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Owner Pose
Nathan Nathan is currently sitting at one of the tables with a beer in hand leaning back and listening to the music as he watches the comings and goings of the saloon's patrons. As he finishes off his drink he sets it on the table and glances back at the bar to judge the wait for another drink.
Fuchsia     Fuchsia technically works here... but that doesn't mean she's a waitress. She's still pressing the flesh and meeting people, with smiles and nods as she walks by people, leaning in to ask them how they're doing before moving on. With a smile she approaches Nathan, leaning against his table with her palms flat on the tabletop. "Hey there, you enjoying the atmosphere?" She asks him sweetly.
Nathan Nathan looks up at the shapely blonde as she leans up against his table and nods, "Of course, even have a room upstairs on the third floor. The drinks are great, and the atmosphere is perfect. How about you?"
Fuchsia     Fuschia laughs charmingly, her eyes going upwards when Nathan talks about his room. "Oh, the third floor. You must be quite well-to-do!" She flatters Nathan shamelessly, sliding into the chair next to his. "So you're planning on staying a while, then? Or just using our humble establishment as your home base?"
Nathan Nathan shrugs a bit, "I don't know about well-to-do. Just up on my luck right now." He watches as she sits down at his table and nods, "I plan on staying a while as well as using this establishment as my home base. I'm a caravan trader so I don't need a house just a place to rest my head when I'm in town."
Fuchsia     Fuchsia leans back in her seat, arms folding across her chest as she puts on a fake squinty-eye at Nathan. "Don't talk like that. I'm sure you're not just lucky. Why, if I had your kind of money I'd definitely be less humble about it."
Nathan Nathan grins and shrugs, "It's better than I was doing before and I'm sure there will be a dry spell before too long as well. But I've got stuff to help me through the rough times now as well."
Fuchsia     "Oh? Do tell?" Fuchsia at least pretends to be interested. Judging from her honest expression and flash of teeth. "I'm always looking for ways to help weather the hard times."
Nathan Nathan chuckles, "Pack up and move on to another area. That or sell chems folks seem to really bite into that business in the bigger cities. Traveling helps though."
Jude Jude makes his way into the saloon. He pauses just inside the door to move his goggles up to rest in his short blond hair. He flashes a smile to those gathered as his eyes adjust. He then makes his way over towards the bar, quietly ordering a little something to quench his thirst. He turns, leaning against the bar while he waits. His eyes flick to those that are talking, always continually fighting between the desire to listen and the desire to not be nosey.
Fuchsia     Fuchsia looks disappointed at Nathan's suggestion, a soft clucking of her tongue following before she returns to her usual smile. "Well that advice isn't really helpful for me, sugar. What I'm selling isn't really a traveler's goods."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit and shrugs, "Sorry couldn't be more helpful for ya. What is it exactly you're sellin? I think I've got an idea but wanna be sure I know before I say somethin stupid."
Fuchsia     Fuchsia doesn't give a verbal answer. She just shoots Nathan a smile and a sly wink before she slides from the chair and tips her invisible hat in his direction. Then she's moving off, swaying from table to table to offer her hospitality.
Jude Jude turns around and accepts his drink. He saunters over to find a table to sit at. He slides the chair out with his foot and eases down. He lets out a long sigh before sipping at his drink. He kicks his legs you and leans back heavily as he surveys the room. He catches Fuchsia moving about and offers a friendly smile and nod if he's ever the object of her attention.
Nathan Nathan grins and nods as he stands up from his table to head over to the bar, may as well socialize while drinking...
John Stepping inside the Saloon is none other than John. His footfall takes him slowly toward the bar, eyes looking genially over each patron as he goes. Finally reaching the bar, he pulls out a stool and sits with a grunt. Leaning back, he stretches his limbs with a slight crack here and there and sighs. "May I please have a Whiskey." He drawls out in a smooth, affable voice.
Fuchsia     Fuchsia notices Jude. She notices everyone! Well, except John. It's like she doesn't even see him enter the saloon. So she sashays over to Jude and leans against his table. "You enjoying your drink? Need anything else?"
Jude Jude smiles, a hint of coy still in the young man. He isn't one to back away when he actually needs a little something though. "Drinks are always good here." His smile becomes a little bolder. "And yeah. I could use a little extra after the week I've had." He blushes faintly, straightening in his seat some. "Do you... um.. have some time to..." He glances around and lowers his voice just a touch. "Sit a spell, maybe?"
Fuchsia     "Of course, sugar. I always have time." Fuchsia slides right into the seat beside Jude and leans forward, resting her elbow on the table and giving the young man quite the eye candy. "I'm sitting. Did you want to sit a spell somewhere more private, perhaps?"
Jude Jude shifts a little in his chair as he gets an eyefull. His eyes get wide and his blush would give a glowing one a run for their caps. He wets his lips and tosses down his liquor in a go. He nods and stands with youthful enthusiasm. "You're right, that's... umm.. somewhere... private... let's go!" He grins wide, slowing down as he remembers himself. He offers his arm to the young lady. "If'n you'd do me the honor, ma'am."
Fuchsia Fuchsia smiles charmingly, taking hold of Jude's arm and rising before letting him 'guide' her towards the stairs upwards. In reality she does most of the guiding, giving the room one last look over her shoulder before she disappears upstairs with Jude.
Katherine Caine Katherine noted the subdued attitude of John as he entered, but she desperately hoped there would not be any kind of problems from the man yet again. The whiskey is poured and set down in front of him before she asked, "How you feeling John?"
John A faint smile is given to Katherine as he drawls out kindly "hey beautiful." as he reaches for the shot of whiskey; fingers briefly brushing against hers. "Subdued, honestly. Not everyday bomb shells are dropped." He replies kindly as he takes the whiskey and swallows it quickly. Glass meets the table with a soft thud, a nod "It's funny ya know? Never thought about kids. Always dedicated to the brotherhood." A roll of his shoulders. "Suppose I should talk to them." He adds faintly. His entire demeanor seems to be in shock and completely unsure of what to make of it all. A tap of his finger is done next to the drink as he says "Another please hun?" A beat "How are you holding up?"
Stockton Stockton angles his broad shoulders away from the streets to duck into the Saloon, the door sings and complains as he shoves his way inside. His dark brown eyes sweep the place quickly to gather a feel for who's who. Heavy boots thud against the flooring as the big man makes his way to the bar with a predatory gait. When he's finally belly up to the wooden top, he offers Katherine and John equal measure of a toothy smile - something all together feral about it. "Evenin'," he says in that deep bass, the accent is local.
Katherine Caine Katherine didn't withdraw her fingers right away but she didn't let the touch linger for very long before pulling back and pouring a drink for herself, "I didn't want to tell you, not like that, but well, I figured they should know before someone shoots you or you shoot them or make a fool of yourself any further." She felt sorry for John, but the man had some major issues! The drink she had poured for herself is just given to John and she smiles at Stockton, "Evening darling. What can I get ya after a long day of work?"
John "Well, I suppose you are right. But-" He picks up the whiskey glass and downs it before setting it down with a thud. "-you know how I feel about NCR." He sighs and rubs the nape of his neck.
Stockton Stockton shifts his weight a bit out of nervous habit, making sure he's angled just slightly away from John and his conversation already happening. Manners are a thing after all. Kat's greeting is met with a lopsided grin and a gracious nod, "Whatever burns the most on the way down," there's a blank space there and then his body jolts like someone mentally slapped him and he says, "please?" There's a brief glance to John as he interrupts their talk to give the man a tip of an invisible hat, and two fingered salute.
Katherine Caine "Coming right up." Katherine said as she began to pour Stockton a generous shot of some of the house whiskey or moonshine depending who you asked, "Anything else you need, at all. You just let me know." A gaze went towards the stairs where Fucshia had dissapeared with the newcomer and she put the caps under the counter that were just lying there. Her attention went back to John as she set the shot down in front of Stockton. Not sounding too sympathetic to John's issue she shrugged, "Yeah, well, you're going to have to get over that in El Dorado. Besides, you know I was a ranger and you don't run in here acting like you're going to call in a fucking vertibird airstrike." Clearly some heated stuff had happened here recently.
Nathan Nathan has just been off to the side drinking and watching the room not really entering any conversations just yet but might come soon.
John "Your right, love. I'm sorry." John replies to Katherine... Wait, did he just apologize? Well shit, guess old dogs can be taught a new trick. He even gives her a jovial smile as he taps the bartop again "May I have another hon?" He asks, pausing "And how about I make up my little stick up my ass attitude last night to you." He adds.
Stockton Stockton takes that offered shot and shoves the couple of caps over for his drink to knock it back. A clearing of his throat and a smack of his big mitt on the bar top say it done did its work. Setting the empty down he grins at the pretty bar tender and offers John an apologetic nod before just sort of slinking off to the other end. Leaving them to chat.
Katherine Caine "Go Crazy." Katherine said just setting the bottle in front of John so the man could drown his sorrows while she tended to others, "We'll talk more later about what you can do, probably start by apologizing to your daughter."

