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Lynnette Now that Lyn was 90% healed up she was back at the bar actually just resting at the bar as she seemed to be looking over some papers. Chuck was nowhere to be seen and there was....nothing behind the bar. Well she couldn't have construction done with stuff still in the bar. Humming a bit she would just run her fingers through her long brown hair as she zoned out looking over...plans as to how to redo this place.
Devlin     With the shifting grace of a mutated church mouse, Devlin walks into the bar through the large hole through the entry wall. It seemed to surprise him when Lynnette didn't notice his movement but that's when he notices just how lost into the work she is. With a soft smile, Devlin walks around her and into the back, trying to not make a sound as he collects a tall glass of water to return to the bar with but it wasn't for himself. The glass would be placed closed to where Lynnette was hunched over reading the plans and estimating the building costs.
Lynnette Indeed she was not even paying attention as he went to go near the back. As soon as she heard that glass get set down her hand went to her bosom and turned to see....Devlin. Blinking, she'd slowly move her hand away before looking to that glass of water. "What's wrong? Got drunk again and need to hydrate?" Those green eyes peered up at him before looking back to her papers. "Where's your little weird ass girlfriend.....?"
Devlin     "Not for me, you. Drink.. It's hot out, you done up and well on display without an audience." Tilting his head off to one side, Devlin looked at Lynnette somewhat confused before looking around the bar slowly, studying if there was a hit that someone was to help him with something. "Not following.. Who?" Shifting his stance, Devlin rests a hip against the bar's counter, using his right hand to support him upwards, though the motion would let his left arm's cast be partially visible to those who looked within his jacket.
Lynnette She'd glance over at the water before slowly sliding it over her. Taking a long drink, she'd sigh before setting it back down. Turning to look at him then, she'd tilt her head as she look over at him. "That girl....the one you were drunk with the other night....though something tells me I should have put you in my bed that night." There was a slight frown on her face. "Because went to find you the next weren't there. And then she was here again....talking about stealing your gun...again?'
Devlin     Lowering his head slightly, Devlin closes his eyes and lets out a audible sigh. "If you tucked me in I wouldn't have woken up to an rifle being trained on my nose. It would have been a bit of a more bland morning, don't you think?" After posing the question, a smirk tugs at the corner of his lips while he starts to look towards Lynnette once again, one thing that could be seen is he didn't seem upset while retelling what happened. "She may or may not have taken one of my pistols while I was drunk.. I didn't let her get the second one though." Averting his eyes off to the side, he hums a steady low note was a though vibrates within his throat until he says, "I got it back, that was interesting.. hurt, but interesting."
Lynnette Rolling her eyes she would just stare up at him. "Now I can't guarantee if you were in bed with me....that you wouldn't have had a gun in your face....." There was a smirk then. "Question is....would it have been worth it? Hell of a way to go...." Chuckling she'd look back to her papers as she smiled to herself but then cut her eyes over at him. "I don't like her....and I don't want her in here." Was she serious? Couldn't be. "And if she starts crap....I'm in the mood to shoot first and ask questions never...."
Devlin     "Hmm.. If you tuck me in like that I might need sleep with a pistol belt on, though that could chaff oddly if that becomes a regular thing." Closing his eyes in mock thought, Devlin, after a few second, briefly peeks one eye open to see if he was being looked at before closing it again. "I won't go out without a fight, might even make it out alive. Worked with her.. but that's because she tried to slap me with her hands full." When Lynnette becomes more serious, the smirk on Devlin's face doesn't fade, it widens visibly. "Now now, what makes you think I wouldn't shoot her myself along side you?"
Lynnette "Aw Dev...." Slowly she'd slip from that seat to stand up in front of him with a smirk. Putting her hand on his chest she'd look him over then grinned back up at him. "You want to come get tucked in by me next time....?" Leaning in she'd whisper in his ear then. " if that'd be a regular thing....besides....." Laughing she would just back up then leaned on the count, picking up her papers and flipping them face down. "I'm a spoken for woman...remember?" That's when she'd raise her brow then. "And she ain't you know who....." Trailing off she'd just leave it be for now before shrugging. "I don't know. Anyone stole something from me I wouldn't be sitting up in a bar idly chatting with must have liked it.....weirdo."
Krysta      Krysta walked in about that time, spotting Devlina nd Lynnette being.... Close. She blinked and whistled. "Sheriff likes threeways huh? You go girl." And then she was setting caps on the counter and asking the tender for a soda.. as usual. The woman rarely if ever drank alcohol... Wonder why that is.... She didn't seem jealous or upset or bothered by Lynn's flirting with her 'boyfriend'. If anything she looked bored.
Devlin     Arching a brow, Devlin didn't draw back from Lynnette even when she began whispering in his ear, in fact it widened. When she took a step back, he took a half a step forward, keeping the distance between them minimal. "Now now, what I do and get away with is just for me to know, isn't it?" Lifting his hand from along the counter, Devlin moves two finger to gently stroke along the corner of Lynnette's lips before faintly saying, "I just worry about those lovely lips of your's letting it slip one night with the sheriff. Might be worth the risk, though I wonder.. to the victor goes the spoils for another stolen night?"

