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Harmon Well this is not what Harmon was expecting to find while out patrolling the area surrounding El Dorado. He walks, almost in a daze and more than slightly gaping at the deathclaw guards, very cautiously with his weapon slung over his back - all the good it would do against deathclaws.
Krysta      Krysta had been hired as a gun for Harmon on his 'patrol'. She'd tapped Devlin too. So as they came through the maze to find Deathclaws... guarding.. something. She stared for a long moment. "Well fuck."
Devlin     Returning to the crashsite, this wasn't Devlin's first time viewing the site though it was the first time he took a chance past the guards despite seeing others coming and going. Keeping his hand within his leather jacket's pocket, the man follows Krysta mumbling 'Caps are caps' every so often. "Yes, they are real.. and yes, I've seen some humans speaking to them from a distance, but not sure how they talk back, they don't really have lips.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell was here for...reasons...Mainly because he wanted to see the airship! It was BoS tech therefore meaning it could be of use to the Guardians. So he was here! He approaches the village and gives a light wave to the deathclaw guards seeing as how they seemed friendly. But of course, friendly looking usually meant squat for the wastelands. He walks into the village and looks around, EXAMINING things and approaching the group. "How goes it?" he asks.
Vault Girl A dog wearing a monocle walks over in Caldwell's direction and lifts his leg up and takes a pee on it before saying in a British Accent, "You're welcome good Sir. It'll keep the radroaches away. That'll be twenty caps."
Harmon     Harmon takes a long, slow breath as he stops just inside the village and studies the surroundings a bit before looking back to Devlin and Krysta, "Well, that's a good sign at least. We're still alive." he says, almost seeming a bit impressed with himself with a grin before Caldwell and the... Doggonite? have their exchange and clears his throat as he approaches, "That's mighty... thoughtful of you." he says to the doggo and hands over the credits... First rule of dealing with natives? don't piss them off.
Krysta      Krysta watched Caldwell walk toward the guards and talk to them.... Glanced to Devlin long enough to raise an eyebrow at him oddly and then... looked back in time for to see a dog peeing on the Knight and demanding to be paid for it.. She blinked a few times and pulled out a small bag of caps, tossing it at the dog but keeping her distance. "There's 30 if you do it again." Devlin could tell she thought perhaps she might be high....
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell stares blankly at the doggo that just pissed on his leg. "Err...right..." he says before looking over at Krysta "Are you attempting to anger me? Because it's working." he says through gritted teeth. After seeing his 'debt' be paid he gives the doge a pat on the head "" he says curiously.
Devlin     Moving his hand up from his pocket and into his face, letting a sigh filter around his palm while shaking it from side to side. By the time he manages to make a sound, Devlin was almost pleasing, "Krysta.. that's a real dog. That's also actually a paladin you just paid to be pissed on.. If you pay him or his friend to piss on me.." Lifting his face up from his hand he looks at Krysta with a stern expression and states, "I'm shooting you in the foot, got it?"
Vault Girl Reginald the Dog managed to put the caps into a little pouch with some strange looking doggo-type opposable thumbs, "Thank you my Good Man. I am Reginald The Dog, it's good to meet you. I also sell maps through the trail if you're interested, those cost 100 caps but they grant you a secret manner of entry!"

Then Krysta is offering caps and Reginald obliges before lifting his leg again and peeing all over Caldwell's other leg, "A double dose! I do say, wonderful choice. Are the group of you looking for a guide? This can be a tough town, lots of thieves and conweasels, you could use a true and honest friend like myself."
Harmon     Harmon stifles a bit of a laugh at the exchange between Krysta, Caldwell and Devlin and just shakes his head and waves a hand, "As entertaining as this is, let's try not to cause a ruckus." he reminds everyone before settling his attention on Reginald, "I appreciate the offer but honestly we ended up here a bit by accident while scouting the area aftering hearing some rumors and being curious." he explains, scanning the streets again, "What exactly is this place? I'm surprised, to be honest, that a place like this has managed to survive."
Krysta      Krysta looked at Caldwell and grinned at him like an idiot. "I'm off duty!" She cackled and looked to Devlin. "Roger-roger. It's not like it matter's we are clearly high on something." She crouched down and peered at the dog with a big grin on her face. She was being friendly toward the obvious hallucination. "I'm looking for whatever it is I'm on, good sir. But hey, I'm Krysta Parker. So ... where are we?" She glanced back at Harmon and grinned, still completely certain they were on some weird ass chems.
Devlin     Watching Krysta dumbfounded for a few moment but then steps up closer to the woman, and slips is right arm around her, resting his hand onto her side rather than her hip. "Hold it.. This isn't just you seeing something is said with a somewhat serious tone that wasn't amused." Curling his fingertips together, Devlin tries to pinch her between his fingernails. "Focus now.. If we manage to get through this well, we can ask them about exlosive recipes and supplies."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell simply stares at Reginald and sighs. Before staring at Krysta "You're very clearly not high if i'm seeing it too." he says, clenching his fists angrily. He then releases his fists from their clenched state and goes to pet Reginald again. "It's alright friend, if you believe radroaches will stay away from me by peeing on me then I appreciate your help. Though I do feel i've been err..doused enough, yes?"
Vault Girl "Sir Reginald Barkley the First at your service. I do wonder, have any of you met my son, Reggie? He lives in El Dorado, good young lad, if a bit too much of a dog for my tastes. Wanting to have a master? What a numbskull." Barkley sat down and nodded his head at the group before licking himself and then continuing, "As for what this place is, we call it home. Your people call it the Crashed Airship."

