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Shiloh      After walking with Jackie from the Gold Digger Saloon, Shiloh would lead the way into the Wayne House and head on up to her bedroom. "Make yourself at home, don't mind the mess...combination bedroom and office these days." She tells her cousin over her shoulder as she makes her way over to the edge of the bed. She kicks out of her boots and places them by the bedside, and then heads over to get a look out the window. She takes in the scenery outside and turns to gesture to the piles of metal divided between the workbench and the floor, "That's gonna be Private Wayne there.." She decides, mustering up a smile at the sight of it. There's a single olive-green dome-shape piece of metal on the work bench, but most of the mess is from the components to the arms, eyes, and the complex bolts, wires, and other metallic innards that make it a working unit. "I've taken stock on most of it..." She says, walking over to casually pick up one of the eyes to turn it over in her hand, "Made a list of what I'll need to find or trade, and just made due with what I have so far..."
Jacqueline Jackie, who hasn't visited the Wayne House in a while, pauses to kick the dirt from her boots and shake some of the ever-present dust from her clothes before following Shiloh inside. It might be a constant of life here, but that doesn't mean she wants to invite it into her family's house.
Inside, she pauses to lean her shotgun against the wall near the bed, looking around. "Looks like your project list has grown," she says, not without approval. "And this is the new addition to El Dee's robot population?"
She looks the incomplete (but very promising!) machine over. "I've always loved the idea of having a robot around, but I can never seem to scrape together enough parts. And I have all the wrong books... all automotive stuff or electrical appliances or weapons."
Shiloh      Shiloh chuckles quietly and inclines her head at Jackie in confirmation, "Yeah. It has...I still want to find an old junker to call my own one of these days, still have pretty consistent work to do over at the auto-shop...can't ever get the right to say that I'm bored without lieing about it.." She sits down in front of the bench and nods her head, "Yeah. Might get the supplies to paint over the old army-green, give him some camo better suited for the sandier conditions out there. That army green might be good for a patriot, but it'll get him spotted fairly quick...not that a robot's hard to miss in general..." She smirks and sighs, "Just something extra to have out there...can't ever keep too safe." She looks over the robot and tells Jackie, "A lot of working with robotics is just tearing into it at this point...they were pretty revolutionary concepts pre-war and doubt many people had time to go writing about them. Anything like that's locked up gathering dust in military bases either forgotten to time or still heavily guarded...and people probably don't take a lot of time to go writing about them these days...but once you get inside of them, figure out the can be touch and go until you got a basic grasp of what you're trying to deal with."
Jacqueline "True... but anything even on science or sophisticated electronics would be some help," Jackie replies wryly, shrugging off her jacket and laying it aside. "I guess my talent's most useful still with nuts, bolts, and parts rather than transistors. But if you need paint, let me know? I can't find the green of my bike, but I've run across all kinds of other colors."
Shiloh      "We'll keep an eye out and see if anymore literature comes across." Shiloh tries to promise Jackie as she leans back in her chair there. She nods her head and admits, "I was thinking like beige for the most part, maybe dusty tones of gray, or even some light shades of orange and red to resemble clay...just all sorta blotched together. Might not make it invisible, but could provide him the opportunity to get just a few yards closer than he would be able to get otherwise. Closer might just mean that he'll be able to get into what I need him to faster to protect me and whoever's with me..."
Jacqueline "I've heard of that!" Jackie says, interested. "Some of my old books show units of the armies of the global conflicts. Some of their vehicles were painted up that way. I think they called it 'camouflage'. It'd be tricky to paint, but I don't mind trying!"
She glances over at the robot again, then back to Shiloh. "Shy, have you taken on a partner in the scavving trade? Out there, another set of eyes to watch your back are a great thing to have around, what with the Enclave and what's left of the Horde around."
