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B That night was uneventful, save for finding out that the slave known as A, recently rescued along with Elizabeth the baby, is a fantastic cook. She was able to make a veritable feast for our heroes. While they ate, they planned. The next target is the brewery that Robert owns and B called home for the majority of her life. She's able to give an exact layout of the location certain that not much has changed in her time away from it.

"There are a bunch of places to enter," says she standing over a map drawn in the dirt with a stick. After pointing them all out, she continues, "but my main concern is that security will be tougher now that Robert knows we're after him. During the day, there'll be workers there, slaves, and probably a guard or two. Might even run into Robert there. Things might be a little better after dark seen as there'll be less people around but .. It'll be dark. Might be more guards. So .. I don't know. I'm not good with tactics." She waits to see what the popular opinion while they plan their point of entry.
Krysta      Krysta ate some of the food provided by A, though did not allow herself to have too much lest she feel weighed down. It was good though. As she studied the map and layout she shook her head. "I'm assuming we don't want to kill the slaves so Night would be smarter. Also, allows us some cover. You already know my answer since there's no hostages." She patted her pocket indicating explosives most likely. "But others might not agree... Either way nighttime would keep the innocent body count down."
Rolande The baby safely returned to B's arms, the relative smoothness of how things had happened at the estate, and now a delicious meal? These were all things Rolande could get behind, but they had only achieved one part of their objective. He'd taken a knee next to the impromptu map, looking it over with a discerning eye as he cradled his helmet under one arm, free gloved hand touseling unwashed auburn locks. "If my opinion matters for anythin', I'd say a night approach would be best. The less we have to throw ourselves against, the better, but ol' Roberto may square his forces up after dark too."

The Ranger chewed on the inside of his face a moment, looking around at those gathered before settling on B. "Don't suppose there ain't any way to get in from the top, is there? Ol' fire escape, roof access?" It was clear by his line of questioning that he was trying to think of a plan of action.
B "Night it is. We could wake up the slaves and get them out. There's an enterance to the basement just inside the loading dock. Are you good at sneaking around?" B asks Krysta, "you could probably sneak around and set up some explosives. I'd love to leave the place in ruins .. revenge for all the childhoods he's stolen over the years, myself included."

After a pause to consider Rolande's words, B nods. "There is a ladder that leads up over on this side. I don't know where it comes down inside, but I suspect on the catwalks above the tanks somewhere on the workfloor. And, you're probably right. Robert is sure to know we're headed there next. I'm sure he's increased security now that he suspects we're coming."
Krysta      Krysta tilted her head and took a sip of water as Rolande asks about roof access. The woman looked over her shoulder. Then she shrugged. "I can easily set up charges. Give me a few hours I can light the whole place up. But you don't want to be inside when it goes. OR on the roof. I'd be aiming to collapse the entire structure in one go. Got any fertilizer laying around here?"
Rolande "So, we set the place to come down around their ears after we get the slaves out. While Krysta is handling the charges, I'll head to the roof and work my way inside, see if I can't size things up- there might be slaves out on the floor still, or at the very least, I can cause a ruckus t'make things easier, and then get out. Aside from just causin' hell, is there anythin' about this place that's important?" The Ranger asked, to make doubly sure there wasn't any details they were missing.
B "Fertilizer? Er .. I don't think so unless you count Copper's manure. That's about the best I can do." B wrinkles her nose, shooting a glance to the horse in question who is placidly munching on some weeds just out of the fire's light. She shrugs and looks back to the others around the fire. "Newp.. it's just a big warehouse. There's an office on the main floor where Robert usually hangs out during the day. At night, he'll probably be at home, unless he's setting a trap. I go with you," she says to Rolande with a nod, "and try to be useful. If nothing else, it's another body to shoot at. A'll stay here with Elizabeth. She's not much of a fighter anyway. Derk's going to stay behind too to treat A and check up on Elizabeth, so we'll have to be careful. I have a medkit on me, but I'm no medic." And so with a plan in place, they spend the night and the rest of the next day resting and preparing for their attack.

