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Krysta      Outside of El Dorado in a mostly desolate location was Krysta, Militia Private. She seemed to be playing with something, sitting on the ground like a child playing with blocks. But then she would crawl over to put her back to a ruins wall.. and ducked her head and....
     Debris sprayed bits of rock and dust everywhere, pelting her and anything close enough to make a difference. Finally she opened her eyes and sloooooowly leaned up to peer at the explosive's location.....
Lee     And there, arms crossed as flecks of dirt would shift off that power armor, stood Lee. How? Well.. he's the only one with that suit of armor, a sledge on his back and that feeling of pissed off almost radiating from behind that visor. Once Krysta looked back, that exteran comm would click. "And just what the fraggin HELL do ya think yer doin, blowin crap up anywhere near El Dorado??"
Krysta      "Hmmm.. need a bit more plastique... maybe a second switch... Che. Didn't even leave a crater..." She blinked and turned her head to peer at Lee as he stood there entirely (apparently) unhappy. She raised an eyebrow faintly. "I made certain I had a full barrier of distance between myself and the nearest inhabitants. Or would you prefer I practice at HQ? Sir Knight Sir?" She stood up and dusted off her uniform pants before making notes on a small pad of paper. "Maybe some more bleach..."
Lee     "Idiot." Lee grumbles in that helm. He'd walk over to face squarely towards Krysta. "The problem is.. you're still in rural El Dorado. That means while yes, there's no immediate civilians around, if you couldn't be bothered ta notice me showin up where I can take a hit like that.. ya couldda fragged a civvie.. and then where wouldja be? Fraggin stocks fer the rest of yer life ifn yer lucky." That stare, albeit masked by the visor, was molten. "Now.. you and I? We gotta get somethin cleared out here. 'cause you still need ta give me answers.. and.. there ain't no one around ta stop me from gettin em. So.. ya gonna talk? Or do I gotta make ya?"
Krysta      Krysta raised an eyebrow at Lee's insult but then simply stared at him.. no, she stared THROUGH him. "I cleared the area." But that was all she said. She did note he was seemingly concerned she might be imprisoned of executed if she'd screwed up, but she wasn't sure if that was from actual concern or if he simply did not want to retrain a recruit.
     The woman's violet eyes turned hard as amethyst and she simply stood more at attention as Lee demanded answers. She wasn't sure she bought his threat wholesale, but there was a tension in her shoulders and jaw that spoke volumes about things beneath the surface.
Lee     Lee raised a brow at Krysta's staunch refusal to respond. Shaking his head, he'd simply scoop up a rock and swing it at her, although she'd manage to dodge out of the way. Lee shifted on his feet, watching Krysta for her response to the attack. "Since day one ya been actin like ya needed a woopin.. so.. here ya go. Comin at ya Krysta."
Krysta      Krysta saw him pick up the rock and when it came for her. She dropped into a half split, one leg extended out while the other was bent under her. One hand held poised by her weapon and the other lightly provided balance with her fingertips. Yet she did not move from that position for several seconds. She watched lee's movements carefully before straightening up and tilting her head faintly, a slightly avian gesture, as though she were trying to figure him out. "I didn't think a Knight would discipline a subordinate while in power armor."
Lee     Lee snorts, shaking his head. "Ifn ya were on duty, Krysta? Ya'd be on duty at the HQ or on patrol. Yer off duty. And ya ain't parta the Guardians, so ya ain't a subordinate of mine. Just a merc with a chip on her shoulder that needs ta be knocked off." Lee would move again, lashing out at that leg she had extended with that rock, thrown at basically point blank range to tag her leg. Although it's not quite hard enough to actually harm her, persay.
Krysta      Krysta stared at him as he threw that rock at her leg. It tinged off her armor and fell to the ground. And then she stood. She looked at him hard, her expression caught between a curious confusion and a predator's expression. She was sizing him up and looking for a weakness in that armor. But then she relaxed her stance slightly. She wasn't on duty after all. "Show your face."
