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Lynnette Lynnette was back behind the bar as she attempted to clean up some stuff but wincing so often wasn't helping. After a moment, she just gave up and let Chuck do his thing. Moving to sit at a barstool at the beat up bar, she'd just let out a hiss then before relaxing. "Ugh....Chuck....whiskey..." Without a word the tender would just pour her a double pour and slid it over to her. "....oh good....."
Connor Connor is out and about in Jack's Town today. Checking in with different contacts who *might* have something job-wise to throw his way. He'll step into the cantina before making his way. He'll use the door, glancing back at the big huge hole before bellyingup to the bar. "I'll take the same thing as the lady."
Lynnette Seeing the man walk in, that brow would raise as she just chuckled softly. Chuck would just nod as he got the man's drink and sat it in front of her. Lyn would just raise her glass as she gave him a wink. "Good choice...."
Connor "We'll see." Connor waits for his drink and gives it a sip. "It was. They've got good whiskey on hand. And fine ladies too, apparently." He'll raise his glass back towards Lynnette. "Something go horribly horribly wrong here? I know a guy who can fix that."
Lynnette Lyn would stay quiet then before she chuckled softly at his comment. "Well we try to keep the best we can get here. At least since I took it over....." Leaning on the counter she'd look him over then shook her head. "What happened? A man name Ashur happened....." Sighing she would just change the topic then. "....and you do? I know what it's going to cost to fix all this crap. Just need to get it done to be honest. If it was a view worth looking at, I'd keep it...."
Connor "Yeah. Hes a nice guy, got his own construction company down in El Dorado." Connor takes the time to lift his glass, and move on down the bar to settle in next to Lynnette. "Hes a handsome brute too. Nice hands, winning smile. Drinker of whiskey."
Lynnette Lyn just stared at him then smirked as she tilted her head a bit. "Oh? Did he happen to be helping with the rebuilding of the town after that big Enclave fight." Licking her lips she looked him over then as she tilted her head. "If I remember correctly...he let me hammer a nail for him in a board he was holding. And he was indeed pretty handsome."
Connor "Yes, that might've been the one." Connor leans with his back to the barcounter, arms sprawling sideways along it, behind Lyn but with space. A smirk has been plasted across his face now. "Hm. He might recongize you too, if you were facing the other way."
Lynnette Now both of her eyebrows were raise at this. There was an amused smile that tugged at her lips now as she looked him over. Those green eyes seemed to sparkle a bit as she watched him. " look at my ass?" Chuckling she would wink at him playfully then. "Well that day I was wearing it's a dress where different assets are on display...."
Connor "I can see them. Makes me wish I had come to visit this cantina quite sooner than now." Connor takes another sup of his whiskey, looking over the glance at that which is on display. "Its a very lovely dress. The best I've ever seen, honest. Though it wouldn't half as good on anyone else." His hand moves forward and a fingertip traces lightly along the base of her neck. "What brought you all the way to El Dorado? Just to help out, or you got business down that way sometimes?"
Lynnette "Why thank you? I earned this dress to say the the least....I usually wear it when I'm here a work." Chuckling a bit she would tilt her head before she would raise her brow at him as he moved closer. Feeling that hand on her got a smirk but she said nothing right now. "I was there to help. I was there for the fight so....I might as well help. Plus....I used live there was a kid.....can't let my home town stay torn up."
Connor "I must've missed you in the schoolhouse then. Though, half the days I was doing work rather than school." Connor shifts to face her fully. "My name is Connor Meline. Got a warehouse down on Gold Street." He'll raise his glass back up again to sip some more. "Will you be renaming this nice watering hole to something different?"
Lynnette "Possibly...." Chuckling a bit she would then wink. "But my dad taught me a lot more than school did....I was barely there." Lyn would seem to be nervous for a second before she would relax. bit. "Nice to meet you. Lynnette...." Hold that hand out to shake his she'd grin. "And I don't know yet. Maybe in the rebuild...."
Connor "Neon lights aren't tacky are they? Lyn's Lounge." Connor moves that too adventurous hand up and over to take her hand and shake it lightly, and not release quite yet. A lift to his lips before lowering again. "I realy can rebuild it, construction company and such."