    When she turned away for the paper, Devlin was left a bit confused with her laugh and tilts his head slightly to her logic, "When has that stopped most of the men visiting Gold Digger, hmm?" Only then does it become serious and he moves his hand to the bar, watching Lynnette curiously. "Oh? Why don't you tell me who she is? I'd like to know." At the mention of stealing, the grin on his lips returns wide as ever. "Now now, what's not to enjoy about one moment having a gun in your face to the next having them straddling you, unarmed, and with a blaster scratching between their ribs waiting to scorch a lung?" From his tone, it was easy to tell he was telling the truth, if that was a good thing was up to Lynnette's own morals.

    Looking over towards Krysta, a chuckle begins to rumble within his chest and he takes his leave from beside Lynnette and takes the caps from the table, slipping them into a jacket pocket before starting to walk towards the back. "Chuck's off tonight little bomber, I'll get ya the soda though for being friendly. Also boss.." Turning to the side, Devlin nods lightly towards Lynnette and says, "As I said before, I wouldn't mind, on 'either' idea" before slipping into the back to look for where the soda was crated.
Lynnette Lyn just watched him now as he moved closer again....just watching him. Once he took his hand off she'd lick her lips and parted her lips to say something but stopped. Instead she just laughed and winked at him playfully. "I don't even know if I should take you serious..." Taking a deep breath should just shake her head then. "I was might have gotten away from her.....but she ain't Alpha....." Lyn made no comment about him having the girl straddling her...yet. However when she heard the girls' voice she would turn to look over at her and raised her brow. "....I'm sorry?" Those green eyes peered at her but before she could say Chuck wasn't there Devlin was already gone. Licking her lips she'd slowly looking back at her she'd stare at her. " what's that about the Sheriff? I don't....catch your context....."
Krysta      Krysta lifted her eyes to Devlin as he informed her the tender was gone for the night and he was heading to get her a soda. She blinked several times about to protest that she did not need it but he was gone. This left the white-haired woman staring at his retreating back in such a confused manner it almost made her look cute. For a split second. If one was looking.
     She shook her head then glanced at Lynnette with a raised brow. For a second the militia woman seemed to replay the scene in her head. Lynn was up on Devlin, Lynn was with Alpha. It all made perfect sense to her. "I was just surprised. The sheriff didn't seem like that type but hey, each to their own fetishes."
Devlin     Devlin managed to find the soda without too much difficulty, luckily there were a few behind the bar before it was cleaned and moved to the back. He begins to walk back but but then pauses as he heard the pair starting to bring up the Sheriff in a less than teasing tone. Tapping his pinky against the bottle lightly twice, a hum vibrates in his throat until he nods to an unasked question. The answering nod leads him to leaning a shoulder against the doorframe to the backroom, choosing to simply watch the two, wondering if a gun was about to be drawn or not.
Lynnette Lyn just stared at the woman as she shifted to face her more. "I think I'm going to need you to be a little more clear, miss....." Trailing off as she seemed to wait for an answer but just continued regardless if she answered or not. "I don't even know why you brought up the Sheriff to begin with. Or why the idea of a threesome would be a topic of discussion...." Then her brow would slowly raise. "I each their own is right...but I'd like you to be a bit less enigmatic...." Feigning a whisper she'd smirk. "....that means less mysterious..."
Krysta      Krysta smirked faintly as she saw out of the corner of her eye, Devlin refusing to come any closer. She was tempted to push this but instead simply turned to lean on the bar and face Lynnette. "I am fully capable of comprehending your verbiage, Ma'am." She tilted her head slightly, a gleam in her violet eyes. "As I stated, I was surprised you would be flirting so casually and blatantly with Mr. Devlin considering you're owned by a law man. So I concluded he must be looking for a fling. Devlin's a good choice for that. He's got no morals." And neither did Krysta....
Devlin     Returning to the back, Devlin sets down the Nuka-Cola before emptying the caps onto a crate. Soon after, he slips a hand into a different pocket and draws out a few more caps to lay down. Picking up the Nuka-Cola, he slips it into a pocket to pick up a Sunset for himself, using a shelf as a hard point to pop the cap off. Walking back to his post, he shrugs lightly and progresses forward, not saying a thing, doing his best Chuck impersonation. Setting his own bottle down, he collects the one Krysta ordered and sets it onto the counter before her. Picking up his bottle, he shifts to sit down onto a seat behind the bar that was empty.
Lynnette Now she stared at the girl, her eyes narrowing slightly before she slowly look over at Devlin slowly. Pursing her lips she'd raise her brow at him before looking back to Krysta now. "First of all....." Oh lord here we go. "If you think that's haven't seen anything. Then again from what I seem to like to put gun in people's faces and call that a good time..." Pushing herself up to stand up straight she'd stroke her neck slowly before her hand trace over her bosom slowly. "Secondly....last time I check....I"m not property. I don't get 'owned'." Now Lyn was perturbed wondering how this chick even knew about her and Alpha. "As for the and that any of your business? Running your mouth can get someone hurt..."
Krysta      Krysta's smirk never faded. Lynnette might as well have tried intimidating a wall. The militia woman had proven a few times over elsewhere that she was insane. "Oh, honey, that's definitely flirting." She accepted the drink from Devlin and sipped at it as if unbothered by Lynn's words, or presence, or proximity.