Lee     Lee simply put up those armored fist, a sharp bark of a laugh given. "Pass. I ain't here ta make this fair. I'm here ta get information. So.. the beatin will continue until ya talk. That simple." Lee would come in then with a swing at Krysta. The power armor certainly adds to that strength and the speed of the swing, but she's still elusive enough he's not quite able to tag her.
Krysta      Krysta's face lost most of her emotion as he refused to show his face. He took that swing and she side stepped, but did not retaliate. "So ask a question. If you're polite I might answer." Maybe.
Lee     Lee grunts and steps in, that massive power armor fist coming in with a punch to her chest, seeking to potentially knock her back as he'd watch her, keeping his own guard up. "Ya know 'bout the Gunners. Probably are one. So? Spit it out. What do ya know?"
Krysta      Krysta saw the impact coming and braced, but was knocked back several steps, one arm crossed over her armor and she stood there, taking two deliberate breaths. She had a look on her face that spoke f being used to this kind of thing but she still didn't strike him back. "Gunners. I'm going to kill them. Isn't that enough?" Her eyes and tone would tell Lee that she was serious. She wanted blood.
Lee     Lee grunts. "Liar." He'd come in at her again, once more swinging at her, only this time barely missing her. "You know more than that. It's not just about wanting blood. Spill it. What info ya got?"
Krysta      Krysta leaned backward as he came in with another swing, dodging it with an inch to spare and she frowned. "You don't want to know, /Knight/ Lee. Are you going to keep trying to hit me? You're really slow."
Lee     Lee frowns and follows up with an immediate heavy punch to her chest again with that power armor fist. "Trust me.. ifn I wanted ta actually hitcha? I'd be usin the hammer. This is more ta get a point across.." He'd step back, keeping that guard up, but watching her from that latest impact. "Ifn I didn't want to know, /private/ Krysta, I wouldn't be wastin my fraggin time beatin yer ass ta get info."
Krysta      Krysta set her jaw and merely let him land the hit to her chest. She stumbled back a few paces again. Her breathing showed for a moment that she was feeling the strike but then it was gone and she was standing up again. "You're knocking me around like a cat plays with a mouse. If your intention is to interrogate me /Knight/ Lee, then maybe I should give you some lessons in technique." She reached up and unbuttoned her collar. "Have you ever been interrogated, Knight Lee? You're doing it wrong. You know anything about gunners, Knight Lee? They like to experiment." She stared at him, watching for his next move, though even she wasn't sure if she would dodge or not.
Lee     Lee took another step back, then straighten up, he'd watch Krysta as she'd go to take that outfit off, arms crossing over his chest. Still he wouldn't open that helm, simply watching her impassively. "Ya dun fraggin get it.. and.. I prolly can't make ya either.. frag. I was hopin this would do it.."
Krysta      "My god you're dense." She looked supremely annoyed and unbuckled her chest armor, setting it on the ground before she opened her jacket the rest of the way and dropped it too. Blatant disregard for the uniform.
     "I'm answering your goddamn question." And then she stripped off her undershirt, leaving her in a sports bra on top. She then lifted her arms, letting him take a good look at her. Aside fro the slight bruising starting from his pummelling she showed no current injury. However, the sheer volume of scars she had was impressive. And more than half looked like surgical scars. Some were less obvious but clearly marks of torture. There were also scars on her arms like she might used to have been an addict but that did not match her personality at all. She /had/ told him that her tolerance for alcohol had bee thoroughly 'tested' though.....
Lee     Lee drops his arms by his side as he'd watch her continue to strip down. She'd get stared at for a moment, maybe even felt it through that visor, before he'd finally move. To open the armor and let him out of it. He's in those light fatigues and combat boots as he'd stare at Krysta and her scars. "... frag.. ain't no wonder yer so cautious.." He'd shake his head, sighing. "Krysta.. I'm.. I'm sorry. I read ya totally wrong.."
