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Iris Lark Iris is sitting on the floor in the back room of the general store. A motorcycle sits in one corner, an old hammock strung in the oppposite corner. Magazines, boxes, crates and various things are scattered everywhere. The space is clean, but very cluttered. About five feet away from Iris sits a rather large wolf, tail wagging slowly with his tongue lolling out. She seems to be trying to teach it how to roll over, but with very mixed results. Lots of things have been upended in her quest to train her puppy.
Matt     Shiloh was upended from her bed this very morning. Matt trundled down with his wagon and managed to get her to walk her own self to the wagon, rather than be carried to it. The horses seem nervous, most of their experiences with Matt have ended up being scary. But the long ride to Acme isn't so bad, nice and quiet with a reflective Matt at the helm.
    Out front of Iris, they pull up and nicker loudly as he stomps down from the wagon onto the ground, then turns to offer a hand up to his cargo, the Lady Shiloh. "Here we go now, lets go see the doctor."
Shiloh      Shiloh would not exactly be a happy customer in the morning, and there would be a lot of grumbles and whines in the protest that was put up to stay in her bed a bit longer. Matt would win out though and after getting dressed again, she would head down from her room, say goodbye to her family, and climb aboard the wagon to set off to Acme. "Your horses seem skittish around you, what have you been putting them through, Matt?" She wonders of him rhetorically before she slumps over and closes her eyes to sleep through most of the ride there. She would start to murmer in her sleep by the time they pulled up and the stop of the wagon has her barely stirring from her slumber, "No, no, the jumper clopper goes on the left..." When Matt speaks to her, she sits up and blinks, rubbing at her eyes until she's more alert. "Alright, sounds like a plan." Her hand takes hold of Matt's and she climbs down from the wagon to let him lead the way inside.
Iris Lark Iris picks up her tiny piglet as she walks towards the front of the store to see who has arrived. Rexus is sleeping on one of the couches in the main part of the store, so she quickly ushers Matt and Shiloh to the back. The wolf stands on four legs and starts to growl when the newcomers walk in and Iris speaks sharply in a different language. The wolf sits again, it's tail not thumping quite as energetically as before, but it's clear that he will listen to the Healer. "Come on back here Shiloh, sit on the bench over here. I'll get some supplies." She aims a squinty look at the wolf. "Dusk, you stay there, or no treats."
Matt Matt is available to help Shiloh get to where she is going, but once they are inside he'll leave her into the capable hands of Iris. Instead, he'll look down at the smol pupper and grin widely at it. "Aren't you just the cutest damn thing west of Texas. Ain't you lil guy?" He'll look to see if Iris is watching before pulling some molerat jerky from his pocket and letting the wolfer get at it.
Shiloh      Shiloh lifts her hand to wave over at Iris, smiling warmly at the sight of the piglet. "Aw, cute little guy. Alasa mentioned someone having a piglet, I didn't know it was you. Lemme guess, that little guy's name is Bacon, right?" She decides, though that sentiment sort of changes at the sight of the wolf. She eyes the creature with wariness, but decides at the same time, "Cute, but probably deadly...glad they're on your side." She walks over to the bench and hauls herself up, letting her feet dangle off over the edge of it as she looks down and around her. "Thanks for agreeing to this, Iris." Shiloh tells the woman, "I know you didn't have the easiest time during that trip either. Hope Matt hasn't been making too much of a fuss about it all though, I've been trying to manage alright.."
Iris Lark Iris deftly deposits Bacon on Shiloh's lap as she shrugs, gathering supplies on a rolling cart. "His name *is* Bacon and he's pretty smart." She responds, glancing over her shoulder to grin at the girl on the bench. "Oh Dusk is fine, I found him out near Tinnie, he was hurt, and I mended his paw and...well..he followed me here." She frowns and lets out a soft sigh. "Animals haven't been getting too much food either, I couldn't leave him out there." She finishes gathering her supplies and pulls the cart towards Shiloh. "No thank you needed, honestly, it's my job and you should never be afraid to come to me if you need something. You hear? Matt was right to fuss, your wounds could get infected."
Matt See? Matt was right! "Yeah, infected wounds. Don't want to lose the arm, you'll look lopsided." He is distracted though, apparently this doggo is not allowing his belly to be rubbed. Which is an odd thing for Matt. He kneels down and lets the dog get a good whiff of him before scratching chins and getting deep into the coat with his nails.