Shiloh      "That's why I call it camo." Shiloh tells Jackie, wearing a mischievous grin after her cousin's words. She nods her head and admits quietly, "Sorta suited what kind of terrain they intended on fighting in. Forests green, sands yellowish, snow white...Since there's not a lot of green out there, gotta do what I can. And honestly, just need the paint...might be able to try it out for myself or you can help me too." She glances over at the robot when Jackie does and mulls over the question in silence. "No, not yet." She confesses, looking back down at the robotic eye she still has in hand. "Aside from when the town gathers a group to go hunting for something specific, I look around out there on my own and just try to lay low and see what I can root up...but it would be nice. Having an extra set of hands sometime. Just not a lot of people I trust out there...not since John died and...Pa and Paul got uprooted by the Enclave. It's been hard trying to get back out there at all."
Jacqueline "Camo? Oh! Camo-uflage! I get it!" Jackie replies, and giggles. "I definitely want to try that out. Just not on my bike. Let me know when you want to start painting? I'd be glad to help."
She gives her cousin's next words a thoughtful moment to sink in. "Well... we've always gotten along. It'll take a little time away from the shop, but if you need that kind of help, I could come."
Shiloh      Shiloh laughs and nods her head over at Jackie in confirmation, "Yup, just a bit of cute short hand for it. And great, I'll probably save it for just before I'm about to contain everything together within the casing...try to get it painted and dried before I put it on so not too much risks seeping into the internal components themselves.." She considers Jackie's offer and tells Jackie, "It might be pretty rough out there. Last big trip I went on, walked into a trap that got a nailed board smacked against me...but from what Devlin's seen and what you've said, you seem to know how to take care of yourself and others. So, if you're alright with it, then I'd be happy to bring you along whenever I go out."
Jacqueline "I'd be happy to go, for sure," Jackie says with a smile. "Going out alone is risky. I can cover a lot of ground with my bike, but it's not exactly sneaky. And... wow. I haven't seen that trick in a while. Are you all right?" she asks, with a concerned look for her cousin.
Shiloh      "Not a bad idea, usually have to take a day or two to walk out there on foot. Heh, part of why 'get an old junker' is still on my to-do list for one of these days..." Shiloh then waves a hand to try to shoo away Jackie's concerns for her, "Yeah, no one was actually watching the trap so didn't have to deal with any confrontations at least. Just a bit of wounds on my body and pride...but I did end up coming out a couple of caps ahead of the curves. I met Iris at the Gold Digger and she ended up looking them over for me and getting me patched up. Mostly just some scrapes on the surface from the rough wood, bruising, and the nails did break the skin around my shoulder...some bandages and salves helped them heal a lot."
Jacqueline "I could look them over if you want," Jackie offers. "I'm not exactly a doctor, but I know a few things about patching myself up." But the words about a vehicle strike a chord. "I want to find an old truck, myself, like the militia has, and fix it up. It'd definitely help when scavving, since I wouldn't have to stick to the roads, and it'd carry a /lot/ more than my Wanderer. Maybe even a scavving crew, too."
Shiloh      "It's alright, they've mostly closed up.." Shiloh admits as she rests her head back against her chair, "I'll keep that in mind if I get anymore in the future though." With that promise offered and paired with a wink, she nods her head as she listens. "Definitely." She agrees and tells Jackie, "Get it reinforced and some new parts in it, and we could make a real couple of forces to be reckoned with, that's for sure...probably gonna take a lot of scrap though and caps for the parts."
Jacqueline "I'm glad. But hopefully we can avoid that kind of trouble in the future," Jackie says, wincing in sympathy. "Some of the less-friendly new locals have taken up residence in some of the abandoned buildings farther out. They bear watching out for."
She smiles again at the thought of the truck. "It'd be a long-term project, for sure. It took /forever/ to get my bike running again, and I'm still adjusting the fuel system. This'd be an even bigger project, in more ways than just the obvious."
Shiloh      Shiloh raises a brow and asks Jackie, "Yeah? Any of the new locals have a name to 'em?" She waits on an answer and nods her head in confirmation, "It'd take time." She agrees, "But it feels like time's one of the few things that I got a lot to spare...sense of it has become warped by an awful lot. Just feels like it all kinda...stretches out more than it used to. More of a trudge to get to the end of each one if that makes anymore sense..."
