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The first General Assembly of the 'El Dorado Federation' had just concluded at El Dorado City Hall, with the leaders of the various settlements that claimed membership sitting down to try and figure out how to proceed from the point they were at now.

The meeting had gone well with several new protection and defense programs going into place to help insure that all of the settlements that were allied would have adequate ways of being protected and any threats responded to.

Full responsibility for the plan was to fall to Mayor Adam West of Gohauq, without a doubt, one of the most experienced and canny of the group of leaders; they had even wanted him to be President when the guy from Roswell died, but he's such a swell guy he said no! Maybe it's because he's secretly Batman? President Batman would be bad

Other initiatives had been put into a place including an amnesty for prisoners from the Siege of El Dorado, it was a return to the ways of armies and forces from centuries before the great war. Forced Conscription.

The prisoners would be given a choice: Renounce their ties to the Enclave and serve the Militia or work in the Caps Mines. There was no sense in wasting resources or rope on people like that.

One of the most surprising reveals had been the opening of El Dorado's hidden armory for requisition by her citizens, a program aimed at 'arming up the good Samaritans of El Dorado'.

Maybe you had attended the meeting, or maybe you were just in the area passing through, or maybe you HEARD there might be free stuff and you wandered by.
Krysta      Krysta? Krysta was there because there were important people around. She kept to the background and mostly leaned against the wall, watching, waiting, taking notes... She wanted faces and names and information.
Alasa Alasa and Bob had been passing through the area, when Bob heard something about free stuff. Bob was very excited, and if he had a long tail it would be wagging....of course, Bob could communicate now of this to Alasa...but just by chance, she decides to check things out as well.
Lynnette Lyn had decided to venture out from her basement of the cantina and out into El Dorado. Why the heck not? She could use the break. So there she was...walking outside of the city hall as she saw the crowd of people hanging around. Letting out a yawn she'd peek around to see if she even knew anyone out here.
Shiloh      Shiloh would have been there at the meeting, listening to it all. Her ties to the Wayne family had given her just enough reason to linger in the back and listen to the measures being discussed and planned for El Dorado. She had hoped to hear more about what might be done to help -their- prisoners that are still stuck behind those enemy lines, but there wasn't much said yet. She couldn't muster up much to voice in the meeting itself, except for agreeing to try to be more involved in the fortifications and repair effort itself. The pain from the fight with the mutants was still a heavy burden that clouded and weighed down her thoughts, and she would turn to excuse herself from the meeting when it became apparent that she wouldn't be able to focus through much more of it. She walks outside of the meeting space and folds her arms over her face, trying to remain strong and composed while she pushes the stinging of her burning flesh and the throbbing ache of old bite wounds down to the pit of her mind.
Carter Griffin Carter had been at the meeting. Not in any official capacity, after all...El Dorado had made it clear they wanted nothing to do with the NCR. But still, any intel he could gather on the new nation would be something he could relay back home. This was, after all, the main reason he was sent here all those months ago.

Other Rangers had come and gone, the NCR had tried to set up an embasy but had been run out of town. He wondered if he could petition to gain control of the old embasy building as a residence for himself. He'd need to figure out who to talk to.

Once the meeting was over, he stepped outside, helmet under his arm, to get some fresh air. Politics were not his strong suit, he knew that much. But he had to do what he can to help these folks, even if they were needing people like him less and less with each passing day.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell was here attending and providing protection to the meeting. After all, he was a Guardian now and this was his job! He looks over to BATMAN *Cough* I mean Adam West and nods at his leadership skills. What a guy, that Adam West. Caldwell on the other hand was finishing up his protection duty and getting ready to leave to head back to his farm.
Devlin Devlin attended the meeting, though he did so without his helmet on, his pistols securely fastened and he was even clean shaven! What he lacked in formal attire he attempted to make up for with effort.. while taking on a few caps posing as additional security which was common when so many leaders met in one place that was known to the general public. Taking mental notes of the more publically spoken about defense measures, Devlin began to size up which settlement would be financing the more prominent contracts.
Krysta      Well, hell... There was Lynnette.... Krysta made a face then looked to the side. That woman was going to end up getting her killed one day.... Krysta moved suddenly, going to look for someone else of rank to take notes on... Aaaand SMACK! Runs right into Carter's chest. "Oof!" She might stumble backward, a hand going to her nose.. might even fall!! Oh no! What WILL people do!?
Matt     Matt showed simply as a representative for Lonestar. He is a veritable outsider amongst the families and the cities leadership. Nobody really wanted to talk to him either, any discussion with caravans wouldnt occur in an inaugural meeting.
Ashur Swaddled in steel, the brutish Ashur descends upon the assembly; he embodies the Roman spirit here, proudly wearing the white cloak of their military, his salvaged power armor bearing their aesthetic, all crested feather helm and leather skirt upon the inches-thick plates of his armor. His eyes, unseen behind the bulletproof protectors of his helmet, slide from person to person, and his breath and voice alike have a metal purr through his rebreather.

