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B The group returns victorious from their attack on the brewery but not all news if good news. No one was gravely hurt, thankfully, but only Clara was found at the brewery. (Elizabeth, the baby has been found already.)

"He took her to the Slave Market to sell her," Clara says in regards to the silent little blonde girl that's still missing, "He said it was to the west.

A is able to fill in the details and provide the location. She's been there recently to 'help' purchase new, able bodies. She tells of a camp with six slave pens around a few central trailers that no doubt function as an office, and possibly living space. She goes on to say that when she was there, she saw lots of guards with dogs as well as the guy who actually sells the slaves. She says the entire compound is enclosed in a fence, and each slave has collars save the little kids since the shock collars don't fit them yet.

This leaves the group time to plan. How are they going to approach the slaver's camp?
Devlin Waving his right hand slightly, dismissing empty air in front of himself from where he sat before pointing towards A. "It's simple," says Devlin. "We just focus on the one we want.. The others aren't our issue. They plan to sell her, a gathering like this won't last long before separating again, correct?" Looking away from the two, he leans forward to grasp loosely only a cup before sitting back, using his legs to tilts the chair upwards onto its rear legs but he doesn't take a sip.

"Tell me, what's involved in the selling and transport to the buyer?" Looking towards the women's eyes, Devlin tries to see their true reaction when he suggests, "Why don't we wait until she's sold. We follow the group that buys her, kill them, all of them, then collect her. The remaining slaves can be 'wards' of El Dorado.." Sighing softly, Devlin softly murmurs "..though I have a feeling many would be working for the Gold Digger before long if they are as I suspect" after giving some thought of 'what to do with them' about the other slaves freed from such an ambush.
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Devlin and then focuses on A for a moment. "I think ether can work, we either take her by force before they sell and ..maybe deal with a few of them then, or wait until after. We'll have to be quick if we wait until after - the other slavers aren't going to take kindly to us ambusing one of their own."
Qwillis     This was one of those few times that Qwillis? He was mad. They, slavers, had no right to take people as they do.. As he'd listen to the others, there's a small frown. "They use shock collars? What if we disable those? All of them? Then they don't have that to control anyone? We can rescue them all and put an end to this group of slavers.."
B Most of the slaves freed at the brewery went off into the darkness, destined to find their own way back to the lives they were stolen from. A few came back to the camp with the group, after hearing about El Dorado, likely from Clara.

Speaking of the girl, it's her who pipes up. "He wanted to sell her because she doesn't talk, and she's too young to be helpful. I just hope someone is going to buy her soon. Otherwise, we might be out here for a while."

B chews on her lower lip at that, worried for the child. "What if we were to buy her? I don't know how much slaves cost. Are they very expensive?"

A just shrugs to this. "I don't know. Robert always took care of that part of the transaction. We could also try to break in at night and maybe free the rest of the slaves. If their stories are anything like ours, they were taken from other settlements during raids. And the children don't wear the collars, but the rest of them do. Likely it's to keep them from running away, or rising up against the slavers. Knowing they can blow the charges in the collar at anytime to shock or kill you makes it hard to resist."

B absently reaches up to touch her own neck, the memory of the weight of her own collar still too fresh in her mind. "I'm okay with either, but I would like to free the children if possible. They're innocent still. Mostly."
Devlin Of all things.. a chuckle vibrates within Devlin's chest while listening. With a lidded gaze, he looks towards B and asks somewhat coldly, "Tell me, what will you do with the dozen, two dozen children? They cannot fight, they cannot use firearms.. They cannot be on their own. They will -die- on their own, or worse, run back into the arms of their enslaved parents."

