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Serena Well Serena snuck up out of her house again...well not really sneaking but yet. Dressed a plain cotton white dress she'd make her way to that market, notebook, pen and lighter in tow. Blue eyes would peer around before delving into the crowd and looked around to see what was even around to. She didn't have much money but....she wanted to treat herself. Tucking some of that long blonde hair behind she'd stop at one stall and stared at another dress. "...hmph." Of course it was much more than what she had but it didn't hurt to look...right?
Qwillis     Off to the side, with a few radios that actually seem to be working around him, Qwillis sat. He was talking to another person in that booth. So why was it noticable? Well, the main thing that would come to mind is the metal arm and leg that shows around that white lab coat. How does the lab coat stay clean anyways? It'd be hard to tell for sure.
Serena Sighing she made her way down to the next booth and saw all those radios and raised a brow. Leaning in she would look at one and slowly looked up at his arm and leg then. Blinking, she would stare at him intently before that soft voice spoke up. "....tha hell happened to you?" Oh so polite she was but at least it sounded sweet....sort of.
Qwillis     Q pauses at the sudden question invading the conversation. The actual tender of the booth chuckled as Q looks over to Serena. "Hmm? Would you understand a particle explosion from the sudden exaustion of plasma due to a religious nutcase condeming technology striking a power unit with a club?" Q chuckles with a small shake of his head. "I had to re-build my limbs as the doctors said there was nothing they could do for me otherwise."
Serena She'd stare at him flatly then tiled her head a bit. "So some idiot smacked a piece of machinery without knowing what it did and it burnt you to a crisp? Got it." Shrugging it off she started to toy with the lighter in her hand before nodding. "....that sucks...." With that she turned and stared to move were way down to another booth a few down as she kept flicking that lighter on and off then.
Qwillis     Q purses his lips. "In a nut shell. Yes. On the flip side, it distinigrated him. The only thing I lost were the limbs that weren't behind his body when it exploded." Qwillis would watch Serena as she'd start off, watching the lighter, then her. He'd glance to the tender, saying a fast bye, before getting up to start trailing after Serena. Hmm.. something.. something has him thinking.
Serena She'd stop for a second but just kept walking as she weaved through the crowd effortlessly. Finally she came to another booth with more.....lighters then. There was a smile that tugged at her lips before looking to the one in her hand. It was old and beat up....but the ones in front of her were knew and shiny. "....ohh." Now...could she trade? Her was silver after all. Now....which one?
Qwillis     Qwillis would step up next to Serena at that next booth. It'd be fairly easy to tell it was him, the dull metal click of that off leg stepping was echoed by that booted step of his actual flesh and blood foot. Standing next to her, he'd get one of the long neck lighters. Glancing over at Serena and her old lighter, he'd muse and point out another one with a motion to her, then pay for both with some caps. "Thank you." Taking his lighter and putting it away, he'd look over to Serena with a small smile. "You seemed to want a better one. I hope it works for you?"
Serena Hearing that noise she wouldn't say much but then blinked as she saw him pointing them out. As he paid for them she'd just stare at him but then looked to the tender who passed her the new one. Staring down at it she'd then look back at him before just speaking flatly. "....what is it?" Her brow would raise slightly. "....I can't accept this.....I don't even know you."
Qwillis     Qwillis raises a brow, then chuckles. "My name is Qwillis. I'm a local scientist." He'd nod to the still offered lighter. "It's a newer one than the one you are currently holding. A friendly gesture. Especially from the observation of you eyeing them while contemplating how you are going to generate the appropriate funds to purchase one.. Since I could help.. I did. That's how I was helped when I got here.. and I'm not afraid to pass that on."
Serena Looking back at the lighter she would tilt her head and then look back at him. "Well Qwillis the local scientist....I'm Serena....." Taking that lighter now she would slip it and her old one in a hidden pocked of her dress. "I thank you. Glad to see the town treats new people so kindly....." Finally...there was a slight smile as she nodded to him. "Perhaps one day I will pass it on but...." Stopping she'd just shrug. "People tend to not want help so I usually leave them to their own devices....."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles in response, nodding. "Nice to meet you, Serena. Hmm.. lovely name too." Looking to the vendor, who would just grin at Q, he'd roll his eyes and looks back to Serena. "I know that it can often be that way. Pride is what helps so many people live in this area.. I simply try. It's on them to accept or not."
Serena She'd not really notice the exchange but just nodded to him. "Lovely? What's lovely about it? It's just a name....." Oh she was a real ray of sunshine. "And I've learned if they do not want help....then they can just sit in their own failure and burn for all I care. I do not go out of my way. Learned my lesson and was taught better too." Yup...ray of freaking sunshine.
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, studying Serena. "Hmm.. It's lovely as I appreciate the melodic tones used with it." He'd nod slightly at her response, frowning a moment before he shrugs. "Well.. if you are one who tries to always find answers.. Are you interested in attempting to become a scientist? Or am I misunderstanding exactly what you mean?"
