh, Willow of course, my dear."
Elsie Surelda's black eyes seem to gleam at the promise of funnel cake. "Oh, a desert, yes please," she says eagerly, sliding herself with some grace into a seat. "And a drink too, dunno if there's much wine to be had around here but I'd sure like it if there were." Wine and funnel cake. This is a girl of expensive tastes. She turns and smiles at Rolande when he addresses her, and then turns her dark gaze to Matt.

"Are we all working for you, sir?" she asks, again with the utmost respect. She lifts a hand then and does a little wave. "I'm Surelda, but you'll most likely hear me as Silver, giving you directions and taking reports over the radio," she tells everyone. "It's quite a pleasure. What a large group this is, already. Are you all going on the New Rome trip, then?"
Willow Caine Willow turns to the kitchen and yells inside, the clanging increasing for a moment before dying down. After a while two bardmaids walk out with funnel cake and set them before Shiloh and Surelda. A second barmaid brings out food for another table. Willow takes the time to pour another snifter of whiskey as she listens to the conversation. She nods to Rolande and gestures back to the man first indicated. "Plenty of folks here from California, not all of them liked."
Shiloh      Shiloh lifts her hand to wave at Surelda whenever her name comes up in Matt's list of introductions. "Afternoon." She offers kindly, "Me and Rolande signed onto the caravan recently ourselves. I'm just gonna be doing this and that whenever something ends up needing repairs, he's gonna be making sure that no one comes along and knocks on us if he can help it." She smiles softly at the mention of Surelda being on the radio, "Oh, no kidding? Matt mentioned that he had someone running a radio around here. You might see me over by the tower making sure things don't short out if I can help it, so it's nice to meet you in person. Also been hearing some complaints that I might see about looking into that I could really use your help on..."

     She pauses and admits, "Not for the faint of heart most likely, but can end up doing a world of a good...Anyway, amazing how you can talk on it to everyone out there, all those people that can hear you...I'd lock up and get stage fright." She glances over at Matt and tells her, "Matt can tell you about what happened around the last time I tried to get up and sing in front of a bunch of people...let's just say I'm not looking forward to trying it again if I can help it." When the plate is set down in front of her, she licks her lips and goes to tearing pieces off of it immediately. She doesn't seem to mind the delicious grease or sugar getting on her fingers in the least, "OHh, yeah. That hits the spot...might even be better than I remember it being."
Rolande "Mmhm. Pleasure t'meet ya, Surelda. I'd be Rolande, new caravan guard." The man explained, tacked onto the end of the woman's introductions after a short chuckle is made on Shiloh's account. He turns back towards the bar then, moving a hand for his nuka-cola to take the final draught of its sugary goodness as he eyes the funnel cakes put out for the ladies to enjoy with unrestrained envy glinting in his eye.

It is neither acted nor spoke upon, however, as Rolande's attention settles onto Willow as she answers him, leaving the rest to their own conversation. "Is that right? And what about you, miss? Native to El Dorado?" He'd questioned, thin eyebrows raised to accent his inquiry.
Matt "Well...I hired you, and I'm responsible for yahs conduct, but I ain't the boss of you. Not really. Well. You best come along on the first run. Need the hands, Not everyone is..willing to sign up for a kid's caravan, ya'know?" Matt finishs off his second glass of whiskey, "A nuka-cola would be alright." He will sip lightly at his newest beverage before shaking his head towards Shiloh. He gives a bit of an eyebrow raise himself when Rolande begins questioning madam bartender.
    "Twasn't cuz of your singing, dahling. I think Akane has a case of the drama-demands. Liking to be all in the midst of hub-bub. We can record your singing for the radio though, ifen you like?"
Elsie Surelda smiles almost sheepishly to the other woman, reaching with a cheap metal knife for the cake that the two of them are apparently splitting. "Mind if I just cut here?" she asks, motioning with the blade. And, if allowed, she'll take a slice for herself. It'll go great with that whiskey. She moves the slice to a napkin in front of her, sucking on her thumb and forefinger to clear away any of the sweetness that might have clung there.