Feeling his gaze shifting into a glare at the thoughts racing through his mind and so Devlin chooses to close his eyes. Tilting his head back, he takes a long drink from the glass of water he had collected before the meeting. "The thing is, most of all.. What do you two actually want? I'm a mercenary, I work for the caps by the end of things. I don't value lives as you do.. I've also not been on the other end of the collar like you have. You guide my gun, I'll pull the trigger, simple.. If you want to save her, and just her? We can, we will. If you want to save everyone, then we will need more guns."
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns, then shakes his head, watching Devlin. "No we won't. If we free all of them? You'll have however many slaves, no longer locked down by collars and wholey pissed off at the slavers.. That settles itself. Where do they go? El Dorado. Shanty Town will accept them. It's better than leaving them to this life.."
    Looking to A and then B, Q would ask, "The collars? What do they look like? How do they work? A remote control? Can they be opened remotely too? I just have to find the right frequency of the collars and I could probably pop them all open without us even setting foot inside.."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head as she eyes Devlin, her jaw clenched as she grinds her teeth a bit. She steps closer to B and speaks up. "I'll do whatever is necessary, whatever you feel is best. Fuck caps." She folds her arms over her chest and waits to see what is decided, stewing a bit as she checks the ammunition on her pistol. "Qwillis is right, we can find a place for them, if they want it. Plenty of people need help or want to help."
Derk Did someone say, 'more guns?' Derk arrives over the closest hill as Devlin finishes such a statement and he is moving quick enough to suggest he may have been at a run just a moment earlier. As he notices the others as they notice him, he gives a half wave, but then slows his pace so as not to attract any more attention whilst gaining a comfortable vocal distance from the group. A nod given to B and Derk recognizes the others as well, Iris and Devlin both get nods of their own, though Derk does look ready for business with the laser rifle slung over his shoulder.

A steadying breath as he joins them, before speaking softly, "Sorry I'm late... did we decide on a plan?" the tone suggests that he remembers what happened the last time he was around the others on one such adventure. However, he can see the tensions and goes silent immediately after, looking to B for some explanation.
B B looks between those gathered around the fire. Each gets a measured look. "I want Pony back. I'd like to save the others too, if we can, but she's my priority," she says in a slow voice. "What ever we need to do to make that happen we should do. I figure it's a temporary camp, so it shouldn't have a tonne of security, but we can't know for certain until we see it." She considers Q's question for a moment, looking to A to fill them in since she's been there most recently. While A speaks, she catches Derk up on their decision making process.

A pushes her graying hair back behind her ear, "They're controlled remotely. There must be some sort of arming and disarming device somewhere in the camp. Maybe in one of the trailers in the center? The doors were locked electronically too. If you could pop them all open, I'm sure the slaves would help us fight off the slavers and guards. They wouldn't have any weapons, but I'm sure we'd outnumber them." She looks to Devlin, arching a brow, "Would that be sufficient numbers? I'm sure we wouldn't need to plan for all of them. Some have lives to return to. Others come from razed settlements and would probably like a fresh start in .. Shanytown? Or El Dorado, if there's room."
Qwillis     Q purses his lips then nods a little. He'd look to Devlin. "Alright. If you can get a guard with a remote for me? I can figure out the frequency. That will get us in that trailer. Then I can free all of them. Collars and doors. Pop that and they're all out." He'd glance over to B, Derk and Iris. "If you guys can start spreading word among the slaves we're doing this.. so they're not caught by surprise? Then that will help with the initial rush."
Devlin "Yes it settles it.. lots of dead and dying, unarmed people while others are beaten and broken into submission." Shifting his gaze towards Qwillis, Devlin sets down his glass onto the table to move his hand to his waist, his fingers gently begin stroking his laser pistol. "Pretend for a moment, I'm a Raider with a pistol like this.. or better, an 'A.K.', and a horde of unarmed, unarmored slaves is coming after me in revolt."

Lifting his hand up from his pistol, he makes a 'finger gun' motion towards Qwillis and mock fires once, "Tell me, how many of those slaves will resist when I pull the trigger and let the rounds rip through them blindly? How much will they fight when their under fed fists punch my breastplate, my armed thighs and padded headgear and hardly falter before firing again?" Sighing, Devlin lowers his hand to fall limp in his lap and sitting back in the chair.

