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B B wishes she could say she just misplaced her kids .. like they just went off to play one day and never came back. That's not at all what happened though. Newp. Her former boss tracked her down, thanks to that one bounty hunter that made it into the desert before they could hunt him down. He made it back to her former owner, Robert, and told him all about the little life B's built in El Dorado.

Robert, not being the fogive and forget kind of man, decided it was time to pay B a visit. That's when he learned that there was a child. His child. His plans quickly changed from just killing the former slave to stealing away her children and leaving her wounded to feel the loss. That was a week ago. It took her that long to gather a posse and ride north, back the way she came so many months ago.

She leads the group to a place she's been to very rarely - Robert's Estate. It's an ancient plantation house, surrounded by fields of flowering plants, used to create beer at the brewery. "There it is," says B, pulling Copper's reigns and gesturing towards the house down the lane. "I can give you a basic sketch of the house, but it's been years since I've been here. I'm not really sure how to proceed from here. Do we go in guns blazing, or try to sneak in?"
Krysta      Krysta had remained silent for the majority of the ride. Her white hair was up in it's usual braided plait and pinned to her head and her violet eyes spoke more of boredom than anything. But when B stilled the cart and spoke she sighed softly..... "Lady, if we go in guns blazing we could hurt the child. But I'm no shinobi. I don't sneak very well. Anyone else? Or is there a way one of us could go to the door and talk our way in? What's this jackass's weakness?"
Rolande When the former Ranger had heard B's plight half a week back, there was not a shred of hesitance in his voice when he told her he'd come along to help the woman get her children back. How could a man previously dedicated to restoring order and civilization to this hellscape say no to something like that? Simple answer; He couldn't.

When time came to saddle up, he came ready with weapons loaded, climbing into the back of the wagon and riding the whole journey there in deathly silence, no doubt steeling himself for what was to come. He was so engrossed in the preparation that he had nearly avoided answering the woman whne the wagon came to a stop and she addressed them. "... Either way, we're going in there and getting that little girl back." He'd started, Californian twang muffled by the gasmask that was built into the Ranger's helmet that obscured his features. "I'd figure there's a way from outside into the cellar in old houses like these. We could try gettin' in that way, iffin' we're lucky."
Derk Lifting his head from the back of the cart as they reach the estate, Derk looks at where she points as well as the basic layout that can be seen from their current vantage point. "Ya think he may be compensating for something?" he asks as the size of the estate starts to make itself known. There's a look to the others as he seems ready to defer the questions to them, "As we've seen with my shooting skills, I think guns blazing may not be the most... 'effective' but I'm up for anything to get Ell back," he reassures B.

Derk nods to the suggestions as they're made, wincing a little at the thought of hurting the babe. His hands come out of his pockets and he slips the rifle over his shoulder, relying on the strap to hold it in place as he climbs down from the cart. "We do anything too brash without being in control... could easily move to a hostage situation, you know?" he notes to the others.
Devlin     "Guns blazing into a quarter circle of heavy machinegun fire? No thanks." Lifting his right hand from his waist, Devlin draws out his pistol and looks it over carefully, not really paying attention around them as he finally managed to find a comfortable position. Slowly flicking a trigger, he causes his pistol to hum gently as the coils begin to be charged and spool up to speed.

    During the trip, Devlin had been somewhat annoying, asking questions about manpower, support, influence, resource, money flow.. each and every idle though of information to know, he asked, even when 'I don't know' was the common theme of the answers. With them stopped, Devlin stand up within the wagon and walks a short distance, walking over where Krysta had been to then hop out of the wagon and onto the ground. "Why use the door way we're given anyways? Krysta.. think you could make an entry way or did you 'blow your load' only in the sands back home?" is asked with a slight emphasis and a faint smirk.

