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Qwillis     Qwillis has met up with Serena at the address given. Went to pick her up and everything. As she didn't have a pip-boy, he simply showed her the way to get to that lab. The fortification outside was nice to keep most trouble at bay, and then the work within was where the real treasure was at. Leading her through the still half-broken down vault top, he'd move into that science lab with a flourish of that metal arm. "Welcome to my lab, Miss Serena."
Serena When he 'retrieved' her, she just stared at him before slowly going along with him. Once they reached their destination she would just stay quiet then as she looked around and then blinked once they were inside. Those blue eyes peering as she hugged that notebook to her then looked to him. "....does it always look this messy?" A brow would raise before she moved around to see if there was a seat somewhere...."
Qwillis     Qwillis blinks, looking around then over to Serena. "Messy? Well. I mean.. I literally got the bunker door open two days ago. I'm still working on repairing the generator for the rest of the bunker itself. There's several floors below us. This is just temporary."
Serena "Oh...." That's all she said as she looked around before sighing. Moving to a wall she would slowly sit down and watched him intently. "So still a lot to do here....." Blue eyes would look around a bit then back at him, just watching him intently now as she waited.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response. "Very much so. This is just the beginning, afterall." He'd point to the three main tables. "The first table is physics experiments. I'm working on determining some factors related to the Mist coming out of Dunwich. Certain basic laws do not always necessarly apply." He'd point to the middle table then. "I have an item that was.. erm.. taken.. from Dunwich. If you get close to it, you'll feel uneasy. There has to be a particular component to it that seems to be the source of such and I wish to find out what." The last table is then pointed out, this has several piles of random materials on it. "This table, is actually what I've started gathering to work with you. Determine the highest flashpoint you can reach as well as distance. It's a good idea to know the basics of your capabilities, hmm?"
Serena "I see..." Staying quiet she would listen to him intently then as she watching him point out each table. Hearing Dunwich she would shoot her eyes over to him then. " actually took something from there....?" Her lips would part but she said something for now...just thinking. Upon mentioning the last table her eyes would narrow slightly. Slowly she would stand back up and made her way over to him slowly. "So what you're saying is...." Peering back at that table she'd murmur. "I'm here to be your lab rat....."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head. "No. I didn't take it. I bought it from a person. I didn't know they stold it until after I gave them 300 caps for it." He'd shrug slightly. "I've used it.. but the fact it has that.. something to it? Seems interesting enough to try and study." He'd study Serena then. "No. Actually I'm hoping to simply help you. I understand anger is a trigger, but if I can help you learn your capability and control.. then you won't be a problem. To anyone."
Serena Serena would just watch him then sighed softly as she just rolled her eyes slightly. Upon their discussion of her particular.....issue she would just tilt her head. "There you go with that word" That brow would raise as she walked over to the table and sat her notebook down. "....what is it that you want....Qwillis the local scientist.....?"
Qwillis     Qwillis purses his lips, then holds up both hands. "Qwillis, please? That's my name. You don't need to say the whole thing." He'd chuckle quietly then. "I would like data, Miss Serena. I would indeed, like to help you. You are also helping me. The Mist of Dunwich.. is a dangerous thing. Very dangerous. Any information.. and idea I can get to help stop it? Is important.. maybe even critical." He'd walk over to that center desk, looking at the laster gatling gun he has there that's partly dissassembled. "That mist has a physical element to it. Even if temporarily. If I can find how it connects to solid items.. then I can figure out how to capture it and test it."
Serena "....Qwillis...." Nodding she would just lean against that table that was for 'her' then. "...and it's just Serena...." Looking for to the gun that was in pieces she would look it over then back to him as she nodded. "Fine. I' you I suppose. I don't really have anything else to do with my time." Folding her arms she'd close her eyes then. "And for the record....I've been doing just fine on my own as of late...."
Eden Out of breath, covered in dirt and sweat, Eden comes running in. She thinks she has the right place. It's about where Qwillis had mentioned. Looking in, she sees Serena and Qwillis and breathes a sigh of relief. "Oh I'm so glad I found it! I just ran here from Dunwich." Eden pulls the tiny item from her pocket and hands it to Qwillis. "Do you know how to read whatever is on this?" the microchip sits so tiny in her hand, but she is sure it is important!
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Serena, smiling her way with a nod. "Good. I'm glad to hear that if I get you mildly upset I don't have to worry about fire suppression.." He'd trail off at Eden coming rushing into the lab. Looking to her curiously, he'd raise a brow. "Ah.. Dunwich? Are you alright?" Frowning, he'd look at what she had and carefully picks it up. "Hmm.. Yes. But if this IS from Dunwich.. I want to be careful.. very careful. How did you get this anyways?"