    "I bet you liked the way Iris smelled huh? Lavender and happiness and she took all a-care-of-you." Matt has proceeded to lose his damn mind now. "Lemme see that tummy, let me get at that belly, c'mmonnn." Another piece of jerky comes out and he waves it around, back and forth before lowering it to the ground and flipping it over a few times. Which succeeds in getting the dog to flop over onto its back. To which both jerky and belly rubs are the received reward.
Shiloh      Shiloh smiles widely when she gets the opportunity to hold the piglet and she gently brushes her hand over the small tiny pig's back. "Hi there Bacon, who's smart? Who's a smart little boy? Wish there were more of you around." She attempts to scratch under the creature's chin if he allows it and nods as she glances over at Dusk once more. "Food's scarce...least he doesn't have to try to find it all on his own now. Probably saves him from getting desperate enough to turn on some travellers to be honest." There's a soft chuckle from both Iris' agreement and watching Matt try so desperately to get the wolf to roll over. She looks down over a bandage on her arm and admits, "I'll try to get less antsy about it..." She does allow, before she reluctantly admits, "They didn't really start hurting until after about half an hour into the trip after those mutants cleared first I was just kinda happy to be alive and felt kinda elevated to this place where I was just walking beside of myself. But then I felt more in touch and it all started to come in at once."
Iris Lark Bacon loves attention and he wiggles around as Shiloh gives him pets and scritches, all but prancing in her lap. Iris grins as she watches the tiny piglet lap up the attention. Then she watches Matt for a moment, trying very hard not to giggle as she watches him sweet talk her and bribe his wolf all in one swift movement. She pulls the cart closer to Shiloh and takes a seat beside her, nodding along while she speaks. "I get that, after the first time I fired a laser gun, and helped defend El Dorado, I ...the feeling you get is better than sex. Honestly. Knowing you can stand on your own two feet and just..survive. It's a heady thing. I'm glad you came today though, I should be able to get you bandaged up with some antibacterial salve so that you don't hurt quite so much." She tilts her head as she starts to unwrap what has been done thus far. "Do you want some Med-X or asprin?"
Matt Ah, the puppy gets his belly rubs, then chin scratches before Matt stands back up again, to look back towards the two ladies. The entire conversation for the most part missed, and then he hops onto the bench next to Shiloh. "Hows our girl looking? She was all groaning and moaning in her bed when I left her. You think you're gonna be able to keep all of those limbs on her?"
Shiloh      "I don't know if I could call it good." Shiloh decides, frowning to herself while trying to think about it. She can't frown for very long at the sight of the giddy piglet, and she just giggles more and continues to shower the little oinker with more affection. She does have to divide her attention to first offer her arm to Iris to unwrap it, revealing old bite-wounds from a couple of ghoul bites that overlap from at least two attempts to get ahold of her. It's red and inflamed, trying to scab over, but doesn't look too far gone yet. At least the bandage itself is clean so she hasn't just left a dirty one on there for nearly a week like what Matt had seen. "I didn't feel much anything out there and just sort of watched everything...think there was some ringing in my ears too. I was lighter that way too." She nods her head at Iris and just asks nervously, "Does Med-X or aspirin need a needle of any kind? Because I'll...take the one that doesn't really need a needle."
Iris Lark "Neither of them need a needle." Iris responds, her attention on the wounds more than the piglet that is now belly up in Shiloh's lap. Or the wolf that is now asleep in the corner, or the Matt that is hovering over both of them. She spreads the salve across the wounds on Shiloh's arms, her fingers gentle as she works. In short order it's treated, poulticed and rewrapped in a clean bandage. "The Med-X is more powerful, I made it myself." She shifts her gaze to Shiloh and her eyes narrow slightly. "It needs to be used sparingly though, you can get addicted, and that would make me quite sad." She starts to clean the smaller wounds where acid was splashed on the girl, slowly making sure every inflamed bit of flesh is cleaned, salved and then gently bandaged.
Matt "You're a tough girl, I don't think you'd chomp the bit of addiction very well. Take the Med-x." Matt looks down his nose towards Shiloh with that commandatory gaze of his that isn't effective at all. "A good night's sleep will do better for your pain and general health, Take the med-x. You'll probably only need it once." He digs into his pockets now for something, caps, which gets put onto a counter somewhere for Iris. "Here you go, my dear. For taking care of my favorite employee."