    Upon hearing of a cellar, a mild snarl washes across his face but soon the original smirk return to his lips. "With the same effort we could work our way through a bedroom, might even luck out and slaughter half the guards that way while they're unarmed?" Turning to Derk, a chuckle ripples through his chest and shakes his head gently and steadily. "If they use the child as a hostage, they have lost. They can't kill the child, they will die. So we have them just where we'd want them, won't we?"
B B nods to Krysta. "I was afraid of that too. I don't want to take any risks." She takes a deep breath to steel herself. "I don't think he'd hurt her. Not deliberately. When I was younger, he made sure that I was well taken care of. As for a back way into the cellar .." Here the raven-haired woman frowns, lost in thought, "I think that could work. That'll take us into where the slaves live. I don't expect there to be many of them around this time of day. They're probably out working. Should leave the cart here though, just in case. Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise." B hops down from the seat up front and finds something nearby to loop the reigns around. That done, she shifts her rifle from her back to her hands, checks to make sure it's loaded, and them promptly takes a big gulp from her little canteen. Those around her could probably smell that the clear liquid isn't water. Likely all this talk of hostages, alive or dead has affected her. "Okay. I think the entrance should be that way," she gestures with the canteen before capping it and tucking it back in her pocket. After all, she might need it later. "Unless we want to try another way in," she says, arching a brow to Krysta, "Either way, we should head out."
Krysta      Krysta listened to everyone around her and then to B's answers and seemed to ponder for a long moment. Digging into her pockets she came up with two small bottles with 'wicks' in the tops and set them to the side then she stood up and stripped off her militia jacket. Her arms had scars, the amount... impressive.. along with odd markings on her forearms. But taking the militia jacket off just left her wearing a white strap shirt and her pants. She looked at the house and pointed to the two bottles. "I got two cocktails here and my rifle. I can create a diversion in front while you guys go in the back." She looked around, wondering if anyone had a better idea... Or if they would take her offer, though her eyes mostly avoided Devlin and focused on B, who was basically the boss.
Rolande With a grunt to the various suggestions and conversation, Rolande upends himself over the side of the wagon to land on his feet with a booted thud. "Back to her point, injurin' the baby is a no-go, so that means no explosives and fire neither. Could upset the whole house if its structure is weak and the fire spreads from the field, then brings it down on our own heads... and the baby's." The ex-Ranger challenged, drawing a well-maintenanced .44 from within the confines of his duster. A quick check is made in opening up the chamber, examining the rounds inside briefly before a flick of the wrist snaps it shut and held to his side.

He walks around to meet up with B, giving the woman a short nod before speaking up to the others. "I still say the cellar's our best bet- As she said, it's probably emptier than the rest of the house, and the least guarder, and we can work our way up rather than waltzin' in through the front door and gettin' mowed down. We move slow and methodical, make less noise, and keep our fire to a minimum, this should be over soon. 'Till then, we take the long way 'round to avoid the lookouts, so I hope ya'll brought somethin' nice to walk in." Despite not this being his rodeo to run, he seemed rather confident- no doubt a trait acquired over a lengthy service as crimson lenses look between all present.
Derk Arching a brow at Devlin, Derk takes a moment to shake his head as well, "Desperate men do desperate things, and now that this guy knows where B is, this is going to be a one time adventure sort of thing. Folks that keep slaves ain't in a habit of giving em up freely, nor interested in letting them run off without some sort of retribution." Derk draws in a breath to say more, but closes his mouth and shakes his head. A pause as he watches the others, his mind clearly rolling through some scenarios as the conversations continue back and forth. A slow shake of his head again as he studies the estate ahead of them, squinting his eyes every so often to truly focus on the distant objects. "What sorts of specialties we got here?" he asks, nodding to Krysta as she produces some flammables.

At Rolande's words Derk looks at the man, "We ain't really fitting in with the whole slave motif. B, what are the guards like? Should they scatter if things seem insurmountable for them, or would they knuckle down and put in a stronger resistance, and what about that bastard, you think he'll come out if you go waltzing up there, all distraught and the like, or will he wait inside, hidden away? Cause if we can draw him out..." he leaves the rest unsaid, looking to the others for some sort of confirmation.
Devlin     "Desperate men make deals, dead men shoot their only living hostage, there's a bit of a difference," is said as Devlin looks towards the other man that was close by. Looking away, he begins to study the house itself from the front before turning towards Krysta and simply shaking his head. "Might be better if you keep your shirt on and keep the rifle to your shoulder.. Follow me for a tick, I wanna see something. B, head towards the cellar, there might be a better distraction chance.." Turning towards the driver and the ranger, Devlin motions for them to hold for a moment.

    Moving off to the side of the house, Devlin keeps his height below that of the windows while also looking around the estate, trying to see where others might be in relation to the manor. Not simply looking for the cellar, Devlin was trying to see if there were side entrances or rear entrances that gave him a chance to assess if they were being monitored.
B B's footsteps falter a bit. "I think she meant outside the house, rather than in it. That would work too, but it'd put us in a position where we're split up. I'm not sure that's a good idea. I might be able to sneak in the back and find Elizabeth, but I don't want to leave everyone out here to help with the distraction, nor leave just one person to manage it. But, I'm not the best with tactics. I'm a brewer." Here she nods to Derk and gives him a wry grin, "and someone who gets shot far too often according to my doctor. Those are my specialties." She's happy to let someone else step up and take point on this. She's too emotionally invested to think straight .. and the liquor doesn't help things any.

