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Serena Well she smelled a little.....singed to say the least. That blonde haired, blue eyed young woman made her way from the Wasteland and towards....whatever this town was she had stumbled across. Her dress was tattered.....because she had wrapped parts of that dress around her hands and arms. Her face had a couple of soot makers and one small burn but that was it. Shoes? Nah...she seemed as if her feet were a bit dirty from soot too. In fact....she look like she got in a fight with a fire and lost.
Iris Lark Iris is kneeling in a small flowerbed, her attempt at making the store look nice in her own silly feminine way. She glances up and she sees the blonde shambling towards the store, obviously in some sort of shock. She slowly gets to her feet and walks towards the woman, one hand held out comfortingly. "Hey..are ..are you okay?" She asks, and yeah, she might look wary. But this woman looks as if she was in a fire fight, literally.
Serena She'd look up at the voice and slowly took a step back. "....I'm fine." Serena finally came back to reality now instead of being deep in thought. Looking around for a second she'd slowly look back over to her, those blue eyes seeming a cold stare. "What town am I in.....?" Wiping some soot off of her forehead she'd look at her arm and sighed a bit. "I think I'm a little turned around...."
Iris Lark "This is..Acme." Iris responds, carefully folding her hands behind her back as she eyes Serena with interest. "Where were you trying to go?" She asks, taking slow steps towards the back door of the shop, in case she needs to make a run for it. Something about the woman feels off to Iris and to say she's wary is a bit of an understatement.
Serena Sighing she would just run her fingers through her hair. "Acme...." Looking back to the woman she would "I'm trying to get back to El Dorado. I was out and about...ran into some trouble....and now trying to get home." Eyeing her she'd look the woman over then back towards the town. "Is there a doctor in this place? I burned my hands....."
Iris Lark Iris pauses, her eyes closed as she takes a deep breath. "I'm a healer, I can take a look at your hands if you come inside the shack with me." She says, gesturing to the small painted white building. " did you burn your hands?" She asks, moving towards the girl slowly, hands moving to take a hold of the burned appendage gently.
Serena "Healer....that works too..." But Serena stayed where she was. Those piercing blue eyes would look to the building then back to Iris intently. "My aunt told me to never go into places with outside here fine?" When she walked up to take her arms she'd look down at them before looking back up. "I was playing with fire....." Literally but she didn't need to know that.
Iris Lark "You can keep the door open, and stand near the entrance, but my suppli..nevermind, I'll go get what I need, wait here." Iris steps into the shack, and a few doors opening and closing can clearly be heard. When she walks back out she has a basket with a few different things in it, including some bandages and a mason jar with clear-ish goop inside.
Serena Waiting, she'd lean to peer inside but stayed right where she was. When she returned she'd then look back to the town with some sort of look of confusion. " far is Shantytown from here, ma'am....?"
Iris Lark "A half an hour walk or so." Iris responds, folding herself into a seated position on the ground as she goes through her basket. "Sit down, please, and rest your hands, palms up on your knees." She pushes her hair out of her face and open the jar to sniff at it. "Do you live in Shantytown?"
Serena She'd nod before she would slowly sit down on the ground. Her dress was already filthy....wouldn't hurt to get it anymore dirty, right. Placing her hands in the position she said she'd just look around before shaking her head. "No. I don't." Boy she was such the talker.
Iris Lark "I used to live there, and while it's not the cleanest place in the world - the people are some of the best." Iris says, filling the silence if Serena wouldn't. She dips her fingers in the homemade aloe anti-bacterial goop and gently spreads it across the burned areas, still speaking quietly. "I want to go back there, sort of, I still dream of the day I came to Shantytown.'s kind of a nightmare, but it's something I still cherish a bit." She picks up the bandages and start to slowly wrap them around her wrists, hands and fingers. "The people there took care of me when I was new, didn't treat me badly even if I was a bit odd."
Serena Those blue eyes would shoot back over to the woman then as she stared at her again. "You did?" Now it seems like she had her attention. "Are they all always like that? So....'helpful'?" Serena had her own run in with a couple of people it seems. "Or is it all some sort of scam? I don't understand how they can be so welcoming to a stranger. Willing to try to make friends with people they know nothing about...."
Iris Lark "Some people try to help instead of just starting out trying to harm." Iris meets Serena's eyes and offers her a slightly shy smile. "I ..personally..want to help people because I've known hardship, and want to help others avoid it. If I can." She finishes wrapping the bandages and shrugs. "It makes up for the many shortcomings and bad traits that I have." She lets out a sigh as she caps the jar and stows it. "Would you like some of this salve to take with you?"
Serena She'd just listen intently as she watched her go to work on her burns. Clearing her throat she'd just look off to the side and nodded. "I suppose. I don't interact with people much. I find it less complicated that way...though someone was telling me I shouldn't judge people so quickly." Once she was done she'd look to the jar then back to her. "How much do I owe you?" Her hand would dig into some hidden pockets, a lighter falling out that she quickly scooped up.
Iris Lark "Nothing, if you'll do me a favor?" Iris says, pushing to her feet as she puts the items back in her basket. She slowly folds her arms over her chest and lets out a soft sigh. "If you find that you need something, you let me try to help. That's it, very simple. No obligation. You don't have to come to me to help, but you'll know that you can. That's payment enough for me." She gestures to the woman's dress. "Or maybe I can sew you up a new dress.."
Serena Slowly she would stand up as she watched her carefully. "I knew there was a....." But Serena shut up quickly as she heard what she wanted. Blinking she'd look at her freshly bandaged hands and down to her dress. Looking to the basket she would stare but keep speaking. "Alright. That is fine though I make no promises." Looking back to her she'd hold her hand out then. "....can I have my dress pieces back please.....I need to get rid of them...."
Iris Lark Iris picks up the old bandages and hands them to Serena. "No catch, in the end I just don't want to take your caps." She shrugs and lets out a soft breath as she makes her way back towards the store. "I don't want to argue either." Looks like the infinte well of patience does have a bottom. She points roughly southeast and adds. "That is the way to Shantytown and El Dorado. When you see a lake, go south." She tilts her head slightly and quirks a brow. "I hope things go well for you there."
Serena She'd take those bandages and tossed them on the ground. "Thank you...." That seemed to be a general one as she looked at those bandage and they engulfed in a flame and burned to ash. "I don't like leaving a trail." Clearing her throat she'd then look the direction she told before nodded. "I'm...." There was a pause as she finally turned to face her. "I thank you. Forgive me for being so....." Now she didn't know the word for it and just nod. "....Serena by the way..." And that she quickly turned and made her way the direction she was directed to get back home.
Iris Lark Iris watches the girl walk away and she shakes her head as she moves to stamp out the lingering flames. "Sometimes I think I should have stayed in that camp, or ran away when I was freed from it." She walks back towards the entrance to the store and slips inside, closing the door behind her.