Jacqueline "None I've tried to find out... not that I could ask the bullets whizzing over my head for names," Jackie replies wryly. "I figure we can avoid those structures."
She nods in agreement. "Time does seem like it's in abundance, especially on dull days. I try not to let it get me down, but it's not easy. Maybe working together will help with that. I've noticed that company does make most things better... if it's good company."
Shiloh      Shiloh twists her lips up into an amused smirk and nods her head over at Jackie, "Alright, we'll avoid those places for now...but maybe one of these days if they don't learn their manners, we can round up a posse and bring in Private Wayne to show them a thing or two." She folds her arms over her chest and manages a weary but sincere smile, "Yeah, I think having company will make things easier too...honestly, just getting out of the house more often has helped me a great deal...even if it's an exhausting process to ease back into. Just makes things...better, knowing life's still marching on out there and the world hasn't just frozen..."
Jacqueline "Maybe. I can understand some folks not wanting visitors," Jackie admits. "Still, greeting-by-fire isn't exactly neighborly, especially if there aren't any signs posted."
She leans down to hug her cousin. "Count on my support. It's good to see you out and about, Shy. I've missed you."
Shiloh Shiloh chuckles and shakes her head to herself, " the least, we can talk 'em into posting up a sign or two. Even if we don't have to convince them to get along.." When Jackie hugs her, her eyes drift shut and her arms wrap around Jackie too, giving her an affectionate squeeze and letting it linger. "Thanks, Jackie." She murmers, "It's good to see you around again, been missing too much of my family as it is. It's good to catch up with tell me more about how things have been on your end? Feels like we've just been talking about my projects and not much about yours."
Jacqueline Jackie's content to keep the hug going as long as Shiloh is, enjoying the contact. Or maybe she remembers other hugs in the past. "No problem. I'm always busy, usually with other people's stuff. It's the bad side of running a repair business," she says, with a hint of a rueful smile. "I haven't had much on my plate since I got the bike working. But I'm still reading and still looking for something to keep my interest. And still working on my bike. I figure I'll get it right soon enough. And Mom and Wesley have been patient about the whole thing. Which is good, since I keep the kitchen at Mom's restaurant working."
Shiloh      Eventually Shiloh does free Jackie and listens to her explain the things that have been happening with her attentively. She nods her head and grins at her, "Yeah, know how that is..." She confirms quietly, laughing softly all the while. She smiles at Jackie and asks her, "How is your ma and Wesley doing? Don't think I've seen them much recently.."
Jacqueline Jackie smiles and shrugs. "Mom will always be Mom, fussy and kind and the best darn cook in El Dee," she replies. "Wesley's still teaching Militia greenies not to get themselves killed in the first week out in the wastes. He did pick a wall during the siege, and command some of the defense, though with his leg he had to stay put through most of it. But then, that's why he keeps that .50 caliber sniper rifle around. I still pass on all the ammo I find for it, too."
Shiloh      "She really does work hard for that title.." Shiloh agrees with Jackie, nodding her head to herself. She glances over at the bedroom door and admits, "Ma's been cooking around the house more, cleaning too, ever since what happened. Sleeps out in the den too, even though I keep telling her it's probably more comfortable back in her room...half-tempted to just see if she wants to room in with me until word gets back about pa.." She trails off and smiles, admitting, "Fifties, huh? I'll have to keep that in mind if I find any while I'm out there. There's a new patrolman signed on with Lonestar that I told I'd give him ammunition for his gun should I find any that fit. He's a good guy, we get along really swell."
Jacqueline "You'd probably drive each other crazy if you roomed together," Jackie teases. "But it's sweet of you to look out for her that way."
She nods, considering that. "Split any ammo we find, 50-50? Wesley has some laid away in the armory, so he's not hurting, but a promise is a promise."