Still she nods to Devlin, and continues to circle around the manor from far away so they can approach the house undetected while they decide on their course of action. The house itself is impressive, but well worn around the edges: panes in the windows are broken or missing, shutters hang askew, and even the furnishings glimpsed from within have that shabby chic look, mostly on the shabby side. Very little people are seen. There's a couple of women in the kitchen, but the rest of the main floor seems empty. Likewise, the fields are sparsely populated by slaves picking and pruning the plants. They're easy to avoid. Almost looks like Robert is completely unprepared for any attack on his property .. that or it's a trap.
Krysta      Krysta shook her head at Rolande, but B beat her to it. She had not intended to attack the structure of a building they were about to walk into. That would just be suicidal. Ironically, she did not see her plan as suicidal... Devlin's asking her to follow him though caught her attention and she picked up her two makeshift grenades and followed Devlin for a ways. She tapped him on the shoulder though. "Two guys in the front room have guns... the rest seem unarmed. Think we can snipe them?" She tilted her head trying to peer around better...
Derk "Looks like it's pretty sparse... could probably deal with most of em from the outside... but I'm just here to keep people moving, and their hearts beating," Derk adds as he pats the medkit strapped around the back of his waist. He gives Krysta a nod as well as following after B as they start to circle around the place, looking back at the cart every so often, just in case.
Rolande held back at Devlin's insistence, lingering near the wagon in silence as he watched B, the two men Derk and Devlin, and the woman identified as Krysta start to skirt the estate. His attention is also turned towards the manor after giving the surrounding fields the once-over, trying to see anything on the upper levels if he could manage it.
Devlin     Rather than heading towards the cellar as the others has planned, soon finding himself near one of the side entry ways that had been locked for the time being. Devlin kneels in front of the door, briefly glancing what limited view he could through the keyhole to make sure a sentry was on the other side before standing off to one side. Glancing within, a smirk tugs at the corner of his lips as nothing, not a person nor animal is currently seen. Turning to Krysta he softly says, "Noone's here. I think this is past where they are.. Ready the rifle, I don't think tossin one of those if we're in the room would be a good idea."

    Dropping back to one knee, Devlin slips his pistol back into a holster while fishing for a bobbypin from his chest jacket pocket. Twisting the thin piece of metal with just one finger, he uses the onboard computer within his wrist mount to guide him to release the tumblers until.. Click. The door's lock slides to the side, moving the bobby pin back into place, he grasps onto the door-nob and slowly opens it partially.

    Looking behind him, Devlin makes a motion for him to be followed if either Derk or Krysta could see him if they chose to keep making rounds around the manor. Lowering his hand, he soon draws his pistol of choice once again, keeping it at the ready if they bumped into anyone.
B B hesitates. "Snipe .. them? Not me. I'm not that great of a shot. And my gun isn't that quiet." She glances to the others to see if anyone else can take them up on it. They linger now, just shy of the estate's shadow on the ground. From here, it's easy to see the entrance to the cellar at the back near the kitchen, secured with a chain and padlock. On this side of the house, the other occupants of this floor can't be seen through the windows. Up on the second storey, all the curtains are open but little can be seen save to tell that the upper level has bedrooms on it. There's also the door that Devlin creeps towards and unlocks.

