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Vault Girl One Month before the Mists of Dunwich creeped forward.

Eden of Vault Team Six had made her way into Dunwich looking for an elusive foe that had been with her the better part of a year; the haunted car in Dunwich that seemed to follow her everywhere.

Did ghosts exist?

Was Dunwich really haunted?

Nobody knew the answer to these things, science could not prove anything and magic had long been lost to the world; long before the bombs fell.

On the other hand, sufficiently advanced technology was indistinguishable from magic. Perhaps not even the technology of man, but of the strange beings who travelled the skies of New Mexico and took people who were never seen again; the Aliens.

It had taken Eden the better part of an hour to unearth the grave of the former car's owner. She had found one item of note in the coffin other than the corpse, a microchip that had been buried with the man who had owned that car.

The sun began to set and Dunwich was quiet. All Eden had to do was light the fire and maybe, she would break the curse.
Eden Tired from digging, Eden tosses her shovel up to the ground. Examining the remains, she takes the microchip. Maybe Qwillis can help her with that later, she thinks as she pockets it. Time to climb out. Up she jumps. Being short has its perks, but right now being just a bit taller would help a lot. Dangling from the edge of the deep hole, she finds a foothold and struggles her way out. Salt. It worked on the other thing. Doesn't know if this is the same, but it can't hurt! Tossing the salt she brought down on the exposed body, Eden says a little silent prayer. She doesn't pray much, so she's only hoping she got that part right too. Next step. Light match. She does so. It takes 2 or 3 matches before she sees some of the cloth start to catch. Eden takes a step back, looking warily around for any uninvited attendees to this little ceremony, and waits.
Vault Girl The body lights up on fire after several moments and the smell is overpoweringly terrible, a green noxious smoke begins to rise from the corpse that does not look at all natural.

In the skies above Dunwich, Eden sees what appears to be some kind of flying circle streak away from her position; as if it had been watching her this whole time.

It began to get dark, unusually quickly, it shouldn't have been getting so dark so fast, it was like, more time then she realized had passed? The corpse was almost burned away...
Eden Eden checks the time on her pipboy. No, It can't be that late! She cannot have been standing here for an hour! Eden feels very strange. Wants to rest, but it isn't safe here. Is it safe anywhere? She picks up her shovel and heads toward the church. Maybe just rest a moment there. Useing the shovel a little bit like a walking stick, she moves forward toward the front doors of the church. The green smoke is too acrid to stand near. Hopefully her work has had its effect.
Vault Girl The church feels safe as it always seems to. It's quiet and dark. Eden's eyes are drawn to a strange black circlet on the ground, like a bracelet. Does she pick it up?
Eden Eden picks up the strange circle. Too big for a bracelet, too small to go over her head as a necklace. Eden has no idea what it is. Jewlery isn't something she's spent a lot of time looking at. She shrugs and puts it un her pocket. Sitting on the front stairs for jsut a few moments, Eden does feel a bit safer. She knows she needs to keep going though. What she doesn't know is why she is so tired and how it got so late so quickly! She wonders, maybe the car will be in the streets now that it is dark? She is certain the keys she found must be to that car!
Vault Girl Eden feels a sense of power radiating from the bracelet, a sense that it wants to help her but it also wants to learn? She hears the roaring of a hellclaw in the distance, signifying that something bad was about to happen.

Eden knew by now though, that the horrors of Dunwich were often confined to Dunwich. If she was quick she might be able to escape before it found her.

There was also a strange mist beginning to form, unlike anything she had ever seen here in her travels. It only seemed to be growing. Soon it would blanket the entire area.
Eden Eden doesn't think salt will be any help against that roar or that mist! Jumping up, she drops the shovel and runs thru the weakest looking part of the mist as fast as she can. Thank god she left a note!