Lynnette "Ooh...." Smirking she would nod a bit then. "I like the sound of that....let's see if I can change the name...." Licking her lips a bit she would tilt her head somewhat. "And that would be nice.....I could use my business back in peak condition...." Looking at her hand in his she'd just shake it firmly and slowly slipped her hand from his, letting it trail down his leg before picking up her glass. "When can you start?"
Connor "Well. Most of what absolutely has to get put back together has been. So..within the next few days, I guess? Gotta source some materials, or get it moved on up here." Connor smiles at the extra touching. "Shouldn't take more than another person or two. Three days, if I find a place to bed down out here." He'll finish that whiskey now, look over his shoulder towards a bartender.
Lynnette She'd smile brightly then as she nodded. "That would be amazing...." Licking her lips she would then wink. "I think I can find you a place to crash....heck maybe just crash here." She'd give him a shrug. "I've been closing it at night until it's fixed."
Connor "Losing a lot of business then. Jeez." Connor shakes his head at that, and ends up getting a refill of his drink. He'll turn his gaze upon that gaping hole again. Looking at it in a repairer sense than a gawker. "Thats a big hole. I'm surprised you haven't lost part of the ceiling yet. Should get some beams to shore it up some."
Lynnette She'd sigh a bit as she nodded. "Yeah...I"ve been worried that the place isn't structurally sound anymore...." Facepalming she would then put her head on her bar. "....I literally had this place.....a few days and bam....shit storm."
Connor Connor puts his glass down, reaching over to rub across Lynnette's shoulders. "C'mon now. Think of it, you get to redecorate a bit. I can throw a nice window up there instead? Maybe booths? Boths might be nice?"
Lynnette Lyn would smile softly and then nodded. "A window...would be awesome....we only had one when I got here...." Sighing softly she would wink at him. "I owe you one.....thank you...." She'd motion to his glass then. "...want one more?"
Connor "If you insist, good lookin." Connor says, finishs what little he had left off, to be filled again. He'll return the smile with a cocky sort of grin. "I'll take a peek around here tomorrow. See what people have laying around to buy.
Lynnette Motioning for Chuck to pour them another she'd raise her glass up to him with a wink. "To.....a successful renovation?" She'd click her glass against his then blew him a kiss before taking a long sip of her drink. "If I'm not here....Chuck usually is.....I may be at Iris' hanging out if not here."
Connor "Uhh..Iris?" Connor raises his glass with Lyn's, but he doesn't know the person off the top of his head. "Out..uhh...Acme way? Do you not have a room in the back or something for here?" The blown kiss sets a twinkle in Connor's eyes though.
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit and nodded. "Yes....she has a shop in Acme. And here?" Tilting her head a bit she'd seem to be in thought. "I have a basement...." Chuckling she would wink then. "Plus....I don't know if I want you down there....I might have....secret things down there. A lady has to keep her secrets aferall..."
Iris Lark Iris steps through the rather large hole in the cantina, her cheeks flushed and her hair wild and crazy. Her rucksack is over her shoulder, but she drops it near the actual doors as she peeks around. She spots Lynnette and slowly walks towards her. "Hello!" Then she spots Connor, and she pauses for a moment, giving him a friendly wave and a polite smile.
Connor "Secrets? I'm sure a woman like you has plenty of secrets. But I don't think they are in the basement." Connor lifts his glass towards Iris as she comes over to greet Lynnette. He'll glance around as the place seems to begin filling up. "Approach peak hours now?"
Lynnette She'd laugh and then winked. "You'd be surprised...." When Iris walked in she smiled brightly. "Hey hey!" She'd wave her hand but winces as she did. "....whoops....keep forgetting that..." Waving her friend over she smiled. "Come on over...."
Iris Lark Iris walks towards Lynnette and she takes a seat on a stool, leaning against what is left of the bar. "Feeling better or worse from last night?" She asks, giving Connor another brief glance before she smiles back towards Lynnette. "May I have a water?"
