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Connor     The long walk from El Dorado was relatively peaceful. Maybe some buzzing off in the distance, but nothing seemed interested in messing with a group which included a member of the steel-skin family. Their arrival in Roswell was just as quiet, with Rolande volunteering to climb scrap and become their lookout. Connor turns to look at his group before sending them into the valleys of the scrapyard. "So. Primary targets right now is copper to repair the electrical grid of El Dorado. Feel free to pick up anything you think you yourself might need. We should move as one group though, and load the wheelbarrow as a team. Lotta things crawling around in here. Any questions?"
Vuk Vuk has been here many times, but now he had a motorcycle, the chopper Growling as it moved, a Minigun strapped to the side as he rides with out speaking, a gleaming steel encased being, the armor hissing as it pumped cooled air against it's occupant. Only when did the group reach the scrapyard was the minigun unstrapped and checked over one final time. "The ghouls will come." The armor snarls out in a mechanical wash of static and modulation.
Shiloh      The sun was fairly bright up in the sky today, and the way it caught some of the glass and hunks of metal in the distance did not help either. Shiloh walks with Connor by the wheelbarrow while Vuk takes his motorcycle, looking up at the man in power armor with admiration and awe as they get closer to their destination. Her hockey mask is balanced on top of her head at the moment, acting as a visor that help shield her eyes from the rays above. Her attention is on Connor when he speaks and though Vuk's automated words do make her pale, she nods her head over at him, "Copper to repair the electrical grid. Can keep whatever else we want. Stick together and load the wheelbarrow together when we find something. No questions from me here." She glances down and takes a wrench from her tool kit, frowning softly down at it. It wasn't much of a deterrant, but would probably do more damage than anything she could muster by just punching something.
Connor     The inital foray of scavenging takes awhile, the sun crosses its highest point, before it begins to dip down in the sky. Its been relatively successful so far! Connor and Shiloh take the time to pull an old transformer unit out and down from a pile of scrap and strip its copper out of it. The thud it makes when it slips and lands on the dirt echoes through the scrapyard.
    Connor stops and waits for the sound to stop echoing, and a bit more. But nothing happens so the stripping occurs. "We got lucky with this. Definitely."
Vuk Vuk doesn't seem interested in scavenging, he's actively letting his senses wander, he's been in Rosewell before. "You should go to the underground, strip the old Enclave base, more likely to have what you need, if it hasn't been utterly collapsed in. You should seek out Lucette." He says as he occasionally brings the Minigun up to near full speed to fire, then lets it quiet down.
Shiloh      Shiloh wipes the sweat off of her brow whenever the transformer is finally unwedged from the heap, then retrieves some wire cutters to help make getting the copper easier. Her eyes are narrowed down on her work, her hands moving with careful precision so that very little is wasted. "Don't know why someone would throw this out.." She murmers quietly to herself while she sets what's been gathered down in the wheelbarrow nearby. Though she tries to remain focused, she can't help but to scratch at her neck and her arms with a frown curving her lips. She isn't very vocal about her complaints, but the rustling of her nails against her skin and jumpsuit is constant as she tries to rake the crawling sensation from her skin. "Even if it is, maybe someone with the know how could place controlled blasting caps to clear a path.." She murmers conversationally, needing any distraction at all at this point in time.
Connor A click, click, click is heard inside of Vuk's powerarmor. Radiation is upticking now, and a scattered rattling and sliding of junk falling can be heard from around the small scavenging party. Connor coughs, once or twice. "Lets get move on, huh?"
Vuk Vuk cocks his head in his armor, a grin spreading on his lips as the minigun spools up again, his armor bacing as he swivels about. "The Minions of Satansoft come, witness the glow they spread.." he murmurs as he waits.
Shiloh      "Yeah...I've gotten about everything that I can from that transformer. Without breaking it down and cutting into the actual metal..." Shiloh agrees with Connor when he suggests that they get to moving. She leaves behind the transformer to pick up one end of the wheelbarrow and roll it along wherever Connor leads them too. She looks over at Vuk and raises a brow at his words, "Satansoft?" She wonders to him in a whisper, doing her best to not attract undue attention to them if she can help them. "What's that?" She looks around herself to try to see whatever glow the heavily armored man is speaking of.
Connor     The walk to wherever they might be scavenging today seems long. And relatively peaceful. EERILY peaceful. Until the scrap-piles around the small band of adventurers 'explode' with activity. Ghouls are out and about, and swarm down on the unsuspecting party!
    They don't seem ready to attack, instead intent on upending the party members! Only Connor manages to keep his feet, the wheelbarrow gave him an extra second to move out of the way and push down a Ghoul! The rest of the team weren't lucky. Shiloh gets planted onto her back and Vuk has a crowd of six trying to pull him down to the ground even with his armor!
