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Krysta      Krysta was once again in the wasteland. And once again she was playing with things better left to the insane. Or trained. She was tucked behind an old brick wall at that moment.. waiting for something. Finally, she glanced over her shoulder and picked up a string beside her... And YANKED.
     Out to the other side of the wall a bit of concrete fell and suddenly....
     Rocks and sand and debris were thrown up into the air, falling to pelt anyone close enough to the landmine's zone, including the pale-headed Krysta. She dusted off her sleeves and flicked some pebbles off her head before turning to peer at the 'ground zero'.
Devlin     Walking into the area, Devlin didn't know what was going on nor did he know that there was a landmine being testing, or if he was now walking into a land filled with mines all at the wrong point to step on. Luckily for him he wasn't that close to the original blast zone but to be safe he pauses.

    "Oi! What are you trying to blow up, a Yao guai or are you trying to attract one?" is shouted out. Taking a few steps back, Devlin watches as the ground comes alive again as it's pepped for several comes from floating and broken apart debris. Moving a hand to the back of his neck, he begins to massage it gently, trying to see who might have been the explosives expert.

    For the time being.. he wasn't going to walk anywhere but backwards
Krysta      Krysta blinked and siiiighed. Lee was going to kill her. Standing up she peered at Devlin then rolled her eyes. "There was only one, Devlin. Geez." She walked down toward the smoking hole. At least there was a hole this time.
Devlin     "Geeze? Geeze?! If I walked into the zone and there were several that you were disarming, what would that turn me into?!" is shouted at Krysta though he stayed still as he spoke. Devlin would begin to walk forward, careful none the less, but managing. From how he stepped without a limp, Krysta might notice the improvement though she would be able to see that his arm didn't move much at all, while it was seemingly in a sling under his leather jacket, keeping it more out of sight.

    Looking at Krysta, Devlin begins to study the woman from her boots to the high points of her hair but once he doesn't see what he worried about, hand grenade testing, his tone softens notably. "Now, ya practicing to blow into a bunker or who's the mines for? Can't have those in the road."
Krysta      Krysta stared at him as if bored out of her mind. Then she shook her head. "I found some bleach and a bit of fertilizer so I figured I'd try to make one. I think I got the ratio right this time." She nodded as if this was the greatest thing ever. Well, as far as her deadpan expression allowed. "You need something? Want me to steal that pistol again? The sheriff said I could kill you out here if I wanted." Was..she serious????
Devlin     "I think that's an understatement, might make for better grenades within old nuka bottles if you can manage it just right." Looking away from Krysta, Devlin looks around the wall where she hid and towards the blast point. "Ya, I.. No. I don't think you're good enough to steal much from someone not drunk on a drug blender. If you are, why don't you show me then?"

    Smirking faintly, Devlin moves the left side of his jacket open, showing her a holster pistol, the same one she took from him before. "It's right there, free to try it, though I am free to defend myself. The sheriff did make it clear that I could also turn you into a cripple and he wouldn't mind." Moving his hand back to his hip, Krysta would be able to see that the man had his laser pistol holstered.

    "Now.." changing the topic, Devlin changed the topic slightly, "I wanted to know something, I found out something but not everything. I have a site to hit soon, it won't be easy but I thought you might be interested in it. Might help you get a few leads to those you hunt.. Willing to listen or are you going to flirt all day?"
Krysta      Krysta smirked at his taunt and folded her arms. "Just because I took advantage of a situation you're salty about it? Che. Be a man." She was obviously kidding, there was no venom in her voice but she wasn't about to attack him in a frontal assault either. But his little retort about the sheriff telling him he could hurt her too just made her fold her arms across her chest and smirk.
     And then things got serious. She frowned as he spoke about a job. She looked rather focused all of a sudden, her eyes darkening. She had done some recon as it was but she wasn't sure she should share. "Elaborate."
Devlin     "Raiders require extermination. They are hold up a ways from these settlements but they had a courier coming this way, I got the interception." Moving his hand away from his hip, Devlin pats close to his heart where a message was folded and kept safe. "They are hold up in a abandoned gunner location. The facility is worn down, damaged but they have sentry turrets back up and running.. meaning they have power. Meaning, any of those computers they Gunners might have been using could still have their data accessed."

    Not once did Devlin say where Krysta came into the picture, but he laid out the bait, and it wasn't for caps this time. "Two birds, one stone. The thing is, we're going to be out numbered, so I need someone to help me get in, get things ready then get out. No funny business, make sense? Most importantly.. are you interested?"
Krysta      Krysta lifted her hand and bit her thumbnail as she seemed to consider the information. Her violet eyes focused to the side and slowly she shook her head. "You're not telling me something. But that's fine. Yea. I'm interested."
Devlin     A wide grin spreads across his lips as she told him the words he wanted to hear. "The information is limited, spotty at best. The amount of targets? Unknown. Computer firewall level? Unknown. Security system quality? Unknown. Master set of keys, none." Chuckling softly, Devlin moves his hand back to his hip and closes his eyes briefly before letting out a slow sigh. "I don't have any real information so I will need a team to do recon with me to assess the site before coming again after knowing the danger threats or setting up a few traps to make them question their own."
Krysta      Krysta nodded with each assessment. They knew literally nothing. But that brought up a question. "And how did you come across this information that makes you think it's worth reconning at all?"
Devlin     "They were a Gunner holdout until fourteen months ago, I cross referenced the date and the last known contract made to them that caused them to be seen in force in the region." Once again, Devlin shrugs his shoulders before turning away from Krysta fully, choosing to walk around the concrete wall to the center of the chemical blast zone. Walking with a slight curve, he begins to inspect how much of the force damaged the ground itself rather than just exploding upwards and around. "The contract is to kill the Raiders, if their's no information but ways to kill the Raiders and knowing the threat levels, that will be enough for me." Turning towards Krysta briefly, he looks towards her face attempting to see if she finally would show some expression when he admits there might be nothing of worth for her there.
Krysta      Krysta listened closely to Devlin and finally nodded. He would find that the chemicals used for the landmine were indeed just household or farm equipment and she'd managed to wire some old crappy electronic into it for the charge. She as smart but she wasn't a pro.
     As for the raiders... Slowly Krysta's dead expression turned dark, a hunger for blood in her eyes that would be plain to the man in front of her. "Oh, I'll come with. I get to kill some raiders /and/ possibly get information on the Gunners? Fuck yes I'm coming."
Devlin     Moving his hand through the blast scars, he grind some of the broken materials between his fingers before bringing it up to his nose to gently sniff them, trying to tell how hard it would be to detect normally. "I like these.. Maybe some adhesive and a drag line, this could soften them up, create choke points without us even engaging for hours, maybe even a day. Should be long enough to get a strike force out there."

    Moving his hand to his knee, he brushes it clean, the soft smile on his lips remaining even as he looks at Krysta's dark and somewhat twisted expression. "Either way, it'll be a bit of time, I want to make sure there are enough skilled people going inside before we head off. I'll be in touch and.. I'll tell the sheriff you said 'Hi'."