Devlin     Walking through the large hole in the wall, Devlin pauses near the temporary entry way, quickly glancing around the room to see familiar faces, good or bad. Moving his hand slightly up and to the side, he pats his leather jacket over where a pistol was placed snuggly within a layer of leather, well out of sight. Noticing not one but several familiar faces that he didn't threaten to throw out, Devlin takes several steps forward, a light smile spreading across his lips but he doesn't speak, simply trying to listen.
Connor "Hello there. I'm Connor." Connor puts his glass down and reachs a hand out towards Iris, its time for introductions apparently, as the cantina starts to fill up. "Am I correct in assuming that you're the friend Lyn was speaking about?"
Lynnette "Eh....worse...." She'd shake her head a bit as she sighed. "I feel like the bites and stuff got worse....."A tilt of her head as she just shrugged. "I might have made them worse....." Looking to Connor she'd smile. "Yup....this is her!" Chuck would grab Iris that water while Lyn cast those green eyes over to see Devlin and that brow would raise slightly....but she said nothing for now.
Iris Lark "She has lots of friends." Iris replies, smiling at Connor before she turns her gaze back towards Lynnette and looks concerned. "Well if you'd like, I can clean and wrap the bites. Do you have a place where I can get a good look at them?" She asks, taking a sip of her water as she notes the new arrival with a quick glance.
Connor "Iris it is then. Gotten a few bumps and bruises somewhere, Lynnette?" Connor settles up onto his barstool, eyeing that hole closely before sipping at his glass of whiskey. Also looking towards Devlin's arrival.
Devlin     Taking his time, Devlin slowly starts to walk over towards the grouping, a slight limp in his gant towards the others. Lowering his good hand to his hip, he doesn't speak up, seemingly curious what the others were talking about for the time. At the mention of Lynnette's wounds, he arches a brow and looks towards Iris slightly surprised, "Here I thought you would of treated her by now, same roof after all."
Lynnette Slowly she would let her gaze move from Devlin over to Iris. "It's fine...we can do it here...." She'd pull that slit aside to exposed the wrapped up leg and started to undo the lacing on the back of her dress. "Yeah....went on some thing with mister Devlin over there and I got attacked by some geckos...." Snickering she would then pulled down the top of her dress down to expose her back. Now she did have on something to cover herself...this time and she would look up to Iris. "Ignore Devlin....he's in a mood apparently...."
Iris Lark "I'm not going to knock down her door to treat her. She's been busy and I don't push." Iris responds, shrugging a bit before she takes another sip of her water. She gets to her feet, retrieves her rucksack and moves over towards Lynnette. She kneels to get a good look at her leg and starts to pull supplies out, pouring some of her water into a bowl before she adds some white spirits. She cleans the wound carefully as she grins up at Lyn. "I'm not worried about it, really."
Krysta      Krysta slipped into the bar silently, still wearing her uniform but for some reason, her hair was down rather than up. There were several braids hanging and keeping her hair out of her eyes but the rest fell freely.... long white strands all the way past her hips. She seemed to ignore Devlin and asked the bartender for a cola.. again.
Devlin     Glances briefly towards Lynnette as she began to slip past the split along her dress, exposing quite a bit of her bandaged thigh. Bringing his lips together, he starts to whistle twice in a low tone before starting to chuckle, "Now, now 'Boss', are you sure you should be teasing the patrons 'that' much? They are easily riled up at the idea of a dancing show." Either the 'mood' comment was missed or simply ignored, it was difficult to tell as a smirk on Devlin's lips was the only clear expression he held. Turning towards Iris, he gave her a nod towards the woman but arches a brow, "Not worried? For my hide I wouldn't think many would but for Lynnette? Can't have her fair skin scarring now." It's then that he felt something and turns his head just enough to notice that Krysta also was making her way into the Cantina without a word or pause for anyone but Chuck behind the bar.
Alpha     Alpha, for his part, strolled in via that ashur hole because.. why not? Ashur hole. He'd glance around at the others there. He slows, slightly, at Lyn and Iris doing what they do to get her patched up and he'd admire as much as Devlin did it seems. Heading over for the bar, he'd look between Devlin and Krysta. "Oi.. hey.. Devlin? Ya didn't do ta her all the things I'd do.. she's still walkin. Yer slippin man."