Shiloh      Shiloh looks around herself with a frown to herself, mostly trying to keep an eye out for anything useful. She scratches at her cheek and her eyes grow wide when the ghouls come leaping out of the scrap piles nearby. She lets out a startled yelp and windmills her arms in a doomed effort to keep on her feet. Scrambling backwards from the ghoul closest to her, her eyes dart quickly between Connor and Vuk to make sure that they were both okay from the ambush too. Though Vuk gets a brief look of sympathy for having to deal with the six ghouls trying to use him like a jungle gym, she can't keep her attention up on him for long.
Connor     From in front and behind, shambling and glowing strangely Ghouls. Glowing Ones stop for a second, then charge towards the unfortunate travellers. The first one comes straight to Connor, around the wheelbarrow and reach out to slash across his chest, digging deep through his shirt and splashing blood out. The second one behind the ghoul reachs to take a bite into Connor's shoulder before he shakes him off again. The third is eyeballing Vuk a great deal, and grunts his way! The swarms upon him increase their activity trying to pull him down.
Shiloh      Shiloh tries to scramble up on her feet and clutches her wrench with a tight two-handed grip. She tries to tell the ghoul, speaking with a waivering voice, "Back off." She swings at the creature then, flailing towards it with two swings of the clunky tool. Though the first strike whizzes close to the shambling creature, the next one is way off as she tries to twist herself back around to be face to face with it again.
Vuk Vuk doesn't go down easily, it only angers him when things dare to rush him and suddenly there is a snarl of gunfire as he lashes out, casings spraying out from the weapon as it hammers out death in a cresencendo of anger. "Saint Diode be my shield! May Saint Sony guide my aim true!" He barks out as he unleashes hell all around of him, sweeping rounds back and forth against those assaulting them.
Connor The swarms attempt to be deadly! The ones at Shiloh, snarl and drip grossglowingweirdrool all around the dirt, and attempt to wrap her up and get at her neck and soft bits! But Shes too quick and shoves them back with that wrench of hers!
    The swarm attacking Vuk have as much luck, trying to clamber onto him but he shakes them off like a duck shedding water!
Connor Connor does his best to ignore his bloody wounds, instead arming himself with riot and prod! The prod thrusts out towards the nearest glowing one! Once, ineffectively, but the second time it connects into the glowing one's chest and spreads out electricity before dropping the thing to the ground.
Connor The glowing ones press upon their targets, grappling with Connor's arm and digging teeth in through its metal armor before being shaken off! The one charging Vuk has little chance to do anything, being shoved to the ground by a big meaty armor-paw.
Shiloh      Shiloh screams out just when Vuk is starting to fire that minigun alone and it only helps her to flail the wrench at the Ghoul close to her to keep it fended off from her. "Stay AWAY!" She frantically demands, and looks over in time to notice just how hard of a time Connor has been having. "Connor! I'm coming!" She tries to run over to him and warily points her wrench over at the glowing one nearby. "I uh, I got your back buddy."
Vuk Vuk was beginning to track against the glowing ones again, about to stitch a pattern, but a horrid screeching noise comes from the minigun as what looks like a screw, or nail jams into the gears and Vuk barks in anger at it, hurriedly going to begin slamming his fist against the offending object to knock it free.
Connor The swarms are ineffectual this time, Shiloh managing to stick her wrench into an incoming ghoul's mouth and throw him bodily to the floor! Vuk's just flail and fall trying to get at him. No resistance needed
Connor Connor raises his shield and uses it to keep back the remaining glowing one! The glowing one tries to get around the shield, scrabbling and scratching. His cattleprod tries to reach around and jam the damn thing to the ground but fails to connect really.
Shiloh      Shiloh swings at the ghoul with her wrench while it's down, managing to graze it on its chest. While she's nearby Connor's side, she swings over at the glowing one, trying to attract its attention to give Connor some respite from its advances, "Hey! Glowstick, pick on someone else!"
Vuk Vuk clears the jam and begins to sweep fire rapidly back and forth, rounds howling out again and his armor reflecting the muzzle flare, any thing attacking him doesn't seem to draw much notice from him as he focuses on his task at hand, armor braced to ride out the recoil.
Connor The glowing one attempts to accost Vuk now, screeching and scrambling to get past the arms and gun and to the torso! But its ineffective! The one after Connor, has better luck, reaching through and almost digging through his stomach for gory gold, but instead it gets caught on Connor's shield and rips it deep!
Rolande Although Rolande had been on recon, even he had been surprised with the sudden appearance of the Ghouls, and the Glowing One no less! It took him several moments to find a proper firing stance from atop the scrapheap that he'd situated himself on, swirling around to take aim with his service rifle as he began to pick and choose his targets- firing an initial shot in the direction of the first shiny target that caught his eye.

