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Lynnette Well it had been a long day of fighting geckos and was time to cool off! After acquiring some ice cream from Vault and Town and even getting this cute little place to donate some, there was sure to be enough for everyone.

Standing behind a table set up as an ice cream station was Lyn though she was actually leaning against the wall in that dress. Taking a deep breath she would just wait as people started to flow in. Of course once they were, she'd speak up a bit.

"Hey guys! Help yourselves! There's chocolate...vanilla and....strawberry!" Smiling she'd motion to the table before finding herself a seat right next to the table, her hand going around her side a bit.
Grover Grover has shown up, to check out this thing people have been talking about. He's seen ice in his life, but has never seen ice cream...."Is it suppose to look like this...I was always taught to never eat ice that had a color too it...and this really has a heavy color to it..."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks around the room where she and others have gathered for these ice cream treats, seeming to be trying to take in all the dramatic bursts of colors across the walls. She lingers there until Lynnette calls for everyone nearby's attention, and she turns around to give her her full attention. She smiles to herself and heads over to the table to inspect the options. "Umm...guess I'm feeling like...Vanilla." She decides, taking one of the vanilla servings before she wanders over to the hostess' table. "Howdy." She greets Lynnette, lightly tapping her spoon against the side of her cup, "How're you feeling? You did a great job setting all this up! Been looking forward to this for days now." When Grover asks his question, she glances over at him and decides, "Yeah. I think it is. Think that's just all the stuff flavoring it."
Rexus Rexus arrives with.. well he presumes Iris. "I... don't think i've ever had this ice.. cream.. before... heard about it, never seen it." he says as he looks around. "It's not alcoholic is it?" he inquires, squinting at Iris.
Iris Lark Iris walks into the ice cream shop and it's obvious that she has taken a bath and dressed in something clean. "It's not alcoholic." She reassures Rexus, tugging him over to a table where she takes a seat. "It's good, you like milk, you'll like the ice cream." She spots Lynnette and raises a hand waving it back and forth a bit. "Hi Lyn!"
Alpha     Alpha took a bit to get in. Between getting the hairy eye and made sure he's not there to start nothing, he'd finally get let in to where that social was at. Strolling in with a rolling gait, he'd glance around at the others there, nodding to those he knows and a small grin flashed towards Lyn, seeing her at hosting this whole thing. But there were others nearby, so he'd simply seek what he was there for.. taking one of the chocolate servings and heading off to the side.
Rexus Rexus settles in at the table with Iris. "Ah ha... well, milk I like. Seems popular." he says as he gets comfy, stretching his legs out. "What.. flavor do you recommend? Vanilla? To start?" he says, giving a nod to those who arrive and he recognizes.
Shiloh      "Oh, hey there Iris!" Shiloh says, greeting the doctor whenever she comes over to talk to Lynnette. She smiles and gestures generally around her face, "Those bruises and scrapes ended up fading real nicely. Was able to take the bandages off after a couple of days. And that salve you gave me really helped out a lot. How's it going for you?" She looks up at Rexus and tells him, "Oh, hey! I think I've seen you around here and name's Shiloh, it's nice to meet you." After putting it off for way too long, she finally takes a bite from her first spoonful and hums out contently. "This is really good! The other day at the Saloon Willow had the cook working on these fried sweet cakes. Said something about it being like this old recipe called funnel cake."
Grover Grover hmmms, "Well seems like the best course of action, would be to take some of all of the different kinds, and see whats what..." As he does just that, putting some of each kind into one of the bowls...."Now we'll see what all the fuss is about."
Lynnette Taking a deep breath she would wince slightly but then looked up to see Shiloh. Chuckling she would nod and smiled softly. "Thanks girly. And I'm okay. A little banged up from a thing I went on with Dev and some other people but other than than? I'm alright..." But she did here Grover's question and chuckled, pointing to Shiloh. "What she said. It's safe to eat...."

Slowly she would finally stand back up and wait for everyone to grab their selection before she grabbed hers. Seeing Rexus and Iris she gave them a wave and chuckle. "Hey guys! And don't worry's delicious."

Seeing Alpha walking she'd smiled and gave him a playful wink as she nodded. "Sheriff...." Chuckling she'd then finally start to fix herself a small bowl of vanilla.
Alpha     Alpha smirked at Lyn's greeting, an imaginary hat tipped her way. He'd move to a wall, near where she had been sitting, but not too close and would start sampling that chocolate. Finding it delicious, he'd enjoy eating the frozen treat while watching the others.