As she does so, she looks up at Matt, her eyes slightly widened and blinking. "Is she still in jail in Jack's Town?" Surelda asks. "I saw Akane and Jack and the sheriff in that saloon there, oh two days ago? They hauled her away." No mention of Ashur, for right now.

No one is asking Surelda where she's from, which suites her just fine. So she tucks in.
Willow Caine "Quite native." Willow answers, smiling at Rolande. "Lots of history around here, my sister is the Mayor currently." She pours another round for the group gathered and then holds up a finger as she disappears back into the kitchen. When she returns she has dinner for herself and she sits on a stool as she begins to eat. "Let the barmaids know if ya'll need refills."
Shiloh "Sure, go ahead. Didn't say much about my offer though." Shiloh encourages Surelda too, leaving her free to take as big of a portion as she wants. She does pause with her mouth open just as she's about to put another piece of fried cake into her mouth, noticing Rolande's envious expression. Her lip twists and her brow knits before she tries to push the plate closer to between the both of them. "Here, you can have some from my side of the plate if you want. Gotta keep your energy up." She finishes the bite she was about to down and chews on it slowly to savor the taste of it longer. She grins over at Matt after his attempt at reassurance, "Guess it's working." Shiloh decides after some consideration, "A couple of weeks ago and I hadn't even heard of her before. Now seems like can't go more than a day or two without hearing about it. But...nah. I'm not really a professional. Besides, better to get the real artists out there for the prosperity's sake." She nods thankfully over at Willow and tells Rolande aside, "She's a lot better than the last mayor we had around here, that's for sure."
Rolande Rolande's curiosity is satisfied by the looks of things, smiling off-hand and nodding attentively to Willow; "Mayor's sister, eh? Guess it helps t'know people who know people in high places." The former Ranger would chuckle at that, shifting his weight around before his focus was drawn away by Shiloh's generosity. It must have embarassed him to have his obvious lust for the treat be called out like that given that he'd flushed at the prospect, reaching a gloved hand up to rub at the back of his neck with gaze intently set on the Ranger's helmet he'd left propped on the bar. "Naw, thank ya kindly though." He'd declined, even if it seemed to pain him in doing so.
Matt "Well then, powerful family, are we?" Matt is apparently oblivious. He has lived in in El Dorado for months now, and still doesn't know who the players are. "Nice Saloon. Mayoralal...ness."
    Oh no, who brought such temptation before Matt? He'll lean around Surelda, and examine this..dessert, before finagling a fork and spearing some. "Oh you're so kind to...yes...Oh? I don't know, I've not been paying much attention. Been busy, gotta plan a caravan, I'm sure Akane'll land on her feet or some such."
Elsie "Oh, yes," Surelda says, blushing for having overlooked Shiloh's question. "Of course, I'm happy to be of any help I can. I'm not really ... I mean I don't know much about radios per say. Just how they work; Mr. Ward's men taught me that. But if that's useful, then of course I'm yours."

Surelda, content with that, moves to take her first little sip of whiskey. It must be too strong for the likes of a young girl like her, or perhaps it just goes down the wrong tube. Either way she sputters into her cup, coughing a few times. It takes her a moment to catch her breath. "Excuse me," she grumbles, lifting a napkin to her formally split lip. That must sting. While she holds the napkin there, she turns her black eyes back to Shiloh. It gives Matt time to spear a bite of her cake, which she slides toward him in a silent offer for more. "What was wrong with the old mayor?"
Willow Caine "I'm not the mayor, my sister is, and the Caine family has lived here for quite a long time." Willow murmurs, scooping up more stew with her spoon. When Surelda asks her question and aims a look at her and sets down her bowl. "Well for starters, he stole a lot of money from a lot of people." She gestures up the stairs and shrugs. "Everyone around here is on the take, or paying someone for protection, but we try not to overdo it, the old Mayor did. They'd have lynched him if he didn't rabbit."
