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Lynnette Lyn wasn't going to just sit and let other people do all of the work. Busy with the new bar, she was busy sanding it down as Chuck took the other half. Licking her lips she would wipe her brow then and sighed. "Come on,'re younger than me and moving slower than me." Chuck just rolled his eyes as he moved on and went to go to the kitchen. Lyn just chuckled and shook her head. "Oh pouty baby...."
Connor Today is the day when materials would begin to arrive. Laborers come by and begin laying out chunks of wood and size onto the street in front of the whole, wheelbarrows leaving with detriment and debris. Connor himself only shows up a few hours after stuff arrives, with a man or two carrying two large panes of glass, which they have wrapped fairly well in canvas for the moment. He is eyeing that hole again, but with the accompaniment of actual paper drawings and plans. He'll roll them up though and stuff'em in a toolbox before coming inside proper and looking about for a means to a drink. "Hello!"
Lynnette She'd see Connor walk in and smiled a bit, waving. "Hey!" Standing up she would make her way over to him and winked. "What's going on, handsome?" Wiping her hands off on her pants she'd place her hands up on her hips. "....need something to drink? Thirsty?" Slowly she would sashay her way over to the bar then. "We're a little limited because of trying to get stuff back up."
Connor "Oh hon, you'd be something to drink my fill of." A cocky grin upon his face as he watchs her approach and departure. "Nothing hard. An ale, or beer or whatever you've got that won't draw the moisture from my bones. I will be setting the frame for your window today. Its a heavy business."
Lynnette Giggling softly she would pull a bottle of beer out of a bucket of ice and sat it on the counter. Popping the cap off she'd slide it over to him and winked. "Flatterer....." Licking her lips she'd exhale and nodded. "Thank you, Connor....I appreciate it. I'm so ready to have this back up...." Leaning on the bar she'd smile up at him. "So how's it coming....?"
Connor "Well, looks like the kind folks of Jack's town will actually do a job you pay'em to do. Most of the stuff you ain't gonna use or reuse is gone now. We'll throw up a braced stud, and the stone and mortar underlay for the window pane today." Connor takes a sip of the beer, then quite a long draw from it. It seems like its good. "I'd almost want to draw the job out, enjoy the sights and the locale. But I'm sure I'll have a few more contracts waiting to get started back El Dorado way."
Lynnette Lyn would smirk a bit as she nodded. "Well...." Tilting her head a bit she'd smile at him softly. ".....not like you can't come here and enjoy a drink....we're not that far away...." Taking a deep breath she would push herself off of the counter and nodded. "Plus....I need to get this place back up to a hundred percent you know...."
Connor He'll reach out to pantomine stroking her cheek with the back of his hand. "It'll be fine. Windows actually cuts a day or so out of the job. Really." He'll look back over towards the job site before taking another slug outta the beer he has.
Lynnette That brow would raise before she would blow him a kiss then made her way around the bar. "Well good to know...." Lyn would make her way over back to that new counter and go back to sanding it down. "And I appreciate the help. Really...." Looking at him with a nod, those green eyes would twinkle a bit. ".....I can't wait to get it back on the road..."
Connor "I'd hate to be the one to break the news. But buildings don't go on roads ya'know." Connor pushs himself out of a stool now, brining his beer with him to survey the damage of unskilled demolition. It isn't too bad, a little overzealous is all. He'll settle the beer upon a table before getting a hammer out of the wheelbarrow and a knotted string to lay out some distance amongst the hole.
Alpha     Alpha, enshrouded in that duster, would head over for the cantina. He'd slow slightly, seeing that work being started on the hole and would actually go through the door instead. "Huh.. Guess ya finally got someone ta help with that, eh?" A polite nod is given over to Connor as he'd head for the bar, pulling out some caps. "Beer, ifn ya would.."
Lynnette "You know what I mean!" Giggling she'd stand back up and look over at him. "But why delay my job?" Her brow would raise as she watched him for a minute. "You don't have to do that to hang out here in town...." Seeing Alpha walk in she'd wave and gave him a wink. "Yeah....finally. No need to have it still looking a hot mess..." Chuck would come from the back but went right ahead an grabbed what Alpha needed. It was obvious he was a regular. Sighing, Lyn would survey the hole. ""
Alpha     "Beast." Alpha grunts, with a flash of amusement in his eyes and a grin at Lyn as she'd look at the hole. That beer taken up with a nod, he'd drink some of it, pocketing it's cap and frowns. "Hey.. ya'll hear anythin 'bout Solomon's gang comin by here lately? I'm hearin they're stirrin up trouble.."
Lynnette "Yes...beast...." Laughing she'd sashay her way over to Alpha, leaning on the bar next to him. "No. I haven't...." Tapping her chin for a moment she'd seem to be in thought then winked. "I can keep my ear to the ground for you though..." Tilting her he'd she'd raise a brow. "Want me to hold them here if the do come by?"