Leaving John to his own devices she moved down to where Stockton was, hoping she wasn't intruding on someone who wanted privacy, "So, where you from? You've got a familiar look, but I don't think I've really seen you around. You can call me Miss Kitty." Knowing who people were, was basically her business!
John Taking the shot and downing, John nods. "Suppose your right." He replies quietly and stands. Shifting, he sets the whiskey glass down and smiles "Have a good one love. We'll chat up later; maybe tonight." He says with a wink and turns on heel heading for the exit.
Lilu Lilu rubs at her eyes, entering the saloon. Noticing the massive figure heading her way, the tall healer sinks a bit within her self and steps to the side, giving him a wide berth to travel. A glance up in John's direction, she lowers her gaze once more and then shuffles toward the bar proper, slipping onto a seat of her own.
Hawthorne Just as John is heading for the exit, Hawthorne is heading in. The man is not a familiar face in the town, and he pauses just inside the door to brush his tatooed fingers back through his silvery hair. One hand rests idly on his belt. He furrows his brow a bit as he takes everything in, and he adjusts the strap on his backpack. The man looks like he is just coming into town from the road, or something like it. After a long moment of surveying the place he steps away from the door and heads for the bar.

He sets four bottlecaps on the counter and gestures towards the alcohol, making sure the bartender knows he wants two bottles, or shots or...however the drinks are offered here. He then turns slowly, wincing very faintly as he leans on the bar (As if he might have injuries beneath his clothing and armor), and surveys the saloon.
Stockton Stockton looks up when Kitty approaches, the swish of her clothing is enough to alert the wolfish man to her coming. Something about that scarred eyebrow lifting is almost cutting. He doesn't seem to mind being disturbed at least, just curious. "From here," he says with a bit of a smirk. "Left five or six years ago, back now," he says, sticking to the bullet points of presentation. The approach of Lilu brings his brown eyes back around to spot the girl shuffling up. Hawthorne behind her garners his attention and he gives them both a proper nod of greeting. Turning back to Kitty he chin-ups at her, "Take care of yer business," he says.
Lilu Lilu settles her lavender gaze on the counter, simply listening to those coming and going for now. Hand up, she pulls away the scarf like mask and exposes the rest of her face to the light of day. Removing her hat, dusting off its brim, a wild maze of auburn-jet curls and waves fall down around her face and shoulders. Finally, she dares a glance around the room. A few or two she knew, eyes widening just so when viewing the appearance of Hawthorne down the bar from her. It's Stockton, however, that causes the dark skinned healer to stare for longer than she possibly should, a hint of scarlet staining across her cheeks before she turns away. "'ey," she greets out toward Hawthorne. "Y'doin' 'lright?"
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded politely to the explanation, "So right before I came back. Guess I'll have to see about that name another time." Another drink was poured for Stockton and she moved down the bar smiling at Lilu in passing as one of the robots behind the bar moved up to see what she might want, she lived here so it's not like she wasn't able to get service!