B crouches down, ready to follow the group once they decide which way to go, rifle tight in her grip. The door beyond Devlin opens into a narrow hallway. At this end, stairs lead up to a second floor while stairs at the other end lead down into the basement. Four doors line the hallway, each entering into a different room. Noises come from the end of the hall, near the kitchen. Noises of cooking, and the clack of pool balls banging together and the low rumble of people talking.
Krysta      Krysta brought the rifle up and took position, standing over Devlin as he worked on the door. She's done something like this before it seems. When the door opens she steps up and through, leading with her weapon before sweeping left then right with it, ready to shoot anyone inside that stood in her way while giving Devlin the correct timing and angle to slip in as well. Once she cleared the immediate area she would put her back to a wall and nod, allowing the others if they were following to enter as well. She motioned to Devlin, pointing to the door where she'd seen the two armed before. She motioned, held up two fingers then moved quickly to put her back to one side of the indicated door.
Rolande Relegated to overwatch, the former Ranger remained with the wagon; He'd holstered his .44 to withdraw the lever-action rifle situated in the back holster strapped to his body, crouching down behind the wheel for some moderate cover while keeping a look-out around the field. Everything seemed normal at a glance, but there was no telling what might happen once things invariably heated up.
Derk Derk's also moving with the group, his rifle coming off his shoulder and into his arms, he glances back at Rolande, beckoning the man to come with them, so that they can all move together, unless he has other ideas. Still he will cover B, as he follows the rest to the door.
Devlin     Nodding lightly, Devlin stops to softly ask "Execute all? Only armed? Prisoners?" Looking away and towards the wall, almost as if he was looking through the wall at this point, "Shock, Awe, prisoner?" Moving his hand up and slightly limp, he scratches the bottom of his chin lightly with the back of his hand. Moving across the hall, Devlin positions himself so that once he's situated and shakes his head gently.. "Noone lives.." is murmured as he sets down his pistol beside the door to the front room to retrieve his trusty bobbypin and gets to work. The only sound the men might have heard was the number clicking as he didn't open the door. Picking up his pistol, Devlin stand off to one side, poised to open the door for Krysta and Derk as soon as they signal him to.
B B glances over her shoulder, biting her lip and watching Rolande off in the distance with the cart. Giving him one last look, she slips in the hallway with the others. Still crouched, she moves silently down the hallway to the door. Without a sound, she closes the door on the opposite side of the room so she can stand next to it, providing cover with her rifle aimed at the door. By the sounds within, the two men have no idea what's coming, neither do the pair of slaves in the kitchen behind them. B nods to note that she's ready whenever they are. The rest of the house is silent, save for the squeak of floorboards from the floor above. Sounds like someone is pacing.
Rolande A last look is given around the field and estate once the rest seemed to have worked their ways inside before Rolande breaks from the cover of the wagon, making his way across the field. He joins in behind, bringing up the rear in a low stance with his lever-action at the ready, coming into the hall with a crouch to ensure that they aren't flanked in the hall.
Derk Derk hangs a little behind, but his rifle is levelled and his finger is near enough the trigger that should things break out, he'll be able to take some shots. He follows in, allowing the others to take point and move out of the rear's line of fire.
Krysta      Krysta waited for Devlin to open that door and stepped into the room shooting. The first shot struck the man in the chest. Even as Krysta sank to one knee, to allow those behind her to shoot over her, she shot a second time, nailing the man in the head... And down he went...
Devlin     Looking around himself, Devlin waits for the signal from Krysta and shifts, pulling the door open for the woman and lets her pull off a pair of shots without much warning or an order to stand down. Before the second man would have a moment to react, he squeezes the trigger twice calmly, sending a bolt of light into the man's chest, boiling his skin though a second bolt of concentrated light severs the guards arm, leaving him with a scorched stump rolling on the floor near by. Stepping into the room, Devlin looks towards one of the slaves while aiming his laser pistol at the feet of the other. "Now.. where's the child. Speak quickly and we will go. Do not speak we will not spare a soul" is said cooly though with a almost amused smirk on his lips as if he was telling a passing joke.
B Almost on cue, there's the piercing wail of a child coming from the room above them, followed by the tromping of footsteps running down the hall, and others retreating into hiding spots, or settling in under cover, possibly. The child's wail continues, tugging at B's heart strings. She turns to head back towards Rolande and the stairs up. "Elizabeth!" she cries, leaving the trio near the hallway. That's about when the footsteps reach the stairs and storm down from above and chaos ensues.
Rolande Nary a flinch is made as Devlin and Krysta open up the parlour with summary executions for the guards; The noise no doubt has stirred up the rest of the manor, and the tell-tale distress of a child from upstairs drawns Rolande's attention which he promptly attempts to convey via handgestures before the man turns in on the stairwell to head up to the next level-- only to find a Guard in the way. He takes aim, but the quick pairing of shots cracking out whip past them and impact in the wall with wooden splinters!
B The guard stops halfway down the steps to return fire. He doesn't bother to aim, just fires at the first target he sees. When he sees more than one person down there, he curses and retreats back upstairs.
Krysta      Krysta heard the baby above and let out a short scoff. She was running then, up those stairs and as soon as she spotted the guy she fired. Sadly she only hit his arm but.. well he wouldn't have that arm ever work again so.. there was that.
Derk Following upstairs at the mention of the baby, Derk's rifle's butt is swung to his shoulder and he's looking down the iron sights as he crests the top of the stairs, seeing the guard as Krysta finishes putting a bullet in the man, but he hasn't gone down, Derk follows ups with a soft bwwaaaazzzzap of the capacitors discharging on his rifle. A inperceptible red line of light crosses the distance and leaves a cauterized hole in the guard's left arm before Derk realizes he's sort of out in the open, hoping that someone else will finish this guy off.
B B turns to dart back the way they came, up the stairs and sort of shoulder her way through the collection of people gathered there. She ignores the wounded guard in the open doorway and heads down the hall towards the door at the end where the sound of a baby crying can be heard on the other side. She doesn't open it, yet. She has at least that much common sense despite her emotions running on high.
Devlin     Roughly holstering his sidearm, Devlin nods lightly towards the slaves who were too skittish to speak too much longer as in the hall there was an extended firefight which lead to the upper levels of the building. Looking out and into the hall, he almost moves to join the others upstairs, he stops and starts to check outside, not only of their exit way but by walking through the rooms to see if reinforcements were coming by. Slipping his hand into his jacket, Devlin withdrew a second pistol now and flicked off the safety.
Rolande In the blink of an eye, the guard had unloaded back on Rolande- the round impacting him directly on the battle armor that he wore underneath that old duster of his. Oweing thaks to its sturdy make, the round embeds itself in the material with a solid thud, forcing him to recoil only slightly before the former Ranger growls underneath his helmet and charges up the stairs with Derk and Krysta, who've injured him quite heavily. The guard, still attempting cover, peeks out too far before Rolande lifts his lever-action and fires off a quick shot with a loud crrrack! that blows clean through their gut, planting him on the floor.