Looking towards A and B, he gently shakes his head. "I'll need to see what's going on. If they are poorly armed, poor security maybe, if they have half a dozen people like me.. Hell, if they have two people like Lee or Vuk, then this plan would be beyond foolish with such a direct assault." Shrugging his right shoulder, Devlin reaches for his glass of water again, needing to distract himself. "I need recon to tell you honestly if it's enough."
Iris Lark "So we wait, and they move on, and we lose our chance." Iris says, her eyes on the ground. "Give a few of us some credit too, we're not useless." She jabs a finger in Devlin's direction, her voice raising slightly. "I won't hesitate to take a slaver down, those people are a disease. Yeah, people could die, but I'm sure some of those people would rather take the odds than be certain that they would stay a slave."
Derk At the mention of Recon, Derk looks towards Devlin and then out in the direction of the slavers, at least he assumes they're in the direction that he looks. "Sounds like there's a whole host of issues, though do we know what way they're headed? I mean you were able to track em here, right? Any nice ambushable places along the way? Though getting them in tight makes it more likely we'd shoot things we don't mean to," he adds, then looks back towards B and A once more. "I may be late to the party, but it sounds like we all got some ideas and not a lot of agreement..." he puts out there, looking to each of them in turn before sliding down to warm his hands by the fire.

"We only have us, if we choose to do this now... with the way our luck has held, seems like such small numbers is all it takes to get things done around here... course that sort of thinking is usually when all things go wrong... but who's to say there ain't something we're just not seeing yet?" A glance in the direction of the slaver convoy again, "So, maybe we should go have a look?" He pulls out a pair of nighvision goggles and looks to Devlin.
B "You're probably right," B says to Devlin with a sigh, "But I don't know if I can just leave them all.. especially the children." She smiles a sheepish smile. Then, a thought. "What about if we went in to buy Pony? Maybe we could serve as a distraction while some of you took out a guard, or snuck into the trailer? Or both? We could cause a distraction even. Then Devlin could get his look around. They might not be as well equipped as you'd think if it's a temporary set up. I don't know if it is or not .. I'm just saying. Hoping, maybe." She gives her head a shake and glances towards Derk and his goggles. "That could work too. They might have less people milling around at night. Just the guards .. we could take them out and then free everyone after if there aren't that many of them. What do you say?"
Qwillis     Qwillis glances at Derk, then nods a little. "I say that we scout them now. If there's an opening, we use it. I just need one guard to figure out the remote.. and I'm not that bad at being stealthy." He'd smile faintly with that, before chuckling. "Either way. I get the frequency, that gets me in the trailer.. and even if we don't fight, if we just remove the guards so the slaves can run.. it's better than leaving them.. We should do it now.. evening, when they're not expecting it."
Devlin "I'll buy her, bid on her at least.. I doubt any of you could pass as a slaver, let alone as a raider." Tilting his head back, Devlin steadily drink from his glass, not a chug but a simple steady swig from the glass until it was dry enough to set upside down if he desires. Shifting to his feet, he sets the glass onto the table and moves a hand to his throat, gently rubbing it. "Now.. while I set things in order, Qwillis will be able to hear me, pip to pip if we are on the same short wave frequency, wouldn't we?"

Turning to look towards Qwillis, he waits to get conformation before continuing. "I will relay how many guards are around me. If you make chaos in the back or sides, you'll already have me on point with the other Raiders. It will make things into a bit of a clusterfuck, but it will work out better than if we don't know how much are with the sellers, nor how much they're selling her for."
Iris Lark Iris folds her arms over her chest and gestures with her pistol. "Whatever you all decide, I'll abide by. I'm here to help, not argue. I just want to help the children. Nobody deserves this kind of life."
Derk Derk listens to the various ideas as they're proposed, nodding to Qwillis and then to Devlin, "Well, seems like we can always do it all at the same time. Let Devlin wander in, if he thinks there's no one there that's gonna give him trouble, and if he takes a few shots here and there, we can patch him up after. The rest of us can sneak on up and have a look from the outside, get an idea of what's going on as well as perhaps seeing what it is that's keeping us from committing to a plan of attack." He gives a shrug and then looks around for approvals before nodding to Devlin, "Alright, let's leave A to tend the fire and we'll go have a looksee as it were."