Hawthorne's caps are noticed and she pours a drink for the silver fox, a nice double of pre-war whiskey that cost a little bit more than the caps on the counter and set it down in front of him, "Evening Darling. Welcome to the Gold Digger. You new around here?"
Manuelito It had been a long ride back, but Manny and the group was with arrived back in town. He had bandaged the wound as best as he could, but the little gecko fucker had cut deep. Wincing off the horse, he headed inside the Saloon.

Coming inside, the Navajo calls out "Katherine.. I need whiskey." He says, moving toward a table. Seeing Lilu, he diverts and heads to her instead. Falling in the chair next to her, he winces as his hand is brought from his side with blood. "I ..think I'm going need your services doc." He says fondly with a kind smile.
Hawthorne The silver-fox at the counter nods a bit to Katherine's question. he picks up the shot and downs it, pausing to ponder the empty glass when it is gone. He then nods and sets the glass down onto the counter. "New enough," the man offers in reply. "I got into the area a few weeks or so back, but circumstances have put me out of hearth and home until I setup something new. had a bit of a disagreement with my business partners, is all." His voice is deep with a pleasant whiskey-scratch to it. He doesn't speak with the clips and cuts to his words that show a normal Wastelander. He speaks in a full, educated fashion, using words and phrases many others might be unfamiliar with.

He glances sidelong at Lilu and offers her a small nod. "Right as rain." His attention falls on Katherine again.

"I was interested in getting a room until things settle down and I handle my business. A girl to warm the bed that comes with it would also be appreciated. I can pay, of course. ...And the name is Hawthorne, if you're interested."
Bane      Bane comes down the stairs slowly, maybe he shouldn't have got a room on the third floor. But he can put up with it, at least if anyone tries to kill him while he sleeps they will have to climb the stairs as well. In his hand is his custom lever action Retribution, at his hip is his large revolver.

     He quickly moves over the the bar and sits down looking over Manny and Lilu with a slightly raised eyebrow. Looks like he isn't the only one around here who has difficulty keeping out of trouble. There are a few new faces around, but in here that is not exaactly news. The sound of another renting a room here however is enough to get his attention for a second before he looks over towards Miss Kitty. "Whatever is cooking in the back and some water please. Purified. I'll need a few canteens filled as well. I can pay for it."
Lilu Lilu nods Hawthorne's way, thinning her lips as he speaks to Kitty. Returning her attentions to the bot taking her order, she stalls once Manny sits beside her and shows off all that lovely vitae. "So y'do. Lil bot, m'gonna need a bottle 'f de good stuff." The Creole explains before slipping off her seat and digging into her side bag. "C'mere, 'way fr'm folks. Sit, n'lemme see." She advises, moving toward a more back and out of the way table, offering Manny a shoulder should he need it for easier walking. "When n'fr'm what?" She questions the Navajo calmly.
Stockton Stockton does manage to interject, "Stockton," into his conversation with Kitty before she's dragged away by other patrons. The sudden rush of the bar just tells him it's quitting time across the yards or something. Either way, the big guy tries his best to seem small as more people continue to crowd the bar. He knows it's just a matter of time before his elbow connects with some poor soul or their drink. Lilu's blushing looks are missed only by circumstance as Manuelito stomps in demanding services. Those big browns blink, but the guy stays quiet while the Creole girl takes the bleeding man away. "Never dull," he says to no one.
Katherine Caine "We can get all that arranged for you Mister Hawthorne, plenty of beds and girls to go around." Katherine replied with a smile as she leaned down far more than she had to so that she could top up Hawthorne's whiskey, "You can call me Miss Kitty."

Manuelito and Bane, both regulars get her attention for a moment and she looks back to the handsome man she was serving, "I'll be back with you in just a moment darling. You figure out what you want, big room or small room and see if anyone catches your eye and I'll get you all fixed up."

Poor Manuelito gets a shot of the regular whiskey because that's what you did for friends, no expensive stuff for them and she nods at him, allowing her childhood friend to get with Lilu as quickly as possible. She would ask what happened, but she was sure she would hear all about it in the future anyways.

Bane gets some water and she leans over into the sliding window into the kitchen and grabs Bane a plate of food, it wasn't freshly cooked but it had been made by the robot instead of her, "I don't need your caps for food and water Bane. Enjoy." Back to Hawthorne she went!
Manuelito "I'll pay for that bottle Lilu" the Navajo replies kindly as his hand gently rests on her shoulder for support. His other hand presses against the wound as he follows her to an out of the way table. Upon arrival, he turns and sits, wincing. "Thanks hon." He says, leaning forward a little as he takes the combat armor off and rolls up the torn shirt to reveal the wound.

It was a nasty bite mark, parts of flesh mangled and gone. The teeth had dug deep but not too deep. He winces as he rolls the shirt up. "Gecko." He tells her kindly, adding "Out on the 70. Adult one thought I'd make an excellent meal."

His eyes linger back on the Cerole with a tender smile crossing his face as he watches her.
Lilu Lilu reaches up, accepting the bottle that's given to her with a gentle 't'anks' for the bot. The comment about its payment, for now, goes without response. One nostril perks up at the wound, leaning closer and giving it a light sniff for anything apparent. Dragging the cork out quickly, she sets it aside and rinses off her hands with the liquid. With fresh cloth in one hand, bottle in the other, she eyes Manny. "S'gonna sting." She warns before pouring some of the drink over the wounds and pressing the fabric down. "Hold dat." She instructs, going back to digging at her supplies for the right tools.
Hawthorne The silver-haired man nods to Katherine. "Miss Kitty it is." Her comment about seeing if anyone catches his eye has his gaze dipping over her. He glances down into his whiskey, then. He brings it to his lips for a sip this time, not in a rush to finish the drink off. He unslings his backpack from his shoulder and sets it on the bar,m leaning on it a bit to keep anyone from snatching it. Old habits and all that.