Iris Lark Iris sits up straight and waves happily to Shiloh. "Things are going okay, I'm glad you're feeling better." She nods at Rexus when he mentions vanilla and gets to her feet to go talk to Lynnette and grab some ice cream. Once she has enough for herself and Rexus she sits down again and crosses her legs. "Sit down with us, Shiloh? What else have you been up to?"
Shiloh      "Sounds like your best bet." Shiloh agrees with Grover, grinning as she watches him get a little bit of all three flavors. "Gotta say, this vanilla is really nice. Mild, sweet, and really creamy. Might just be my favorite." She ends up raising a brow at Lynnette and frowns thoughtfully to herself while she tries to recall something, "Oh yeah, I think I remember him mentioning it back when he showed up at the Saloon. Something something a subproject, don't mention it to Matt. I think he left out a lot of the details so I wouldn't ask to come. He always talks like I'm made of glass, and heh. Maybe he's right."

     Her expression grows more concerned when she notices Lynnette seeming sore by her motions. "You're pretty brave you know." She offers as a compliment, "Going out there like that. I'm still...more nervous than I'd like to admit about the caravan trip Matt's going to bring us on in a couple of days. I still have to find some kinda gear to wear.." When Iris offers her a place at the table, she smiles and heads over to claim one of the chairs there. "Mostly just helping that old coot down at the Mechanic shop when I can. And then heading back to work on Private Wayne. He's still kind of all over the place right now, but ended up making one of his arms bend properly the other day."
Rexus Rexus gives a nod to Shiloh, though he lets Iris do the talking. He's focused on this ice cream, taking up a spoon to begin careful carving up the scoops and giving a taste. Of course, he approves, who wouldn't? But he savors every little bite, enjoying the chilled desert.
Iris Lark "Have you spoken to Jackie yet?" Iris asks Shiloh, before she takes a bite of her ice cream. "I'm sure the two of you together teaming up will be quite the thing. She's a pretty good mechanic too, if I remember correctly." She gazes at Lynnette and she looks thoughtful for a moment before she gets to her feet and slowly makes her way over to the hostess. She leans in and whispers something in her ear.
Grover Grover takes his ice cream, and moves over to a free seat...sticking his fingers into it.."Wow, thats cold...sticks right to your hand too....might be a good idea, to use some kind of stick to eat it with."
Lynnette Chuckling at that 'hat tip' she'd just shake her head before she would take a bite of her ice cream. Lyn would then tilt her head a bit as she looked to Shiloh. "Brave?" Letting out a chuckle she'd shake her head. "Stupid is more like it. I am not a combat person...." Shrugging she would look over at Iris with a grin then. "She's way better than I am...." Then she jerk her head over to Alpha by her. "Or that one. I just go do stuff that seem like it's fun or a learning experience." When Iris whispered she'd shake her head a bit and just smiled.
Alpha     Alpha glances over at Shiloh when he'd be motioned at vaguely, then over at Iris. Finally he'd simply shrug and continue eating. Although he was watching Lyn quite thoughtfully, studying her actions for the moment.
Iris Lark Iris pulls an innocent look, batting her eyelashes a bit as she shakes her head. "I'm just a lucky shot, really." She murmurs, walking briefly back to her table where she retrieves her rucksack. She leans in and quietly murmurs. "I'll be right back you two, please don't eat my ice cream." She takes a seat near Lynnette and quietly speaks. "I can very quickly help you feel better if you'd like." She pulls some asprin from her rucksack, palms two, and hands them to Lynnette before she gets out a few things to bandage a wound.
Shiloh      "Yeah, I saw Jackie." Shiloh confirms, inclining her head to Iris after the question is asked. "We ended up catching up and I hope to show her the project soon." She sighs and reluctantly admits, "I don't know if I'll end up taking help on that specific one or not. Usually more than willing to talk shop with her and get her second opinion. But I just...need something to do since pa and Paul aren't around the house anymore. Honestly as much as I'd like to see him up and running...I'm alright if he ends up taking a while too. Something to push back that...dull droning feeling if that makes sense." She looks uncertain of what to say after that, but glances over at Grover and manages a grin. "I...think they got some utensils nearby, don't they?" She looks to Lynnette for confirmation but leaves her be to talk to Iris. She instead looks to Alpha who's been quiet all this time, "You ended up going too?"