He rises slowly and then extends a hand for B to help her up, looking at her in one of those 'private moment' sort of things, a shared concern for Pony before he turns to Iris, "Shall we go see what we can see?"
Qwillis     Qwillis eyes Devlin, then muses and shakes his head a little. "I don't have a transmitter in mine, just a receiver. I do know the militia was working on short range radios.. Either way.. if you do have a way to comm across, I can hear?" Glancing to Iris, he'd nod a little and when Derk and B would stand up, he would too, flashing a smile to Iris. "How about you come with me then? B and Derk can help spread the word.. Devlin can get in and let us know how easily it'd be to mix it up.. we take down someone, I get us in that trailer and we save them all. Sound good?"
B B gets to her feet, helped along by Derk's hand. She gives it a squeeze. "Don't worry. She'll be okay. Can't get top dollar for damaged goods." She nods to the others and moves to hitch Copper up to the cart so they can all ride.

And so with a plan in place, the group leaves the fire, headed into the night to check out this slave camp. B drives the horse and cart as close to the camp as she dares without tipping their hand.

"There it is," says she, pointing to the 'camp' just down the way. It's pretty well lit, showing six slave pens arranged in a starburst pattern around three central trailers. There are three guards walking around and two sitting outside one of the trailers near a campfire plaing poker. Each of the guards looks fairly well armed and armoured, and even the two near the fire have their weapons close at hand.

Voice lowered, B says, "You think it'll be okay to try to conduct business this time of night? Wouldn't want Devlin to walk into a trap. There's a bunch of them .. but there's just as many of us. I just hope there aren't any in the trailers. They don't look lit up, so maybe they're for business or storage? Hopefully there aren't a bunch more guards sleeping inside. I don't see any dogs. Hopefully they don't have any. That'll make it easier to get close."
Iris Lark Iris stows her pistol and climbs up on the cart, her eyes narrowing on the camp as they get closer to it. "It's too bad we don't have somewhere to set a fire as a distraction." She muses, more to herself than to anyone else. "We'll just have to be careful, and willing to be a bit brutal to get the job done." She shrugs and checks the fastenings on her leather vest.
Qwillis     Q nods slightly and would head over with the others. Frowning as he'd eye the place, he looks the trailers over, then glances around. Great.. A stayed back.. so not sure which one was the main trailer. Probably the one with the guys gambling in front of it. Qwillis glances to Iris with her words and sighs softly before nodding and checking his own gear, getting that needler ready. "Alright. We'll keep quiet as we can.. until.. well.. we see what happens. I guess. If you're going with me, Iris.. let's go." He'd flash a brief smile her way, nod to the others, before he'd start off. Surprising how quiet the man with the metal leg can actually be, when he tries.
Derk "Look, if it's a trap, then we'll know not to do it that way next time," Derk tells B as they walk in taht direction," there's a small smile that creases his lips, but it's possible that he's just trying to lighten the mood. "Well it looks rather lit up... these goggles aren't going to be needed, but.." he quietly puts them over his head, but does not flip them down for now. "Guess we'll have to go see what we can see. Qwillis, you and Devlin got that sorted?" A shrug and he checks his rifle, making sure it still slides easy.
Iris Lark Iris gives Qwillis a brief shake of her head, she's not stealthy and he'll move faster and quieter without her tripping over a shrub and making a ton of noise. She walks with B and Derk, letting the forward guard scout out the camp to decide the final course of action.
Devlin Lingers for a time, watching as the group splinters off now into a forward scout, several planning to break in and.. Devlin. Not hiding, and certainly not hiding the fact he's armed with a notably modified laser pistol, walks towards the main entry way to where the pair of guards weren't on patrol but beside the flickering flames.