"I'll take a nice room. Deluxe and all that. I might be sticking around for awhile, so I should do it in comfort, right?," he offers to the Madame when she returns to him. He then fishes out a pouch from his backpack and spends a moment hand-rolling a cigarette, before he lights it with a match. He takes a long pull as he turns to glance about the place again, before his gaze lands on Kitty again. "That sound doable?"
Bane      "If you say so, I certainly ain't complaining." Bane shakes his head at Miss Kitty's back, seriously the people in this saloon have treated him nicer than most in his last decade of wandering the wastes. Free food and water, he is not going to complain. He digs into the not so fresh meal with gusto, he loses a lot of blood and takes a lot of wounds. Has to eat something that will give him the energy he needs to keep going.

     Bane looks over the wound Manuelita reveals with a practised eye he may be the furthest thing from a docter in the wastes but he does at least know what a bad wound looks like. "Thats going to be fun for the next couple of weeks. Bites are always the worst." Chances are the older wanderer is speaking from experience.

     He looks slightly amused at Hawthorne checking out Miss Kitty, but then again they have all been there at least once. He shakes his head as the man wants the deluxe room and the package, damn good thing Bane isn't the type of person to rob someone. Sounds like the guy has the caps.
Abe     The doors swing again. This time it's Abe, next time, who knows? That's their choice this is my pose now!

A bit later because he was not on a horse, nor in need of medical attention. He did look a bit wet though, soaked, his head at least. There'd been a horse trough and a promise he made to himself. He slicked back his soaked hair with a sweep of his hand and made to give a boisterous cry, "Miss-!" he begain but halted, catching sight of the Navajo. He'd keep his tongue from wagging for a bit. So, he shot Manuelito a two fingered salute from his brow. He'd do it with a drink but he didn't have one. He was about to fix that, moseying up as he was and taking a stool. "Evening, Miss Kitty. Got a drink for a conquering hero?"
Manuelito The Navajo winces as his teeth grit when the alcohol is poured over the wound. His head leans back, eyes closing. No matter how many times a wound was cleaned with alcohol, the pain was always there. Taking in a breath, he releases and places a hand over the fabric with a nod.
Lilu The Creole's tools get the same cleaning treatment, and motioning for his hand to move, she starts to clean away the bites with a gentle drag of the cloth. "I c'n only close 'few 'f dem. De rest y'jus' gonna have t'keep covered n'clean, y'hear?" She questions, glancing those violet orbs up to Manny's face, then down again to settle on her work. "Drink y'shot, I do dis 's quick 's I can." She promises, scootching closer and resting a hand on his side, above the wounds to keep his shirt away from it all. First needle in, she works at puncture after puncture. The wild haired woman hums now, much the same melody Hawthorne may recognise should he hear it at all. "You," she then calls over toward the towering mass that is, "Stockt'n was it? Com'on ova here. Give me a hand." She requests, pushing the bottle of whiskey his way with the tip of her booted foot. "Wash y'hands first, dough."
Katherine Caine "Of course, why settle for the rest when you can have the best?" Katherine teased Hawthorne with a subtle little smirk as she went about retrieving a key to one of the nice rooms with the patios.

On her way back from the other side of the bar she even managed to accidentally drop the key, bending over to pick it up in the snug-fitting black gown she was wearing.

On her way back she keeps an eye to make sure everyone is taken care of including the newly arrived Abe who she smiles at warmly, more of a motherly smile of affection towards the young scribe than some of the other patrons got, "Evening, Abe. Sorry about last night. John and I have some history. So this ones on the house to make up for you having to deal with that."

The drink was poured for Abe generously before she set it down in front of him and FINALLY got back to Hawthorne with that key, eyebrows raised a little as she spoke, "Since you knew what the sign said, I've gotta ask. You educated or something?" Then tossing the locals under the bus, "Most of these folks around El Dorado can read, but they don't make a habit of it."
Manuelito Taking the shot glass, the Navajo tosses back the drink before giving a nod. "Aye, I understand. Promise I won't go looking for trouble for a few weeks." He tells her teasingly but sincerely. He watches her carefully as she goes about doing her work on the wound.
Stockton Stockton was content to stay by himself at the bar and watch the comings and goings, but then Lilu had to go and point him out in particular. A thinning of his lips is a marked expression of something akin to annoyance, but begrudging acceptance of his fate. The big guy pushes up to his feet, leaving that emtpy glass behind so that he can lumber over to the Creole and the Navajo. Pausing a minute he stops at the wash basin ask requested before looming over the nurse and her patient. He simply offers up those big calloused mitts palm up. Not like he's got a clue how to help, just put them where you need them.
Hawthorne "My father made sure of it," he responds to Miss Kitty. Visions of her bending down for the key dances in his mind, and it takes a moment to shove those thoughts aside. He brings his glass to his lips for a longer sip this time. "I need to head back to my old place soon and pick up my other things. A few small boxes of books are among them. Pre-War books. Worthless to almost everyone in this world except as for fuel." Hawthorne chuckles softly and reaches out to take the key, brushing his calloused thumb over the ridge on it before pocketing it.

"What an astonishing thing a book is. It's a flat object made from a tree with flexible parts on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it and you're inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic."

He shrugs a well-muscled shoulder, and the silver-haired man turns to glance about the saloon. "A man long dead wrote that in one of the books I read as a kid. Stuck with me, I suppose. I take it all seriously, I suppose. Learning. Silly in a world like this, I know."
Lilu Lilu smirks toward Manny, and soon enough, Stockton looms over them both. From feet to the tip of head, the woman looks him over, that flush of color returning over her features. Clearing her throat, she motion down, her head giving a bob toward the wounds in question. "Hold dis cloth here." She explains, replacing the white, flowering scarlet, fabric on Manny's side. "I need y't' press firm, ok? Not hard, jus' firm." She explains. Assuming he does just that, she removes her fingers, needle, and threat, giving her hands another wash off with the alcohol before digging around for something else.
Abe     Abe returned the smile, all bumped up and excited to be back in town and in closer proximity to his bed. He beamed, broad and toothy. "Not a problem at all, Miss Kitty but I'll take the thanks all the same!" he added, his smile dimming to a more casual sort. He savored it, just a sip now. He was in no hurry to be rid of free drink.

