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Ruane Two days. When the origonal party managed to limp their way back into town with the water supply, it took the two nall of two days to go about hiring a second party to go out and try and scout around the now infamous deadman's pass. The place was teeming with geckos, and perhaps there might be something to be done to deal with the problem.The people in charge are interested in only one thing.. clearing out the Long 70 of all the geckos possible to make trade safer. So long as Gecko's wander and range the highway, then trade is impossible to conduct and well.. El Dorado might starve from the lack of trade out east.

The actual trip out east is long and grueling, the enslaughto f the spring heat and sun starting to cook those willing to make the expedition themselves. Evidence and tracks of the Geckos are everywhere almost immeaditly upon crossing and going down the Long 70. Getting a paycheck for a few gecko hides and helping clear out parts of the road would be a quick indeed if those tracks would prove to be fresh.
Manuelito The Militia Captain had joined the party, in part to his duties as militia man to El Dorado. Part of the job entails him to protect the settlements and trade around these here parts. The militiaman rode on a horse, left hand holding loosely on the reigns and he went with the posse. His hand was bent in a way to block the sun from tanning the Navajos face; however, he was still warm from the combat armor he wore.

His eyes would look upon the group with reverence before looking out toward the landscape in search of tracks, enemies and geckos. He was the silent type and so, no words were spoken.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell was walking since he didn't have a horse. He had joined the party in order to help El Dorado and perhaps get a bit of pay for some of the gecko hides along the way. He was wearing his fatigues instead of power armor so perhaps he could keep up with the party slightly. He had a strange pistol of some sort on his person but said nothing about it. He said nothing to the group unless spoken to. Why waste time with empty words when there was action to be done? Caldwell was a man of action after all.
Abe     After securing a room and some company to share it with, Scribe Abreham's walk-around caps were getting a bit light. When he heard of the job to put down a few of the bitey bastards, he was happy to take it. Trudging along with a laser pistol in hand, Scribe McDonald thought better of voiceing his complaint... again. Instead, he sweat, he could feel his fatigues soaked and sticking to his back. "First thing back in town, I'm dunking my head in a horse trough." he claimed as he screwed the cap of his canteen back and place before he let it swing down to the end of it's strap.
Decius Decius was walking along with the rest, having been hired by random chance since he had a spear, was clad in metal armor and had nothing better to do. Something he is regretting with every meter he walks as the heat is truly doing its best to kill him. Still, there is payment and trouble to be had so he is enduring. "At this rate I'd volunatarily head to the coast and jump into the ocean if it weren't several months worth across the continent in either direction. I think I'm being slowly boiled here."
Ruane Even in broad daylight finding actual evidence of indivdual packs of geeckos to stalk down and track rpoves to be quite difficult for the group. The Long Seventy continues to stretch on for miles and no amount of walking along it brings them any closer to finding the geckos.. except of course if they wanted to walk into the hive. Of course that would spell almost certain disaster yet at the very least they can be sure that something might occur without them.

Even as the group walks along, Knight Caldwell with his weird Brotherhood get-up, or Faux-vigilante who really wishes to be on sandier shores, well.. shores with more water at least.

The group cannot however shake the feeling after an hour or two in however of the feeling of being followed. Abe might even catch sight of something grey and black wriggling through the sand before disappearing behind some rocks. Further investigation reveals nothing.. but hey! at the least the Geckos are all around!
Abe     Scribe Abreham pokes around here and there best he can... but he's more in tune with electrical schematics than critter tracks. Got any gadgets looked at, something needs a nut tightend? No, just Geckos, huh? Sorry. He curses and complains beneath his breath a time or two more as he tries to spot something or other... How do you even tell if tracks in sand are fresh?!

Through all of his complaints, he does try and ceep a weather eye on his surroundings. Weather enough to spot something darting through the sand and then out of sight!

"Motherf-!" he exclaims, his pistol snapping up towards the offending rock, then to the right and left of it as he backs towards the middle of the road, "So... Uh, hey. Anybody else see that in the rocks over there?"
Manuelito As Abe cries out, Manny moves to grab his snipe rifle, taking aim over by the rocks that he points. Looking down the scope, he slowly scans, attempting to locate whatever the scribe saw.
Guardian Caldwell Raising his Alien Blaster Pistol, Caldwell gets into a shooting stance when Abe calls out. "See what? I didn't see anything. Where is it?" he asks, looking around in each direction to try and decipher where the enemy could be. Was it Geckos or something worse? Hopefully just geckos. Geckos could be dealt with.
Decius Decius himself lifts his shield and spear up as he turns his back to the others to keep an eye on the opposite direction. Just because he himself doesn't see anything doesn't mean that it isn't an appropiate time for paranoia. "So, where is the trouble?"
Ruane Trouble? Well the trouble is wherever you least expect it. For Decius this was a much more immediate problem as the man perhaps distracted by the call outs from his peers to keep an eye for trouble. Yet for all his attentiveness he'll not see the nearly five foot call monsterous lizard leaping at him from undereath the sand at the edge of the road. The loud hissing punctuated by claws and teeth that lodge and press themselves into his armor, ineffectually, but the beast is close.. and an immediate and pressing problem.