Lynnette Sighing a bit as leaned on the bar to let Iris do what she did best, she'd see Alpha walking and just smirked. Shaking her head a bit she'd look to Devlin and that...woman from the other night. Raising her brow a bit as she would stare at the girl but just looked back to Iris and smiled. "....thanks lady....."
Krysta      Krysta stopped in her tracks halfway to the bar as she heard Alpha's comment. The look that crossed her face.. was sheer, unadulterated.. fury. And had she been within arm's length she might have decked the sheriff if that look was anything to go by. Her hands fisted at her sides and she stormed to the bar. "Fuck it. Whiskey. Black." After the first shot, she would order another and glower at the bar. Alpha and anyone else might notice bruising around both of her wrists though.
Iris Lark "You're welcome." Iris quietly says, after the wound is bandaged and salved. "Show me the other one?" She asks, cleaning tthe rag so it can be used again. "I'm glad you didn't wait any longer to let me treat these, an infection would be pretty unfortunate and painful, and I wouldn't want that for you. Those geckos are dirty."
Alpha     Alpha paused, eyeing Krysta and that rage. Shaking hsi head a little, he'd sigh. "Oi.. say one joke.." Shrugging, he'd move to the bar himself, stopping near Lyn and Iris. "Hm. Glad ta see she's gettin patched up. Hate ta see her wounded."
Lynnette Licking her lips she'd turn in that seat than and let somewhat exposed upper body turn to where her back was. Sighing softly she would shake her head as she adjusted the bindings on her bosom but there was a gun handle sticking out between her breasts. Looking to the quiet Connor she' chuckle before looking to Alpha. "Be nice....." Winking then she'd look to the girl that stormed over and frowned slightly before looking to Devlin. "So where were you this morning.....?"
Devlin     Turning to Alpha, the smirk that was on his lips starts to fade, replaced with more than a touch of confusion. "What are you talking about Alpha? I kinda need some healin time before I try somethin like that. Shaking his head from side to side, he pauses to arch a brow towards Lynnette, wondering what was going on without being said. "Lynnette, are you actually okay?" It would be a bit before she piped up but when she did he tries to bring back his smile. "Hmm.. Do you really want the details? Guns, blasters, raiders.. a bit of a hangover goes a long way sometimes. Had to clear it, but I was well by the end of things, and in a better mood." Moving his good hand to his chest, he pats himself firmly twice, showing his health, kinda. "See? No more cripple than ya left me last night. Not even a new bullet wound to clean."
Iris Lark Iris starts to clean the wound on Lynnette's back and she pulls out a curved needle. "This puncture is pretty deep so I'm going to give you a stitch or two, just be still." She cleans the area and then gives her a few stitches before she puts salve on the wound and bandages it. "It'll be sore in the morning, but after a day or two it should feel better. You see any pus, let me know right away." She turns and empties out the bowl before she starts to repack her supplies.
Krysta      Krysta sniffed at the whiskey and asked again for the nuka cola. once she had it and the bottle was open she dumped the whiskey in the cola. She eyed Alpha warily.... then just kind of sighed, her anger evaporating as she pinched the bridge of her nose. When she looked up she eyed Devlin with sharp eyes. Then she glanced at Alpha again while Lynnette was worked on by Iris. "Oh aye a joke. Maybe he took your advice anyway." She cracked her wrist.
Alpha     Alpha eyes Iris and Lyn for a moment more, listening to the orders given by Iris with a slight nod. Glancing over to Krysta and Devlin then as he'd respond and she spoke up, he'd raise a brow, then shrug. "Whateva. Just dun kill each other, eh? Paperwork sucks. Lemme tell ya."
Lynnette Licking her lips she'd just nod as she grabbed that still mostly full glass of whiskey. "....okay....." Gripping that counter she would wince as she got stitched up but didn't make a peep. Instead she just drank that whiskey and motioned for another. Taking a deep breath she would then look to Iris and nodded. "Will do. You're the best. I owe you one...or three..." She'd look at Devlin and the girl and just stared before taking a deep breath. "And if you do....take that shit out of my bar...." She'd shift as she shifted that gun in her bosom before pulling that dress back up slowly and lacing it back up but not too tight now.