The next night, B leads the way to the brewery. It's a large building that was a brewery before the bombs fell so long ago. It's a three storey building with a loading bay complete with rusted out trucks and shipping containers neatly lined up next to the chain link fence. She points out a point of entry for Krysta near the loading bay, and the ladder up around the side of the building. This will split them up if Krysta (and Devlin) decides not to come with B and Rolande. Might make it easier to flank whoever is still inside.
Devlin     Like Krysta, Devlin had alternate plans but they weren't like the woman's at all. Having missed the preparation meal do to treating the final stages of his previous wounds, he didn't have much time to explain his desires. "I'll be moving along with Krysta, anyone going out and getting caught alone is going to be in trouble, we got lucky last time.." Keeping his tone soft, Devlin splits off from B and Rolande at the ladder, making sure the pair made it up safely before looking around to make sure noone heard the creaking sounds of a pair of climbers.

    Turning to Krysta, he motions for her to pause before pointing to the ground a short distance away. "Hounds.. they'll smell the odd smell you're bringing near the building, if they are patrolling still, take them out or just hope they don't notice?" Devlin didn't make the choice, leaving that up for the I.E. specialist of the two of them, relenting the focus of preparing his blaster, preparing it's charge count and replacing a minor cell that has been expelled within the last encounter.
Krysta      Krysta was crouched as she waited for the two to go up the ladder and blinked when Devlin said he was going with /her/. She blinked a few times then shook her head, arranging the blasting caps carefully. She had given B and Rolande simple fireworks, basic bottle rockets, to set off when they were clear. It would be the signal for her to light the place up.
     So as they took off and Devlin pointed out the dogs' tracks she shrugged. "Dog's gonna zone in on me anyway. I'm new to them. And I smell like C4 and fertilizer." She'd gotten some fertilizer (read as horse shit) and spent the last day mixing several little balls of explosives. Improvised explosives. Yay. She looked around then started digging a little hole by the foundation of a beam point. The point was, of course, to put one of the explosives into it.
Rolande With fireworks tucked away and a ladder to climb, Rolande made his way up top to the roof access; He'd helped B up on her feet when she came up behind him before stooping low to give the area a once-over, finding no guards and nothing out of the ordinary. A brief search reveals to him a trapdoor, which he brings to his companion's attention with a wave in the dark and a hushed tone.

"Don't suppose you know anything about locks? Otherwise, we'll have to bash it off." The Ranger asked of her, familiar with creeping about given his stealthy movements but not so much the finer arts of breaking and entering.
B B climbed up the ladder with Rolande. As luck would have it, there's no guard posted on the roof, only a couple of stationary spot lights aimed at the front of the building, which the group avoided. B shakes her head. "I've got nothing .. go ahead and hit it." A quick smash with the butt of a rifle takes care of the rusty lock. The door is flipped open and the two descend into the building via a ladder attached to the wall. They emerge on a metal mazelike catwalk that goes all around the cavernous workspace, allowing access to the tops of the vats. So far, they've been able to avoid notice.

Meanwhile, the guard outside rounds the far corner of the building. Devlin is able to hide in the shadows in the doorway of the locked back enterence into the loading bay, but Krysta's movement draws the guard's eye. "Hey!" he shouts, reaching for his gun and approaching, "Stop what you're doing and put your hands up! Is that you, B? Robert said you'd come. I don't want to have to shoot you!"
Krysta      Krysta froze at the voice and motioned with one hand toward Dev to not move. In a tone creepily similar to B's Krysta called. "P..please don't shoot me...." But of course, the woman was not aiming to get them killed, she was luring the bastard closer so Dev could shoot him in the face. Too bad she didn't have Dev's extra pistol.... She would wait for the guy to come closer, holding her rifle down enough to keep it out of sight. Only after Devlin shot his first shot would she open fire once, using his second laser blast to mask her rifle's report.
Devlin     Clucking his tongue, Devlin acted as quickly as he could as soon as he heard 'Hey' his good arm was in motion but once he notices he wasn't the one noticed he slows down. Looking towards Krysta, he nods faintly after noticing her motioning and slowly lifts his pistol laden hand while taking a step back, allowing the man to draw closer. Once the man is well within sight Devlin rapidly pulls the trigger, firing four shots rapidly, attempting to take the man down as quickly as he could though the sound of gunfire would easily echo within the emptiness much to Devlin's annoyance to be working without a suppressor.
B The guard approaches, gun in both hands. He has it aimed towards 'B'. "Come'on B. You know better than to .. fuck!" He's quick on his toes and ducks down. Devlin's shots fly over his head. He's not quite as lucky when Krysta lifts her rifle and takes a shot. He takes one to the chest, letting out a little oof before he raises his gun again towards her form ..
Krysta      Krysta glared coldly as Devlin failed to hit the guy and she didn't nail him right away. but she fired again and again until he stopped moving. "Shit. We have to move." She turned and began hurriedly setting the bombs again, pressing a button and letting it sit there before heading to the next location....
B Ruthlessly, Krysta fills the hapless guard full of holes, leaving him dead before he even hits the ground. Behind them, gunfire echoes through the door hinting at what lies beyond the locked door. Do they pick it and enter, or go around outside to find more sites to bury the horse poop bombs?
Devlin     Cursing under his breath when not a single one of the rounds connects, Devlin has no choice but to watch as he drags back the slide using his neck and clicks a button along the side. The chambered round is ejected downwards into his poised hand within his leather jacket. "Fucking hell.. You know how to use these damn things better than I do," is said gruffly as he follows after Krysta. Were she to turn around to look at him, she would see the very same pistol she stole from him not that long ago being offered to her rather than forcing her to use the large service rifle. "I got two mags in the jacket, take them if you ever need to use them." Still being one handed, Devlin couldn't grasp his proper pistol without the gun being taken or slapped from his hand.
Krysta      Krysta looked up at Devlin as he swore and complimented her. She looked uneasy for a moment then peered at the pistol. It was true, she had had to drop the bomb in order to swing that rifle up.... She carefully took the pistol from him and checked the chamber, slinging her rifle across one shoulder. She now focused on the bombs, though. She had to locate the next structural weak spot and set the next bomb...
B There are more support beams around the perimiter of the building and a couple bombs could easily be placed inside, near the center of the building should she choose. Their gunfire hasn't drawn anyone else to their location, yet. The pair move around the outside of the building, setting bombs without hesitation.