Krysta      "No you didn't." She sighed and pulled her shirt back on so she wasn't out there in just a sports bra. Then she peered at him. "I swore I wasn't going to admit to it. If I could stay int he militia by being a nobody I would. But a gunner's little pet? Maybe I'm a spy. Maybe I'm here to get close enough to drop a grenade inside some officer's power armor. You read what you needed to in order to keep your men alive." She shook her head then, eyes shifting just enough to show she wasn't untouched by the memories, but she was still callous about them. "And you're wrong. Cautious isn't the word for me. Paranoid is. So don't apologize for spotting a danger."
Lee     Lee frowned, then shakes his head a little. "Spies dun get that messed up. You got away. Fraggers prolly still huntin fer yer ass.. so yer happy ta hunt them in return. That's why ya do merc work when ya ain't on duty.. it's all consumin. Revenge. I've seen that.. prolly more times than I ever care ta count." Pacing a little, outside of the armor now so it's only his booted step, he'd watch her. "Krysta.. I believe you. Yer out fer blood.. and however ya can get it.. Yer a fraggin good militia and I'd fight ta keep ya in.. So.. all cards on the table. Here and now, just 'tween you, me and the wasteland. Ya here as a spy? Or ya just want someone ta have yer back?" He'd jerk a thumb back at his power armor. "'cause ifn ya want someone ta have yer back? Then ya got me.. yah?"
Krysta      Krysta tilted her head faintly as he spoke, letting him work it out for himself. Her brows lifted when he told he that he believed her though. Then he asked her straight up if she was a spy and she just stared at him for a long minute. She looked like she wasn't sure she'd just heard him right.... Finally, she blinked.
     "N... no. I'm not a spy. I might act like one. I have friends and contacts in the raiders and other groups.... But I won't let them harm a hair on the militia's head." That last she growled between clenched teeth. Her formality slipped and she stalked over to a pack, pulling out a bottle of water and taking a drink. She glared at the ground in front of her.
     I was allowed to work with the gunners for a while as a soldier... Some of us were tight. We had each other's backs. But then there was an argument and the group split. Half keeping the treaty and half going to the Enclave like lapdogs. Good men died that night and I lost what family I had." She sighed and looked away for a long moment, annoyed with herself for admitting such a weakness. Then she stood and looked him right n the eye, took another drink and offered it to him. "Militia gives me a family and a command structure."
Lee     Lee walks over and touches Krysta's shoulder. "Ya may not believe it.. or maybe ya will.. I'm from before the great war, Krysta. I had a merc group.. I ran it. And.. yah.. we were tight. Family. The bombs started droppin and we split up inta the vaults our families were at... We were hunted afterwards.. They're all dead." He'd shake his head a little and steps back, taking the offered drink and drinking it. "I drifted. I was alone.. and I drifted. The commander of the militia? He helped me out when a buncha cultist shredded me up ta sacrifice me or some crap. While I was patchin me up.. he recruited me. I said sure. Protectin someone.. protecting something.. is what I've always done. So.. yah. I get it." He'd offer the water back then. "and I mean it.. I dun think yer a spy. And I swear ta ya now, I got yer back." He'd offer that handshake then. "We good?"
Krysta      Krysta blinked at that hand on her shoulder. She wasn't sure what he was thinking but she just peered at him. As soon as it was clear he wasn't going to accuse her of being weak she seemed to relax. Though her brow furrowed when he told her about 'before' the great war. She watched him for a while as he spoke, though her expression was more interest than disbelief.
     "Huh. I heard rumors about some people like that. Never saw one before though." She seemed to peer at him closer then accepted the bottle back and capped it. One warrior to another, sharing a drink was a sign of trust. She shook her head when he told her about the sacrifice. "Bunch of crazy bastards.... Just easier to kill cultists. You never know what brand of crazy they are." She shook her head then blinked at his hand. For a second she looked like maybe it was a grenade.... But then she took a tentative grip on his hand.. And suddenly pulled away. The next second would find her stepping in closer and clasping forearms instead, less polite, more trusting. "Yea, Lee. We're good.I...I'm sorry if I got so caught up in trying to hide that I made you nervous. You mind not punching me with power armor next time? Okay? okay. Okay? Okay."