Serena Hearing someone burst into the area she'd raise her hand up but stopped as soon as she saw Qwillis address her. That hand would go into the pocket of her dress and left it there. Those blue eyes would look between the two of the before turn took her hand out and grabbed her notebook. Looking to Qwillis she would stare at him and and started to make her way out of that bunker, walking quickly towards from where she entered.
Eden Eden takes a deep breath. She really has been running! "Well, in a grave I dug up. Of the previous owner. Of the haunted car." Looks up at Qwillis to see if he is about to call her insane and dismiss the microchip. She hopes not! Eden sees Serena about to leave, and says "I'm so sorry, you were busy. I can come back later. Please don't leave on my account"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly to Eden, frowning a moment as he'd look at the chip. Realizing what Eden said to Serena, he'd look over to her. "Ahh.. Serena. This is Eden. A friend and one of my students actually. It also seems she may have found a clue into Dunwich in this." He'd smile to Serena, then looks to Eden. "This is Serena.. She.. doesn't normally like to be around people very much. She was going to help with an experiment.." He'd muse, looking over to Serena. "I'm obviously not going to make you stay. I ask that you do. But it is your choice. It will never be required that you stay here, Serena."
Serena Coming to a halt she would look to the woman and would stare at her with those blue eyes. "....I wasn't doing anything. I just don't know you...." Looking back to Qwillis slowly she would move her way back over to 'her' table and just leaned against it. "....let me now when you plan to have people over. I'm not going to help do my table with other people around...." Ray of sunshine she was....oh yes.
Eden Eden's rush is a little bit quelled now. "I wasn't exaclty invited, like, at any particular time. He said stop by sometime... I just kinda barged in. I do think it might be important, but yours probably was too." Eden looks very chagrined. Not the first time lately she has tripped up and pushed someone away unintentionally. To qwillis, she says "I can totally come back in the morning if you want. I wasn't thinking, just stormed in here all a flutter. You can keep that and take a look, and let me know..."
Qwillis     Qwillis looks between Eden and Serena, nodding slightly to himself. He'd carefully set the chip on that table next to the partly dissassembled gatling laser gun. "I will absolutely test it out soon. Thank you for bringing it Eden and you are welcome here. This is my new place to do science, afterall." He'd look over to Serena, musing. "I'll see about arranging a more secluded location for you, Serena. So you do not have to worry about others interrupting the work."
Serena "You can do what you need to, Qwillis...." She'd turn her back then as she pulled that light out of her pocket. Opening her notebook, she pulled a pencil for the center of it and began to write as she idly played with that lighter. Leaning on the table she wouldn't really look up as she heard him but simply....responded quietly. "Do as you will. I'm just the lab...thing."
Eden Eden blinks in confusion. She has literally no idea what's going on here. And feeling less than welcome from Serena's end, she will attempt to make this last part quick. "OK, I just want to say, I'm pretty sure it is not supernatrual forces in Dunwich. Unknown, yes, but any sufficiently advanced science looks like magic, right? I burned the body, and something came out of it. Then there was a cercle overhead and it was an hour later. Something is going on, but I think whatever it is CAN be fought and hurt." She looks to Serena again "I am sorry, again. I'm sure whatever youa re doing is important, and I will leave you to it." Turning back to Qwillis "Let me know when a good time to stop by is. I've pushed away enough people by being thoughtless. Don't really want to add anyone to that list. I am going to try to write it all out, just so I don't forget. It has been quite a night!" With that she gives Qwillis a quick hug, and a wave to Serena before heading toward the door.
Qwillis     Qwillis looks over at Serena, purses his lips, then looks back to Eden with a small smile. "I always suspected as such. Now that I have my own lab I was going to test out more items. Why I'm taking apart the gun.. I.. have a theory now. There may be one of these chips in there." Glancing over to Serena, he'd look back to Eden with a nod, giving her a hug back. "I'll let you know. I'll sort out something for the door so people can know when it's ok or not. Stay safe Eden.. and get some rest before you go back there. Ok?"
Serena Sighing softly she would just watch Eden leave then before looking back to her notebook. Staying silent she would just wait before she finally speak up. "....I didn't tell her to leave. I don't know her...." The clicking of that lighter could be heard then as she sighed softly. "....I don't just put myself out there in front of people is all...." Cutting those blue eyes over to him she'd stare before looking back to her notebook.
Qwillis     Qwillis watches her go, then eyes the chip. When Serena speaks up, he'd jump slightly. Ok.. maybe he's been alone a little too long now. "Hmm? Oh. You're fine, Serena. Like I said.. I'm one of the local scientist. I'm trusted to study the tech people find to figure out what's going on. This? This puts a whole different spin on the Mist and Dunwich. She burned the body. But.. that doesn't mean there's other things going on."