"Oi, Took me a while to find this place in the middle of no where.. Don't tell me the biddings done, eh?" Announcing himself with some annoyance, Devlin looks the two men before him over, studying their appearances though his eyes were focusing on their bodyarmor, monitoring the quality. "Both ya just ganna sit there or can I talk with someone that can make a deal, we're in need of a few good bodies to keep the boys happy."
B B, Derk and Iris circle around the other way so that they're not seen when Devlin approaches the pair near the fire. They look up from their game as he approaches, eyeing him just as critically as he eyes them. It's one of the patrolling guys that speaks, however, turning from his path to head towards the stranger. "What's this? Bidding? Ends when the sun goes down." He jerks a thumb over his shoulder towards the trailer behind the fire. "Boss' done entertaining his lady friends. Alls quiet in there, so he's probably passed out. Wouldn't take too kindly to being woken up, if you know what I'm saying." The guard fixes Devlin with a toothy grin, revealing teeth stained from smoking.

This draws the attention of one of the other guards, who tries to come see what's happening near the fire without actually leaving his patrol. He's just not paying any attention as the B, Derk and Iris approach the cages from behind him. Most of the slaves are bedded down for the night, huddled together in their rags to keep warm through the night.

"Psst," B says, crouched on the far side of the bars. She reaches in to poke someone's shoulder. "Don't say anything, but we're going to get you out. Be ready to run, or fight, or something when your collar pops." She getures for the other two to spread to the other cages and repeat the message. Hopefully one of them will come across the cage of kids.

That just leaves that one remaining guard and the sneaky Q. Sadly, this guard is actually paying attention. Must be because he's on the far side of the trailers and doesn't know anything's happening over there. Instead, he's got his eyes on the landscape and notices something moving in the darkness beyond the stationary spotlights fixed to the trailers. "Hello?" says he, lifting his rifle cautiously and heading in Q's direction.
Derk Derk is also non-threatening and he moves through the other cages, saying hello and letting people know that they're there to kill them, erm rescue them and the like. It's not much, but he's beautiful, sexy, and an otherwise wonderful charmer, so he shouldn't have too much trouble, he thinks.
Qwillis     Qwillis would freeze as that guard seems to notice him. Great. what to do.. what to do.. There's a small look around and he'd shift, trying to place some detris between him and the guard and wait it out. If the guy gets suspicious, it sort of ruins the plan. Plus? probably kill Q.. so that wouldn't work. Here's hoping the guy gives up with there being nothing there...
Iris Lark Iris relies on her guileless nature to convince people what they're here for. She speaks quietly and soon enough some of the slaves are stirring slightly, making whatever preperations that they can to scatter or fight when the time comes. Having done all she could at the time, she moves to rendezvous with B and Derk, her hands shoved into the pockets of her coat.
Devlin A snarl washes along Devlin's face as he turns to spit harshly at the ground before turning back towards the grinning man. "Like hell I'd be the one to wake a dealer, I like not being fucked over the costs," is said dryly. Turning his head to the side, he cuts his eyes away from the obvious pair to take note of the third man now drawing closer, looking him over for weaponry.

"It's going to be a while to get back, when you lot start trading again, sunrise most of the ones not drinkin now will be waking up hungover.. is it noon then or what?" Looking away from the third man man, Devlin looks over towards the chosen dwelling of their leader. Nodding to himself, he motions with his head towards one of the pens in the opposite direction of where B was initially heading. "Ya ain't sellin, but are ya lettin browsers look to see what they wanna buy in the mornin?"
B Sadly, the guard tracking Q isn't fooled by things moving in the darkness. Aiming his rifle towards the pile of debris that Q is hiding behind, he says, "Stop where you are and put your hands up!" His voice isn't loud enough to carry to the fire. Yet. However, that other patrolling guard takes note and goes to investigate.