Devlin     Glancing towards Alpha for a moment, he focused on the man questioningly as he couldn't see the anger until looking back towards Krysta, and his neck tensed faintly before relaxing. "Now.. As you said 'doc', no mixing meds, leaves and ale." Walking over to the bar, Devlin rests his elbow onto it to motion to Chuck, "Sunset sasp, two." Without waiting for the man to find them or even say if they were in stock, Devlin was pulling out some caps from inner pockets of his jacket and setting them down onto the counter. "Come on, I just got here and I'm sober tonight. Ya can't blame the drunk on the guy when he's sober and not tryin to get drunk again, can ya?"
Iris Lark Iris moves back around to the other side of the bar, her rucksack in hand as she slips back into the seat she was in. She drinks down the rest of her water and crosses her legs, shifting to get comfortable. She turns to watch the action that is either brewing or blowing away, a slightly amused look on her face, for now.
Krysta      Krysta lifted an eyebrow at Alpha and sat straighter, taking on a more official air. "Acknowledged, Sheriff. If I kill him I'll be certain to do it anywhere but your jurisdiction." She sipped at her jack and coke, eyeing Devlin as he ordered his drinks. Sometimes he said things that made no sense.... She sipped her drink again peering at Iris for a long moment. At this point her anger seemed to have completely disappeared, leaving her looking bored... as usual.
Alpha     Alpha gives a two finger salute to Krysta, then gets himself a beer, leaving the caps for the other tender to pick up. "Glad we understand each other then." Smirking, he'd pop that beer, pocket the cap and glance over at Lyn then Iris. Thoughtfully, he'd take another drink then shrugs a little. "A'right.. so ya'll are good then.. eh?"
Lynnette She'd roll her eyes at Devlin then as she looked to the girl. Something about her bugged her from last night but she let it go as she looked over to Alpha. Raising her brow slightly at him she'd smirked then before looking to Iris. "So that Connor guy that was here.....? He does construction. He offered to fix the place for me...."
Iris Lark "She's as healthy as I can help her to be." Iris says to Alpha, as she gets to her feet and picks up her rucksack. "I hope he can fix the hole for you, I know it's distressing you a bit." She says, grinning at Lyn as she walks towards the hole and raises her hand to wave goodbye to all four of them. "I'll see you if you come back to the house tonight, Lyn. I've got to head to the shop briefly, I've got some new weapons to put away."
Devlin     Blinking twice, the amusement was again replaced by confusion as Krysta started to talk about killing him. Looking over his shoulder, eyes the woman but then looks at Alpha wondering what he just missed while focusing on the other woman. "Wait.. I'm going to be killed for what now?" Looking back at the pair as they had been, left to their own means and well, so Devlin turns to look at Krysta directly, making sure he was able to keep an eye onto her this time, "Ya know, that's a bit harsh, killing me over a little joke here or there, then dragging me out of town? Sounds like unpaid work."
Alpha     Alpha would wave after Iris, flash a grin and nods. He'd look over to Lyn then with a small smile. "Well.. good ta know someone can help ya patch that up, yah?" Alpha glances over at Devlin and Krysta. "Huh? Oh. Just ifn yer gonna kill each other? Keep it outside of town, yah?"
Lynnette "Alright! See ya tonight I'm sure!" Smiling she'd wave to her friend then look over to Alpha with a grin. "Oh I hope so. He also thinks my skin is soft...." Snickering then she'd win at him playfully before looking to Devlin with a frown. "....what do yo mean dragged out of town...?"
Krysta      Krysta noted Lynnette's unease directed toward her and lifted her bottle before sipping it slowly. She had noticed Lynn's wariness the night before but had walked out of the bar under both her and Alpha's noses with a pistol pressed into Devlin's ribs... His own pistol. So... There's that. She sniffed the jack and coke again and nodded slowly.... Taking another sip. Devlin's question got a raised eyebrow from the woman. "I simply agreed only to kill you elsewhere. That is entirely acceptable. So while you are here you are safe from my blade, Mr. Devlin." Was she... serious? No one knows.
