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Matt Perhaps Matt is beginning to spend a bit too much of his time and caps in, ahem, house of ill repute. Whiskey is good for the leg, and escape from responsibility is always nice. He has taken up a stool at the end of the bar, clipboard in front of him, with a glass of whiskey as well. Clipboard being fairly ignored at this point.
Willow Caine Willow doesn't mind this Saloon being termed a house of ill repute, her old job was perfect in one of those places. She pauses at the bottom of the stairs and she watches Matt for a moment or two before she continues to the bar, where instead of going behind it, she takes a seat next to Matt. "Evening."
Matt Matt hmms as he gets joined by company, and sighs with such a huge relief, pushing the clipboard away and turning to plop an elbow onto counter, chin into hand. "Why good evening. It wouldn't be gentlemanly of me to wish for less business for you for selfish reasons, but I can't say I haven't thought about it."
Willow Caine "Sometimes I like the quiet too, you know?" Willow says, smiling over at Matt as she shifts and settles her skirts around her. "I used to do most of my business upstairs, so..this part of it, I'm still not used to." She gestures to the clipboard with slender fingers and asks. "So what are you doing with that?"
Matt "Oh, hopefully ignoring it. All it says is I've got not enough people to deal with too many obstacles." Matt's gaze flickers upstairs, and he connects dots. "I haven't had occasion to venture up stairs such as those. You seem to be a singular woman though, I don't think you'll have any problems with the paperwork."
Willow Caine "It's nice up there, cooler and more comfortable." Willow mumbles, as she reaches out to pull the clipboard closer. "I keep most of my ..clipboard worthy things in my head." She says, tapping on her temple as she reads over the words on the clipboard briefly. She stands on her stool, leans in, and grabs a bottle of cognac.
Matt Scouting reports behind, payroll up front. Apparently Matt isn't paying anyone unless the caravan gets through. Matt resists...resists, then falls and tilts his head back to gaze at tonight's moon. "I've just gotten used to whisky, what are you bringing at me now?"
Willow Caine Willow sets down a bottle of cognac and pulls the wax off the cork so she can open it. She waves the bottle under his nose and grins. "Aged cognac, it's good for you." She says, pouring herself a few fingers. She picks up her glass, swirls it a bit, and then takes a sip. "How much did you drink before you came here?"
Matt "Drink? Me? I would go with...none. I had my first alcohol at the docs when they started pulling slugs out of me. I think I really only drink when I've got stitches or something in me." Matt will flip his clipboard over now, drain his glass and settle it back onto the bartop. "El Dorado has given me a few vices."
Willow Caine "It could be a lot worse, some of the best people I know drink at least once a day." Willow says, leaning against the bar with both elbows. Her assets are on display when she does this and she doesn't seem to have noticed. "Think you'll stay in El Dorado, or are you gonna be like some and rabbit towards Vegas or California when you get the chance?"
Matt Matt definitely notices, and normal willpower isn't exactly a thing you've got after a drink or three. "Eh. If I'm going anywhere, it'd be back to Texas. I set out to look for some adventure, and promptly found a bit too much." He shrugs his shoulders though, and eyes go back to places they ought to be. "Too many people in need, ya'know? Lonestar is strugglin, Militia is decimiated. Sheriff's department might as well not even exist." He quirks his lips off to the side and shakes his head. "All that and you've got Enclave bouncin out in erry hill and valley from him to to the rivers. Gotta circle the wagons. People deserve some peace in their life."
Willow Caine Willow nods and she lets a finger trace along the edge of her dress as she speaks. "Not a lot of people are willing to do nice things for other people." She says, and that's when she reaches out to gently tweak Matt's nose. "So why are you so sweet and kind and giving?"
Matt Matt rolls his eyes at Willow's words. Sweet. "Sweet don't keep your people alive. I think its easier to extend what you care about to others when you never had to focus so hard on your own struggles. Ya'know? I grew up fairly easy, now that I've been 'bout to see." He'll reach out to tug on that wrist away from distracting dalliances and lay it upon the counter. "I'm not a softie. Plenty out there to make a man mean, and I'm not sure I've resisted it enough."