B, Derk and Iris can see this from their vantage behind one of the cages. The dark haired woman curses under her breath. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out a flask and takes a quick swig before tucking it back away. "We have to help him," she whispers to them, ducking down low and shifting her rifle from her back into her hands, just in case she'll need it.

That leaves Devlin at the fire with the two who glance between themselves before looking to the third approaching them. "Seems you have some brains at least. Not sure what you're gonna see in the dark that you can't see tomorrow, but I'll take you around if'n it'll get you out of here all the quicker." This is all said by the apparent leader. Though Devlin is armed, he isn't pointing a gun at anyone yet, and the leader keeps his rifle pointed down.

The two by the fire shrug, and continue their game, passing a canteen of something that smells much stronger than water between them.
B B nudges Derk, gesturing towards the two guards advancing on Qwillis' hiding spot. "C'mon," says she before creeping closer along the outer perimiter of one of the cages. She picks up a rock and hucks it towards the side of one of the trailers. It connects with a metallic thunk that has all five guards looking that way.

The guard with Devlin doesn't seem concerned by it. He's got a mission -- get the would be customer out of here -- and that doesn't involve investigating noises in the night.

The two at the fire look up from their game. They see nothing, and they're on break anyway. Let the other lackies look into it.

And that's exactly what happens. The two that were approaching Q's location spin on their heels, guns at the ready, and move around to approach the side of the trailer. There's no way that was an accidental noise. One nods to the other, providing cover while the other goes to investigate, giving Q time to get out of there and find a new place to hide.
Derk With rifle raised, Derk moves towards the sound of the kerfuffle, but whne he notes the actively searching guards, he quickly moves back to the cages, letting them know in hushed whispers that there's something afoot and that the guards are on the prowl. It'd probably be a good time to get ready as he has, lest they be shot at with nothing to return fire. Looking about for a means by which to open the cages, Derk turns to B and Iris, "We should probably hurry!"
Qwillis     Qwillis waited, the guards shifted attention and he'd move too, changing to a different spot while they'd go check that sound. Eyes narrowing in focus, he'd break from cover to head over to the trailer they're not going towards, and the other guards aren't near. Moving up to that door, he'd check if it's locked first and if so, would try to use that pip-boy to hack it so he can get in quietly.
Devlin     "Ya keeping them in the dark and don't have a way of showin them in a better light for the buyers?" Rolling his eyes in the dim light, Devlin slowly shakes his head while following after the guard. "Either way, looking for the younger females, something fresh. The older ones are often a bore, they don't quite have the.. 'vigor' in them the teen do." While looking towards where the slaves were being held, looking at them in the moon light, Devlin tries to watch the man, studying his reactions, even his breathing for a sign if he was in agreement or found the talk revolting.
B The guard with Devlin is used to customers with particular tastes. They range from young to old and for a variety of purposes. He doesn't ask, and doesn't care. His caps come from keeping them in cages. The guard shrugs and turns to lead Devlin towards the smallest of the cages. 'Teen' might barely describe some of the oldest ones in it. "We've got this lot. Anything older is mixed in with the regular merchandise. They're not really sorted in any way so you'll probably want a look at all of them if you've something in mind." He says this with a resigned sigh. So much for quickly getting rid of the man.

Q sneaks away to one of the trailers. The door is locked. Was. The door was locked, but not for long. He makes quick work of it and lets himself in. It's dark inside, but enough light comes through the door with him to reveal some sort of office. Seems like luck might be on his side after all. There, in the corner, is a terminal next of an office fan, and a green desk light. There are a couple crates at one end of the trailer, some filing cabinets, and one of those coffee makers that takes up a desk unto it's own.

And now B, Derk and .. hey! Where's Iris sneak off to? Either way, the two guards are focused this way. The one that went to look at the side of the trailer saw nothing there, but he's continuing his investigation. The other one has turned around to go check out that pile of debris that Q was most recently hiding behind.

