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Iris Lark Iris is in the back room of the General Store and she's cleaning a nice looking motorcycle while her pet piglet roots through a few piles of porn magazines. She squints at Bacon and snaps a finger, calling him away from the old paper so that it can still be sold in one piece. The door to the store is open, front and back and the door leading into the storage space is open too, just so she can keep an eye on things. A nice breeze blows through the building and the rest of Acme, and the slight rumble of thunder can be heard in the distance.
Matt The Storage room has been visited by Matt once or twice. He won't bustle back through immediately though. The door to the general store opens, shuts and he stands there a second. "Howdy in here, hows everyone doin?" As if that was the best way to announce his presence.
Devlin Devlin is beat to the door by the younger Matt, though Devlin soon opens the door after him and leaves it once again open. Steps through the open shop's door but pauses in the doorway to lift up his right hand and rack his knuckles against the frame, announcing himself to the unseen shop owner. "Iris? It's Devlin, not hiding behind the counter counting things again are ya?" Walking into the store, he starts to wonder just who Matt was speaking to but he pays him little mind before first looking behind the counter, wondering if he could catch Iris in the act, but he finds nothing. "Not here this time, hmm.." Looking around the shop briefly, he noticed a door that wasn't open before and glances inside, quietly, checking where the route ended.
Iris Lark Iris stands up straight and glances between Matt and Devlin. "I'm not hiding anywhere, just cleaning a bit, come in." She calls out to both men. She steps away from the motorcycle and tilts her head as she wrinkles her nose a bit. "Both of you need something, I hope? Not coming for a general visit, or..are you?"
Matt "Uh. Well. Usually. But bullet holes, 'member?" Matt wiggles his left arm, like hes a bird. "I mean, it didn't hurt that much after the fight. It didn't hurt that much during the drinking...." He'll reach a hand up to the side of his head as if just remembering it hurts. "It hurt when I woke up though."
Devlin Devlin chuckles softly as he watches the act Matt was putting on, leaving him gently shaking his head. "I've come to see if fortune has remained or even swelled and if you've thought over what we spoke on as 'forward' steps, but we can talk about that another time." Glancing towards Iris, a light smile rests on his lips as he begins to walk closer to the woman rather than staying in the main store. "I have a request after you finish tending to him though,I can expect you'll have him at least pay a 'lead disposal' fee, right?"
Iris Lark Iris chuckles quietly and she nods to Matt, pointing to a bench in one corner. She pulls out a chair for Devlin and points him to it before she goes to retrieve her rucksack and open it. "I usually don't charge people when I heal them, but I probably should start. Especially since you folk tend to get injured more often than not and I have supplies to buy." She shrugs at Devlin and smiles. "You're more than welcome to have a seat over there while I clean and bandage up this gent and then I'll happily help you with your request if I can."
Matt "I don't even know what the account is at right now." Matt settles into the chair now, with narry a wince from an effed up leg that hes been nursing for half a month it has seemed. "I'm sure I'm in the hole like...200 caps? maybe 300? We'll settle up some once the caravan money starts coming in again." At least he isn't removing a lot of clothing, just rolling up his arm and pulling the bandage off. Its...messy. "You doing good too? I noticed you took some bullets there as well."
Devlin Slipping his right hand into his pocket, Devlin looks at Matt as he sits down into the chair Iris offered him rather than the boy. Simply shaking his head, he settles to stand somewhat idle until Matt's last words. 'Took some..' Lifting his gaze to Iris suddenly, he begins to look over her chest an stomach, then her arms, then her legs.. searching for any signs of weakness, altered movement or bandages. "You got into a bit of a fire fight Iris? Did you manage to execute them with that pistol of your's?"
Iris Lark "I've stopped keeping track, which is bad business but..that's probably why I need to hire someone for the store." Iris remarks, moving to help Matt remove his bandages. "I took a few hits, yes, but I'm pretty resourceful and can dig bullets out of myself. Nice huh?" She briefly steps away from Matt and pulls her rucksack closer, fishing a Med-X tab from inside and handing it over to the younger man. "Keep this on you, and if you take some pain." She glances over at Devlin and grins slightly. "I did my best, and ..yes, we ran into some mutants and the like during his caravan run." She jerks her chin towards Matt.
