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Owner Pose
Jacqueline The Leather Outfitters is one of Jacqueline Wayne's favorite shops in El Dorado. But she's less glad to be here today, considering the circumstances. As always, necessity isn't making a good bargain.
She's currently closeted inside the curtained corner that serves the place as a fitting room, trying on new leather garb. She might go unnoticed save for the calves and feet that show beneath the too-short curtain, but she does have a tendency to hum when she's thinking...
Fern     Humming? Suspicious.. Fern must investigate. The teen who had beeen checking out a sweet shoulder piece now wanders towards the dressing area as she hears a somewhat familiar humming, and as she nears the curtain she grins. The girl bends over like she's about to look under the curtain when she calls, "That you, Jackie?" A finger pokes at the curtain a bit, and there comes the sound of her snickering. Hopefully it's Jackie! Could be wrong, though.
Jacqueline There's a startled yelp from inside the curtain. "Fern?" From the lower edge of it, Fern can see that it /is/ indeed Jackie, clad in a black tee and white briefs, with a pair of scavenged leather motorcycle pants that she's pulling on. They're about at her knees when she freezes, having seen the curtain shift. "Hey, cut that out! I'm changing in here!"
Fern     Snickering as she hears Jackie, Fern says, "Don't worry. I ain't peeking.. What are you trying on in there? Some of those fancy assless chaps or something?" Fern pokes at the curtain again, just to mess with her friend. "Whatcha been up to lately?" she then calls while waiting outside the curtain. "Been keeping busy at the shop? How's the bike?" she checks. It's a nice bike.
Jacqueline "Too breezy! I'll stick with regular pants, thanks," Jackie ripostes, retaining a bit of her humor. She swats playfully at the poked part of the curtain. "Dealt with some nasty fire geckoes recently. Other than that, just what I always do: fix things and try to stay alive."
She chuckles. "Why do I have the feeling you're more worried about the bike than me? But it's fine. Still sorting out that fuel feed issue."
Fern     "Hey.. I like you just as much as the bike!" Fern says in a teasing way. You can hear how she must be grinning. "Fire ones? Damn.. You get burnt up any? Burnt your pants off? Is that why you're buyin' new stuff?" she asks, sounding like she may just be trying to be an ass. The girl looks about the room then as she waits, back to the curtain now.
Jacqueline "Sure you do..." Jackie teases back, giggling. "And yes, I did! I got chewed on a bit, but the fire was the worst. Burned my britches right off! I've been going around without ever since. Why, did you wanna see or something?"
Fern     "..." There's a bit of silence before Fern bursts out laughing. Hard. "You fuckin' serious!? They burnt off? Jesus, woman! Why do you even wear pants!?" She roars with laughter now. "Oh shit.. I wish I had seen it! Burnt them right off? Ouch!" more laughter now. Soon enough the curtain is pulled back just a bit, and Fern's face pops into the little space. "I've seen you without pants a few times already!" She sticks her tongue out at Jackie, then disappears, curtain closing just as quick as it popped open.
Jacqueline Of course, by the time Fern opens the curtain, Jackie's got the motorcycle pants up and fastened, and she answers Fern's tongue-stick with one of her own. "Of course they didn't burn off, silly Fernness! But one did cut up my thigh and take the seat out," she replies, less teasingly now. "So I'm looking for new stuff."
She steps outside, finding the patchwork mirror for a look at herself. "What do you think? Is it me?" she asks, posing a little.
Fern     "Sounds way less entertaining," Fern grunts as she steps back and takes a look at the clothing. "looks nice enough, yeah. Makes your legs look strong. They're cool," she notes with a firm nod and a slight grin. "Gonna get them? Are they comfortable? Can you move around in them well enough?"
Jacqueline "They're a little warm, but no worse than the gecko leathers I'm getting repaired. And they're easier to move in," Jackie observes, moving and bending some to get a feel for the garment. "Guess those scales just don't stretch like brahmin hide. And I do like the look."
She pauses to give Fern a quick hug. "Missed you, plant girl. What kind of trouble have you been up to lately, huh?"
Fern     Fern returns the hug with a little squeeze, and when asked what she's been up to she gives a little lopsided grin. "Oh, you know.. This and that.. Been around. Working.. hanging out with friends.." A little pause, then, "Got a girlfriend." Pause. "Sorta. I think." She scratches her cheek. "Yeah, maybe. Never really asked her to be official or anything, though, but," she shrugs. "And you? Staying out of trouble?" She smirks,
Jacqueline "A girlfriend? Who is she?" Jackie has to ask, smiling in return. "Someone I know?" She takes another look in the mirror. "I think these are a keeper. Maybe I can keep them a little longer, if I keep out of trouble like I'm trying to do. It... doesn't always work."
Fern     "Mmmm.. Don't know if you know her or not. Name's Kate. Katie, but we all call her Kate. She's pretty cool. I think you'd get along with her if ya'll met, but.. who knows where she is today." Fern shrugs a little, not too concerned about it. She looks over the pants now, and she says, "Yeah. I'd get 'em! Might be good to have a few pairs.. witht he way you find trouble and all." She grins. "You ever manage to find a car? Or you still wanna go with that.. factory place with me some time?"
Jacqueline "I'll have to try to meet her sometime. If you get along with her, I probably would, too," Jackie agrees. She glances around the shop, to take stock of the number of motorcycle leathers she sees. "And yeah... maybe I should. With my luck lately, a spare or two would be something to have around. But for now, these'll do. Maybe with a new jacket, too..."
She parts the curtains and steps back into the changing nook. "Do you still want to go? I haven't found anything with four wheels that runs, I'm afraid. Or even looks like it could be made to run again..."
Fern     "Oh.. we're gonna head out one day and I'll show ya where to go. A few of us went and.. you'd love it! Robots and cars of all kinds! They said nothing would run, but how do they know that? They got all the parts, right? There's gotta be some way to fix them," Fern grunts as she shakes her head. She waits for jackie to get changed, and while she does she says, "leather jackets are cool. You totally need one."
Jacqueline "Next trip," Jackie promises through the curtain. "When I have a few more caps. But we should go chase down this factory soon. I mean, even if we can only /see/ it, that'd still be worth it. And I'll bet I could get a car running. I got my bike running, after all!"
Fern     "See? I said the same!" Fern says as she grins. "We can find something to take.. Just gotta find a way to drag it home.. know anyone who will lend us a few brahmin and a trailer?" she wonders, snickering. "Fern leans back against the wall then, and she says, "We should go soon, yeah? Later this week?"
Jacqueline "Maybe I could take some parts and get it running there. It'd be worth going back for," Jackie says, thinking about it. "Or just leave it there and travel. Once it was running, it wouldn't be hard to drive it home."
But that's just thinking, building garages in the air. They've still got to go, after all. "Later this week sounds good, actually. I'll make sure the bike's fueled and ready to go," Jackie promises. "Just don't forget your helmet!"
Fern     "I won't!.. I'll see ya then!" Fern snickers as she runs off then, heading.. to who knows where!