And the other two continue to drink and gamble their break away.
Qwillis     Q keeps low, mindful of windows, but that pip-boy provides him light to make sure no one else is in there with a hand over the screen to muffle it just enough to see by. Nodding to himself, he'd be careful in his passage through that office area, making his way to the terminal to check it out. Hmm.. didn't seem too complicated. Time to cause some chaos, right?
Derk After raising the warnings with the cages, Derk moves back to keep an eye on the guards as well as the ones who had wandered off in Q's direction, giving B a few hand signals that he'll later realize she wouldn't have understood anyways. With the rifle raised, he drops to the ground in a position that will allow him to have the four guards that he knows up in a forward arc. Hoping that B and Iris will have anything else that comes around.
Devlin     "This lot will do then," is said as Devlin comes up close to the pen's bars to look inside as best he could. "Tsk, hard to see in the dim light.. Ya check'em to shingles? Not bringing back a fuckin cannibal, some of those guys got enough issues. I don't care if they got ticks or lice, got a doc for those things lined up." Turning back to the man, Devlin moves his hand to his hip, seeming slightly annoyed at an idea and waited for the guard to quiet the irritation. "And you say your boys here haven't touched these pieces of merchandise? They're 'mint'?"
B B is good at hiding. Her general lack of height helps with this, and she sneaks around the outside of one of the cages, opposite the guard looking around. Still no sign of Iris, but B's sure that she's around here somewhere and they'll meet up back at camp.

That one guard finally makes it to Q's hiding spot only to find nothing there. He shakes his head at himself .. he was sure someone was there. Shrugging, he lowers the point of his rifle to the ground and continues on with his patrol.

The guard with Devlin just gives him a noncommittal shrug. "Damned if I know if they're mint or not. You'd best be asking the boss those kinds of things." He grins wide in such a way that might indicate that the question wasn't that ridiculous. "I ain't taken any liberties, but they're not my type. Bunch of good for nothing kids." He smirks and leans in to poke one of 'em with the butt of his gun. "Ain't that right? You lot are hard as hell to sell. No one wants an extra mouth to feed, and y'all aint got no skills yet. I say we just let 'em all loose and let them fend for themselves but the boss' too tenderhearted. That, and every now and then someone comes by wanting one." His attention goes back to Devlin, completely relaxed. "Seen yer fill, yet?"
Qwillis     Ah. Well.. security is.. lacking.. on the terminal. Qwillis is in his element, metal and non fingers flying across the keys as he'd bypass their security and check out the data. He'd sigh softly and take out a cord to hook the terminal to his own pip-boy so he can copy over all the data, then gets to work. It's not that hard to set up two things. A replicating command to tell all the pens to open at once. Followed with a rather nasty virus that will eat the hardrive and the OS, rendering the whole system useless unless they know how to reinstall stuff. Which.. considering this guy's notes? Probably not.
    Q sets the timer for the unlock and then uses the notes to find that remote. As the pip-boy signals it's completion of that download, he'd start working on the remote. Hooking it as well, it's the pip-boy that uses that remote to signal to all of the collars.

    The end results? With that subtle *beep* all of the collars would disable, fall off too if that was viable. Less than 10 seconds after that? The timer on the terminal would kick and all the cages were told to open.. Then the terminal happily eats itself.
Devlin     "Ya, I've seen a few that seem good for the boys back home though somethin's itchin me like a flea." Turning towards the cage, Devlin points to one of the children which seems almost iconic to the degraded words of the other man and asks, "How much have you seen your boss let one of those runts for? Half the ones in there don't look like they'll see two more seasons before dying anyways. Ya willin to make deals or your boss doesn't trust you knowing the books that well yet?" Turning towards the man, a smirk appears on his list as he tries to finalize a price range for the slaves though when his eyes look around he could tell that there weren't more guards following him, just himself and the guide, waiting to see a sign that the other group was in danger or..
B The guard looks down to the boy he just poked with his gun just in time to see the kid's collar snap open and drop off onto the ground. "Da fuck I do?" he wonders, "Hey! You, kid. Put that back on. Don't make me come in there." The boy makes no move to do as he's told so the guard curses again and moves to the cage. Now what was that code again? His fingers hover over the keypad while he tries to recall .. and then the lock disengages on its own. Now, our friend here might not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but he can put two and two together. Leaning against the door so it won't open, he pivots and brings his gun up to aim at Devlin. He doesn't have time to say anything more before cage doors start opening and the now collarless slave population starts to steam out of them, causing chaos everywhere while Q stays nice and hidden in the trailer.