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head a little, drinking some more of his beer. "Nah.. Jack ain't wantin them musclin in.. so.. they're needin a lesson. Better ta not let em in.. after yer buddy there deals with the Ashur exit, eh?" He'd motion to the wall with a snicker, then smiles to Lyn. "But.. ifn ya hear word of where they're holdin up? Well.. I'd like ta go have a chat with em.."
Connor "Man, fuck the Solomons." Connor has strict opinions about *those* folks. Apparently. Much measuring and scratching before he turns a bit to the side and absolutely slams the hell out of the bottom remaining stone, annihilating it and sending a shower of concrete chips out into the street. Wheres OSHA when you need them? The beam comes off the street now and he settles it into place up top, before tap-tap-tapping it into place on the ground.
Alpha     Alpha glances over to Connor and flashes a grin. "Yah man.. what Jack said ta do. So.. gonna do a meet and greet with em and some 5.56mm ammo, eh? I ain't gonna let that crap screw with the crap in our craphole. So.. I'll find em and end em. How I see it."
Connor "Fuck'em for real. I grew up in El Dorado, and them sonovabitchs leverage that place any way they could to keep'em up on their high horse." Connor looks up and down, eyeing the beam before being satisfied, at least for the moment before grabbing a pre-war looking level out of the a satchel and laying it across the axii of the soon to be structural brace. "Glad they went down the way they did."
Alpha     Alpha muses, studying Connor as he'd work, taking another swig of his beer. "Ya want in? Ifn I find out where they're at.. I ain't plannin on lettin anyone walk away.. I'll even temp deputize ya fer it.. so yer legit workin with the law fer this?"
Connor "My hands aren't build for holding a pistol or a rifle steady, if you can't tell." Connor drags some wood in from outside, leveraging and bracing them to each other around the wooden beam before applying water to the innards of a bucket and mixing with something. He eyes the stone still part of the building, adding a few things to the bucket before beginning a pour. "I've got a nice cattle prod, and an eagerness to shove it into a shithead's neck though."
Alpha     Alpha nods, watching Connor work. "A'right.. so.. ya build me a blind.. I start shootin em.. bring em in.. ya build a shelter ta hide in and when they close, ha pop out ta tag em, eh?"
Lynnette Lyn just looked between the two and chuckled softly. A shake of her head as she ran her fingers through her hair. "....gee guys...tell me how y'all really feel about them..."
Connor "They're no good, shitheads is all." Connor lets the concrete settle a bit before pouring more over top of it. A few taps of his boot to the wood to settle the bubles out even more before he gets a trowel and levels it out by hand. Nobody is gonna see it after some more building but he will see it.
Alpha     Alpha smirks over at Lyn, shaking his head. "I would, but yanno.. ladies are present." He'd wink her way, chuckle and take another drink of his beer. Looking over at Connor, he'd watch curiously as the guy continues to work. "How fast ya think ya could put up some barriers ta fire from? Frag man, ifn we find where they're at, set up a small place ta take em from.. could make it nice and easy ta end that threat."
Lynnette "Oh......" Looking over to Chuck she'd grin. "Might wanna cover your ears...." That man would shoot her look that could kill...but said nothing. Taking a deep breath she'd look over to Connor and smiled. "So not gonna join him in the hunt? It's a thrill...." Slowly those green eyes look over at Alpha and tilted her head. "...need another gun?"
Connor "Thats the thing. I'm not a gunhand." Connor'll stand and watch the concrete settling and he steps across the threshold to finish his beer and come back towards the bar. He wiggles the bottle Lyn's way now. "I've got a shield and not much desire for firefights though. Honest.y"
Alpha     Alpha nods towards Connor. "But ifn ya can make some fortifications.. then I can draw em close. They get past your position.. and ya ambush em. Don't have ta use a gun ta shockingly get yer point across, eh?" He'd laugh with that, finishing his own bottle and grins to Lyn. "Sure sure.. I'll even temporarily Deputize ya fer this.. eh?"
Lynnette Chuckling she'd raise her hands then. "Oh I don't know if I want to be deputized...." She'd make her way back behind the bar then nodded to Connor. Getting him a fresh beer she'd set it down on the bar top for him. "Here you go, handsome..." Sighing she'd lean on the bar then. "Well how are you gonna lure them in though....?"
Connor "I thought thats why the gentleman wanted you to come?" Connor plops into a stool and satiates himself with another sip of beer. "For bait?"
Alpha     Alpha rolls his eyes, then shakes his head with a chuckle. "Nah nah. Ain't like that. We find out where they're holdin up nearby.. we set up near that.. and the reason they'll come runnin? 'cause I'll be cappin them ifn they don't come find out where I'm at ta stop me.."
Lynnette Looking to Connor she'd laugh then. "Aww." Looking over to Alpha, she would grin. "Why Sheriff....think I'm bait material?" Snickering she would then look back to Connor. "He doesn't want me there. I'm a terrible shot...." Licking her lips she' then go to fix herself a glass of water. "But....he has a point...."
Connor "That seems an interesting proposition. But poking my nose into trouble isn't how I'm the only Meline left ya'know?" He'll prop an elbow onto the bar counter and drinks some more of his beer. "You're gonna need some more guns for any sort of posse killing."