She was soon away and he was left to himself. He was happy enough to spend his time rubber necking this way or that, he might even be on the look out... Old Man Winchester had left him with a promise of further encounters.

Won't that be special.
Manuelito The Navajo is quiet as Lilu does her work and Stockton assists. His eyes linger a bit more on Lilu with a fond look and affectionate smile.
Nathan Nathan is still sitting in his corner of the bar drinking a beer or two or six...
Stockton Stockton blinks curiously at Lilu as her already dark cheeks darken more. The blush is a truly phenomenal thing and this time it has those wild eyes focusing sharply on the Creole. When instructed on what to do and where, the big man just puts a plate-sized hand over the cloth on Manuelito's wound. He doesn't look bored, persey, but certainly he doesn't look amused. There's a sort of grunting greeting given to the Navajo, letting Lilu work on stitching him up in silence.
Katherine Caine Stockton was refilled with another drink earlier (but the player is a derp), unfortunately the pair of them seemed to have been dragged in either direction for the time. She would definitely be trying to get to know the interesting mercenary later though to find out what his story was.

Katherine leaned against the bar, propping her chin up on one hand as she listened to Hawthorne speak, "Education is pretty big in my family to, not that you would know by speaking to my sister."

Pouring herself a drink, she raised it in toast to Hawthorne, reciting eloquently, "But he who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose." She had done a bit of reading herself.
Stockton Stockton was totally paying attention, and has said new drink in his other hand. Even if all the players are derps.
Hawthorne "Arm - arm thee for the fight! Cast useless loads away; watch through the darkest hours of night, toil through the hottest day," Hawthorne replies with a chuckle, and he raises his glass in return before sipping. The silver-haired man leans on the counter, chatting with Miss Kitty in that deep, pleasantly whiskey-scratch voice of his. He brushes his fingers back through his hair and glances about the place.

"You do good business here," he offers after a moment. "Shouldn't be surprised, I guess. I'll have to be careful or I'll spend every cap I have here."
Lilu Lilu finds what she was looking for, some little glass jar with some type of...well, gunk in it. "'lright. Lift up." She tells Stockton, her voice a bit more timid than usual now. Once done, she scoops up a healthy amount of the gunk and works it over the man's wounds. "T'anks," she offers up to Stockton, her eyes flitting off his face quickly. "Y-y'done now." Nibbling at her lower lip, the woman reminds herself of her work and starts to cover Manny's wounds with dressings, sticking them into place. "Get y'a new shirt, ok? Don' be runnin' 'round, smellin' like a fresh kill, non?" Packing up her things, she stands and looks around the room. "Ah...y'all got s'm supplies t'trade? Didn' t'ink I'd run out so quick."
Sparrow Sparrow steps into the saloon after hitching her horse outside. She steps through the door, cigarillo tucked into her teeth out the side. She takes off her glasses her hat when she steps inside and sweeps the room with a swift glance. She lifts a brow Stockton and Lilu's way but is already stepping towards her supposed goal. She strides over to Nathan's table and nods towards him, "Hey. You the merchant?"
Manuelito "I can show you are the town and to a few of the marketplaces and shops. See if anyone has some supplies for you." Manny replies as he stands up, a smile on his face as he picks up the chest piece, eyes looking to Lilu.
Stockton Stockton is just as happy to let go of that bandage and let the Creole nurse do her thing. And just as quickly as he loomed over them, he's stalking away with heavy boot thuds back up to the bar where he can fetch a third drink. Because we need to catch up now right? A few more caps slide over for Kitty when she makes her way over. For the time being, the man's wild-eyes are focusing on Sparrow and following the blonde as she marches right up to Nathan. A brow arches right back as he slips thick digits into his coat to pull out a partly smoked cigarillo, bad habits beget bad habits. A match sparks and he lights it with a few puffs before grinning toothily around it at no one in particular.
Nathan Nathan nods towards Sparrow as she steps up to where he's seated at the bar, "Sure am. What can I do for you today?" He takes a sip from his beer as he watches and waits for an answer.
Katherine Caine Katherine didn't sip her glass, she knocked the shot back like it was nothing before setting the glass down on the bar without so much as a sound, "Don't worry about that Mister Hawthorne, I take good care of everyone here. If you end up so broke you can't buy yourself a drink, I'll give you a job just so you can." Katherine replied to Hawthorne as she glanced around to make sure everything was going smoothly, "You need anything at all, you just let me know, anytime, day or night. If you want something you don't see listed on the menu?" Clearly teasing about the rates and other information posted, "You just ask me and I will see what I can do."
Lilu Lilu nods to Manny's voice, her gaze skirting out to follow after Stockton before he goes about his business. Kit all together, she blinks and looks to Manny, offering him a placid smile. "We c'n do dat lata. You need t'rest or y'ain' gonna get 'ny betta." A pause, she then motions to his side. "'n no ridin', neitha. Y'bust y'stitches dat way." The dark skinned woman fushes maternally, setting the bottle of liquor on the table, corking it securely.
Sparrow Sparrow offers a hand and a smile, the latter is warm but fleeting. "Eyes still work then. Sparrow, I'd left a message about gettin' my hands on some Stimpaks." She exhales the fragrant smoke away from the merchant. The cowgirl inclines her head to the stool next to Nathan in tandum with her query rather than just planting herself on it. "May I?"

