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Owner Pose
Flint Athens     Flint Athens has a holodisc! He recently dug it up out of the ruins of Roswell and has been looking for someone skilled enough in technology to actually help him install it into the Pip-Boy 3000 that he wears on his arm. Unfortunately for him, this tends to involve asking random people on the streets if they know anyone who has that skillset.

    Which is wear we find him right now, with a sign that says, "Looking for Tech Expert. Will pay caps."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell is walking around town looking for some sort of work, and wouldn't you know it? He's in luck! He walks up to Flint and nods to him. "I'm fairly good with tech, what exactly do you need help with? Probably able to help with all sorts of stuff." he was wearing power armor so he probably knew what he was doing tech-wise.
Flint Athens     Flint looks up from the position he was standing in. The hired gun is just wearing basic combat armor. He looks over the Power Armor-clad man and says, "Yes! Thank you for stopping! I'm looking for someone who will be nice enough to help me install this Holodisc into my Pip-Boy! I'm willing to cover the supplies, plus labor!" He holds up the Security Holodisc.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Flint and looks down at his pipoboy. "I assume the pay will be at least somewhat decent." he asks curiously. Either way, he's more then happy to do it unless the hired gun was screwing him over, in which case there would be a shootout. He grabs hold of the holodisk and motions for the man to turn over his arm. "Move your pipboy so the disk slot is in view. I can't do this blindly ya' know." he says, beginning to do some mental calculations while also figuring out the best way to insert the holodisk.
Flint Athens     Flint rolls up the sleeve of his combat armor to expose the Pip-Boy 3000 on his arm and nods his head, "Thanks. I'm good at a lot of stuff, but when it comes to installing these really sensitive things, I'm like a ghoul at a fancy party." Flint says as he holds out the Pip-Boy to Knight Caldwell so that he can get a good angle on the Holodisc port.
Guardian Caldwell The Knight Of Steel begins to take the holodisk and gently begins to hook it up to the ports of the pipboy. Sighing as he begins to do more calculations and worrys about making sure he doesn't fuck this up. He continues fiddling with the pipboy, trying to make sure it works perfectly. Once he's done he wipes sweat off his brow and sighs. "Jesus...This is difficult work...Never really worked with holodiscs before..hope this works."
Flint Athens     Flint takes his wrist back after a few moments and looks at it, tilting his head, "It looks like the Pip-Boy is trying to install the disc. Seems like it'll take a bit, so we'll know later if it works!" He grins and nods his head towards Caldwell and then takes out a bag of caps. About 75 of them, "Here. Take this for helping me out. I'm Flint Athens, by the way. I work as a hired gun around the Roswell area."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell takes the cap bag and pockets it. Smiling to Flint "Hope it works, I tried my best." he nods to Flint "Nice to meet you Flint, William Caldwell of the New Mexican Brotherhood of Steel. I lead the chapter here." he says, then turning around "If you need me again don't hesitate to call for me. I'll help with whatever I can. Best of luck to you!" after that he begins walking off.