Willow Caine "Most people, myself included, would walk away from danger for anyone save my family." Willow remarks and when he puts her hand on the counter, a sly look appears on her face and she gets to her feet, moving close enough to be pressed against Matt. "What's wrong, sugar? I'm not distracting you am I?" She asks, that framed bit of flesh now pressing against his arm.
Matt Matt moved her hand without really thinking about it. But its seems to have gotten him into a situation. "Dahling, you could distract the stars from shining." He'll turn a bit to square up to her, sliding down from his barstool to his feet, with only a tad of a wince. "Pops always told me that'd be how I got in trouble. Stickin my neck out too far for someone who don't deserve it."
Willow Caine Willow doesn't move away and she doesn't look disconcerted. She reaches out, pours another few fingers of cognac, and then takes a sip before she gazes up at Matt. "Are you in trouble now? I'm not going to get you into any trouble you don't want to be in, sugar." She holds up her glass to Matt, offering him a sip.
Matt "I don't think you're offering me any sort of trouble. Though, I'm not the best at seeing it when its comin." Matt's arms go out and behind him to rest upon the counter. He'll wrap his hand around hers to take a quick drink of the cognac. Its a nice drink, much easier to get down than his usual."That is rather delightful."
Willow Caine Willow takes a step back, and then another. "Well I'm a lot of trouble, sugar, so you better be careful around me." She sets her cognac down on the table as she tugs and shifts her dress until she's happy it's back in place. "You've got this delightfully innocent look about you and I just want to fuss with you a bit."
Matt "I'm not too sure of that. It looks like you've got things here well in hand." Matt breathes easier now, but a flush in the cheeks that doesn't fade remains. "I think its less innocent, and more inexperienced. But whatever gets me conversation, I guess." He'll walk to the table, because they've abandoned the bartop, and settles his backside upon the table next to her glass. "How long you been holding down the fort in here?"
Willow Caine "You ...want conversation? That's easy, sugar, you can come by and conversate anytime." Willow says, a ghost of a smile on her lips. She drops gracefully into the seat next to him and crosses her legs, pulling her skirt up enough to show some leg. "It's been almost a year now, not my first choice for a job, but I don't think I'm doing badly at it."
Matt Matt didn't seem aware there were other options. "It seems like you're doing well enough. You've got a great deal of traffic." Matt will settle into an opposing chair then. Standing Willow seemed more fun. "Is...conversation not alright?"
Willow Caine "Conversation is fine." Willow leans foward, an amused look on her face at his confusion. "It does okay, sometimes, and sometimes it's quiet. I'm okay with either." She lets her tongue trail slowly over her lips before she adds. "Conversation isn't the only thing you could have though, but something more might cost you."
Matt Matt gets a playful gleam to his eyes, leaning back in his chair with a smirk. "Well, I do remember you wagering yourself upon a game you weren't even playing in. I think a night out a-courting with you is worth way more than the 5 caps I could've lost."
Willow Caine "I was wagered, and that's the least of my worries." Willow says, grinning widely now. "So what does a person like you consider courting? Are we going to go out and eat, drink and be merry?" She asks, nudging his leg with the toe of her slippers. "Or are we going to stay inside and cuddle by a fire, see if we can singe the furniture?"
Matt "Singe the furniture? I was going to take you home to meet Maw and Paw. Mostly to extend the date as long as possible. Texas is only what...three or four weeks away?" Matt chuckles at the leg nudging. "I don't know the town very well. Too busy getting shot at, or attempted crushed or something. Mostly Dunwich."
Willow Caine "Well then, let me plan the" Willow says, pushing her glass towards Matt with a twinkle in her eyes. "I've got something in mind, and I think you'll enjoy it." She reaches out to dip a finger into the cognac before she traces her lip with it. Licking the alcohol off of her lips and finger she adds. "If not, then you can plan the next one."