Shiloh      Shiloh frowns quietly at the thought of getting addicted, but starts to shrug her shirt and armor up a little so Iris can get to the burn splashes that splattered across her back. She glances beside of her at Matt and nods her head thoughtfully, "Alright.." She tells him, deciding to Iris, "I'll take the Med-X but only one or two doses like Matt said. I won't need it or want to be on it for very long. I know that much...don't want to deal with having to get cleaned from that sort of thing." The salve itself seems to be helping and she's able to close her eyes and relax after the initial sting settles from the application. "Is it true that burn is the germs in there dying?"
Iris Lark "Something like that." Iris says, a ghost of a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. Bacon has fallen asleep on Shiloh's lap, his little curled tail wagging in his sleep. "I'll give you one dose of Med-X, it's pretty strong so a half of a dose will do you." She hands Shiloh the Med-X and a smaller crock of salve. "This salve is a bit of aloe, some other things, it will prevent infection so you use it when the pain starts to get a bit much again." She gets to her feet, pausing a moment. "Bacon isn't bothering you is he? He'll sleep like a stone if you're not careful." The wolf gets to his feet and starts to follow Iris as she moves around, cleaning up after herself. "I can't wait to show Rexus the dog I found." She says, leaning down to scratch behind Dusk's ears.
Matt "See? She gave me one med-x as well. It'll get you to sleep fairly well." Matt'll reach over and tug on that curly-q tail once, not enough to startle it though. He'll lean back now though against the wall and sigh softly. Maybe tempted into napping like that young bacon upon Shiloh's lap. "I wouldn't worry about anymore mutants for awhile. If anything, you might cut your hands on some salvage or something from here on out."
Shiloh      "Alright, half of one.." Shiloh confirms softly, nodding her head as she smiles down at the piglet softly. She accepts the Med-x and breaks it in half to knock one half down and tucking the other away along with the salve offered to her. She listens to the instructions carefully but laughs when Iris asks about Bacon, "No, he's not bothering me at all. Not unless bothering counts as making my lap and stomach warm and giving me a sleepy feeling myself." A grin is cast and she decides, "Might need to take on a pet one of these days of my own...but we'll see. Maybe after Private Waynedoesn't need as much of my attention." She peeks over at Dusk and agrees, "I think he'll like him. Once he's not growling, he's pretty dark adorable." She peeks at Matt and laughs at him, "Used to that much, can handle that...part of the trade."
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Shiloh and she leans in to scritch at Bacon right above his snout which makes him wiggle a bit in his sleep. "He's the best on a cold night, very cuddly, kinda nuzzles in near my neck." She walks towards Matt and checks his wounds, poking and prodding at him a bit before she nods and grins. "Well you're welcome to babysit Bacon anytime you need some company. He and Dusk seem to get along for the most part, well..I far as I won't let Dusk eat him - but I'm sure they'll need breaks every now and again."
Matt Matt was unprepared for this, jerking up as someone starts pulling at his clothing and he gives Iris a fake evil-eye. "I brought the Shiloh to get worked over, not myself. Idle hands are the devil playthings, Missus Lark." Matt acquieses though to his Doctor's ministration. Everything looks...decent. Chest gashes, some acid stuff but at least showed up at the Doc immediately upon needing it. "Ashur likes to stomp around in his armor every time he gets a chance, don't he?"
Shiloh      Shiloh giggles some more when Bacon starts to wiggle from Iris' scritches and she looks over at Iris and Matt in surprise. "You really mean it?" She asks curiously, looking back down at the piglet, "I'd like that an awful lot." She decides to herself and confesses, "I haven't really had a pet since me and my brothers found a bird that couldn't really fly. It squawked a lot and kept trying to get away..." She trails off and ruefully admits, "He ended up not eating what we tried to feed him and he didn't really make it." She shrugs it off and glances over at Matt, nodding her head, "Looks like it I guess. Only ever seen him out of it once."