He has listened to some of the initiatives, speaking in support or disapproval -- it should come as no surprise that the one he most adamantly supported was the forced conscription of the Enclave prisoners, approving of El Dorado finally adopting proud acceptance of Legion slavery.
Shiloh      Shiloh makes a glance over at Ashur on her way out, noticing that he had been in the meeting in all of his armor. She was surprised that she could even miss such a sight, since it was just about the only way she's seen him. Maybe that was part of the reason that she hadn't noticed him, it was hard to differentiate the man she met from the metallic statue that often stood looming in his place. She seems to think about stopping by him, but walks by to Matt first, whispering to him quietly, "How are you holding up through the meeting? Don't think that I've forgotten that you probably haven't gotten to see Iris yet either.." Krysta bumping into Carter does go noticed, but she just winces in sympathy for the woman.
Lynnette She'd seen Krysta and just rolled her eyes as she looked the other way. Snickering when she saw her bump into someone she'd look and see a couple of faces. Seeing Matt she'd give him a wave then turning to wink over at Devlin. Sighing she'd just rest her hands on her head as she stays quiet....for now. She'd see Ashur but just turned her gaze to Shiloh and gave her wave then.
Alasa Alasa reaches down, and scratches Bob behind the ears. "Well, this seems like a good sign...people working together. Of course, the stories of the governments and there treatments of my ancestors..hmm, you know, I'm torn a bit....oh I'm sure Mother Sun will watch over us."
Vault Girl There was indeed free stuff!

A few of the Colonels from the Militia were showing off some of the weapons that had been broken out for use, finally after decades of remaining hidden under lock and key.

Colonel Sanders had not one, but two gauss pistols on his waist and had a new white suit replacing the dirty bloodied one he had on during the Siege of El Dorado. Showing off his quickdrawing skills to some local kids, he hands one of them a pistol and says, "Alright Jimmy, just point and shoot, right over there at that sign above Ma Lorries Fried Molerat Stand."

Damn competition, chicken was the best!