Shiloh      Shiloh watches Rolande's cheek flush, looking rather confused and amused by that reaction. She chuckles afterwards and shrugs her shoulder, "Fine, more for me and Surelda then." When Matt takes a piece, she tacks on, "-And- Matt. But I -guess- you can't help it, if it's against the rules for soldiers to have sweet tooths..." She lets that little taunt hang in the air before looking back over at Surelda. "I haven't kept up with as much of the politics as I'd like to...being inside does that to you. But yeah, them taxes and the men he hired to handle 'em were real fishy...then running off the way he did...just didn't sit all that well. Who knows, maybe he ended up getting gutted out there somewhere courtesy of that good ol' Wasteland karmic justice..." She trails off like she might not have that much hope in that, but that's about as much as she has to offer on it for now. She takes a moment to finish off her water and admits, "There's some towers out there that we'll need to look at. See if we can't give 'em a kick to get 'em working at the strength we're going to need 'em at out there. So anything you know will come in handy. Any of you are welcome to come along, probably gonna be for the better that we have folks to watch each other's backs. Make sure the group doesn't end up splitting off and getting into more than they can handle."
Rolande Rolande could only squint and sigh at Shiloh's remarks rather than feed into them by attempting to counter with some excuse or explanation for his denial of the charitable offer, instead pushing the empty Nuka-Cola bottle forward on the bar and chiming in on the mention of poking about radio towers, having nothing to comment on tyhe discussion of the old Mayor's questionable tale. "Mmh. If Matt can spare me, I'll throw my hat in on that. 'Least I can do is plant anythin' ornery enough to come atcha'."

With that said, he'd flagged down one of the barmaids Willow made mention of, requesting a fresh bottle of cola rather than start a habit of afternoon drinking like a few of his other co-workers. When it was brought to him, he'd spend his time nursing it rather than press any new conversation forward, seemingly prone to bouts of silence.
Matt     "The take? I'm fairly certain I don't like the sound of that. Militia is here to provide protection, and they did pretty well even with the Enclave trying to kick their teeth in. Am I working in a bevy of hooligans and law breaking?" Matt gets a flustered about it, but gets distracted by Rolande's question. He was *kinda* listening, at least. "Well, I'm sure the radios need to get expanded anyways. Getting caravans running will get us the caps to build up the rest of it. Radio relay network and such." Matt eases himself up and onto a stool with a quiet pained groan. "Ya'know Shiloh, if we pay you to sing, you count as a professional."
Elsie Surelda seems to have steeled herself, and manages to throw back the whiskey. A few caps end up on the counter, and the cake is slid to Matt. "Well, I'm here to help," she assures Shiloh, and pushes to her feet. "I hope you all don't mind, but I should be getting on to my shift at the radio. It was lovely to meet you all. Listen out for Silver!"
Shiloh      Shiloh smiles at Rolande gratefully and dips her head, "It'll be good to have at least one gun out there with us." She then looks over at Matt and offers to him, "If it makes you feel any better, I'm not paying anyone at the moment. Not unless I need to go farther out than the Militia is used to going. And don't tend to linger out that way for long." She smiles at Surelda and lifts her hand to tip her fingers off of her forehead in a casual salute, "Don't mind at all! Was nice meeting you, Surelda. I'll be sure to keep an ear out. Keep safe and have a good one out there." She glances at Matt thoughtfully at the mention of payment and hums under her breath, "Payment, huh?" She wonders curiously before frowning to herself, "I'd be nice to get out there, but not used to singing so often. What if I ended up messing up while on the air? Then you guys get known as the station that lets whatever tone-deaf hack waltz through the doors?"