     As for the gun... "Oh, he was asking for it. And I did take care of him. Is it my fault the dumbass mixed painkillers and moonshine? He couldn't tell me where he lived so I found us a room." None of that was a lie.... She turned a feral look on Lynnette then, though. A look that was much like a wolf seeing it's next meal. "But if you think normal men don't want to own you...." She shook her head. Then shrugged. "Or maybe that Alpha's not normal. It's not like I give a damn what you do in bed."
     Another sip of her cola and Krysta smiled again, a sleek, predatory grin which was turned on Devlin. "Besides, he liked it on the bottom."
Devlin     Glancing between Krysta and Lynnette as the pair talked, Devlin would take a largely silent sip from his bottle, nursing it rather than actually being thirsty. It wouldn't be any different for a time until Krysta looked at him suddenly with her final comment and.. he said nothing at first. Bringing the bottle away from his lips, he shrugs with his arm raised using both shoulders though his left shoulder hardly moves. Letting the bottle supporting arm drop down to rest on his thigh he admits, "I'm not going to be too upset when a cute girl's in my lap, guns or not, only thing I didn't like was the damn Gecko wound you half sat on." Closing his eyes and returning to his silence, if Lynnette's gaze was felt on him he's give her the same hapless shrug before taking another short sip as he relaxed.
Lynnette Watching her she would be silent before looking to Dev with a frown. "Your friend talks too much....." Picking up that glass of water she would then finish it off before exhaling softly. Those green eyes would then narrow. "How the you even.....?" Stopping she'd frown at Devlin then and threw he arms up. "Whatever. You two can have some freaky relationship if you want. Just keep that crap out of my bar if it's gonna involve weapons....."
Krysta      Krysta lifted a brow at Devlin's comment. "Well, I suppose I could have been more gentle... If you hadn't had a laser pistol in my ribs, Devlin." That cola was lifted but paused at her lips as if she'd thought of something... "Wasn't the first time either.... Eh." She shrugged and took a drink.
     Lynn's comment got a raised brow and a grin. "You asked me to be less mysterious and when I oblige you say I talk too much. Che. Some girls." Was that what qualified as teasing? Possibly?
     And then the game was over when Lynnette admitted defeat and threw up her hands. Well, that had been fun.
Devlin     "She's not my friend," is quickly answered, even more quickly than the bottle could leave his lips. Devlin looked at Krysta briefly, using the bottom of the bottle to point at her as his eyes settle back onto Lynnette. "How did I get her on my lap and kept still? Ask her, she tripped over her own feet trying to slap me while still holding onto her rifle.." Looking away briefly he more sternly chides, "one handed and awkwardly mind you" before giving Lynnette his focus again. "This is where I work, getting brought into a den I didn't know of, having a gun pointed at me and being watched as I have to piss with a hangover is 'not' my idea of a fun morning.." Shrugging his shoulders, Devlin takes a longer drink of his Sunset Sarsaparilla before continuing. "..I just made the best of it and walked out alive. That made it a good day, you think that's a bad day to come out alive after waking up with a gun in your face?"
Lynnette Chuckling she would shake her a bit raised her hands up a bit. "Look...." Casting her gaze at Devlin she'd smirk. "I'm not jealous....don't worry." Looking at him then she'd frowned. "I knew something was weird....I went to find you at your house and you were nowhere to be found...." Letting it go for now she then looked back to Krysta. This was still bothering her....wanting to know if she had to watch for something. Ever since that day in the Wasteland she'd been a bit....over cautious with new people. "So tell me....whoever you are...." There was a tilt of her head as she stared at her intently. "Let's say you are correct about the Sheriff and do you even know...?"
Krysta      Krysta eyed Devlin when he pronounced that they weren't friends. Her smirk didn't really fade, but she sipped her cola as he decided to be blatantly truthful about the events of that night. Idly she wondered how Alpha would feel knowing his girl's security guard had been kidnapped literally right in front of the sheriff. Might sting a bit.
     Krysta turned those violet eyes on him, a hardness held within that was not there a moment before. "He had information I needed. I didn't do anything but scare him a bit. My god, Devlin, I didn't think you'd be so soft."
     She stood, then, downing the rest of the cola in one go before she set the empty bottle on the counter. Her eyes shifted to Lynnette. "Honey, if anyone /doesn't/ know you're with that boy they're fragging stupid and you need to be careful around them. That kind of stupid can be dangerous." Boy? Had she called Alpha a boy? How the fuck old was this chick?! She shifted to her other foot. "Name's Krysta Parker. New Militia Private." She tapped her sleeve to indicate it should be obvious.
     Then she turned her head back to Devlin, a look on her face that to most might seem bored, her usual affect, but those more alert might spot was tense, almost defensively cold. "You invited me back to your house. Then on a mission. That's the only friendship I've ever had."
     She looked disapproving for a split second then turned back to Lynnette. "You don't like me, I won't come back. Enjoy your 'friends'." The last thing she did was to lift her hand and drop some more caps on the counter.
Devlin "Comrade," is hastily said, though he doesn't look in anyone's direction. "A friend is someone you relax with for no point, someone you aren't interacting with because you know they can protect your back.." Turning towards Krysta, a soft smile is on his lips though it wasn't a happy one, his expression becoming slightly distant. "I hardly know you, I trust your actions and your tactics. I believe you won't betray me flippantly but that your loyalty is fleeting and short term, staying as long as I am useful."