Lee     Lee nodded in response. "Yah.. so.. I'm in my 20s.. but.. ifn ya count time alive and not a frozen popsicle.. I'm more near 300ish? Somethin like that.." He'd nod his agreement about the cultist then. "They did.. fragged em all.. but not 'fore they tore me up, groin ta guzzard. It wasn't pretty.. lemme just put it that way.. I was lucky ta meet Iris and get patched up. I went from just some guy with a crossbow.. ta.. well.." He'd jerk his thumb back at the power armor. He couldn't help but chuckle at her request then. "Yah yah.. no more punchin with the power armor.. Ya keep ta the truth with me, Krsta? I'll keep truth with ya.. and we won't need nothin like that." With that handshake, then the forearm grasp, Lee grins and nods, keeping it for a moment, respect of warrior to warrior, before finally breaking away. He'd walk back over to the power armor then to climb back into it. "Oh.." He'd pause, halfway in. "Ya do need ta move yer bombs further out. Still could frag a civvie in here. They're dumb sometimes and run towards booms.."
Krysta      Krysta shook her head slowly as he elaborated that he was like 300 years old. technically. She winced in empathy at his description of the wounds he'd received but when he started pulling away she tightened her grip on his arm. "Lee.... If we ever run into Gunners out there you don't say a single word about any of that. Understand? They'll vivisect you." She was intense then flushed faintly realizing she was probably being creepy. She cleared her throat. "And then I'd have to go take down the lot of them and that would be messy."
     Letting him go she nodded slowly to his demands that she tell him the truth. "Don't ask certain questions around other people then." Last time they /had/ been at the headquarters.... She probably did not want anyone to overhear.
     As far as the explosives went she frowned back at the landmine she'd rigged. "Yea fine. That one was a bust anyway. I'm not used to having to work around civvies." She shook her head and started gathering her things together.
     "I'm going on a recon soon. I might have some leads about a gunner camp. I'm going to find out if it's still out there."
Lee     Lee paused at the tightening of that grip, raising a brow, then smirks at her. "Trust me.. I ain't warm and fuzzy ta most of em.. only people I trust know that about me. eh?" He'd nod a little and chuckles. "They'd have ta get me outta the tin can first." There's a grin given with a wink and he'd climb into the suit, sealing it again with that faint hiss of gas exchange. "Roj. Ifn ya just wanna gimme a simple sign of.. not here.. or whatev.. that'll have me chill on pushin.. fair?"
    Lee nods then, getting the power suit back to full power so he can move again. "Thanks. I'll see ifn we can get an actual demo yard setup fer full testin that will be marked ta keep civvies out. Just.. fer now.. yah.. and if ya do hear back 'bout the recon.. lemme know. I'll show em why they shouldn't of joined Enclave.."
Krysta      Krysta nodded slowly. She was lost in her thoughts for a bit but then he would find her with her jacket back on to cover the scars on her arms, carrying her armor and rifle but catching up to walk beside him. She wasn't huge on conversation but the fact that she kept up with him and wasn't going to stay out here to find a better place to blow shit up might indicate she was more comfortable with Lee. Now Rexus.. that was another matter. She would watch Lee closely if he ever showed an inclination to share her past - what little she'd admitted to - with anyone... She wouldn't stick around to let them execute her. It was her new oath. Give them a chance. Then bolt if need be.
Lee     The HUD triggered, having him glance over at Krysta as she'd catch up with him. There's a simple nod given and he'd simply walk back to town. While he went out there with one thing in mind, it seems he's come back with an ally instead. Not too bad for a day's work.