Rolande Rolande would offer a nod of his head as Surelda finished her whiskey and prepared to depart, before turning his gaze on the co-workers that remained. "Sounds like an okay from the boss man, then." He'd remarked on Matt's comment about the radios, turning the fresh nuka-cola bottle around and around in his gloved grip as he seemed to consider Shiloh with his full attention. "The only thing I ask of ya is that if there's trouble, ya listen to what I say. I'm sure you an' Surelda, and whoever else rides along, can hold your own, but I don't want to have to carry a corpe back into town." What a grim shift in the conversation.
Matt "Bye Surelda!" Matt will begin to make short work of the portion of the funnel cake left to him, and he will still leave some for others. A bit of grim talk will be enough to drive Matt away, "I'm gonna, uh, find a table now." His nuka-cola comes with him and he settles into a more comfortable chair, quite a bit a-ways from the bar itself.
Shiloh      Shiloh continues to pick at what's left of the cake on her plate thoughtfully even after Rolande's morbid comment. "Sure." She tells Rolande, inclining her head to him. "Not really the kind to be giving too many orders anyway, so that works out just fine for me...still, hopefully doesn't come down to anything like that..." When Alasa heads over to the bar, she looks over and waves her fork to greet her. She glances down at the cat and watches it closely, "That's a neat critter there." She offers as a compliment to the woman. When Matt goes over to another table, her eyes trail after him, "Alright, but we'll be over here. Try not to be too much of a stranger."
Rolande "Hopes are all well an' good, but there's a fundamental truth that separates the living from the dead: Always. Expect. Trouble." The former Ranger would declare with solidarity, punctuated with a deep swig of his Nuka-Cola and seemingly unbothered by having driven Matt away from the bar. At this point, he'd gotten tired of standing and pulled up a stool to plop down in before setting his drink by the helmet he'd left on the counter. He'd turn in his newfound seat to follow Shiloh's forked greetings to the new arrival and her cat, only to turn back forward to stew in silence after his momentary curiosity was sated.
Shiloh      "So...are you expecting trouble now?" Shiloh asks of Rolande, raising a brow as she considers him. No matter his answer, she does admit, "It is a good way of that I'm trying to keep in mind more and more lately..." She chuckles at Alasa's answer and offers her a smile, "Good thing no one here is out to hurt you, huh? Name's Shiloh, that guy beside of me here is Rolande. It's nice to meet you, from around these parts or is something bringing you out this way?" She hooks her thumb over to Rolande to show who she's referring to, and then pushes her plate gently away to be later cleaned up by a passing server.
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "No, were from around here..and out there...we commute a lot I guess you could say." She smiles, "And theres always trouble in here...I mean, that casino is always trying to take my should pay me..." She laughs, "I'm Alasa, like the state...but without the K for obvious reasons." She motions to the large cat, "Thats Bob, his family is local too..well I assume they are...could be an out of town visitor....lots of strange lights out there...maybe hes actually an experiment that excaped from the scientist that created him, and now an intergalatic government is hunting him down." Bob yawns.."Or maybe not."
Rolande At being mentioned by Shiloh, Rolande would lift a gloved hand up in a greetings of his own, once more turning back from the bar so that he could be polite at the very least. "Howdy, miss. Pleased to meet'cha. An' Bob, too." With that out of the way, his gaze would fall to Shiloh again and, in an attempt to ease the morbidity from before, offered her a plaintive smirk.

"Well, if I'm sittin' next to you, firecracker- I'd say I am." He'd verbally jabbed the wrenchmonkey, hiding away his lips with another swig from his Nuka-Cola.
Shiloh      Shiloh listens to what Alasa has to say and smirks at the comment about the Casino nearby. "Heh yeah, you'd think after taking enough they'd at least put you on some kinda reward program...maybe name one of the machines or card tables after you at the very least." She chuckles and shakes her head, glancing over at Rolande with a mischievous smile. "Touche." She decides to him, before looking back down at Bob. "Cats seem like they're harder to come by than some of the other animals...heard that a lot of people had to resort to eating them to survive." She shakes her head to herself but smiles after the story is spun. "Who knows! Maybe. Strange things do happen out on the Wasteland. But at least it seems like Bob isn't too worried about it either way."