Rexus Rexus is... joining the host of men who are just keeping hush and eating their icecream, let the ladies do the chatting. He goes through one bowl and is on to the next, scooping and eating, different flavors.. mixtures.. chocolate and vanilla... then some strawberry, mixing and matching to suit his whims at that very second.
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit as she winked at Alpha then looked to Iris. "Oh I don't know about that.....lucky was me shooting that one gecko up the butt...." Laughing now but she'd wince slightly as she looked over to Iris. "'s all under my dress and as much as I'm the party girl....I'd rather not get naked. Maybe do my leg for now and we can do the other back at your place...."

Looking to Grover she'd smile and give him a wink as she jerked her head to the table. "There's spoons, need to get your fingers all sticky...." Chuckling she'd then looked back to Iris. "I'll take those pills though...."
Alpha     Alpha finished that bowl, watching Iris go to help Lyn, then looks to Shiloh as she'd talk to him. "Hmm? No. Not me. I heard about it after they left.. and heard she was goin after that. I had ta get back ta the office ta let someone out inta care of some guy. So.. I missed it. Wish I hadn't though.."
Shiloh      "Did its guts come out of that end like the radroach?" Shioh asks over to Lynnette after overhearing the bit about the lucky shot. She stirs her ice cream to soften it up more and takes another spoonful. Her head gently bobs as she listens to Alpha, then she glances over at Rexus. "Oh! She must have meant you then, right?" She wonders, before frowning to herself, "You're alright too, right?" She tells Alpha, "It's okay. There'll always be next time that you can help out. I don't think there's going to be a shortage of geckos anytime soon."
Iris Lark Iris takes care of the easy to get to wounds, and she hands Lynnettee the asprin as she works. What she can get to are pretty simple cuts and scrapes but she's careful nonetheless. "It wouldnt' do for you to get an infection because I didn't take my time with it." She mutters, tying off the bandage she puts around Lynnette's leg.
Rexus Rexus blinks, looking around before focusing on Shiloh. "What? Me? Huh?" he's lost, as he so usually is in these big social gatherings. Why can't he just sit quietly and eat his ice cream?! Where's Bacon? He resumes eating, spoon after spoon.
Lynnette Exposing that hidden leg she'd let Iris work on that bite. Inhaling she would just keep focused on the conversation. Looking to Shiloh she would laugh a bit. "Nah. But I'm sure I scrambled up the insides pretty good with my shotgun...." Glancing to Rexus she would laugh then as she winked at him playfully. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"
Iris Lark "Oh don't tease him." Iris murmurs, giggling as she packs up her gear. She shoulderbumps Lyn gently as she gazes at Rexus. "I like that he isn't wordsy, all the time." She gets to her feet and goes back to her ice cream only to find it mostly eaten. "Oh..well at least it didn't melt!" She says, retaking her seat. She grins at Shiloh and nods. "It's nice to see that you want to get involved, it takes a village to keep the village safe."
Alpha     Alpha kept a good portion of his attention on Lyn and Iris, nodding a little as the medic would help her patch up. He'd finish off that icecream and eye it a moment, then looks over at Iris and from there to Rexus. Musing, he'd shrug and return that dish and silverware to the table.
Shiloh      Shiloh grins at Rexus' answer to her question and giggles when he starts to eat again without much of an answer. Leaving him be for now to enjoy his treat, she looks down at her cup and checks to see how much she has left. She didn't want it all to be gone too quickly afterall! Shiloh giggles and agrees with Lynnette, "Ouch! Yeah, that has a lot more punch than some BB gun, that's for sure. So I guess it wasn't as much of a concern to try to bring something back for eating?" When Iris returns, she does mention, "Wasn't me, I fought the urge to steal from other bowls. As tempting as it is. And...gotta say it's been nice. Even if I haven't done too much yet, it's just...been a change. One that's just...went an opposite direction from what I was expecting. Just wanna try and keep that feeling from going away...maybe take other people's minds off of it too if I can."
Rexus Rexus didn't eat Iris's icecream, no.. that would be a travesty and a crime and he'd be sleeping on the couch if he did. Bacon ate it. That's his story and he's sticking to it! Lyn's comment gets a little 'hrmpf' in response, dipping his head down to resume eating ice cream, this bowl is just bottomless.
Lynnette "Oh come on...gonna beat up a girl that got bit by some geckos?" Laughing then she'd look over at Rexus and put her hands in the air but of course she winced too from moving too fast. That arm would go across her abdomen and chuckled. "I'm just saying...I didn't say untying was wrong with it. Can't take a flirt from little old me?"