Outside of City Hall, there are volunteers handing out El Dorado Federation Flags which quickly run out entirely!
B B wanders down the street, hands in the pockets of her apron and hair tucked under a red bandana. Spying the crowd, she furrows her brow and heads that way. She arrives just in time to see Krysta run smack into someone's chest. "Careful there," she says but she's too far away to do more than watch and frown. Someone shoves a flag her way and her attention turns to it instead. "Oh. Thanks?" says she.
Matt After the meeting, Matt comes down the steps as well. He didn't exactly dress the part of attending governmental meetings, regular old clothes. But he returns Shiloh's converstaion and shrugs his shoulders. "I was going to drink during it anyways. 'Sides, *I* have gone to see her already and gotten taken care of. I don't suffer silently as if it was doin people much good." He gives Shiloh a pointed look about it.
Carter Griffin Carter turns around to try to grab Krysta after she crashes into him, dropping his helmet in the process so he can keep her from falling over, "Whoa!" He doesn't want her to hurt herself, especially because of him.
Alasa Alasa looks at the flag, that someone hands her...."Well Bob, what do you think? Now we need a flag pole in the garden. I think it will look great with our scarecrow.." Bob just sits there, not saying anything.
Lynnette Finally she'd make her way up to Devlin with a brow raise now. Looking past him then back to him with a smile. But then a flag was shoved into her hand. Blinking she'd look down it then chuckled softly. "....working, busy man?" A tilt of her head as she then waited a moment then nodded. "I need to talk to you later by the way....."
Iris Lark Iris walks among those present, new flag in hand, as she glances around at the people gathered. Lots of people celebrating and talking about happy things. All well and good. Talk of new defenses and general relief from the struggles of the past few months. She takes a seat somewhere out of the way and keeps an eye on the excitement, for now.
B Waving her flag experimentally, B grins. Gaze skimming the crowd, she nods to those she knows, and those she doesn't but happen to look her way. "Looks like a party here, except minus the drinks. Had I known, I would have brought the horse and some barrels." She rolls on shoulder in a half shrug before stepping closer to the nearest person and asking what she missed in a hushed voice.
Shiloh      Shiloh smiles weakly at Matt's scolding, letting herself get distracted by grabbing one of the flags offered out to her. She turns it over and lets it occupy most of her attention. "Hey, does do good in a way." She claims to Matt, huffing out before going on to explain, "I mean...Iris has more bandages now, more salves to spread out to other people. I'm learning valuable lessons on how to be tougher and maybe, just maybe, I'll get a scarred-up hide that will one day be impervious to mutant spittle -and- rotten teeth." She grins at him to try to keep some mirth in the situation before she reluctantly allows, "I'll see her soon, I promise. It's not like I'm avoiding her on purpose...not like I'm afraid of doctors or anything like that..." She looks around, noting who she may or may not know, and waving at them all just the same.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell watches as a flag is given to him, drapping it over his back like a cloak and tying it to his neck like some sort of ghetto ironman. He looks over to Krysta as she tumbles about. Then gives a gentle nod to Iris. The only person he seemed to know here. Caldwell plants himself in a seat near Iris and gives a light wave "Hows it hangin, Iris?" he asks.
Ashur Ashur watches the Colonel teach some kids how to shoot. The first shot of plasma goes wide, fading like a shooting star through the sky; God bless you, Ma Lorries' Fried Molerat Stand. You live to disappoint another day.

When he turns, armored boots smashing the ground with a thunderous, march-like tread, that massive cloak dragging on the ground behind him, he is at first moving toward the exit, considering his participation in the meeting at an end. Let the others mingle and mix, delighting in each other's company; the Legionnaire has been seething as of late, and has little interest. If his expression could be read behind that mask, it would surely be as apathetically stern as the metal itself.

But his path does take him toward Shiloh, who had been glancing at him, making note of her bandages. "You are injured. When did that happen?"
Krysta      Krysta squeaked as she was caught, wincing at the sound of that helmet hitting the ground. "Ffffuck kind of armor...was.." And then she realized why that duster looked familiar.... Well hell. "Sorry, Sir. I wasn't paying attention. It was my fault." She cracked her nose back into proper place and bent, retrieving Carter's helmet and handing it back to him." Then someone handed her a flag and she peered at it blinking a few times.... Propaganda. That's what these flags were. Krysta peered at hers and tucked it away for .. something later... Flags. yay. Devlin would be disappointed n that Krysta was NOT stupid enough to try and steal Carter's gun. He wasn't even drunk! Sheesh.. some people... She might have copped a feel of that chest armor though... That was hot. And Lynnette! Trying to steal her target practice dummy! Gawd!!!
Devlin Devlin watches the room a quietly with his right hand behind his back. Upon noticing the ever tumbling Krysta, the solemn expression he managed to maintain was tainted with an amused smirk and a watchful eye, not only to see if she fell but to watch her hands to see if she was a pickpocket specialist. With the meeting concluding, Devlin makes his way over to the Colonels watching the display of the weapons only to say, "That's always a warming sight. Training them to defend themselves and to be curious about the newest designs." The moment he speaks someone draws his attention but also a raised brow. "Is that so ma'am? Let's speak again while in town if it is important. Is it dire or just pressing?" is asked carefully as he attempts to maintain a formal tone.
Iris Lark Iris shoulderbumps Caldwell and grins over in his direction. "Doing good, and how is life out on your farm? I heard you might have almost tried to die on purpose, accidently." She leans in and quietly adds. "Please don't do that anymore."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks up at Ashur, once more caught off guard by the fact that the armored man was walking over to her. She glances down at her arm closest to him and turns it over, "Hello. Oh, uh, when hasn't it happened lately?" She asks him, casting a similar grin up at the much taller man to keep things light hearted. "Let's see...just before I bumped into you, it was ghouls and radiation burns from scavenging out in Roswell's scrapyard...most recent ones are on my back. Those saggy mutant flesh bags splashed me good..." Her grin wanes and she confesses, "Been trying to get a lot of bed-rest since then, but it hasn't been doing much good. Gotta see someone before it becomes something worse like a full-on infection. Last thing I wanna do is lose an arm or something..."
Lynnette Lyn would part her lips to say something but she was just...dumbfounded. A brow would raise higher if that was possible then but just smirked. "Pressing....I suppose...." There was a curtsey before she chuckled and turned to make her way from him now. "Enjoy your day, good sir....." And with that she would make her way back into the crowd, that flag tucked under her arm now as she hummed softly to herself. Finding herself a wall, she'd lean up against it then as she closed her eyes. Exhaling softly she'd finally look down at that flag she'd acquired. "Hmm."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns over at Iris and shakes his head "Wasn't an accident. After protecting El Dorado I never got patched up, turns out I was more battered then I thought and just collapsed in the farm. I promise i'll be more careful next time." he says, offering a smile to show he's at least feeling SOMEWHAT better.
Carter Griffin Carter takes the helmet back, and then gets handed a flag. He hmms a little bit as he looks over it. He admittedly likes the NCR flag better, but he'll hold onto this anyway. Maybe he can get a good NCR flag out here, the last one he had on him he used a long while back.