Matt "Some mutants she says. We should've brought brooms for these things. Something like 20 us-sized mutants. 3 Supermutants, and 3 of these dark skinned. And whatever those whacky poison spewing yahoos were." Matt takes the med-x and leaves it on his knee for now. He'll also look closer to Iris' arm specifically. Thats where someone got winged as well. "That acid splatter finally cleared up off me after awhile. But that route is clear now. For the moment."
Devlin Couldn't stop his face from turning to one of doubt painted on it as he looked down at Matt. Devlin shifts his eyes over to Iris, looking at her eyes on the matter, "Really now, a little caravan got ambushed by over twenty-six F.E.V. mutations, including three brutes, and managed to get by with a few bullet wounds and mild acid burns as the worst things of the encounter?" Taking his time Devlin repeated in so many words what Matt said, trying to make sure of what he heard. "How many guards were on his trip in powerarmor protecting the group with heavy arms?"
Iris Lark "A few." Iris says vaguely, her eyes shifting from Matt to Devlin. "I wore too." She doesn't say what kind though and before anyone can look close at her flushed face she's bent over to take a look at Matt's wounds, her hair hiding her face. When she shifts and moves, the outline of bandages can be seen underneath her clothes, but other than that she seems to be fine. "Don't move, this will sting a bit." She says to Matt, as she cleans the wounds, spreads salve on them and rebandages each one. She stands up straight and pushes her hair out of her face, turning to clean out her bowl of of water and spirits before she gestures for Matt to stand up. "Tell me how that arm feels?"
Matt "Superior tactics, there mister. Superior tactics." Matt starts doing that arm-waving, chicken-dance motion and he nods to Iris. "That is supremely better ma'am." He'll push himself up onto his feet, and brush off his backside. "I let them set up their little ambush in a canyon pass. They were all ready to snipe us down and steal our riches. Until New Rome showed up and jumped'em from the cliffs. I actually wasn't counting the ones they done in. Probably near a hundred. Hunde-fifteh. We had Vuk there, with his motor and his armor too."
Devlin While giving Matt and highly questionable look, "A group of sniping, planning F.E.V. mutants numbering between a hundred to a hundred fifty and 'they' got snuck up on by a large legionary army of close combat troops?" Not looking towards Iris this time, Devlin simply stares at Matt, moving his good hand onto his hip as he wondering if he would stare at the boy long enough that the truth would soon appear. "Now.. Will you tell me what actually happened? You ran into a quarter dozen lesser mutants and later met up with a legionary search party that told of a grand conflict without any evidence?"
Iris Lark Iris snorts out a laugh that she tries hard to swallow before it devolves into giggles. She moves back towards her rucksack and dumps a few things in before she speaks. "I didn't get shot by pretend mutants." She mutters lowly as she passes Devlin, bumping him playfully with her hip. She glances back at Matt and shakes her head. "He did a good job keeping everyone in line during the run, I will say that."
Matt Matt flashes a cocky smile off Devlin's way as he digs some caps out of his pocket to land on Iris' counter. A quick wink goes the lady's way as well before he looks around, getting ready to leave. "We're Lone Star, sir. And we'll get the caravan through no matter what. Proper planning, and a liberal application of lead makes everything a-okay."
Devlin "I didn't say you did, I just don't think you walked away from a three on one mutant engagement with only a few rounds that you could tend to without complication" says while giving Iris a soft smile. With Matt vacating the chair, Devlin takes a seat somewhat gingerly before letting out a soft sigh as he heard Matt boasting. "You made it sound like 'New Rome' managed to get that caravan through without Lone Star knowing what was going to happen." Turning to follow Matt with his eyes, Devlin raises his tone to say, "Work on the recruitment war stories. The more realistic they sound then the more will come to you."
Iris Lark "So Devlin, you needed a favor?" Iris asks, chuckling as Matt does Matt-things. She shifts and pushes herself up to sit on the table, legs crossing slowly as she settles. She listens to the banter between the two for a moment before she grins. "Oh Devlin, let him brag, we did face supermutants and people got hurt - but they could have been hurt a lot worse if people weren't ready for it. Or if they let panic set in." She gestures towards Matt and shrugs. "He did a decent job, and ..well..he'll grow up eventually."