    Using his head to the side, Devlin motions towards Lynnette and says, "She's a flirt and a tease, though even if she got a cheaper guard or a more seasoned one, I don't think she'd treat me any different. She also acts without personal gain, though that's why she's a softy at heart." Turning his gaze towards Lynnette, the smile on his lips spreads a little wider while saying, "Nothing personal hun, just the truth."

    Brining the bottle to his lips Devlin nurses a small amount to wet his mouth after talking and sighs. "I'll still be looking for you later Krysta. You're a good soldier, a steady comrade, I don't know if you'll become a friend.. My last comrades betrayed me several years ago and left me for dead, and those ones I knew for a long time.. A long, long time." 'I hope you won't,' is softly murmured under his breath before he began to drink from his bottle once again, not moving to stop Krysta nor to try and sooth Lynnette's feathers.
Lynnette "Well Krysta.....I'm Lynnette Warner....proprietress of this lovely little hole in the wall." Lyn would just watch her and then raised her brow. "....boy?" There was a tilt then as she chuckled softly. "Not where it counts....or when it counts...." Sighing she'd then tapped her chin. "I still didn't get an answer though. And a lot people don't know....we're not exactly.....humping each other ran public....."

Looking over to Devlin she'd just raise her brow at him responding. Letting out a snort she'd chuckled as she lazily looked back over to Krysta. "He is right though. If you look like something....I'll probably flirt with you. Though....not sure how I feel about being called a softy....."

