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Lee     Lee was on a short patrol out in that warehouse that was actually near his home. So while he was in the power armor, he was pretty relaxed. Which was probably a good thing considering the burn he had from the enclave. So annoying getting shot by them. Thus, with the abandon warehouse confirmed there's no druggers there and it's abandon.. at least for now, he'd be out of the armor, leaning against it's leg, while tending to that burn on his shoulder.
Akane      Akane had followed behind Lee knowing he was nearby and curious what he was up to. She noticed he was out of the power armor leaning against it and paused before approaching him sheepishly. She balanced on her ankle only limping lightly as she approached.
Lee     Lee tensed up as he'd hear someone approaching, reaching for that handle of the sledge, only to relax with a small smile to Akane as he'd realize it was her. "Heh.. didn't see ya on my six.. sorry. Ah.. I was inna game of tag with some Enclave.. they managed ta tag me pretty good on the shoulder.. I just haven't really taken the time ta get it fixed 'fore the new armor and all that."
Akane      Akane frowned deeply and moved to his side, looking at his shoulder and wincing lightly. She looked slightly depressed as she examined his shoulder. Carefully she pulled out her medical items, gently pulling the shirt back to get a better look and angle on the burn. Quietly she began working on it.
Lee     Lee pauses as Akane would start to check it out and simply pulls his shirt off for her. The light shirt left in his lap, he'd watch Akane as she'd tend to the wound and while he'd hiss slightly in pain, he didn't move. Life of a soldier.. you get use to pain, usually.
Akane      The hiss got her attention and she stopped what she was doing, pouring a clear fluid onto a bandage. "This will sting for a few seconds but.. bear it..." Her voice was soft, almost pleading. And she dabbed the liquid on his burn. It stung like a bitch for a few seconds too but then.. blissful numbness cascaded over the area. She blew lightly over it to cool the sting then began applying a thick kind of honey salve to the burn. "I'll be here to fix you up every time... You should have said something yesterday." Her eyes flickered over his chest for a moment then returned to her work.
Lee     Lee simply nodded to Akane and was silent, despite the pain. He'd continue to watch her work, smiling slightly. "Hm. Guess it doesn't matter if you can't cook. If you help keep me up.. I'll make sure we have food." He'd chuckle quietly with that, although he avoided shrugging since that's where she was working. "I.. uhm.. was kind of.. preoccupied, Akane."
Akane      "Oh? and who's fault was that?" She looked as though she had absolutely no part in his 'distraction'. At least she did for several seconds until a small smile broke out across her lips. Still, she worked on that bandage, covering the wound carefully. "here.. does that feel better?"
Lee     Lee stares at Akane for a long moment, then laughs, shaking his head a little. He'd simply grin at her and once she asked, he'd carefully, then with more confidence, test that range of motion and nods. "Good. Solid. I won't be in anymore pain in the armor either.. Thank you Akane."
Akane      Akane smiled when he thanked her, waiting for him to test the motion before placing a light kiss over the bandage. Sitting back on her heels she lowered her eyes to his chest and hesitantly ghosted her fingers over one of the scars. She peered up at him questioningly.
Lee     Lee can't help but grin at the little kiss given extra. He'd go to start putting on the shirt, only to pause as she'd touch that more recent scar. Looking down at it, then over at her, he'd chuckle quietly. "Hmm.. about a month after I dethawed.. I was near El Dorado.. justa drifter.. yah? I had nothin left.. and no where ta go.. Anyways.. some cultist ambushed me.. They go all the way down.. although.. distracted.. so ya prolly didn't notice.. but.. yah.. they were gonna sacrifice me ta somethin or another.. I was kinda delerious with pain at the time.. didn't quite catch what all they were mumblin 'bout. Militia rescued me.. and while I was patchin up in the clinic, the commander? He talked ta me 'bout joinin.. Since I had nothin better ta do, I joined up. A while after that, I found the salvaged power armor on a trip.. and then that sledge.. and.. well.. kinda just went from there.. yah?"
Akane      Akane listened to his explanation, his story and visibly flinched, her chin dropping to her chest as her eyes closed. Lightly her hand rested over the chosen scar gently. But she did not do anything more. She took a breath and tried to cover the look of pain on her face but she didn't fully succeed. She helped him pull that shirt on then. "I'm sorry. I.. That must not have been fun to talk about."
Lee     Lee muses, then simply shrugs and puts on the shirt with her help. "Actually, Akane.. it's one of roughly a hundred different stories I got.. It's one of the more vicious.. but.. it ain't the first time I've been down and out.. Like takin a 50 cal slug ta the stomach.. That one sucked.." He'd chuckle with a shake of his head. "But.. life was.. different. Back then. Wounds weren't really a big deal.. stimpak and go often times.."
Akane      Akane shook her head and knelt beside him, her hand resting on his chest through his shirt before she pulled back. "I just don't like that you were hurt so badly. You don't deserve it." As if anyone deserved it. Well.. maybe a few Legionnaires.... But then again... "Though I suppose it's similar to my scars. After a while, things like that just become routine, mundane.... Banal." /Moooore/ lashes? boooooooring..... Oh Lee just caught a .50 cal slug. No big deal. Move along.
Lee     Lee smiles to Akane and would shrug a little. He'd lean forward to steal a kiss from her, before getting to his feet. "Hmm.. In essance. But that was another time. Even the weapons were sterile to help reduce loss of life. Ironic there, hmm?" He'd chuckle, shaking his head. "I never used a gun.. The crossbow was built to pass the scanners. That's why I have one now. It survived. But.. yes. The scars.. fighting.. all of that. It's.. just life."
Akane      Akane let him kiss her and returned it lightly. When he stood she used his suit to stand as well. She understood what he was saying, It made sense. "How much patrol do you have left today then?"
Lee     Lee shakes his head a little. "It's my off day. I just need to do one last walk of the main streets then I'm off duty. So.. maybe another half hour. Depends on how often I'm approached by people of course, yah?"
Akane      Akane nodded and waited quietly as he got back in the armor then headed back home... carefully. She would be waiting when he got home and she had some fresh foods though she had said she couldn't cook.... Hmmmm....