Sparrow's blue eyes take quick stock of the rest of the faces in the bar before coming to rest back on Nathan's face.
Manuelito Watching her eyes linger on Stockton, Manny sighs and nods. "You know Lilu? How about you ask him to show you around the town." He says encouragingly, a kind smile on his face as he notices how she was watching the man. "Take care and see you later Lil." He adds gently. Standing he heads for the door quietly as he had come in.
Hawthorne Miss Kitty's comment about the menu brings a lopsided grin to his face, but he doesn't comment on that. "Noted. Thanks." He downs the remainder of his whiskey and steps back to stretch. He winces slightly mid-stretch, and then settles back in. As more people come and go, he turns his gaze from one person to the next, watching everyone curiously and quietly. He idly fishes out the things to roll himself another cigarello as he does so.
Lilu "Hmm? Non, I...don' even know'm." She flusters, turning to speak to Manny, only to notice his retreat. "Wait. I walk y'home." She rushes, clammering to get her things and to move out of the building as quickly as her feet would take her.
Nathan Nathan nods as she motions towards the stool, "Course and I've got a stimpak to sell. Doc's gotta refill it don't have the skills for that though so I couldn't tell you how hard or how much that'd cost you on top of it."
Manuelito The Navajo pauses, turning a bit to give Lilu a curious look, then a slow nod as he waits for her. "I'm sort of on the other side of El Dorado. It'll be a bit of a walk." He replies kindly
Stockton Stockton lifts that scarred eyebrow as he catches the last interactions between Lilu and Manuelito, hearing that he's still the subject of discussion has him doubly curious until they mumble and wander off. That leaves the Prodigal Son and his empty whiskey glass staring at the door with a bit of confusion. Thick fingers lift to pluck the cigarillo from his lips, tapping the ash off so he can exhale a long stream of smoke to the ceiling. It's a partial lean he takes while he makes no show of hiding his stare finding Sparrow and her companion Nathan.
Sparrow Sparrow sniffs a bit and lifts a shoulder. "I'm sure I can figure that out with someone. So since it's gotta be refilled what's kinda damage are we talkin' about here?" She slides onto the stool and leans on the counter setting her hat down, glasses on the brim. "Unless you want to wait til you get it refilled and jack up the price for your footwork." She taps the bar a moment looking at the cost of liquor and debating quietly to herself while puffing away, expression stoic.
Nathan Nathan shrugs a bit, "How much is instant access to healin to you? Could save your life out here in the wastelands ya know. I don't think it'd be too out there of a pricetag but I'm not sure what kind of budget we're working with."
Stockton Stockton watches the negotiations between Sparrow and Nathan curiously. He isn't interrupting, but he's definitely keeping an eye on things. Still waiting for Kitty to come back around with that whiskey bottle maybe. A few caps in hand already.
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles. "Not enough to pay you to do the legwork." She admits with a sidelong smirk t the merchant and shrug. "I'm more used to workin' in trade but that kinda stuff doesn't flow here in the city. I also ain't going to ask you to undercut yourself though I'm down for hagglin'. I've got some Gunsmithin' tools I could stand to give up. But in the way of caps? I've got enough for a couple of rounds and some water for Bluebelle."

Finally an aside catches Stockton and her brow lifts, "Whatsamatter, Slimjim. Run off to be a soldier fo fortune and come back to see a ghost?" She hisses out through a puff of smoke. She decides to splurge and calls quietly for a drink.
Katherine Caine "Room is just over there, around the corner down the hall. The patio door will take you to and from the street, same key for it." Katherine explained for the sake of explaining to Hawthorne before topping him up once more with fresh whiskey.

"I'll be just down the bar if you need me darling. Just a wave away." Stepping away and trailing her fingertips along the bar as she walked towards Stockton with the bottle in hand she refilled the intriguing man's glass before asking, "What brought you back to El Dorado?"

While she waited for a response she poured herself another drink because that was one of the best parts of owning a bar, you could drink all day.
Nathan Nathan hmmms, "I'll have to take a look at the gunsmithing kit but I'm pretty sure we can make ourselves a deal."
Hawthorne Hawthorne nods to Miss Kitty and shoulders his backpack. "Been a long day. I think I'll lie down. I'm sure I'll see you around and we can discuss things on and off the menu." He glances about and downs his drink one last time before turning and making his way through the door to his room.
Stockton Stockton chuffs a cloud of smoke at the blonde cowgirl when she calls him out, "Bunch of 'em," he grunts before looking around, the general populace making him sneer a little. He pinches his cigarillo between his fingers so he can exhale a hit. Kitty slides up and he throws her that crooked smile, "Family, ghosts," that latter word emphasised for a particular blonde nearby. Taking up the refreshed drink, he knocks it back with a satisfied sigh. "Git Birdy's too," he gestures with a thumb towards Sparrow and puts a few extra caps down.
Sparrow Sparrow swings her satchel from under her duster and into her lap, not pulling it out for just any Old Joe to see. She's careful to open it, takes out a small book sized metal box and sets it in front of Nathan half leaning on the bar. A quick shake of her head dislodging her braid from her coat and a roll of her eyes back Stockton's way and smirks when the Merc buys her a drink. "Have a look. Let me know what you think."
Nathan Nathan nods as he takes a look at the box, "Looks in pretty good shape and has all the parts. I'll head upstairs and grab the stimpak and bring it down unless you want to accompany me to retrieve it? And if you're willin I'll take the kit off your hands in an even exchange for the stimpak. But you'll have to do the legwork to get it refilled and all that."
Stockton Stockton just Smiles with a look that's somewhere akin to a ghoul chewing on barbed wire for a moment at Sparrow. Especially in the face of her eyerolling. Just shrugging it off like water off a duck's back. There is further negotiations between the Trader and the Cowgirl for a Stimpak and the Merc just watches Kitty with those intent eyes.
Katherine Caine Katherine looks between Stockton and Sparrow, not really seeing the resemblance, "Seems like a lot of people have been coming back lately. Guess no matter how far you run, you always wind up back where you started." Looking out the door, the direction her son and well, her son's father had gone has her a little on edge at the thought, "Funny how life works like that. Always comes full circle."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles breifly when Nathan agrees to the exchange and she dips her head. She glances up the stairs with a little sniff and shakes her head. "Naw, I'll wait here if you don't mind. Don't want to miss out on the free liquor. She tugs her hat-brim lightly adjusting the hat and glasses on it. "I figure I can do the legwork though. You bein' s'nice to trade rather than pinch caps. Thanks.." The last is said sincerely despite the lack of a smile.
Lilu Lilu heads back into the saloon, making sure the door shuts smoothly behind herself. Still lightly blood stained from the work earlier, she moves toward the bar and gives a curious peek behind the counter. "Ah, Kitty?" She questions gently, a hand up just to make sure she has the owner's attention. "T'ink I left m'hat here. Did y'get it or s'mbody laid claim t' it 'lready?"
Tobias Tobias never left... despite how badly some of the locals would like to imagine otherwise. "Yeh, yeh, I saw'er wif my own two eyes. Standin' there in the middle of the waste like some kinda goddess." The broken accent carries through the bat wing doors a few minutes before its scruffy owner appears. With a sharp thrust Tobias tosses the doors open and makes his boisterous way into theestablishment.