Lyn would look around then as she smirked as she looked around. "So!" She'd call out then as she tilted her head to get everyone's attention. "I figured...since we're pretending to be kids again with this ice cream social....let's play a game...." That's when that grin tugged at her lips then. "So let's get in a circle guys...."
Iris Lark Iris looks curious and she moves forward, sitting in what begins to be a circle. She pulls her feet up on the chair, shifts until she's comfortable and she stares at Lynnette. "This better not be anything I regret in the morning woman, or else." She says, as a woman delivers the Healer a strawberry milkshake. She takes a sip and her eyes light up. "Oh, this is good."
Shiloh      Shiloh perks up when Lynnette mentions a game and gives them an instruction. She looks down and stands up to carry it over to help form the mentioned circle. "Ohh, a game huh? If it's competive, do be warned! I aim to win and show now mercy." A grin plays on her face, likely an effort to show the others that she's mostly joking about her competitve streak. Once her chair is situated, she sits back down and takes another big spoonful. This one does make her eyes and nose scrunch up and she murmers in pain, "Oww, can't eat it too fast. Gives you a huge headache if you try to." She offers as a general warning to the rest of the room.
Rexus Rexus is wary. Bad schoolboy memories? Either way, he sort of.. dips his toe in.. that is, he sits behind Iris... a little amused that all the girls are getting into the circle but the boys are wisely hanging back.. this IS highschool all over again!
Alpha     Alpha raised a brow, shrugs and pushes off that wall. Walking over, he'd spin a chair over to sit on it backwards, arms resting on the back as he'd just so happen to end up next to Lyn in that circle. Glancing to Shiloh, he'd flash her a small grin. "Ya should know.. patience has a reward."
Lynnette Slowly she would look around and then cracked her knuckles. "Now then...." Smirking she would tilt her head a bit and hold up her hand with all her fingers out. "So hold your hand up like this....and we're gonna play a couple rounds of...never have I ever...." Snickering she would look to the small group. "When it's your turn, you say something you have never done in your life.....everyone else.....if you have, you put a finger down. If you put all the fingers down, you're out." Those green eyes were twinkling now. "I'll start. So....for example. Never have I ever kissed a girl." Oh yes...she's a cheater and cheeky.
Shiloh      Shiloh laughs softly at Alpha's advice and nods her head, "It's just so hard to remember for something delicious though. My brain is just telling me more, more, more." She looks back at Lynnette to listen to her explain the game, and holds her hand up like she's doing. "Ohh, okay. That makes sense..." At Lynnette's question to the others, she twists her lips and sighs, "Uhh...I guess I've kissed my mom before. Like on the cheek...I'll let it count just to give the guy's a fighting chance." She lowers her pointer finger and then tries to think of one next, "Never have I ever...blacked out whenever I've been drinking."
Iris Lark Iris doesn't put her finger down when Lynnette and Shiloh speak up, and she snickers softly as she leans foward. "I'm going to learn so much about people today." She looks thoughtful and squints at the people surrounding her in the circle before she speaks up. "Never have I ever skinny dipped in a public place."
Alpha     Alpha smirks at the others. First finger down when Lyn would speak, although he'd be watching her to make sure hers went down too. He knew things. Shaking his head at Shiloh's comment, that next would go down. There's a small grin flashed at Iris then as his third finger would go down. Well.. this was going to go fast. "Uhh.. Never have I ever.. uh.. frag.. no.. did that.. I.. no.." He'd frown, musing for a moment. "Oh! ... no.. wait. there was that one time.. uhh.. go sand surfin behind a four wheeler!" He'd finally declare triumphantly, then shrugs as he'd look at the others.
Rexus Rexus doesn't look terribly... interesting. He's mostly kept his fingers down, totally un-exciting. He's kissed a girl.. but that's about it so far as the other questions are concerned. "Errr.. never have I ever..." and he squints, "Had a threesome?" time to seperate the men from the boys, so they say.
Lynnette She'd laugh a bit then but then put down a finger after Shiloh....and Iris......and Rexus. Sighing softly she'd look at the last two fingers that were left and then face palmed. "Well then..." Laughing she would shake her head a bit and shrugged. "I guess this is where we find some stuff. Lyn would tap her chin then nodded "Okay....never have I ever...." Oh man she had to think about this for a bit. "....been in jail...."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks over at the others as each of them take their turns, her four fingers still standing staying up for the time being. She does giggle more when Alpha has a hard time picking his suggestion. She lets out an 'ooo' whenever he decides on one and tells him, "That's something that everyone should do at least once. You can go out and make a big circle to drive around in and even dig out ramps so you could have jumps to go off of!" She does squint over at Rexus' methods then leans far in to try to stage whisper to him, "Oh uh, dude. You're supposed to have all your fingers up then knock them down if you have done the stuff. It looks like you're way behind us right now." She straightens up by the time it's her turn again and considers it, "Never have I ever...laughed -so- hard that I wet myself."