With a frown behind his Ranger's helmet, he decides to switch from the obvious threat to the more immediate one- the swarm. He draws in his breath, steadying his aim as his rifle lets out with another crack! and the 5.56 singing true through the air to collide with one of the masses' legs in an attempt to slow the approach before shouting down to his colleagues, particularly Vuk. "What's going on down there?! We need that gun spinning!"
Shiloh      Shiloh cries out in pain when the ghoul that was on the ground lunges up and manages to snag a bite from her while she was surprised. She makes an effort to try to knock it down onto the ground with her wrench again, unable to hold back tears that flow from her eyes from the pain. When it falls down thanks to Rolande's precise shot, she turns to try to strike out against the glowing ghoul again, no longer having to divide her attention in an effort to keep her and her allies both safe.
Connor Connor finally manages to the thing up and off of him and his shield, throwing it back a few steps before connecting with his cattle prod! Electric zaps and zips through its body, making it shake rattle and fall onto the ground, scrabbling before trying to get back up again!
Vuk Vuk ignores the man yelling at him, actually, he has most of the world deadened out via his armor systems, rounds slamming out into bodies, chewing through them and leaving pools of internal..guts. It's probably best not to wonder what organs the ghouls are displaying as their bodies hit the ground and he begins to swivel again, stray rounds spranging off scrap as he tracks, glowing tracers, the scent of spent powder.. how does Vuk keep so clean after battles!?
Connor The glowing one, gets up onto its knees and lunges towards Connor! But he manages to divert it with his shield and upset the thing onto the dust! Its chest glows green and bright and the burned skin from the prod seems to just fall off onto the ground, revealing healthy skin under it.
Rolande With the last of the swarm dispatched and Vuk having taken care of things on his end, it was time for him to focus on the last problem on hand- the Glowing Ghoul giving Connor and Shiloh such a hard time; He'd wheeled about again, hazel eyes narrowing behind the crimson lens as he steadies his breathing again, gloved finger caressing the trigger all of a moment as he prepares to squeeze off another couple of rounds in quick and accurate succession, shots blowing apart its decrepit, shining flesh.

When it hit the ground with a thud, Rolande finally relaxed before standing up tall on the scrapheap with his rifle slung over his shoulder in apparent satisfaction of his work.
Shiloh      Shiloh steps back when the glowing ghoul falls down to the ground and begins to twitch, staring at it with fear of what it might do once it's up again. Two more shots are enough to drop it again and she's barely able to breathe a sigh of relief. She sniffs from her nose quietly and lifts a trembling hand to make sure that her eyes and face are dried from her crying in the moment, more worried about the others seeing that than checking on her injuries from the scrap. When Rolande comes down, she clears her throat and tell him, "Glad you got things settled too when you did...wouldn't like to see what might have happened if it weren't for you and him.." She looks over at the man in power-armor and then back at Connor, "Do we have enough to bring back or should we take a couple more hours to look?"
Connor "Yah...Fuck Roswell." Connor hefts his shield up, and brings it down hard to divest the glowing one of its head. Never can be careful of these sort of things. He takes a deep breath or two before turning to the group. "That copper should be enough for quite a bit of repairs. We can poke around on our way back out." He takes notice of Shiloh, "You alright there? Looks like they got some of you."
Vuk Vuk will let the minigun slowly spool down as the ghouls fall and begin to walk back towards his motorcycle, to strap it back to the side. "I dislike this town." He says, the ghouls!
Rolande After Rolande came down off the scrapheap, he'd given the others around him a quiet nod on his approach, stopping close to Shiloh as he brought his rifle down off his shoulder and held it in a lax position cradled in the nook of his arms. "We got lucky for them having the drop on us. I should've known better." He'd admit to his failings quietly, before turning his attention on Shiloh more intently at Connor's words. "He's right, it looks like you took some hits. Lemme' patch you up a bit before we head back into town and maybe Iris can have a look at you properly, eh firecracker?"

He didn't seem to really wait on a yes or no from the wrenchmonkey, slinging his rifle out of the way with its strap so he can pat around his equipment hidden by the NCR duster. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it seemed he had some resources that could at least tape Shiloh back together for the journey home, loosely bandaging some of her worse bites and scratches where possible before standing straight again with another small nod.
Shiloh      Shiloh nods her head over at Connor, still clutching her injury and managing a weak smile. "Y-yeah. I'm fine." She reassures him, though her voice does crack a little trying to get that out. "Nothing I can't handle. I mean, you got it a lot worse than me, you know? I'll just wrap some bandages over it and stop by the clinic soon when we get back.." She heads over to try to help gather up the wheelbarrow and push it back the way they came. When Rolande stops by, she looks over at Rolande in surprise. Though she's about to say something, Shiloh bites her tongue and just nods while letting Rolande try to help the worst of it. "Thank you, Rolande.." She tells him sincerely, "If you have the supplies, Connor could use some attention too."