On his back is a large steel frame traveling pack that stands about four and a half feet tall. In his hand is something long and wrapped in dirty sackcloth. "Oy, Miss Kitty, I brought yer knife back. Twice as sharp and double shiny." The odd fellow trundles off in Katherine's direction, pushing goggle up his face to expose to clean rings around his eyes. His big helpful grin composed of crooked teeth on clear display. He looks /so/ proud.
Katherine Caine Katherine grabbed the hat she had put under the bar and handed it over to Lilu with a smile, "Here you go hun. Didn't want anyone stealing it." Tobias' arrival distracts her and she practically lights up at the sight of the wicked looking machete the man had for her, "Hey Tobias. Thank you so much, I cannot wait to test it out! You need some food or just a drink today?" She was already pouring that drink.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as he slips off his barstool and heads upstairs. He's not gone for a terribly long time before he comes back down holding a stimpak in his hand he walks back over to his seat and sits back down setting the Stim on the bar for Sparrow to look at, "Take a look make sure it's what you wanted. And if you need somethin besides the meds for a stimpak I can likely help you with that as well."
Lilu Lilu beams, reaching for the hat and quickly slipping it back onto her head. "T'anks!" A glance about and the woman presses off from the bar, moving toward the steps and heading up toward her room. She pauses at its base, however, stepping aside to allow Nathan some room before jogging upward, lift after lift.
Stockton Stockton is quietly watching the deal, but then there's a rush of motion from the door as Lilu sweeps through for her hat and there's a fellow in goggles bursting in. There's a curious tilt of his head at the face of Tobias as brows furrow some, trying to place the face or the smile. Instead he simply slaps a label on the man who clearly has a shop somewhere mentally and watches the blade come out and be presented. A low whistle of appreciation leaves his lips and he knocks back a last whiskey before pushing the glass across to Kitty and switching back to his cigarillo. Silent, observant, just a looming shadow at the bar.
Sparrow Sparrow takes the Stimpak that Nathan puts on the bar and gives it a look over for tarnish or damage and finding none she inclines her head. "Thank you, Nathan. This'll do nicely. I'll be in need of a MedKit, so if you pick one of those up?" She slides the tools over in front of Nathan. "Give me a holler?" She looks up as Tobias enters and smirks nodding the Gearhead's direction before turning back to Nathan. "Also interested in anything you might find that might helpin in Ranchin. I may not be able to get to you right away but I've always got use for that kinda thing."
Tobias Tobias never takes off that huge pack, he is wearing it even now as he attempts to balance his smaller frame on a barstool despite the precarious load. Several cross the chest straps dangle openly on his chest and he fastens the top one while he settles onto his stool. A short time later he unfastens it for seemingly no reason other than to keep his hands busy.

"Eh, yeh know me. Always tryin' ta help out." Tobias says to Katherine as he takes a tiny sip from the alcohol she poured for him. The glass is kept close and he continues to take miniscule sips between conversation, "What's thte word, bird?" This is said to Sparrow with a smirk that suggests he thought the (very old) joke was still clever.
Nathan Nathan nods towards Sparrow, "I'll keep an eye out." He offers a nod towards Sparrow before he gets up off the barstool, "But I think I may need to take a bit of a rest I seem to have drank a bit too much."
Sparrow Sparrow gestures between Nathan and Tobias, "Nathan this is Tobi. Tobi, this is Nathan. Merchant a friend told me about so I thought I'd stop in to find him before lookin' for Aidan." She explains. She turns to Nathan and nods, "It's been a pleasure doin' business with ya. Hope to see you around some." She pulls the last quarter of her cigarillo from her teeth. "You remember the man I told you taught me to roll these?" She asks the Gearhead and nods Stockton's direction. "Seems he's popped up like a radroach."
Tobias Tobias side eyes Sparrow and leans his shoulder in with a conspirator's edge as he whispers, "Yeh said he was scrawny?" There is a series of blinks from the much shorter Tobi as he leans back and looks /around/ Sparrow at Stockton. He stares, then leans forward again to add in the same tone, "He ain't scrawny... yeh need a word a day calendar, lady."