With a flick of the lever down and up, the next round is chambered with an ominous click before Rolande follows after B quickly, prsssing himself up against the wall beside the door. "Your old man's probably locked in there with her. Let's hope he's reasonable, I don't wanna' put yer girl in the crossfire."
Derk As the guard goes down and Derk realizes he's not been shot, he moves quickly with the others headed towards the back where the sounds of the bab had been heard. His rifle is at the ready, fully expecting a guard to be in there as well, but when he enters with whoever goes with them, it's clear that the babe is alone, and he quickly shoulders the rifle, moving towards Elizabeth in hopes to see that the babe is okay, from a medical perspective.
Krysta      Krysta kept rifle ready but stepped to one side of B, waiting to provide cover when the door is open and anyone in there except he child.. was going to get a face full of rifle lead unless they surrendered.
Devlin     While walking through the lower floor, Devlin didn't notice anything amiss for other guards. Walking back to where the initial security force has been gunned down quickly, Devlin holsters his other pistol into his chest slot securely. With his hand free now, the man begin to run it through the men's clothing, along their belts and down their pantlegs, picking out their weapons, removing their magazines, ejecting the chambered rounds and picketing the magazine. "Just pistols.. don't have anything to squirrel them into.. how about some caps though, rounds and caps always have a spot in these pockets," is murmured somewhat happily. It would seem Devlin was one of the few who only saw this as a assignment, not a personal mission.
Rolande With everyone saddled up and the guards dispatched, there was only thing left that they'd come here to do- getting that child back. A quick glance is given to the others with him at the door, and a hand held up to B to suggest that he'd take the point in case of trouble despite her motherly instincts no doubt driving her.

He takes a breath, putting his hand over the doorknob before giving it a sharp twist and shouldering his way inside before bringing the lever-action up to bear, scanning the room of its contents with a pre-emptive shout! "Let me see those goddamned hands!" before the others invariably filtered in.
B The door opens revealing a nursery. There is a woman in her sixties crouched in a corner cradling the crying child. "Stop!" says B, pushing past them all to run towards the woman who slowly gets to her feet.

"B?" says she, unfurling one arm to embrace the other woman. This one has an 'A' tattooed on her cheek under her right eye, the same place B has hers. There is a moment of joyful tears at the reunion while the two women embrace and the babe is shifted from one woman to the other.

There are no more guards in the house .. only a frightened wife and a bunch of slaves who are quick to turn on their master. They were all free people at one point, and relish returning to their homes once they're able to get their collars off. Devlin is free to loot the bodies, finding not much of anything. These guards were not well supplied at all. The slave known as A comes with the group to their makeshift camp to help how she can while they plan their attack on their next target: the brewery. A is pretty sure the other two girls are both there.
Derk Wrapping things up at the estate, Derk goes over the party's wounds and tends them as they see fit and as are needed, ensuring that they'll all be up and ready for all sorts of painful shennanigans in the next adventure, wherever it may be.