Devlin Letting his shoulders droop, Devlin was visibly starting to relax now. "Yes, actually a few." Turning to look out towards Matt as he leaves, he starts to gently chuckle but bring his arm up and over to his wounded arm. "I'd like you to check on this.. I set it myself, I would like to know if it's set right and if you had any supplies to help it along, even if it's an old brace and a buffout concoction." Moving his hand from his arm, he gently pats his thigh gingerly. "Also this 'other' wound. I can only do so much on my own before needing a specialist." Shrugging his shoulders lightly, he chuckles deeply but then closes his eyes, "The only true favor is knowing if your stock's rotated along with, if I could view it again, I might have a buyer of some of your rifles. Members of the Militia, though some of your protective gear could be used by the Lone Star's newest mechanic."
Iris Lark "I can help you with all of those favors." Iris remarks, pulling at the strings on her rucksack. "One at a time, first...I'll set your arm but at this point - and I hope I'm wrong - it's going to need rebroken to do so." She slips off of the table and moves to pull out supplies. "Secondly, you'll have to take your pants off so I can get at the wound there." She glances at Devlin then, a slight grin on her face. "You're also welcome to go through what I have in my stock room again, I trust that you won't take anything without letting me know what, how much you expect to get for it, and the like." She shrugs a shoulder and adds. "Not that I would shoot you or anything if you took something. I don't operate that way, even if some seem to think I should."
Devlin Leaning forward, there didn't appear to be any shame within the man as he begins to remove his jacket, though it was clear it was normally a slow process to dress and undress to not jostle his arm. The jacket, once removed is left to fall at his feet, the next step chest piece which lands with a thud. Next was the vault suit, luckily it only needed to be unzipped at first as he leans forward and wiggles free, partially using his teeth to act as a counter grip for his right hand to become free but that revealed something else.. he wasn't wearing a shirt under the vault suit.

"I wonder how often you get others to strip just for you to be a doctor", is said with a faint smirk on his lips. Removing the vaultsuit from around his splinted arm reveals that the arm was well tended to, the bandages were also, while not white, were washed considerably before refitted. Lowering his arm to his lap, he doesn't unbind his bicep though the motion did make his discomfort easy to see.
Iris Lark Iris would have helped if Devlin asked but instead she just prepares a few things while occasionally casting glances in his direction. "It's one of the few perks to my job, if we're being honest. People don't appreciate what you do all that much." She pulls the things the's prepared towards Devlin and eyes him for a moment. "So am I going to have to rebreak this bone?" She asks, probing gently at his arm with her fingertips, her brows furrowed. "Honestly that will be the worst of it, if I do." She pulls a stool up and sits in front of him, taking a moment to gather her hair atop her head and securing it there with several pins.
Devlin Flinches faintly as, beyond the rods to keep it straight and the bandaging, nothing else had touched the arm in over a week. "I'm not an expert with this ma'am" is said with a fading smile, his attention was now on his arm, which he couldn't hide the fact of her musing rebreaking it was making his stomach churn steadily. "What could be worse than having to rebreak an arm that finally has stopped throbbing every time I shift wrong while walking around?" is asked with a clear serious and questioning tone. "What are you fearing is wrong with it? Did I mess up on the splits?"
Iris Lark "Well.." Iris gazes at the arm and doesn't meet Devlin's eyes right away. She chews at her bottom lip before she looks up at him and shakes her head. "You did fine on the splints, but.." She takes a deep breath and just starts to speak, letting the words pour out. " see, if something like this isn't treated right away it starts to knit and if it hurts when you're moving it means it's not knitting correctly so it will have to be rebroken." She sucks in a breath and sighs, pulling a belt from her rucksack. "The good news? Once it's all said and done, and set correctly, it's ..well it's going to hurt for a little bit, but I can cast it for you." She hands the belt to Devlin and leans in and starts to remove the splint. "Everything else will seem a cakewalk to this, and..if you want, I can give you some Med-X as well..ease the pain and all.."
Devlin "No.. After what I did with mixing pain tonics with alcohol, I'm going without both for two weeks." Looking towards Iris, Devlin uses his right hand to reach out and grasp onto the belt that she presented to him, he already knew the purpose. Laying the belt across one knee, he folds it, then fold it again, leaving it four layers thick. "Anyways, Med-X can be habit forming with phantom pains.." was said in a less than confident manor. Brining the belt up to his lips, he parts them so the leather could slip inside and soon brings it across his teeth as far back as they can go before biting into it with his molars.