Iris Lark Iris has only put down one finger so far and her cheeks are pink as she avoids the eyes of everyone around her. A few moments pass and then she takes a deep breath, visibly shakes herself. She eyes Shiloh and starts to giggle until she speaks about her thing that she hasn't done and then the giggles turn into laughter. "Oh my goodness.." She takes a breath and squints. "Never have I ever stolen something."
Alpha     Alpha eyes Rexus.. but keeps his two fingers up. There's a wry grin shot at Shiloh. "Eh.. we used cars.. ya'd be impressed how well a car door can get lift off a body, eh?" There's a pause. "Frag." he'd mutter, then shakes his head a little. Glancing to Iris, he'd have to drop down to just his pinky left. "That.. huh.. well.." Frowning, he'd glance at the others, then smirks. "Ah.. never have I ever.. been invited ta meet the mayor of El Dorado." Like THAT would ever happen!
Rexus Rexus just grumps in response to Shiloh. He adjusts his fingers thusly, still only one down. "Ummmmm.. never.. have I ever... woken up somewhere I don't remember falling asleep at?" he's terrible, just terrible, so un-fun and un-adventureous! Booooooring!
Lynnette Safe from Shiloh's but toes not safe from Iris. Sighing she would just put her next finger down and shook her head. " is...." Laughing she'd run her fingers through her hair as she looked around. "I guess I am the bad one of the group....then again...." Tapping her chin. "I think I'm older than y'all so more time to do crazy crap...." But once Rexus said his, she'd raise her brow and sighed. Looking at them she'd smile and put her hand down. "I think we're good here....."

Lyn would look around the group and chuckled. "And on that note....I"m going to head out. I think we've had our debauchery here. I'm gonna send Chuck back to clean this up later....but y'all feel free to eat as much as you want." A play wink then as she blew them a kiss. "Toodles!" And with that....she started out that door.....limp and all. Yup...limping is sexy.
Shiloh      "Aw man...I knew that cookie scrap before dinner would come back to haunt me." Shiloh says, sighing with regret as her second finger comes down after Iris' declaration. She shakes her head at Alpha and tells him, "Oh I doubt that! Have had to cut off more than my fair share to try to salvage 'em when I can. Those things are -sturdy-." She considers Alpha's suggestion and squints her eyes in thought, "I mean...invited is such a strong word. I know her family, they're good people...but in an official sense..." She trails off and shrugs, lowering her third finger. "Guess I'll count it." She laughs at Rexus and tells him, "Maybe when I was about eight." She lowers her fourth finger and blinks when she realizes that she only has one left. "Ohh well...guess I'm not as unadventurous as I thought." When the game is over, she smiles over at Lynnette, "I can help you clean up if you want, and thanks for hosting it! Hope you feel better soon and stay safe!"
Iris Lark "She said she was going to let me tend the rest of her wounds." Iris mutters, her eyes on the door as Lynnette slips out quickly. "Oh ..well.." She picks up her rucksack and gazes at Rexus. "C'mon you, nightcap time." She tugs her boring man towards the door, a grin on her face.
Rexus Rexus is still only holding one finger up, grinning at Iris. "Guess... I need some breaking in?" he muses, shaking his head. "Thanks for the party though Lyn... I may become addicted to this iced cream before long." he says as he stands, making sure his dishes are at least gathered and put with the others for cleaning. He gets tugged towards the door, the big galoot sort of trundling along after Iris.
Alpha     Alpha's next finger would drop with Rexus' offering, letting him drop his hand as he'd be out. Chuckling quietly, he'd shake his head and grin at Shiloh. "Trust me.. goin at 60 draggin behind a car? Ya hit the edge right.. ya can get height on it.. I've done it.. uh.. once or twice.." He'd glance at the others, shrugs a little then looks at Lyn, he smiles her way and gets up with a nod to the others. "Ifn ya'll dun mind.. I'm gonna make sure our hostess gets home safe too.. eh? Hope ya'll enjoyed."