At the other side of the road, four smaller geckos peek their heads up and start bolting about, running in eratic fashion around the group, hissing and swearving about as they run. All four about 3 to 4 feet tall. Grey and black bands.. and large frills extended as they move, hissing and squeaking as they swarm the party.. only Abe seems to be properly prepared for what is going on..

And yet only Decius was the one to actually step close enough to the side of the road to get attacked. Lucky dogs.
Manuelito Taking aim at the Gecko hunter, the Navajo takes in a breath and fires, releasing as he does so. It was a successful hit, slamming in the chest of the gecko.
Decius Decius response to the Gecko deciding to try to dent his good old Legion armor is to stare at it for a moment before quickly responding by raising his shield and stabbing the Gecko that attacked him in the chest. More or less, since its surprisingly tough so the stab doesn't actually do enough to kill it since it instead just looks quite pissed. At least before the electricity from the spear does its part...
Ruane The Geckos they are everywhere! Scurryign about like little cute fuckers. Except the big ones. Those big ones are fucking scary. One of them has taken quite a liking to Decius's armor but the blow to the beast has the animal reeling and soon it finds a new hole in the iddle of the chest causing it to squire and grab at it's chest, giving a little head waggle in slow motion like this is somehow going to help it survive. The beast is recovering at the very least from being staggered.

The second largest gecko has litertally launched itself onto Manuelito and has started to tear into the man's armor and body, chewing at him with his little spiky teeth as he tries to hold onto him. Of course with a pound of flesh in tow, the little bastard is soon sprinting down the road to line up another attack.

Then the little geckos are just everywhere underfoot, nipping at kneecaps and ankles, trying to take attacks of opportunity. Two get especially close to trying to take down Decius, with one going in for a lunge at the head only to bounce humorously off his shield.. which causes the gecko to flop onto it's soft belly, scramble up and start running around with that weird gate of theirs, hissing.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell raises his alien blaster and takes careful aim towards Decius. Looking over towards the gecko nomming on his face. He fires two clean shots into the hunter and reduces it into a pile of ash. He quickly flicks his blaster in his hands and readies himself for the next shot he wants to take.
Abe     Belting out a curse, Abreham steps back as he tries to keep his nerves sharp, sharper. The little bastards dart around, one gnaws at his boot. He shakes a leg to free himself and turns his attention to Maneulito. That one ran that gizmo shop.. and Abe had his eyes on that Robot. The Scribe needed him alive. Both hands on the pistol, Abe cracks off a shot, the pop hiss of a lazer filling the air before he triggered the pip boy on his arm, honing his aim for another shot.

A laser seared into the adult gecko's chest, the second into the arm, Scienc cooked it into bitter ashes.

"Yeah, SCIENCE!"
Decius With the other Geckos dead and with at least one of the small ones having thrown itself at his shield Decius tries to stab them. Tries being the word, since they run around so quickly and erraticaly that he doesn't hit anything except for the ground. Annoying creatures, truly.
Manuelito The Adult gecko had attacked, ripping at his armor even as the Navajo places the rifle between them in an attempt of protection. Feeling teeth rip into flesh, he is able to push off adult gecko; or perhaps it felt that way as he shoves and the thing runs at the same time.

His hand moves to his side and removes it; blood. He sighs at the sight and grips the rifle. Taking a few short breaths, he steadies his aim and fires.

The bullet rips through the adult geckos head and through a small one that made a leap to climb on the back of the adult gecko.

No words are spoken, just a slight smirk. Yeah, fuck you too bitch he thought.
Abe     Riding high on having shot a unsuspecting Gecko, Abe turns a tooth grin on the last, reamining Gecko.

"C'mere, you spotty, little twerp!" he jeers, giving chase!

He brings his boot down but the critter is faster, smaller, and much cuter than he. He brings it down again and his heel finds something slick, slippery. His legs shoots out from beneath him, the world swims, and Abe falls!

With a plaintive cry, Scribe McDonald goes flat-back on the road, arms splayed wide, shame and embaressment creeping in. Another swear leaves his lips, weak and quiet.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell raises his alien blaster again and fires off two more shots into a lil cute gecko. It's adorable little grin vaporizes into ash along with the rest of it's body. He backs off a bit from the rest of the geckos and takes a deep breath, sighing. He figured there was more geckos then this. Sure there was a small army of them here, but what if there was a nest with a hellofa lot more somewhere? These were all brief thoughts going through his mind as he waits for the next strike.
Ruane This patrol had ended in some measure of success. Sure some people were a bit wounded. (Poor Maneulito), otherrs had some pride injures, (sorry Abe) and others were just.. well, keep a better eye out! Yet there were now 5 dead geckos. Three piles of ashes and just two corpses. A good days work done and at the very least the group could report back to town about how thick the geckos were on the ground.

They might even feel like they are being stalked back to town.. but nothing would come of it.