Shiloh      Shiloh grins mischievously and snorts softly at the thought, "Would probably have to fight her harder on trying to tidy up my room...told her she'll pull out something in her back trying to move all this stuff -and- that I got my own system that works just fine.." Thankfully she doesn't elaborate much more on the supposed system, because who knows just how long that might take her to get through on. At the offer, she offers Jackie a thumbs up and decides, "Deal on that. There's only one or two specific types that I'd be interested in...more hoping for something that Private Wayne might be able to use out there...hopefully he'll end up being an effective marksman."
Jacqueline Jackie chuckles at that thought. "Mom won't go into the shop anymore. I think it offends her sense of order," she replies. "One of these days I'll get around to trying to organize it a bit more, but I've just been so busy lately... you know how it goes."
She sits down on the edge of the bed, glancing at the robot components. "I forgot to ask: What sort of robot is he?"
Shiloh      "Think from what I could gather they call it a Mister Gutsy." Shiloh tells Jackie after looking back over at the robot, "You ever hear about those fancy robot butlers people get sometimes that help them with everything around the house? Sorta like hover and drift everywhere with all the arms? Well, these are like them, but militarized. Which is why I'm hoping he makes for a good bodyguard if I got any say in it...even if I manage to get him powered up, it might still take a lot of trial and error to get him where I want him to be..." She trails off and asks Jackie, "Wanna hear what the voice box has recorded on it?"
Jacqueline "Mister Handy? I've seen them in books... and I've had a Mister Gutsy shoot at me," Jackie replies, grimacing at the memory. "They can be impressive, though this one was sick in its transistors."
She glances out the window at the darkness outside, and finally nods. "It's getting late. Do you mind if I stay over tonight? We could listen to the voicebox while we're getting ready for bed."
Shiloh      "Yeah, that's it. And sure, that sounds alright by me. Room's always open to family." Shiloh confirms for Jackie, pushing up onto her feet to set the eye down on the table. Things are clattered and shuffled around to different places until Shiloh has found an audio box loosely connected to some speakers for testing purposes. She wanders over to the bed and takes up a small sliver of it to leave Jackie with plenty of room. "Some of it still seems intact, but still needs some tinkering.." After pressing a button, there's a brief electrical hiss of static before an old drill sergeant's voice comes through that says, "Since you don't seem willing to do the world a favor and kill yourself, I guess I'm going to have to do it for you."
Jacqueline "Thanks, Shy! It would've been a long, dark walk home," Jackie replies, scooching over some anyway for her cousin. After all, she's small; she doesn't take up much space and isn't inclined to expand her territory. The metallic remark has her giggling. "Charming fellow, isn't he?"
Shiloh      "Can't have that, now can we?" Shiloh tells Jackie before she grins and nods her agreement with her, "The classiest mechanical man alive." She agrees sarcastically before she pushes the button again to see what gets played this time. That grizzled drill sergeant speaks through a mechanical buzz again, "Do you have no respect for private property, you slimy little commie bastard?" She mentions aside to Jackie, "I'll give you a hint, it talks a lot about commies and hating them in these audio recordings." She chuckles and sets down the audio parts by her bedside so that she can lean back and get more comfortable herself.
Jacqueline "Sometimes I wonder just what commies are," Jackie says, stifling a smile at the robot's words. "They must've been /awful/ things, as much as these robots seem to hate them."
Shiloh      "Maybe they were, who knows...might have been something to die off after the war." Shiloh says, letting her eyes drift shut after pulling the covers higher over her. "Maybe they were just babies back then and commies were just like slang for mice that got in the house..." A yawn cracks through her conversation and she murmers softly, "Anyway, about time to rest...sleep well Jackie, wake me up if you end up needing anything, okay? And don't worry about not waking me up on your way out. I'll either sleep through it or I'll need to be up anyway either way."
Jacqueline Jackie toes off her boots, then slips under the covers herself. "I dunno... you don't need a high-powered laser to kill a mouse," she murmurs, mulling the matter over.
She scoots over just enough to give Shiloh a quick hug. "If I pull the covers off of you, don't worry about waking me up. I'd deserve it," she whispers. "Sweet dreams, Shy."