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Lynnette Well Lyn was making her way back into Jack's Town after being dropped off a little bit outside of it. Sighing a bit, that rifle was resting on her shoulder as she had the other hand wrapped around her torso as she looked around. Licking her lips she'd look and just smile as she knew her destination as soon as she got into town. "'m gone need a damn rub down for real."
Ashur Ashur has little business with Jack's Town since the incident -- a number of people there are ill at ease with his presence, and while he does not fear any individual's retaliation, he is cautious enough to know that nothing good would come of lingering in the alleys of the mud-brick homes, watching shadows and waiting for bold and foolish men to come for him.

Still, he had to snatch one thing. A small item he'd left in a footlocker in the fight club the last time he was there. Having done so, the giant swiftly made his way out of the settlement, no doubt with eyes upon him, but no attacks yet -- still, in his rush, booted feet beating pavement beneath a burning sun, he does come across Lynnette. She'll see him on the horizon well before he sees her.
Lynnette Licking her lips she would come to a stop as she was trying to catch her breath. This was probably on the top of her list of dumb things to do. She should have nagged them to get back to town but it wasn't that serious. Taking a deep breath she would come to a stop and just plopped down there. "...hell..." Looking up from the wounds on her side she'd see....Ashur. "...oh even freaking better..." Using her gun, she would just shake her head a bit then used her gun to pull herself back up. Taking a deep breath she would try to speed up that walking no avail.
Ashur Thump, thump, thump, goes the giant's tread, thunder on the blacktop; with his greatcloak swishing around him and the sun sparkling off the white of his wool, he cuts as striking a figure as ever, a wasteland Hercules. By now those eyes, as bright a gold as the sun-painted clouds, have swiveled and come to rest on the wounded woman, using her gun as a crutch and walking along. She might fear some spontaneous aggression, but his mood seems, well -- good enough? He looks calm, lips in firm line, watching her as they inevitably get closer. "Ave," he greets, watching her struggle for breath and through pain. "The road is clear ahead. You needn't rush yourself."
Lynnette She'd stare at him a bit and then took a deep breath. Standing up as straight as she could, she'd put that gun back on her shoulder as she stared at him. Taking a step back she'd eye him before just nodding slowly. "Rush? Who said I was rushing.....?" Okay so she was! First she just needed to go seek out some help but then...she wanted into him. And to be honest? He made her uneasy. Was he going to hulk out again? ".....why are you out here?"
Ashur The bull slows gradually; there's a momentum in his steps that keeps that gargantuan body barreling forth, a one-man stampede, and it takes him a couple loping footfalls to actually still. But when he does he looms above the girl, head canted down, the braids of his hair spilling about his back and shoulders, watching her back off. "I am not interested in harming you," he observes, one arm folding behind his back, the other across his stomach as he idly rests. "There is no need for caution. It would make no difference, anyway." At her question he glances away, back toward Jack's Town. "I left an item there. I meant to collect it after stopping for a drink in your bar, but circumstances changed. I needed to retrieve it."
Lynnette Staring up at him she'd try to keep a neutral expression but it falters slightly. " wouldn't make a difference?" It was something about that smugness that hit a nerve. Even more so after finding out what he said to Akane that set her off, she would keep that cool. Trying to hurt him wouldn't even be an option. So instead? "What about the rest of town you ran through? Not worried about those or......?" That brow would raise then. "Don't care?"
Ashur "Jack's Town is a den of depraved drunks, raiders, and chem addicts; by any system of law or justice that would condemn me, you must know it would condemn these people, too. They live in a squallor that reflects their own worth."

The Legionnaire chuffs, clicking his tongue and gazing back down toward Lynnette.

"Even you are broken in some fashion, if you thought this dump and its trash king was a better home for you than others. Acme, El Dorado, Avalon -- there is no lack of settlements where the average man you shake your tits at for tips *didn't* burn down a farm at some point in his life."

He rolls a shoulder in idle shrug.