Iris Lark "Call me Iris, Matt, and my hands aren't idle right now." Iris remarks, moving to sit on the ground again. She holds out some jerky towards Dusk and tries to get him to roll over again. "So I'm thinking of cooking dinner tomorrow, and you two should come by." She blinks over at Shiloh and tilts her head. "Anytime you want to babysit, let me know. Bacon listens pretty well for a pig, and every so often he likes a vacation from his smothering Mum." A moment of two of silence passes before Iris smiles at Matt. "Ashur seems to like to be a hero, but at the same time he just wants a challenge. He's a complicated soul." She doesn't say anything more than that because Dusk finally rolls over, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he lay upside down. Iris tosses the jerky towards him and he gnaws on it slowly.
Matt "Thats a good pig." Matt comments idly, easing back to settle against the wall now. Its nice and his eyes close. "I don't think hes that complicated. Just lookin to get his bojangles all-a-moist in anywhich lady'll let'em." He cracks an eye open and looks towards Shiloh, then Iris. "Apologies, ma'ams."
Shiloh      "Sounds mighty fine. Thank you Iris. Was wanting to stay around Acme a bit longer." Shiloh tells Iris, smiling encouringly at that idea, "We can help clean up the dishes afterwards if that'd be a help you'd need." She looks back down at Bacon and nods her head, "I'll give it a couple of days at least before trying to steal him a bit." She winks and chuckles softly, "I gotta go out to tend to those radio towers soon, so need to get that out of the way first..." At the continued topic of Ashur, her laughter trails off and she admits, "Don't really know him all too well. Very hands on though."
Iris Lark Iris grins at Shiloh and she points vaguely west. "I live in Avalon, and it's quite a ride from El Dorado so you two and any guest you bring are welcome to stay the night. I've got cots and comfortable couches and a fireplace." She leans back on her hands and the wolf scoots closer, resting it's large head in her lap. She smiles down at him as she continues to speak. "If Ashur stands behind you, I'm fairly certain nobody will bar your way. I..stay away from him, mostly because of his beliefs. I had enough of them when I was kept by the Legion." She glances up and makes eye contact with Shiloh. "A powerful ally to have though." She catches sight of Matt and smirks. "Most men are trying to do that, so you ought not to say such things - also, are you going to fall asleep in my shop? This place isn't terribly comfortable. Even Devlin didn't want to sleep here the other night when I fixed his arm and.." Her cheeks go pink and she coughs. "..stuff."
Matt Matt sighs though and sits back up again a bit, to keep awake. At this revelation, he narrows his eyes towards Shiloh. "Don't give me another thing to get all worried about. You're a strong young lady, and you can tell a man whatfor if need be, alright now?" He'll reach over and pat her on the knee lightly. Iris makes him shake his head towards her. "I think I've done well enough, keeping my something-somethings to myself. Right lady is gonna come 'long and be right happy with me for it. Or laugh at me. I'm thinking the second one."
Shiloh      "Man we got a fireplace over at the house in the's awful nice. Tempted to spend the rest of my days there if I could..." Shiloh tells Iris, chuckling quietly under her breath. She lets her eyes drift between Iris and Matt while she listens to them both offer their thoughts on the matter in general. It's mainly Matt's words that leave her face turning red and she offers him a nod of her head and a soft smile, "You don't have to worry about me Matt, really. I'll be alright. It's mighty nice of you to worry though. I'm really sure that you'd make just about any girl lucky to have you, you know? You and Willow ever work out the details of that date she was telling me about?"
Iris Lark Iris turns to gaze at Matt, a teasing grin curving her lips up. "Ooooh you had a daaate?" She sticks out her tongue and slips to her feet, patting Dusk on his muzzle as she starts to straighten up the room. Shelving some things that fell on the floor before she perches on the bench next to Shiloh. She lowers her voice and murmurs. "Watch out, if his ego gets any bigger he might not fit back out the door."
Matt "Oh, thats nothing Shiloh. Someone else anted a date as a joke in a game she wasn't involved in." Matt sits up even straighter now as he begins thinking about something. "I was also supposed to let her know I was alright after that last excursion. Its been days now." And he looks down at his watch to confirm that it has in fact been days. "It was relatively nothing though. A nice evening. Some wine and such."
Shiloh      Shiloh snickers at the teasing tone Iris takes and nods her head at her, "Yeah, she was asking me about what I thought of him when we were talking. Trying to get a bit of insider info from the sounds of it. Told her all about how Matt seemed like a nice charming boy. And we talked, and Matt showed up, so we stopped talking and got distracted..." She casts a mischievous grin Matt's way and raises a brow at him, before she whistles, "Ohh, wine huh? Fancy stuff. If it helps, she did seem like she was looking forward to it. It wasn't all cause of humoring a date on a bet as far as I could tell...but Hell, I'm twenty-four and still oblivious to these sorts of things..."