But her gazed turned more serious on the woman. "And I don't know I don't know if I like you or not. But what I do my dear Devlin here came up missing. And I found out.....he was held a gunpoint at some point. Now how is that to make a girl feel, hm?" Smirking she'd just watch her for a moment. "Now I have no problem with anyone coming in here but...." She'd point to the hole in her wall. "I'm not exactly abundant on patience as of late since that. I don't care what y'all do. We're all grown ass men and women....." There was a wink at Dev then. "Though I do look good for my age....." Sighing she'd look back to the Private then. "But please....just don't do something to my security guy here that make me lose my cool. It's so not lady like....."
Krysta      Krysta paused with her hand on the counter at Devlin's hasty pronouncement of Comrade. But her expression didn't soften. She merely stared at him coldly. His words that she was a steady comrade, a good soldier, nothing seemed to even reach her. She simply dropped the caps on the counter. She was about to turn and just walk away when Lynnette began speaking. The older woman stilled to listen, but kept her expression that same cold, tense expression.
     "It's in the eyes, Miss Warner. The way you two look at each other? It's obvious. He would kill for you and the law be damned." But that was the most kind she would get at this point. She had her shields up now and they did not like to drop easily.
     The woman watched Lynn for a long moment, seeming to consider something before she spoke of Devlin. "He had something I needed. It's over. I'm not naive enough to think I could take his pistol a second time." She might be able to stick a landmine under his mattress though >.>a. "It's over." She repeated, looking toward Devlin again. For a long moment, it looked like she wanted to say something.... But then her eyes twitched, a sort of temporary narrowing or a flinch of some kind before she spun on her heel and just walked away, shoulders stiff.
Devlin     Glancing off to the side and towards Krysta, a slight smirk begins to form on his lips again. "Maybe, maybe not. We shall see, won't we?" Devlin didn't say much more than that as she began to walk away stiff shouldered and tense though he appeared to be trying to sink himself into a different mindset. "Now now.. 'Boss' you can relax, I'm doing better and things will be done proper and right as rain from now on. I'll even be sticking to Sunsets until I'm leaving, does that help you relax even a bit?" Arching a brow, Devlin shifts to his feet, a mostly empty bottle in his hand as he walks around the bar, starting to clean up the bottle left behind by Krysta. "I don't think she's my type, she's the type that is on a mission. As soon as someone's not part of that mission they'll be forgotten about. She'll blow through town and leave once her term within the Militia ends."
Lynnette Lyn just watched as Krysta seem to get all tense and leave. She didn't say anything in response to her assessment but kept that all in the back of her head. This militia woman was probably a good asset but....unnerving how she seemed to know stuff.

Looking over to Devlin she'd clear her throat and just nodded. "That's fair....." Now she was quiet as she too seemed to be in thought. There was a soft sigh before she would finally speak up. "....are he and I that obvious? We don't even really touch each other in public....."

Making her way behind the bar she'd start to pick up some stuff and waited for him to bring Krysta's empty bottle over. "And you say that now. Next thing I know y'all will be making googol eyes and threatening to shoot each other for fun..."
Devlin     "I already promised Alpha I wouldn't do anything like that in the bar, nor inside the town. She even agreed she wouldn't try to kill me while inside the main part of town or where he'd have to care." Speaking casually about the possible death threat, Devlin doesn't seem to mind the idea or at least isn't worried about. "As for you and the Sheriff though.."

    Looking back towards Lynnette he says, "'Isn't this just romantic?' while sitting in his lap, or the pair of you staying hip and hip.. Him being worried about your bar more so than the rest of the town.." Rocking his head from side to side idly as if trying to assess things a few times. Bringing the bottle to his lips, he finishes off his own soda, bringing the pair of bottles to the back for storage to later be shipped back for a discount. "Worried about my health or my sanity now 'Boss'?"
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit as she nodded then. "Well....that's comforting I guess..." Lyn just shook her head and put her hand in her face. "Something is wrong with both you and just seem so at ease about that....."

Of course when he mentioned Alpha her brow would raise. "I was being funny...and I mean...." Now there was that playful smirk was back on her lips. ".....I can sit in your lap too. I was just being touchy touchy...." Licking her lips slowly she would then sigh a bit. "We are not hip and hip....and maybe....he's just trying to keep the peace?" Yup....keep grasping at straws Lyn.
Devlin     "After how Alpha reacted to the man making a threat like that to you.. You know, turning on the spot and emptying rounds into his chest until he stopped moving?" Coming from the back, Devlin brushed his hand off onto his hip before slipping it into his pocket. "If you two aren't together.. end it now. If you keep it up, ya ganna hurt him. You hurt him that bad, he might do something he regrets in a fit of anger." Walking over to Lynnette, a smile was on his lips despite it all and soon a chuckle bubbles up within his chest. "Think for a moment.. if you see this as a game, who are you fooling? Me, Alpha.. or yourself?"

    With that said, Devlin shrugs his shoulders before heading towards the rather large hole still in the wall. "Just think things over boss, ya might not wanna make the wrong choice on this one. I'd rather see ya happy."