"But no matter. You were kind enough to me, and there is nobility in what you do -- location aside, any who buys a business and strives to put in honest labor to improve their lot in life deserves a fair chance. I didn't mean to hurt you. I hope the money was enough to fix it."
Lynnette Listening to him she would just frown a bit but said nothing as she let him finish his monologue. Taking a deep breath, she'd put a hand on her hip then while the other remained on the gun. "What about men that beat women? Men that just think they can do as they please with a woman, huh?" Those green eyes were on fire now as she stared at him. "Some of them might be...whatever they are.....but I know a few the do reside there....that don't....beat....women." Pointing that finger at him she'd sneer slightly as she shook head. "Thank you...thank you for at least paying for the damages. But you? I don't get! She shot security when to grab her....and then you just....protect her? Throwing yourself in the way?"
Ashur "Spare me the outrage," the bull snorts, but there's no particular venom in his voice. "Are you an idiot, girl? She pulled a gun and opened fire. That I slapped her and told her 'no' was a mercy. What do you think happens to most people who do that?" That hand unfolds from behind his back and sweeps aside in wide flourish. The motion pushes out the soldier's billowing white cloak, which falls with a rustle behind the limb -- a limb thick with muscle, as wide at the shoulder as her waist if not bigger, with rough hands and vein-laced forearms covered in coarse, black hair. The hand could squeeze her head and pop it like a melon.

"I have murdered thousands. Yet she walks. She breathes. She suffers no injuries save a split lip and a rolled ankle I did not inflict. A bruised cheek to repay attempted murder is benevolence."

He spits the word.

"She was mine to discipline."
Lynnette She'd frown a bit as she rolled her eyes. "And yet...did you not think your words would have provoke someone? I'm not saying she should have pulled a gun....far from it....but damn..." Lyn frowned up at him, her adrenaline kicking in now. "They are trying to have law in that town....let the law handle it...." Licking her lips she would try to seem braver than what she currently was. She was ballsy but she was also injured. "She broke the law....the end."
Ashur The bull snorts at that. "Law! I saw your lawman when I came to repay the debt. There is no justice able to be enforced by a man so weak; and any man who thinks Jack's Town is where he should settle to bring about an ordered living is a man whose standards for order are truly degenerate. Tell me, what did he used to do? A failed militia man? A great bandit leader who cashed out before he wound up on a cross?"

Ashur's arm falls, that massive hand clenched into a fist, and folds back behind his back. "No. I will not have the law and its emasculated agents fight my battles. She drew on me; I chastised her; she has made amends. The matter was settled the way it should have been."
Lynnette "You know nothing of weak!" She'd yell out at him finally, losing her temper. "Any man that beats on a woman....and from the bruises I've seen....that much?! That is weak!" Slowing her breath she would finally calm herself. "But if that's how you want to look at it? Fine. If you're.....content.....fine. I more my bar...." Wincing she would wrap that free arm around her body again then. "But no laws is how crap starts....and I guess damn people for trying to fix it....."
Ashur "You think it wrong to hit a woman?"

The bull stares and watches Lynnette quietly for a long moment, chewing over her anger and her words.

"She is not so pathetic she must be protected from the consequences of her actions. You and she are not pampered housewives; you are not obediently staying at home, bearing children, cooking meals. You have chosen to thrust yourselves into the world absent a man's protection; that is how life is when you leave the gilded cage."

He tilts his head back and peers at the sun, a faint gleam of sweat dewing his brow. He'll turn them and move to walk past Lynnette.

"If you wish to be less than a man, and so protected from a man's wrath, so be it. Find a husband and get pregnant."
Lynnette Blinking she would just stare at him then shook her head. "I'm not going to get into this argument with you." Her brow would raise she stared at him and shook her head. "I've met plenty of men like you...." Licking her lips she would just watched him walk past him. "Whatever it is you and her....have or whatever the hell it is....keep it out of my bar." Those green eyes would stare at him as she seemed to be in thought. But of course hearing that comment about a husband she'd just scoff and rolled her eyes. ".....sure. Let me jump right on that. Let me now if you know anyone looking for a crazy future ex wife."
Ashur "Your bar is of no interest to me," the brute replies, casually strolling off. "If I have a thirst for piss in Jack's Town, I'll just open my mouth."