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Well maybe house cats...but of course anyone can see, Bobs not a housecat.." She grins, "Sides, he's kinda...normal..theres a lady in town with a pet pig nammed Bacon....irony there I think." She glances to the casino, then back..."Oh thats just a hobby..mostly we find things, and if we don't want them...we sell them...lots of stuff out there people forget about.."
Rolande A few more pulls from his drink marks Rolande's bottle empty, sat down to be reclaimed again some point by one of the barmaids before giving Shiloh one last grin upon standing up from the stool. "I think I'll be heading on; It was good seein' you, Shiloh." He'd enthused, clapping the woman on her shoulder. "I imagine next time we see each other, we'll be having a look at those radio towers, yeah?" With that, the man picked the Ranger's helmet up off the bar, giving a polite nod to Alasa and her cat, looking prepared to see his way out.
Shiloh      "Yeah, figure Bob's got nothing to worry about. Just those smaller cousins of his need to watch out." Shiloh agrees after another glance down at the large cat. She smiles over at Alasa and admits, "Huh, think I've seen 'em in passing before. You know, for being delicious, they really are cute. Smart too, maybe even smarter than a dog sometimes." She shakes her head after a server asks if she would like a refill on her water, "No thank you, I should be heading out soon..." Her attention returned to Alasa after the polite decline, she tells her, "I like to go out and look for stuff too. I found this banged up robots a lil more or less than a week ago and keeping an eye on the parts I'll need to get it back in working order. Sold someone a holodisk I found the other day too..." She trails off and decides, "It's...nice. Being out and doing things again. Never realize how long months and years can drag on sometimes..." She's almost lost in these thoughts until Rolande announces his departure. Shiloh offers him a smile and tells him, "Good seeing you too, and hopefully so. Maybe even sooner. There's still a lotta planning I gotta do before I round people up and set out. Take care now though. Keep alert."
Alasa Alasa says, "Ah, holodiscs...can't get rid of them for the life of me...I use them to decorate my house....people that use them, tend to already have the ones the they are kinda...worthless..." She shrugs a bit, "Never found one of those...I've found two suits of that power armor in working condition..nothing I I have one in my garden acting like a scarecrow.""
Shiloh      "Got about one hundred and fifty caps for this one. Think it was relating to Security. But they probably just ended up pitying me or something." Shiloh says considering the idea of it. She chuckles and grins at Alasa when she starts to talk about what other things she's managed to find out there. "Really? That's pretty interesting! One of the things that I've never really tried to or gotten the chance to learn how to do, pilot one of them things. Could probably maintain one if I had to, make sure it didn't go caving in on the...pilot or operator or whatever they end up calling themselves. But would probably just kill myself trying to do it myself...but can't imagine any crows or ravens that'd risk getting near one of 'em so you're putting it to use well."
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, from what I understand....if you don't know the systems..its more like your a statue that can't move....I mean sure, as a last resort...put it on, and hope it blocks enough damage to keep you alive.....silly things though..if I ever can sell it, I will...." she smiles as her order arrives and she starts to drink..."Yeah, guns..lots of guns...stimpacks, those are nice....had this NCR ranger rifle one...sold it...took it from a dying ranger....and porn, oh my people love old porn.""
Shiloh      Shiloh nods her head thoughtfully after the list and sighs quietly, "Hope I can find one of my own someday. A weapon that is...even if it is broken down and I gotta try a miracle to fix it. But we'll see! Might get lucky someday." She pushes up from her stool and smiles at Alasa, "It was nice talking to you. Should get to rolling on out. Have a good one! Bob too. Hopefully he keeps well behaved and doesn't end up eating anyone!" She waves her hand after paying for her dessert and drink, then heads out the door.