Iris Lark Iris nods as she gingerly pulls the broken arm towards her. "I understand, I don't ...recommend the casual use of any of the chems that I make, but I make sure they're available to people when they need it." She eyes Devlin for a few moments, and when he's prepared she pulls a small wood and rubber mallet from the table and without any preamble she brings it down with efficient force on the fragile, already knitting bone. She prepares to brace him against the chair, in case he starts to writhe around, her face pale.
Devlin Growls loudly through the leather bit within his mouth, though without it he likely would have cried out in pain none the less. After the break he involuntarily tugs with his shoulder, causing the wound to twist at the break causing a closed fist to slam itself against his thigh, trying to distract himself by striking back at 'anything' even himself. Looking into his eyes, Iris would be able to see Devlin was seething with anger along with pain, but at the same time he was staring into nothingness while trying to slow himself down before he tugged again and cause worse pain to surge yet again.
Iris Lark Iris automatically goes into Healer mode, moving to keep Devlin from jerking around too much. She's gentle as she tries to restrain him, more in the interest of not causing further pain. She is careful when she holds and grabs at him, there has been more than a time or two when she was struck doing something very similar. She's close enough now that she sees the look in his eyes, and she doesn't try to apologize for what she's done, even though the words bubble in her throat. They would be empty right now, she did what she had to. When his movements slow and he starts to gain more control of himself and the pain, she would lean back and sit fully on her stool again, the items she would use to splint before she casts are laid out within arms reach.
Devlin Breathing in still stressed breaths, Devlin doesn't have long to truly recover his composure before Iris was once again on his arm, this time with a splint but also with a plaster mixture. The tension and pressure on his arm causes another smothered shout, turned guttural growl, to be heard clearly. Moving his hand from a fist to an opened position, Devlin grasped at his thigh and digs his nails into it, spreading out the focus of the pain, for what little it did him. Iris would find the arm tensing and relaxing but he wouldn't fight her manipulations of it, trying to allow her to position it for her access, but the pain of movement was at times crippling if he find a position that didn't hurt and was forced to move or flex it again.
Iris Lark Iris, for her part, tries to work quickly and accurately. Not wanting to draw out the pain that Devlin is obviously feeling. In short order she has managed to set and cast the wound, her pallor still pale as she works. Once everything is set she places the drying cast on some cardboard, letting it rest against his thigh. She slowly gets to her feet and moves to wash her hands, looking more than a bit shaken. She turns back towards the man and slowly makes her way back to the stool when her hands were clean. "Devlin?" She quietly asks, fidgeting a bit. "How does it feel?"
Devlin "Oww.." is sounded, though muffled though the leather bit. Lifting a hand to his mouth, Devlin shifts his eyes to Iris, hiss eyes slightly lidded though a forced smirk was on his lips, "It felt like a hell of a love tap. Remind me, never piss you off." Already attempting to joke to tease, he was trying to seem normal though the distant glaring stare from pain was still evident if he was looked at dedicatedly. "Just promise me, you're not going to make my crotch feel this bad, are you?" Rather than relaxed, his speech was more formal with his focus, oddly it didn't sound unnatural in his voice. "Looking at you, you seem like you shot my cat and didn't want to tell me.."
Iris Lark "Why would I do that to your crotch?" Iris asks, confused for a few moments before she glances down towards his thigh. "Oooh.." She says, and then clears her throat delicately. "I just..." A moment or two passes with her quiet. "..I just don't like hurting people. Even if I'm doing it to help." She busies herself with pouring spirts and clean water into a bowl she prepares to deal with his other scrapes and injuries.
Devlin "Geckos.." sighing, Devlin shakes his head before his gripping hand relaxes and moves higher, moving it to his groin, though the pain of it was mildly noticeable at the moment. "I got clawed up, did some needle work myself, but again.. I took what I could for it, not sure how well I did.." Slipping his hand back to the middle of his thigh, it was calmer as well at least until he would have to move again. "I would like you to tend to the wound.. not break it.. Such a silly one you are," is said with a chuckle but after the second vibration, he vibrates in a mild manor but it was enough to set off his recently reset arm causing the amusement to be short lived.
Iris Lark "I'm not going to break your groin." Iris promises, and the corners of her lips twitch into a slight grin before she leans closer to tend the wound. "The needlework isn't bad, it'll do, and once I'm done cleaning it the salve will keep it from becoming infected." She briefly makes eye contact with Devlin, obviously trying not to grin. "Which I'm sure you'll appreciate." She opens the salve, gathers some on her fingers and after a testing sniff to make sure it's still good she applies it, still speaking. "I'll send you off with some of this, you can apply it yourself. Don't need to go overboard, either." She wipes her hands clean and holds out a small crock, sealed with wax. "I used to be silly, seems like ages ago." She pushes to her feet, moving towards the counter as she pulls the pins from her hair, allowing it to tumble back down around her shoulders.