The new fellow earns a curt open palm wave from Tobias but he keeps his distance from the bigger Stockton. Tobias takes another sip from his booze.
Katherine Caine Katherine looked between the group who all seemed to know each other and poured Tobias a fresh drink before picking the machete back up, "Gonna go put this in the back. Yall have fun now!"
Sparrow Sparrow laughs and shakes her head at Tobias, "It's been a while. But two out of three's still a pretty decent description." She rolls her shoulders and takes her hat and glasses. "I need to see if I can make my way North for a little bit." She rolls her shoulders, "You wanna tag along. I'll have to leave you along the way at some point. Dunno if he's expecting me or not and don't want anyone else riskin' getting shot."
Stockton Stockton puffs on his own handroll, the sweet tobaccos mixing in the twirling smoke clouds. "Feh," is all he manages towards Sparrow for her remarks, never mind that he can hear the wench. Tobias is watched as well, those wild brown eyes focusing over the shoulder of the blonde to catch the wave and slink away. It's a wane smile that comes back, eyes squinting a little in the forced nature of it. He's trying to be polite. At least the bad attitude stayed, and he still handrolls his cigarillos? There's a blink at the mention of a meeting and shooting. His head tilts back the other direction so he's watching Sparrow's profile, "What fool thing you cookin up tah do now, Birdy?"
Tobias "Nyeh, tha's fine. Unless yer taking the horse. I'm on foot, wouldn't wanna slow yah down." He continues to nurse his drink and remains a fixture at the bar for the time being as he listens to Stockton questioning Sparrow.
Sparrow Sparrow slides off her stool pulling on her glasses. "'M just goin to see a man about a ranch, Stockton. 'Sall." She replies and heads out.
Abe     Three caps pop on the bar from the quiet scribe. Abe pops up from his seat and rests his cap atop his head once more. "Miss Kitty." he offers in parting, "Be back soon." he stays here, after all. And he is off!
Lilu Lilu didn't linger in her room. After stepping in, it was a wonder why she ran up there in the first place. She paced, and paced, before muttering to herself and exiting, locking up the room behind herself. A few boot thunks down the steps, she peeks into the main room and sighs softly; it had cleared out a bit at least. Well, almost. A nod Stockton's way and the dark skinned woman moves to the bar, getting a drink off the present bot and gazing toward the kitchen to see if its bot was still working away.
Stockton Stockton gives the little lady a nod and a tip of an invisible hat - old habits die hard. He's several drinks deep at this point, and it's showing on his face in the red splotching across his cheeks. Still, he leans over the bar, letting it keep him upright. For now he works on beer, it's got less alcohol right? Basically like drinking bread, or so they say. Having unloaded a fair amount of caps already, he waves off the Bot as it comes by. When Lilu bellies up to the bar he flashes her a lopsided smile.
Lilu Lilu takes a shot, downing it and swallowing, even as her face scrunches to its intial burn. Shuddering, she places an order for food; something freshish and not made by Kitty's loving hands. The grin is noted, as well as the man's flushed visage. Her own mimics his for some reason, but her brows slope slightly with concern. "Maybe slow down a bit, non? Y'gonna hate y'self in de mornin' if y'keep on." Pausing, she reaches for her canteen and offers it his way. "Wata. Drink lots n'lots 'f it. It'll help."
Stockton Stockton gives the smaller, darker woman a look that says she's been hitting the pipe weed. It's not that he doesn't believe her, it's just that he doesn't trust her. It can be seen in the wary eye of the Mercenary. "I'm slowin', don't go tryin' to be my mother," he accuses her a bit drunkenly. The furrow of his brows is scary enough, but he doesn't let his presence loom over the fluffy haired Lilu.
Lilu Lilu frowns and nods, still holding out the canteen before setting it atop the counter. "S-sorry." She murmurs, turning herself to face forward even as she peeks toward him side long. Motioning to the hovering bot, she orders another shot and tips it back.
Stockton Stockton will eventually reach for the canteen, but only after it's been set on the bartop. He knocks back, well, guzzles back the entirety of its contents in a few hard swallows, dribbles of water spilling down his beard to drip on his shirt. When he's done he sets it down next to Lilu again and offers his best smile, "Thanks." He is sincere, if completely emotionless.
Lilu Red faced and silent, the women reaches out and reclaims the now empty vessel with rust stained fingers. She nods, having heard him, and hooks the canteen back onto her belt. "T'anks," she voices after a few more moments of unnerving stillness. "F'helpin' me earlier. Didn' mean t'drag y'in, jus'...seen y'first."
Katherine Caine Katherine kept an eye on the patrons for a bit, especially Lilu and Stockton more out of curiousity than anything else before dissapearing into the backroom. Sometime later she emerges looking all freshened up and instead of handling the bar, well she heads right out into the city! No doubt she had appointments to keep and all that stuff!
Stockton Stockton watches the red faced girl take her canteen back and offers a hint of an almost smile. The stillness and quiet go on long enough and he actually clears his throat. "Sure s'fine, not usually the one people ask to hold people together. Usually I'm gettin paid to tear 'em apart." It's an almost joke, the Merc is trying.
Lilu "Yeah, y'look it." The farmer agrees, tempting to smirk his direction. Her actions are tense, though, a bit out of practice perhaps. She looks at the spot before her, then toward the kitchen once more. "I ain' gettin' 'ny food I don' t'ink." She grumbles before taking a deep breath and slipping off her seat. Then, a few steps closer, she sits beside Stockton. "F'de help, I was gonna offa m'room t'ya. Did y'get one fr'm Kitty?"
Stockton Stockton does notice the very real lack of food that's happening. Not that he doesn't quite sympathize, he's suddenly hungry. A growl hits his stomach and he flinch-smiles a bit to try and hide it. "Not tonight, perhaps," he rumbles in that deep bass voice. The movement of the girl getting closer has him angling a wary eye at her as she sits down beside him. "Yer room?" the Merc asks curiously with his head tilting. Right up until he gets it and then he's about as awkward as they come, "I. Um. Thank you. But no. She didn't, but yeah, um.." it's his turn look a little flustered before he simply points, "I should go, walk this off," he mutters and gives the dark woman a nod and partial smile, "Thank you though, have a good night?"
Lilu "What?" She blinks, one brow quirking as she looks at him as if someone had slapped her in the face. Then, it hits her, and those violet eyes grow. "Oh! No! I didn'!" She huffs and lowers her head, her hand frantically digging into her pocket and producing a key. "I jus'...I meant...y'c'n use it. I ain' gonna be in dere, t-too." She stammers, peeking up toward him from under a drape of hectic locks. "M'sorry, I didn'...I mean, y'hands'me as all get out, jus'..." As soon as the words slip she continues her quest to look like a beet. "Take de damn key, would y'?!"
Stockton Stockton is no good with words, or social interactions, there's a reason the man's Charisma is 'Bad'. A grunt leaves his throat and he stops long enough to take the key with a grumbled, "Thanks," and then he very quickly beats feet out of there before the embarassment makes him feel any more awkward.