Serena She'd blink at him before nodding. "I suppose it is nice then...." The blonde girl would then raise her brow a bit and stared at him intently. "Why would I want to do that....?" Now this was an earnest question. "What skills could I possibly possess to want to do such a thing....?"
Qwillis     Qwillis would cross arms, flesh over machine, across his chest as he'd watch Serena. "Even if you do not currently have the skills, I am quite capable of teaching you, Miss Serena. As for why? The search for answers to why things happen around you is something everyone searches for. It's more a matter of are you really interested or not."
Serena Tilting her head a bit she'd go quiet then smiled ever so slightly. "Are you going to talk this much if you are trying to teach me, Mister Qwillis.....?" Pulling that notebook to her tighter then that smile would falter. "However I don't think it's wise for me to mingle with people. I'm shocked I've entertained this conversation for as long as I have thus far...." Looking over to the side she would then look back to him. "I don't play well with others...."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles and shakes his head. "On the contrary, I usually am much more of a 'hands off' teacher. I prefer to guide and allow the one learning to find the path themselves. That stated.." He'd muse, watching her a moment. "Why do you not wish to mingle with people? If you are looking for a more secure location, I do have a lab that I do my experiments and study in."
Serena Taking a step back she would just look at him and tilted her head a bit. "I just don't get along well with people. I tend to have a temper....and apparently I'm fairly off-putting as I've been told..."
Qwillis     Qwillis shifts on his feet and finally shrugs. "I see. Well, I have not necessarily found you off-putting, Miss Serena. Although I realize now that offering to take you to a lab where I do experiments is probably not the best way to build trust." He'd frown a moment, then shrugs. "You seem honest to me. It's refreshing compared to others."
Serena She'd tilt her head then nodded. "The last time someone offered to take me somewhere they made me angry and I burned their building to the ground....." There was a light shrug then before she would nod at him. "Why do you wish to teach me so badly? Most would have walked off by now...."
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, studying Serena. "I am not sure really. Although you've been honest enough with me of late and I enjoy that. So that could be a big part of it. What do you mean burned it down when you got mad? Did they let you swing your lighter around?"
Serena She'd go quiet then and just nodded. "Sure...." With that she quickly turned and started to walk away quickly. "....I talk too much...." Serena realized she probably said to much as she walked back into the crowd then, attempting to move away. "...home is safe...."
Qwillis     Qwillis looks at Serena confused, and then she'd promply stalk off. "What..? Did.. I say something?" He'd frown and start after Serena, tracking her through the crowd, but not exactly subtle himself. Can't be with that metal leg. THen again, she doesn't seem to be too concerned about him following her, right?
Serena She'd finally duck down an alley way and waited silently. Dropping that notebook she would pull that old lighter of her out and just...waited. Panting heavily she would just bite her lower lip as she held her free hand out in front of her then.
Qwillis     Qwillis would follow along until she'd duck into an alley. He'd stop at the edge of it, looking down it towards her and holds up both hands, one metal, one flesh. "Ehh.. Look. If I said something wrong? I'm sorry. I'm not wanting any trouble, Miss Serena. I'll go the other way now."
Serena As soon as she saw him she'd flick that lighter open and flicked the flame one. Staring at him she would just slowly put that other hand down. "Look....Qwillis the local scientist...." Those blew eyes flickered slightly as she stared at him. " didn't. However....I don't have friends. I don't know what to do with people that try to....befriend me. My parents told me I'm just a danger to I don't leave my house" Trailing off she'd just leave it at that for now.
Qwillis     Qwillis steps into the alley only far enough to lean up against the wall, watching Serena as he'd fold his arms again. "You aren't explaining enough. How are you a threat to others? You have a facination with fire.. So I'm suspecting that you may have some psychokinetic aspect that allows you to manipulate the kinetic energy of an element for accelerating it's molocules to cause spontanious combustion?"
Serena She'd stare at him and just kept that lighter out. "Yes...I could totally burn off your other leg and arm to make a matching set....." It was said so quickly but she kept calm. "'s a work in progress....." Flicking that lighter shut she would clear her throat and look him over before put it back in her pocket and looking down to her notebook. "....I was told I'm a problem....simple as that."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles, shaking his head a little. "I'd really rather pass. Beyond the amount of pain and agony that such things created, I also don't want to have to search for the parts to rebuild more limbs. It's a long task and slow.." Musing, he'd nod a little, watching Serena. "I'm studying such things. I believe you. I also believe you can learn to control it. Focus it... I'd be happy to help you. I think you may even be of great help in dealing with Dunwich too. If.. you're interested."
Serena She'd stare at him then slowly dropped down to pick up her notebook. Serena walked up to him and looked him over before opening her book and scribbling something in it before tearing out a page and passing it to him. "'s my address in El Dorado...." She'd snap that book shut and looked up at him. "You can come find me if that's what you want to do. I ned to get back before they start looking for me...." With that she moved past him disappeared back in that crowd.