At least he always has his tattoo, that'll never go anywhere. He tucks the flag away in his satchel, "It's okay. Hope you're alright." He says to Krysta, before he leaves the steps of the town hall and moves away from the entrance.
Alasa Alasa tucks the flag into her backback, as she glances around. "Lets see, there passing out what they need is booze...yep, that would make this a real celebration."
B Finding herself near Alasa, B nods in agreement to what she said. "Indeed. I'll I've got on me is a flask, but you're welcome to share it. Careful now, it tastes pretty vile and a little bit'll do you." She withdraws a dented tin flask from her apron and offers it over to the other woman.
Iris Lark Iris pats Caldwell gently on the back and nods. "Next time don't be shy, come to the clinic, at the very least it will keep you from passing out at home." She spots Lynnette across the room and raises her hand to wave at her. She glances towards the exit, catching sight of the weird looking black car and doesn't say anything about it, just shrugs.
Ashur The bull draws to a still, looking down over Shiloh's wounds and bandages. A grip of cold steel seizes her chin and tilts her head up and to the side, exposing that patch of irradiated skin mentioned -- reddened, dry and peeling, though it does not seem especially bad. A brush of his thumb along her jaw, and he releases her, reaching higher to give her head a little pat. "Adventure is all well and good," he instructs her, "but you are not invincible. Rest, recover, and find yourself better protection before you wander off to challenge another mutant. You were not prepared for that, little Shiloh."
Vault Girl Mayor Adam West notices Caldwell and gives him a pat on his power armored shoulder, "I'd recognize you anywhere Caldwell, remember that dance I taught you? Yaaaaaaaaa." West nodded and gave some thumbs ups and headed back to the strange looking black car that would take him back to Roswell!
Matt "Everyone gets hurt occasionally, Shiloh. Pride over suffering isnt exactly a model sort attitude." Matt comments to Shiloh, agreeing with Ashur somewhat. His attention turns to him now though and gives him a serious nod. "I appreciate your assistance getting that caravan through, it wouldnt have been possible without your assistance."
Devlin Devlin eventually shift from one display to the next, studying the arms but that doesn't last long. Getting stopped, he accepts one of the flags but he starts to look through the crowd to assess how many others were given one before looking at the flag itself. "Now, what do I do with you?" is asked to the flag before slipping it into his jacket for safe keeping
Krysta      Krysta flashed a smile at Carter and as he turned she disappeared into the crowd....
B B takes her flask back from Alasa, should the other woman have taken it for a sip. Then she turns to continue on her errand, heading down a side street at away from the crowd.
Shiloh      Despite a flinch from the sudden movement, Shiloh endures Ashur's unprovoked inspection of her wounds well. "That started looking better whenever I stopped scratching it as much...just felt like there was something creeping over it constantly." She murmers up to Ashur, smiling up at him gently. When she's freed, she momentarily rubs where Ashur's thumb last was, "I'll get it looked at though, and I'm being more careful, I promise...I have this armor and I have a couple of new weapons to rely on when I need be honest, if I had known that there were going to be mutants out there...I probably would have kept far away. But...hey, even if I wasn't slashing through them like butter like you, I still...gotta be there at least. So that was something...stopped someone from flipping over the wagon! That was...good."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and pats Caldwell on the shoulder as she makes her way towards the door, folding her flag so she can put it up later. She gives the room behind her once last glance before she slips out and makes her way towards Acme again.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Mayor Adam West. He remembers very well The Batman Dance. He wasn't sure why he had to get naked to do it, but Adam West was a genius and as such, he would listen to him. He looks over to Iris and nods. "Got it. Cami has been taking good care of me, sweet girl. I appreciate your concern though Iris. Have a good day." he rises up and begins to walk off after giving Iris a quick wave.
Lynnette She'd finally catch movement and looked up to see Iris with a wave. Pushing herself off of the wall she'd return the wave before the woman left. Sighing she'd run her hands through her hair before cracking her neck and making her way out of the crowd. Too many people for her liking right now. Finding herself a seat from the rest of the group she'd plop down and start to look over this flag. A brow would raise as she then chuckled. " would this...."
Alasa Alasa watches as B appears and B disappears almost as fast, "Guess she had somewhere to be...good thing we don't have problems like that."
Ashur Ashur's obscured gaze remains on Shiloh for a long, drawn-out moment as she speaks, soaking in the sight of her. "A wound itches as it heals," he mentions, "as the flesh and nerves knit themselves back to working order. The medici were always firm that you do not scratch, you do not aggravate the bandages, and you do not whine when it burns."