    Shaking his head then, he'd turn to face Serena with a warm smile. "As for you? Don't worry. If you don't wish to act in front of others, I will not make you. I was serious about finding a more secluded location for you. Maybe I can help you to get to know those who I trust."
Serena She'd keep her eyes on her notebook for a moment longer before she would finally speak up. "So you're popular...." Standing up straight she would shut her notebook and stop playing with that lighter for a second. "I will have to remember that. To expect more....visitors." Looking over to him finally she would stare then nodded. "Thank you. However it's not necessary if you're sure no one anything to me down here."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Serena and shakes his head. "No. No one will do anything to you here. Else? They will have to deal with me, Serena. And while I may not be a fighter.. I can be vicious if I do have to fight." He'd chuckle softly then and shrugs a little. "I wouldn't say popular. Just.. known. Visitors are.. well.. I've only told 3 people about this place. Iris, you and Eden there."
Serena She'd stare at him and nodded then. "Fair. I don't want to lose it and accidentally burn a house down again..." With that should turn to him and stared at him. "So are you wanting to examine me or....? I don't know how this works."
Qwillis     Qwillis grins and walks over to 'her' table. The items are arranged out, various things, sand, rocks, paper, so on. Just about anything that normally can and doesn't burn. "Actually.. for the first test if you don't mind, I'd like to see you try to burn each item. Only one at a time and only until it lights on fire. I'm testing to see the range of hyperkinetic control you have available."
Serena Serena would just stare at him for a moment. "You want me to try to burn....a rock.....?" That brow would raise as she watched him intently but just slowly turned back to table. Putting that lighter away she would raise her hand and snapped as the paper burst into fire and quickly ashed. Slowly those blue eyes would look over at him again and snapped, the edges of his coat lighting up but not lighting up beyond the edge. Instead it would just go out just as quickly as her attention shifted. "....oops...." There was a slightly giggle then as she looked back to the rock and snapped setting on fire but just getting darker from 'burning'.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response. "Absolutely. It'll show us what intensity in the fire you can get.. as well as what might be safe for you to not have to worry about, hmm?" Qwillis pulled up that pip-boy on his arm and started typing in notes as he'd watch Serena do her thing. Of course, when she'd accidentially light HIM on fire, he'd yelp and put it out with that metal hand. Shaking his head with a chuckle, he'd watch her go back to the rock. Getting closer, he'd study it, watching it darken from the heat, but not catching on open flame. "Hmm.."
Serena She'd smirk at him yelping and just sighed softly as she stared at him. "....oh I'm supposed to actually try to....." With that she just started to stare at the burning rock and the heat started to intensify as the rock started to....melt. Quickly she'd cast her gaze to the sand and snapped as it too caught on fire with an intense fire. Putting a hand out to each flame she focused but slowly her nose began to bleed as she did so.
Qwillis     Qwillis raises a brow, looking at Serena and her comment. Then the sand would catch on fire. Qwillis steps back and peers at the rock as it'd.. melt. He nods and jots down more notes, before realizing Serena's nose is bleeding. "Oh dear. Ok, ok.. Serena, go ahead and stop. I don't want you hurting yourself.." He'd frown and move over to her, studying her closely.
Serena "It's fine....." Now she was in a trance as she was hyper focusing on the fire as they began to grow. Panting softly she would keep her hands out but suddenly she would ball her hands into fists and they would extinguish. No doubt whatever that table was made of was probably burnt or melted by this point. Collapsing to the floor she'd breath heavily before slowly wiping her nose with the back of her hand slowly. "....oh well then...." Her eyes would slowly roll back into her head as she fell over then in a heap.
Qwillis     Even with the intensity of the flame on the rock, the table.. didn't burn. Yay for chemicals! Qwillis would catch Serena as she'd drop, cursing quietly while carefully lowering her to the ground. He'd promptly take off that (slightly singed) lab coat to roll up and put under her head. "Blast it.. what the hell do I do now..?" Frowning, he'd make sure to check vital signs to know she's ok at least. Then he'd type fast into the pip-boy to add notes while he had a moment.
Serena Grumbling she would roll onto her side and curl up as she slowly swatted at him. " about....shush. My head hurts with all that typing...." Those eyes were still closed as she continued to speak. "Just give me some water....." Finally she'd open her eyes as she looked over at him as she laid there. "Now...what else do I need to burn?"
Qwillis     Q finishes up that typing as she'd grumble at him. Relaxing some, she was ok! So that was good.. he'd stand to his feet, eye the cooling rock, then goes and gets a bottle of water. This is carried over to Serena with a shake of his head. "I don't think we should do more today. You focused a lot for that rock. It melted instead of caught.. which was interesting in it's own right."