Devlin "Don't let it go.." is softly said as a slight smile crosses his lips as he could tell Iris was starting to feel better, or at least less guilty. Closing his eyes, Devlin leans his back back some, staying still and calm even as he was almost bare before a woman who's now at crotch level to him, applying a creamy paste to his groin.. "I can say this isn't torture, though I don't advise you lingering too long." Opening one eye, he looks down towards Iris to state, "I do have some shame, and this is getting close to it." Once he looks down at her, he would be just in time to watch a sea of ink died hair ripple as it flows down to the middle of her back. "Now ya just showing off.." Staying still, Devlin knew he was to be a prisoner for sometime until the cast was silly set, a science he never studied.
Iris Lark "It's hard to be silly in a place like this, with a job like mine." Iris says quietly and her cheeks flush as she shakes her head back and forth. "" She is obviously trying to stutter out something she feels that needs said, but after she tries she goes silent and still, moving away so that Devlin can get himself presentable again. She gives him her back and then after a few moments she does speak up, and the stutter is gone. "If you need help getting everything together, I know your arm hurts, just let me know." She takes a deep breath then and gazes towards the ceiling as she lets it out.
Devlin Watching Iris now looking at anywhere but in his direction, Devlin began to grin. Moving his good arm across from him then back, he bring the armored arms of the jump suit into his lap after zipping it up to his waistline. "Iris.. I might need a hand. I only have one hand to move at this point, can you.. help me tie this into a bow around my waist?" If she looked in his direction, Devlin pats the armored arms of the jump suit, if he stood without the assisted knot, he would likely have the rest of it become pulled off in short order. "A perk of the job, helping someone get dressed after you made them feel better?" is asked in a bit of a teasing tone if only to get her attention.
Iris Lark "Not a perk, usually something that will make me avoid someone for a while." Iris mutters under her breath as she turns and walks towards Devlin. She leans in and carefully ties the arms around his waist in a bow tight enough so that it won't slip off. "That will need to dry for a bit, you're welcome to sleep in the cot here instead of traveling tonight." She offers, gesturing to the small cot wedged in the corner of the room. She gestures for him to stand to make sure her handywork will hold. "'re okay, I'll set out some blankets and leave you to rest?"
Devlin "I'm feeling better, but not fine.." Looking down at his jacket, Devlin kicks down and to the side at it once, causing a jingle jangle of caps in a pouch to be heard. "I owe you at least a pouch.. Fifty caps are kept in each." Shifting forward, he slowly adjusts to his feet, though the movements were waiting for a pain in his shoulder, though the cast was making that much gentler than he thought it would, "Huh.." Turning to Iris, he bows his head slightly, "I was just trying to tease you a little, though I didn't want to waddle through your store.. 'exposed', let alone to Jack's town to find my own bed again." Looking around a bit, he looks at the cot but then shakes his head, "I won't want to soil your sheets. I'll manage without, thank you though. I wasn't thinking you'd offer me board, especially after the bitter tasting joke."
Iris Lark "Damnit Devlin, the sheets are just sheets. Take the hospitality and rest." Iris snaps and then she blinks, surprised at herself. "Oh.." She takes a few steps towards the door, her brow furrowed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap." She waves away the offer of coins and shakes her head as she yanks her jacket on and picks up her rucksack. She allows her eyes to focus on Devlin again for a moment. "'s not board, it's one night while your cast dries so you don't get it dirty or worse. Okay? Don't argue with me, lie down, get some ..bloody rest." She tries to sound stern, but fails. It doesn't matter though, Iris is going to do what she does best. Flee.
Devlin While Iris seemed to become angry and then flashing to regretful, Devlin starts to chuckle again and shake his head. "Snap, please, it shows me you're human.. Also that you care." When the offer of coin is turned down, he arches a brow and opens his mouth to say something of a retort, he closes it with a wide grin and bows his head. "Yes.." Then the bolt of speed causes him to laugh again but then wince when he moved his arm too much. "Yes Ma'am, I'll rest!" is half shouted as Iris hastily moved through the store away from Devlin, leaving him highly amused.