That last part probably isn't relevant to her healing process.

"Good girl. Should you see me in the field when trouble is afoot, come to me; the trifling creatures that populate the trade routes of El Dorado are no threat to me."

The boastful Roman turns now and looks to Matt, returning the nod. "Hail, caravaneer. The safety of these roads is a paramount concern; trade between the settlements keeps them prosperous, and my own brides travel them. Should ever you need assistance, seek me out."
Shiloh      Shiloh shifts where she stands timidly under Ashur's focus, but listens to the advice he has to offer her about the injuries, whether or not they may pertain to her. She can't help but laugh at something he says and agree with him, "Ma told me that if she saw me doing it again, she'd tape my hands down with oven mitts until everything as all better. The scratching I mean...I told her I could find a way around them, but I still don't really want to chance having to walk around with puffy lobster-claws for a week or more. It'd make working in the shop impossible...anyway, if I see you out there, you don't really have to tell me twice. Not a fighter, so just...need all the help I can get. Especially if I gotta be out there more scavenging parts for Private Wayne."
Ashur Ashur might laugh in tandem with Shiloh -- some sound or another comes from the filter of his helmet, though whether it's an amused chuff or just a louder-than-normal breath is difficult to discern. "I have not seen people with lobster-claws," he admits, "but anything is possible. There is a woman here in town named Kaelyn who has these very long, strange ears. Some sort of modification to her; the human body is malleable, when the black hands of science and radiation twist it so."

He folds an arm behind his back, the thick plates of his armor clanging lightly against one another. "I came to hear the proposals for this meeting, but one of my brides has recently given birth; I should not be away from her overly long." A pause, and a look at her. "I will see you again in Acme tomorrow."

With another pat of her head, he begins to lumber off.
Shiloh      "Really?" Shiloh asks of Ashur, sounding a little curious about that. She reaches up to rub along the outer edges of her ear to trace its shape there, "I guess weird ears aren't the worse thing in the world...You can probably get a wig or grow your hair out to try to cover them up if they were really out there.." She trails off and dips her head to Ashur after his admission, "Definitely don't let me keep you then! Congratulations on the little boy or girl! I'll have to try to find a gift to offer at some point while I'm out. Maybe they'll like playing with the flag they gave out if you're willing to risk yours getting chewed and drooled on." She giggles at the thought and tucks her hands loosely into her pockets, fondly smiling. "That sounds good, I should be in the area anyway trying to get treated up. See you then, and have a good one." She does free a hand to brush over the top of her own hand, brushing over it to make sure that the pats haven't mussed up her bun too much there. "Be safe!"