Alpha     Alpha nods in agreement to the others, musing, then finally shrugs. "A'right.. so spread word. But.. try ta keep it low key. Last thing I want is them knowin it's comin.. eh?" He'd finish his beer, setting the bottle on the table. "And whaddya say? Ya willin ta work the fortification fer me? Think ya can do it quietly? or should we skip that and just try ta find natural cover?"
Lynnette She'd shrug a bit as she leaned on that counter now. "I don't know....takes more time to wait for a fort thing, huh?" Taking a long sip of her water she'd nod then. "And I'll ask around in my own way. See if I can find you some help, hm?" Lyn seemed to think before nodding. "I can come and help if you want. I'll ask Devlin too..."
Connor "Fortifications take awhile. You're better off just dragging a wagon or something out there to use instead of trying to drag materials out to build something." Connor shrugs his shoulders at the prospect. "Besides, building something takes time and its not exactly hard to spot I'm sure."
Alpha     Alpha nods a little. "Well.. that's that then.. a'right. We'll just get a few more.. Devlin, you, me.. Connor ain't interested in the whole shootin thing.. so while he hates em? He dun wanna go get messed up. I can respect that.. Prolly want one or two more.."
Lynnette "Alright..." Finishing off her water she'd lean down and grab two more beers, one for each of the men. "....on me." Giving them a wink she'd move around the bar and let Chuck do his job in peace. Moving back to that new bar top she bent over and went back to sanding the damn thing. "So what's the timeline you think, Connor?"
Connor "I ain't interested in what seems to be your kneejerk plan to shooting sum people. I'm just letting you know what is likely to go wrong." Connor finishes the beer he had gotten down and starts his third. "This'll dry up a bit. Then we can lay a pane frame on top of it in an hour or so. Another day to build up either brick or stone up under it. Then another day to put the window in."
Alpha     Alpha studied Connor, raising a brow, then shakes his head. "So.. screw em.. but woah woah.. ifn yer actually gonna try ta take them out.. huh?" He'd just grunt, pop the cap off the beer and offers it to Lyn, tip for the free beer! He'd muse and just listen as Connor listed out what would be done for that wall.
Lynnette "Awesome...." Standing back up she'd look over at him and sighed. "You're quick....I should have had you in here ages ago..." Laughing she'd just nod and looked to Alpha. "I'll keep you abreast, Sheriff. Let me talk to some people and see, hm?"
Connor "I'm just saying, sounds like a shit plan. Lure'em into something juicy and then lay into'em is a better plan. Macho showdown bullshit has a too high of a failure rate." Connor doesn't exactly let Alpha's ribbing dig into him much. He'll stand up again then, walking over to check out the concrete again.
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head a little. "Who said anythin 'bout a showdown? I'mma gonna snipe em and cap as many as I can.." Shaking his head a little, he'd drink some more of the beer and nods to Lyn. "sure sure. I'll be around.."
Lynnette Sighing she'd walk back over as the man went back outside. Leaning back against the counter near Alpha she'd cut her eyes over to him. "....nice jacket, Sheriff....." A smirk would tug at her lips but she kept it in check for now. "....getting all fancy?"
Alpha     Alpha can't help but chuckle a little, taking another slug of that beer. He'd shift and flash those handcuffs in her direction. "Just official.. eh? Gotta have the gear ta prove I am sheriff.." He'd shake his head, eyeing the door. "Jack said ta take em down.. bait? That's just trouble.. usually.. I rather ambush than bait and hope they dun bring buddies.."
Lynnette Licking her lips she would tilt her head a bit. "Handcuffs too?" A smirk was much more prevalent now as she looked him over. "....looking good....." Sliding over closer to him she'd glance to Chuck before looking back to Alpha. "....I'll see what I can find out about those jerks for you...."
Alpha     Alpha nods, flashing a small grin at Lyn, before chuckling and taking a drink of that beer. He'd muse, watching Chuck as she'd look over and nods in answer. "Good. Need it kept low key.. so they dun know we're comin.. and a few more guns ta make em regret tryin ta tag Jack's Town.."
Lynnette Licking her lips she would tilt her head a bit she'd smile before leaning in. Those green eyes would look around as she whispered softly. " tell me, Sheriff....." They'd slowly look over at him then winked. " I going to get investigated soon.....? Make sure I"m not doing anything....handcuff worthy?"
Alpha     Alpha grins Lyn's way and gives a small nod. He'd finish off that beer before standing. "Hmm.. actually.. I'm thinkin we need to check your inventory in the basement.. gotta make sure ya ain't.. hiding anything, hmm?" He'd motion towards the stairs. "So.. after you?"
Lynnette A tilt of her he'd as she slowly pushed herself off of the counter. "I hope you have a warrant...." She'd look to Chuck and nodded. "I'll be back. Just make sure things don't get wild up ere....." Looking to Alpha she'd smirk then make her way over to that basement door and opened it up, slowly making her way downstairs.