Suddenly the deep bark of several dogs reaches their ears. Rounding the corner come three of them, running at top speed with teeth snapping in the air.
Krysta      Krysta watched the dogs come at her and fired her weapon, striking one twice, then she was holding her forearm up and blocking the dog's mouth from getting to her throat. She did not make a sound as it bit down on her arm. She shoved it away and managed to avoid the second dog's bite entirely.
B The three dogs make it to the pair, splitting up to attack. One goes for Devlin, jumping up to snap at his ribs. While the teeth make contact, they don't penetrate his chestpiece. The other two circle Krysta. One goes for her wrist, but his teeth close on empty air. The other one snaps at her arm, managing to sink into flesh before letting go to try again. They're still barking up a storm as Devlin takes his shots.
Devlin     Wasn't expected the dogs to move as rapidly as they did, leaving him a bit slow to react when they rushed on top of his position. With only one dog on himself, Devlin hastily draws out his laser pistol and pulls the trigger, hardly noticing the creature's teeth scratching against his chestplate without much effect. The rays effect onto the assaulting hound was more than the hound's body could handle and all that was left was a charring corpse as the creature's fur was lit. Turning on the spot, Devlin aims his pistol close to Krysta and pulls the trigger again, this time taking aim at the dog was was freshly wounded. The force of the attack was minimal but from the weakened state of the leg, the dog fell with the limb severed cleanly, not even with a drop of blood being spilled, the wound already seered shut.
Krysta      Krysta lifted that pistol again and shot twice, hitting the dog again both times before it backed off to attack Devlin. "Kill the fucker."
B The dog yelps as he's hit, retreating only far enough to take a few snaps at Devlin. They both miss and the dog prances back. He's well trained, however, and sticks to the fight, no matter that he's on his last legs. Won't take but a shot or two to send him to his end.
Devlin     Watching as the mutt managed to not only survive the two round in the chest but also to have enough energy to strike out at him just barely. While weaving around the dog, Devlin shifts his stance and thrusts his arm out in a swinging motion, with some luck it connects with the dog's skull with a satisfying crunch as the pummel point of the pistol make a indent into the dog's head causing it to drop limp at his feet. "Damn mutts.. I wonder how many more are after us and looking now."
B Meanwhile, B, Rolande, and a slew of slaves exit through the front of the building. They scatter into the night in pairs, leaving a brunette girl with Rolande and B. He lights up the firecrackers, tosses them behind him and the three of them make their way back to camp. Signal given, it's up to Krysta to light up the sky and bring the roof down on the brewery now that the dogs are dead.
Krysta      Krysta watched the dog fall finally and swore again. "I don't know but we have to hurry...." A bit later.. that signal went up and Krysta, yanked Devlin down beside her on the other side of a fence and hit a button... A second later...
     And it all came crumbling down... Some of the beer caught fire but it wasn't long lived. The crazy militia explosives expert.. brought it all down.