Iris Lark Iris swings her legs back and forth before she leans in to shoulderbump Shiloh gently. "Stay that way." She says, a soft chuckle escaping her lips before she elaborates. "I mean, there are two sides to every coin, and learning things slowly is just as good as being thrown into a situation and having it all tossed at you at once." She glances out towards the front of the ship, a slight frown on her face. "I'm sorry for teasing you Matt, I hope you did have fun. Willow seems like a nice lady."
Matt "24, Shiloh? My 18th birthday wasn't but 6 months ago. Its nice to know I'm being talked well of by my favorite employee though." Matt decided to remind the two of them about his own relative inexperience. "Teasing me? I'm sure I've done the same to you as well, Iris. It was a very nice, quiet evening. It wasn't half-bad at all."
Shiloh      Shiloh smiles over at Iris and chuckles quietly, "For one, most men would have had to meet...John." There's a brief pause as she tries to explain it partly, "And that was a bit of a con for most would-be pa didn't help any at all or my brothers. Gave most of them a hard time when I was younger. After John's passing though, was more of a fact that I didn't get out -to- meet or interact with just didn't feel like trying to deal with it. It's suited me fine." She shrugs and smiles over at Matt, "Gonna try to forget that, so I don't feel like an old spencer on the downslope whenever I look at you. But anyway, yeah, gotta maintain that position somehow, right?"
Iris Lark Iris is always surprised at Matt's age and she simply gazes at him for a few moments before Shiloh speaks up and she glances over at her, smiling a bit as she nods. "Well you can do that now, and there are plenty of people to meet. I wouldn't recommend jumping into anything face first. You seem smart enough to avoid the worst of the things that could possibly happen." She wrinkles her nose and giggles. "I never was on a date myself, they seem like fun things, but I'm usually too busy to manage it."
Matt "Most times it ain't the years, it the mileage." Matt shakes his head towards Shiloh and Iris now though. "You are both delightful women,w hom I would be happy to escort to any number of country ho-downs or town square dances. Though I think Iris would step on my toes so much I'd need my work boots." He shoulderbumps Shiloh's shoulder now, enough force to bump her into Iris to punctuate his statement.
Shiloh      "Yeah, maybe..." Shiloh tells Iris, giggling softly and letting Matt bump her shoulder to domino into Iris' own gently. She shakes her head and peeks down at Bacon, her eyes starting to droopier and more tired looking from the medication before. "I think...I'm going to need to rest my head somewhere." She decides quietly, "Either here or over in the wagon, whichever you two want to guide me to. You can just twirl me around in a circle and see which way I start to wander if you want." She giggles afterwards and shakes her head to herself before shehas to suppress a soft yawn.
Iris Lark "Matt, take this girl home." Iris says, getting to her feet and gently lifting the little piglet back into her arms. "I hope you two can make it for dinner tomorrow, let me know, I'll be around." She murmurs, tucking Bacon onto a pile of rags on the counter. She doesn't dignify Matt's offer to escort her somewhere or his snark about her lack of dancing skill with a response, instead she starts to shut off lights and prepares to lock up.
Matt "Yup." Matt stands up now, stretching a bit before turning to offer a hand down towards Shiloh to guide her to her feet. "We'll get you home tonight, my dear. Your mother may stab me if I don't anyways. Have you met the Wayne Matriarch?" An aside question to Iris.
Iris Lark "I have not, I stay away from El Dorado lately." Iris responds, fishing her coat from a hook on the wall. She tucks Bacon into a rather large inner pocket and snaps a finger at Dusk. The wolf wakes up and takes a protective stance with Iris as she prepares to walk to Avalon. "You two be careful on your way back."
Shiloh      Shiloh laughs softly at Matt's phrasing for her mother and mutters softly, "She's not really the Matriarch of anyone but our brood..." She tells Matt with a mischievous grin. "I mean, I guess other doesn't mean people wouldn't still respect her. Most of us Wayne's are taught to respect our mothers even if it isn't our mothers mothers." She wiggles her fingers to wave over at Bacon and smiles over at Iris, "Have a good night Iris, walk safely okay? And I'll be sure to see you again soon."