Serena Slowly she'd push herself up and retrieved that water bottle from him. Opening it up she seemed to down it in almost seconds and let out an exhale. "....more please....." Holding the empty bottle out at him she'd then looked back to the table. "....oh good I didn't mess up your table." Standing up slowly she would stare back at him with her intense blue eyes. "That's it?" A brow would raise. "Well...." Going to that table she'd grab her notebook then and tucked it under her arm. "Anything else you require from me, Qwillis?"
Qwillis     Qwillis takes the bottle, putting it away to come back with two more. He'd offer another bottle of water to her. "I purposely treated that table to be able to handle close to plasmic level heat.. So it should be safe. I'll check the chemical later to verify of course." Shaking his head, he'd watch Serena. "I would like to continue to meet with you for research purposes, Serena. There was a lot of good data there. I also think I may be able to help you with the nose bleed effect when you focus too hard. If you're interested."
Serena Taking that bottle she'd open it up and drank it quickly but only half this time. Exhaling a bit she'd cap it shut then nodded as she looked over to him. Licking her lips she'd stare at the table then before looking back at him. "Alright....." Letting out a deep exhale she would just smile slightly. "Is there a certain time you wish for me to come back?"
Qwillis     Qwillis watches, nodding a little and jots down a few more notes in that pip-boy. "Hmm.. is your headache better? Do you feel dehydrated when you do it and the water helps to recover that..?" He'd chuckle, then shake his head. "I would ask that you simply rest, recover, Serena. Return when you are ready. I'll be here, one way or another, working on things."
Serena "It is better yes." She'd watch him type into that pip-boy before continuing. "And yes.....just depends on how much I do it and stuff." Clearing her throat she'd look back up at him with a stare as she nodded. "Just come back unannounced like your friend?" There was a head tilt then as she seemed to be in thought. "You must always be here. Is you wife okay with that? You're married right....?" Serena seemed to be deep in thought. "My aunt tells me most women my age are married by now....and you seem to be my age....."
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses in his typing as he'd look over at Serena, a glance to the door and back. He'd shake his head slowly then. "No, Serena. I have no signifigant other in any sort of relationship. Afterall, most people are turned off by the fact that I'm disabled. Even if I created a limb to replace what I lost for arm and leg.. They see me as a cripple.. or dislike me for embracing technology."
Serena She'd stare at him intently then smiled slightly. "Then you're what my aunt would call me: a lost cause." Laughing for the first time she'd run her fingers through her blonde hair. "I don't see anything wrong with embracing it. You need to be able to survive, yes?" There was a nod as she looked at his limbs then shrugged. "I do not understand how you're cripple if you have limbs now...."
Qwillis     Qwillis pursed his lips, then shrugs. "I'm not. I'm simply me. I live my life. If I was to get someone in a relationship with me like that, then I would of course pay attention to them as well. But.. well.. the one woman I was growing fond of, kind of shunned me. So that's that." He'd shrug, watching Serena a moment. Finally, he'd reach up into the sleeve of his right arm with his left. There's a small grunt and a slight twist and he'd pull.. the whole arm out. "It's not flesh and blood. It's not normal. It can be broken and where as people heal their normal flesh.. This? I would have to rebuild. And that takes time."
Serena Staring at him she would just let that smile fade then. ".....that is unfortunate...." Serena just stared and nodded. "That is why I don't interact with people. You can't be disappointed if I there is no reason for disappointment." With that she'd walk closer to him as her took off that arm. Poking it she would then look back at him. "So what? I can set people on fire with just a thought....not exactly normal either, Qwillis the local scientist." She'd move away from him then as she started towards that door. "Screw people. That's how I've made it this long without getting hurt. Relationships are highly overrated and lead to disappointment."
Qwillis     Q smirks as she'd poke the now non-responsive arm. Shaking his head, he'd shrug off that lab coat long enough to give him clear access to the port that he's built there. With a small hiss of pain and a metallic *click* that arm sets back into the point. He'd flex and move the three fingers, then the thumb, to verify it works. Nodding then, he'd watch Serena start to go. "Or you've been hurt and are not wishing to be hurt again. It's harder to try again, after being.. burned.. Isn't it?" his voice was softer with that, before firming a little. "You already have a relationship with me, Miss Serena. Working relationship.. maybe even friendship. So.. I have to disagree. They are messy. But they are worth it."
Serena Coming to a halt she'd pause as the grip on her notebook tightened. "Cute pun...." Turning her head ever so slightly she'd look back at him. "Stop calling me's just Serena." Clearing her through she'd look back to the door and exhaled softly. "You are the scientist...I am the lab rat. As for friendship....we've known each other for a day. We'll see if y'lll keep calling me friend." Her voice would soft then. "....they all tend to leave anyway....." And with that she shuffled out of the door quickly.