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Matt     Ah. The night of nights. Matt has scoured first his clothes for any shirt that may have been holeless, when that was to no avail, he went out and bought another. Light yellow and black flannel. The walk through the streets wasn't too long, took him a bit to find the place.
    He is here now, a bottle of someone's mutfruit wine in hand and a generally restless demeanor.
Willow Caine Willow is wearing an off shoulder dark green dress and on the ground is a large flannel blanket, a picnic basket, and a few candles and lanterns. She seems to be pacing a bit, glancing at the entrance to the gardens as if she anticipates being stood up.
Matt Matt may have been quick on his entrance, and slow on his walk-about before finding Willow nestled away in the garden. "Looks like you beat me here by quite a bit." His gaze making note of the blanket and such on his approach.
Willow Caine Willow jumps a bit and she turns around, aiming a bright smile at Matt. "Not by that much, really." She says, swishing towards Matt before she raises up on her tip toes to kiss him on the cheek. "Think this will do for a date night?" She asks, her hands going to her hair to make sure it's still in place.
Matt A grin as she comes towards him, and he wraps his spare arm around her waist as she comes up on her toes. "It looks quite nice." He seems reluctant to let her out of the circle of his arm quite yet. "Someone was insistent that this was a good wine. Do you.. know if it is?"
Willow Caine Willow takes the bottle and look it over. "It'll do, I don't usually drink wine, but this will probably be a little sweet." She takes a deliberate step back and grins at Matt before she moves to the blanket to sink down, skirts fanning out around her. "Come on over here, and I'll show you what I brought."
Matt Matt follows along, watching closely as Willow descends, and he does his best to ease on down to the blanket. Only a wince or two as he sprawls out his leg, then hes settled and alright again. "Cheese, perhaps?"
Willow Caine The basket is opened and she starts to pull things from inside. Cheese, bread and some roasted and sliced meat coated in a dark red sauce. "Well I did tell you to bring wine." Willow murmurs, grinning over at Matt as she pulls out some fruits and two glasses. "Here we go, help yourself." She says, settling back as she moves to pull the cork from the wine.
Matt Meat is always good to have around. Matt'll a go at those first, lifting and going hand to mouth once or twice. "The meats good. Oh, right. On the bread maybe." He'll stop his eating to watch the opening of the bottle, "Need some help with that?"
Willow Caine Willow pops the cork out and shakes her head before she pours some of the wine in each glass. "Nope, I'm a bartender, I've got a handle on it and then some." She takes one of the small plates and puts a few things on it before she settles back and tries a sip of the wine. "This is actually good." She raises the glass towards Matt with a smile. "Eat it however you want, sugar."
Matt "I knew that, just figured I'd offer to be cordial-like." He'll sip at his own glass of wine, and squints a bit. "A tad tart, don't you think? Well, I wouldn't want to neglect the rest of what you brought." He'll stack a sammwich up right and pretty, and bring it to his mouth. With a full mouth, "You look very lovely tonight, Ma'am."
Willow Caine "Tart is fine, you don't want something overly sweet." Willow says and she glances down at her dress when complimented. "Oh, this old thing?" She teases, fluttering her eyelashes at Matt. "And you look very dapper, so is this what every young man wants when they go out on a date? Or I way off the mark?" A beat. "I haven't been on a date in about forever now."
Matt "I think every young man would like you when they go out on a date." Matt blurts back in response, having chewed and swallowed now. Thinking less, and talking more might be a good tactic for *this* young man. "I kinda had a date, around the age of 12. She really liked my family's apples and that was about it. I much prefer something like this. Though I'm a bit of a less as to what to speak about."
Willow Caine "Oh, is that so?" Willow says, laughing merrily as she leans in to wipe something off of Matt's chin. "Apples?" She asks, blinking a few times at Matt before she gets to her feet, shifts a bit and sits down next to Matt, her skirts pooling around her. "So what brought you to El Dorado? Tell me all about it."
Matt "Oh, are we going to be depressed, are we?" Matt sidles over just a tad, his arm going around Willow's to prop himself up, allowing her a lean if she desires. "Well...I got bored. Basically. Working the ranch seemed like it would be, alright. But there was stuff to see, so I went to see. Paw gave me the family's rifle to keep me safe. I joined up with a caravan, we headed out west. A lady needed to get to a town a few over, and the caravan leader. I convinced him it'd be alright. She put a bullet in his head sideways, and we got ambushed oh....10 or so miles north of Jack's town."
Willow Caine Willow quirks a brow and grins at Matt when he mentions depression, but she leans in and rests against him when he starts to speak. "Well after all of that, why haven't you gone home?" She asks, blinking at Matt. "I ran away from here for a bit, I was born here, but when the chips went down. I came back. Seemed the thing to do."
Matt "Well. I staggered into Iris' back yard. She took good care of me. Lonestar seemed to be the place to be for awhile, caravaning is what I'm decent at. Shooting I'm better." Matt takes the opportunity to turn towards her, and get a whiff of hair as well. "Started stockpiling to get back, or up to New Vegas. Then the Horde. And the Enclave. Can't leave now, too many things to take care of. Don't know if I'll ever go, once I put that much effort into somewhere."
Willow Caine "Well, I can't leave either. My family is here and they need me, even though every nerve in my body is screaming that staying here is deadly." Willow remarks quietly, her head tilting up towards Matt when she hears him sniff t her hair. "So you like and believe in what you're doing, that's..important."
Matt "Lotta people here missing people. If there was a time to bolt, it'd be after Lonestar got caravans running again, and I kicked the shit into whichever hole they threw people's families into." Matt apparently has a plan already, and punctuates the statement with drinking the rest of his wine. "Besides that, I've got a lady to track down and put a couple 45s into. Not to mention a whole bushel of raiders."
Willow Caine "You almost make me wish that I knew how to shoot, I'd come along with you and watch you in action." Willow says, laughing softly as she shifts and puts more cheese on a plate. "So you're sticking around, I'm glad to hear that." She murmurs, aiming a bright smile towards the younger man. "You look like you're going to be a lot of fun."
Matt "Young Shiloh is comin' along, I'm certain. She ain't got the hands for a firearm just yet but she will." Matt comments about lack of shooting knowledge. He'll shift a bit to make sitting easier, wrapping an arm about Willow's back and cradling her hip through the skirts. "I'm the sort of, stay at home, out of the deserts with a nice cup of something near a fire type of fun. The world seems to be making me get up in arms about things."
Willow Caine Willow eyes Matt as he makes an attempt to put the moves on her. She doesn't say anything, but listens to him speak and then when he goes quiet she leans in, puts her hands on his jaw and pulls him in. She lays a chaste kiss on him, nothing beyond soft contact with his lips. When she pulls back she grins and fusses with her skirt. "El Dorado seem to make men a bit..fussy at times."
Matt Matt may have put the moves on her quite well, apparently. His eyebrows scrunch up as she takes ahold of his face and leans into him. A flush is visible as she moves back away, and he looks across out into the gardens now. ..."Fussy?" A small grin begins to move his cheeks now.
Willow Caine "Something about the cowboys, the heat and the violence makes you all rarin' to go." Willow explains, leaning in close enough that her nose is almost touching Matt's. "You ever notice that?" She asks, trying not to giggle at the blush on his cheeks. "Or were you always this feisty?"
Matt "I was seeing the sights as soon as a horse was willing to carry me." Matt reachs up now, fingertips along Willow's jawline since she seems intent on being this close. "I poked my nose into Fort Hood even, Gutsy Bots and everything every-which-way...." He'll smile a bit now, faltering but only from distraction as he takes in her eyes. "Maybe El Dorado drew me here itself."