Devlin     "Hmm.. listenin to what he said, while in town.." Turning his head towards Krysta, a mild grin spread across his lips as Devlin says, "If it's short of killing you then it's all fine, so we might need to arrange some 'play' time with both pistols after I get these wounds treated peoperly, huh?" Turning away, he looks down the bar wondering where Chuck was, only seeming to notice the bartender when he didn't return with either drink he order only to then hear his jostling crates of various cola and starts to regret his choice. "I bet it was a bottom box.." Turning to the other side he says, "Sorry.." to Lynnette.
Alpha     Alpha glances over at Krysta and Devlin. Just.. watching. Didn't seem like he'd care one way or the other about what they actually did. Obviously not in the bar. Glancing to Lyn, he'd smirk her way. "He does.. does he? huh.. that mean I'mma gonna have ta chat with em..? Or should I wait fer the job ta be over first?"
Lynnette She'd just ignore Devlin and his new girlfriend as she looked to Alpha with a shrug. "Hmm...? Whatever for?" Chuckling she'd tilt her head a bit then smiled. "He's just wanting to fix my hole....." Snickering she'd just shrug then as she finished sipping at her fresh whiskey from Chuck.
Krysta      Krysta stared Devlin in the eyes and with a cold affect as though she were entirely serious, said. "I'll just steal your pistol again and empty it into your face, you know." Siiiiiiiip.
Devlin     "Hmm.. I guess I can't mix tonic leaves and shine then, can't be 'that' sloppy next time," is mused as he begins to lose himself in the thought. It was easy to see Devlin wasn't sure what really happened last night though he was trying to piece it together slowly. "I think the pistol was.. after, no.. before walking.." Closing his eyes, he tilts his head from side to side faintly but the feeling doesn't last long.

    A slightly annoyed Chuck clicks the two requested bottles down onto the counter in front of Devlin, causing a smile to appear on his lips. "Thank ya, no whiskey for a while.. might be a few weeks, just keep this case out, I think we'll make fast friends." Taking one of the bottles by the neck, he passes it to his left hand only then to use a minor addon to his pipboy, to pry off the cap and catch it before switching hands again, letting him finally have something other than just water to drink again, which he did greedily.
Alpha     Alpha raises a brow, eyeing Krysta and Devlin again. "Oi.. ifn yer gonna steal it, then not in here, got it? I ain't wantin none of that sorta crap goin on where I hang out at." Otherwise? whatever it seems. Alpha smirks and eyes Lyn a moment, then gives an upnod her way. "Well.. be more likin he's wantin ta fix Ashur's hole, eh?"
Krysta      Krysta raised eyebrow at Alpha. Whether about his insistence that she does not steal in the bar or the comment about Ashur's hole... was unclear. She did peer at Devlin, however with a stern look. "You need to stop using that arm, dumbass."
Lynnette She'd slowly pull herself out of the seat, giving a wince as she looked over to Devlin. "Don't let her steal anything out of here....apparently.....or you're fired....." Lyn would raise her brow a bit then. "Because the mood I'm in....the sheriff will have to arrest me..." Looking to Chuck she'd give a nod then turned and made her way towards the hole in the wall. Pausing she would glance over at Alpha and just smirked before looking back to Devlin with a smile. "Maybe you can tell the sheriff how soft my skin is, hm?" Snickering she'd just go to that hole and step outside to get some fresh air.
Devlin     "Says the person who fell on it.." is said with a bit of a grumble. Devlin looks over to the side once he heard Lynnette speak up, arches a brow and for the first time that night he turned in his seat to give her his full attention. "Yes Ma'am. If I notice her stealin a rustin nail from the Cantina, I'll shoot her in the leg then the stealin hand." Lifting his hand up, Devlin couldn't help but smirk as he gave her a formal salute for several second before lowering his hand, "You don't have to worry from this moment forth.. the rest of the town might not be so lucky though. Not paid to make sure the Militia aren't hanging out with the Raiders, giving each other pointers." With that comment fresh from his lips, his gaze settles onto Alpha, watching the man questioningly for a moment but then settles back to his perch.