Shouts ring out and the guards by the fire hop to their (unsteady) feet, reaching for their rifles as they holler for the merchandise to get back in their damn pens. A trio of freed slaves rush towards one of the patrolling guards who manages to get a shot off before they pounce on him and drag him down.

And the last guard? He fares better than the others. It's sheer luck that he wasn't near one of the doors when it opened and his gun was already in hand. Three shorts are fired in rapid succession, punching holes in the backs of three different slaves who turned to run for it.

That leaves B on the far side of the cage, rifle in hand as she tries to sneak up on the two guards by the fire. They've both just snatched up their rifles and are shouting warnings for slaves to get back into their cages before they open fire.
Qwillis     Qwillis ducks at the eruption of fire. Nods, pockets the remote and starts back for that door. Drawing that needler, he'd ease the door open and look around. Hmm.. how else can he cause chaos. As that's exactly what this place just erupted into. Ducking low and scooting, he'd head for the trailer that was labeled 'the bosses' and would get to that lock. The best part about mechanical locks? They jam easily. So keeping out of the main line of fire from any of the guards, he'd jam the lock so the boss couldn't come out that way!
Devlin     As soon as the guard begins to aim his rifle towards Devlin, the man's hand on his hip reacted without hesitation.. Drawing out and to the side the lazer pistol, Devlin pulls the trigger hastily once, but then aims briefly before taking another shot, attempting to scorch the man's throat before he's able to shout again and certainly before he managed to alert the others that the 'buyer' was in on it. "Shhh.. just die for me already, will you?" is questioned bitterly through grit teeth.
B Two can shoot people in the back. In the chaos, B manages to sneak up behind the two inebriated guards and *pew*pew*. two shots fired at nearly point blank range. How could she miss from this far away? Well ..she can't. Not really. Helps that they're a little drunk and not even facing her way. Two shots fired into their necks, and two blinding bolts of pain shoot through her own neck. It's enough to make her stumble forward and nearly trip over the corpses at her feet.

Devlin's quicker than the ugly guard on the draw and pumps a bullet into his left arm before finishin off with a shot to the head. It's a clean shot, straight though his third eye, should he have had one, spraying blood and brain matter over the hapless children inside the cage.

Quick thinking from Qwillis has the boss locked in his trailer, left to pound on the door harmlessly and jiggle the doorknob. He's stuck in there until someone either lets him out, or he convinces one of his lady friends to crawl through the lone, tiny window and let him out. Either way, he won't be a threat to our heroes.

That one guard who went down under the slaves' assault doesn't make it back up again, and even the one lucky enough to get some shots off doesn't fare that much better. In the end, there are just too many slaves here. Iris and Derk did a good job preparing them for what's to come. He killed a couple more before he too was swarmed and beaten until he moved no more.

Blinking back around the ghost pain in her neck, B replaces the rifle on her back and joins Devlin at the cage of kids. "Good shot," she says to him, pulling the door open to let the kids out. "Pony? You in here?"

A little blonde girl runs to her side, side of her face coated in dirt on one side, and who knows what on the other. B scoops her up and gives her a hug. "You're safe now, honey. Let's get you back to camp and cleaned up. Then home. We'll all go home."