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Lynnette Lyn was bored as she wandered out into the Wasteland. She was on the hunt! But for what? No freaking clue. Taking a deep breath she would look around, squinting as she peered around. That small pistol was now tucked into the back of her pants. That's right! She was not dolled up but in fact....looked as if she could actually do something other than sit and look pretty.
Krysta      Krysta was back in the wasteland... Blowing shit up. Again. But hey! she was not near El Dorado so Lee couldn't yell at her this time! She was leaning against a brick wall, back to the wall as she was crouching there. She peered over the wall, making sure no one was around and .. CHINK.. tossed a grenade. BOOOM!
Lynnette Hearing that boom she jumped. "The hell?!" Lyn pulled that gun out of her pants and clicked off the safety. Looking around to where that blast was she kept her distance. Was it those Enclave asshats again? Hopefully not. She was NOT in the mood for the crap today.
Krysta      Krysta stood up and dusted off her pants before stepping out and into the blast area. She let out a low whistle. "Now that's a punch! Goddamn." The woman was crouched over the smoking miniature crater, checking it out from every possible angle, hovering her fingers over it to test for heat. "Now if I could get ahold of a plasma grenade. Fuck.. That would be fun..." She's uaware of Lynn.
Lynnette Lyn would just watch the woman for a moment before speaking up. "What the hell are you doing?!" The woman would keep her gun in her hand for now, looking around for a second. She didn't know her and heck...who knows who she really is. Yup...paranoid is paranoid. Finally those green eyes would look back over at in. "And why are you blowing shit up?!"
Krysta      Krysta lifted her head as Lynn started shouting and blinked a few times, her expression souring. "So I can get better at it. Maybe help protect you civvie's asses from the Enclave. I'm out of range to the town."
Lynnette Rolling her eyes she would put her gun back in her pants belt and crossed her arms. "Oh why think you oh benevolent one..." She'd curtsy then before raising a brow. "And I don't care what you do out here. Just..." Trailing off she'd murmur something about her being strange. "So you always blowing crap up?"
Krysta      Krysta raised an eyebrow at Lynnette and shrugged, folding her arms across her chest. Her arm was bandaged, blood showing through some. "Sometimes. How else do I get better? Is there something you wanted, Miss? I'm not bothering your bar and I'm not near El Dorado...."
Lynnette She would raise her brow a bit as she tiled her head. "I just wanna know what you did with my friend the other night....." That gun was def back in her pants but she needed to know. "....I just want to make sure you're not....a problem."
Krysta      Krysta narrowed her eyes a bit then moved her jacket back behind a certain beretta in her waistband. Devlin's pistol. "I held him at gunpoint until I got what I wanted out of him. Then he put his laser into my ribs and did the same." She wasn't lying in the slightest. Yet this all did not seem like an odd thing to be doing to her. She looked slightly confused if anything.
Lynnette Looking down at the gun she'd frown and then smirked. "Look, lady...." Licking her lips she'd slide her foot out somewhat as she stood a shoulder width's apart with those booted feet. "I didn't know getting information meant stealing guns..." Narrowing her eyes a bit she'd grin a bit. "But don't do anything dumb....I'm not hear to do anything to you."
Krysta      Krysta smirked. "He gave this to me so I could set bombs on our last mission and still have a gun in my hands. You want me to give it back even though he didn't want it back?" She chuckled and shifted, relaxing her stance a bit. "Again. What do you want? Are you his mom now? You think he can't handle himself or me?" Well, maybe not handle her as much....
Lynnette Frowning that playful air would fade away. "Look....woman. I'm looking out for a friend. I'm not as old as you maybe you'd be his mom. But I can look after friends if I want...."
Krysta      Krysta's tone was curt. "You're not." Indicating Lynn was younger than the militia woman. But then she shook her head. "You don't like me and I don't know that I should care. If he wants me to fuck off he'll tell me to fuck off and it's really none of your business."
Lynnette "Look...if you want me to call you old lady I can. But I'm sure you're not that much older than me. Now then...." Raising her brow as she just stared at her. "I never said I don't like. I don't like your behavior. Now I came out here to see if I was wrong....." Folding her arms across her chest now she would tilt her head.
Krysta      "I'm not stupid, Miss." Krysta watched Lynn, still confused but already bringing up her defenses again. "You don't like my behavior. I see. But he doesn't judge me by standards like yours." She held up her arm, bandaged. "He could have let this bleed but insisted on wrapping it. Does that sound like I've behaved badly toward him? Perhaps you simply cannot understand what makes us tick."
Lynnette Staring at her she'd just look at her flatly then. "Well....Miss...." Was that sarcasm? "By the way you treat me....I feel as if you take me as some tart...." A smirk tugged at her lips then. "And even if I might be a tart..I'm a loyal tart. I just want to make sure I don't have get in a cat fight...." Licking he rips she'd look her over she'd then smile. "...because though I'm usually in that dress...this kitty has claws...."
Krysta      "If you give yourself to every man in El Dorado I still wouldn't care. I don't think you're some tart." She frowned then, however, turning her back to Lynn as she began gathering her things. "But I do not take kindly to being threatened. Especially when you don't understand the context of what you're judging. Do you want to fight? Let's fight. Otherwise, my relationship with him is between two mercenaries not some off job's boss. I'm not yours to judge, girl."
Lynnette "If you call me more time....we will have a problem." Frowning now she would would stare. "And I don't make threats....I make promises. And yet....I haven't made one. I can look out for my friends."
Krysta      Krysta frowned darkly at Lynn then, her items in her hands and being stowed away in pockets, the woman looked at her as coldly as one might be able to. "Then we have a failure to communicate. You're coyly telling me you're going to kick my ass if I don't behave in a manner you see fit around one of your part-time employees. And I'm telling you I don't care. I'm sure he doesn't either. As he said.. We're not friends." This last came out even colder and flatter than the rest but there was an underlying pain in the statement. A loss of hope and sadness that she could not keep from dulling her violet eyes. She tried to walk past Lynn then, seeing no positives to be had in this confrontation.
Lynnette Reaching out she'd grab the woman and stop. "Look....first of all....I'm not a girl. I'm thirty two. So please....stop calling me girl." There was a frown then. "I haven't been girl since my father died. Secondly....I don't know what you're going through....but all this joking about stealing does make me question." Taking a deep breath she would look at her. "And maybe...just maybe....just like me, he doesn't know you. So you're not friends.....yet."
Krysta      Krysta flinched at the touch, tensing visibly as hse was halted in her stride. Lynn's words did not seem to have much effect on her, however. She did seem to be showing the beginning of a tremble in that arm, though possibly from tension caused by being touched. She finally tried to yank her arm out of Lynn's grip. "People like me don't have friends. We're not worth the time."
Lynnette Letting go she would frown then sighed. "Look....." She'd let go and put her hands up defensively. "I thought that too at one point. It's shocking what time can do..." There's a shrug then as she turned and put a hand up in wave. "I'll leave you to your bombing."
Krysta      Krysta did not move an inch until Lynn was out of sight. And then turned slamming her fist into a wall as hard as she could, dislodging some of the deteriorating brick. Her expression never shifted in the slightest, however....