The Deathclaw Guards were clearly watching you and even if other residents were not speaking to any of you, it was clear that Reginald was more then he seemed; perhaps the first person to greet new arrivals.

"We all used to be lab experiments. Some of us from before those pesky bombs dropped, why, Poppy over there used to have a master and everything, got taken into a Vault and put in one of those ice box things humans used to use. I was a stray, no masters for me! Right, you don't want my story.." Reginald used his paws to push the pouches of caps together before barking at Caldwell for no reason, "Well, the big metal guys like him, the Brotherhood rescued us when they came to steal all of the stuff in the lab. They really love stealing. We were attacked and the Airship went off course and we arrived here. Most of the humans from the Brotherhood died, but some of them are still around. They trade with El Dorado for us, and the Deathclaws guard the trail, it's all quite good. Nobody bugs us."
Harmon     Harmon calmly strokes his chin as he listens and nods a bit, "I see. I can't say I've met your son, though I'm fairly new to this region myself. I'm glad the people here have managed to carve out a life for themselves." he says, glancing at the guards and offering a polite nod.

    At the exchange between Krysta and devlin he looks back at them, "Definitely not chems." he says to her simply before looking back to Reginald, "100 caps you say? Not to appear rude but that does seem a bit steep. Would you be willing to make something of a deal? say... 70 caps and a line to the Lonestar Caravans to possibly work out a more permanent trade solution? It could only help everyone involved to have a fresh supply fo godies to pick through? An esteemed.... Gentleman? I'm sorry, I don't know what your preferred title would be Sir Reginald."
Krysta      Krysta blinked and her eyes went wide as Devlin hooked that arm around her and pinched her. She turned her head to peer at the man with a perfectly confounded expression. A quick glance around showed everyone else was serious and apparently sober too. She blinked at Reginald again.... With a thump from her elbow to Devlin's chest, she tried not to snicker then stood up and cleared her throat, glancing at Caldwell. "My bad?" She could sense retaliation in her future.....
     The woman's expression darkened considerably and she seemed to sober when Reginald stated they were experiments in a lab. She frowned deeply and looked to the side, peering at the death claw guards... Experiments. If Reginald was real.. so were they... And they weren't just attacking.
     Harmon's attempt to buy the map the dog had offered made her pause and peer at the dog again. "70 sounds fair.. I might take one too." She turned, slinging her rifle over her shoulder, peering at the death claw guards for a long moment... Finally she nodded her head to them in respect. A warrior was a warrior o matter their race....
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods at Reginald "I've met Reggie Jr. He's err..called Vaultmeat by his owner though. His owner dissappeared awhile back, dunno where she headed off to." he pets Reggie again "I could take you in if you want. A dog companion would be awesome to have. We'd be two peas in a pod, and no that isn't asking for you to pee on me again." he listens to Reggie before being barked at. "I see...Well I used to be Brotherhood. My squad were all murdered when we arrived here. I'm one of the only survivors." he says, sitting besides Reggie and scratching behind his ears. "The deathclaws seem nice enough, they haven't ripped off my face yet at least."
Vault Girl "A companion? My good sir, I'm not sure what you take me for but I am neither a beastiophile or a homosexual. Flattered though, truly." Reginald responded to Caldwell before cocking his head at the rest of the group, "Humans are so weird."

"Well, the thing is. I didn't expect any of you want to buy a map, but that entire area of dead man's gulch is infested with mutants. So, consider it an even trade if you kill the mutants, then you can talk about lone stars and goodies with our leader." Reginald scratched himself behind the ear, "By the way, strange one?" He was referring to Caldwell, "If you see my son, tell him to come visit sometime."

A bunch of baby animals like molerats, puppies, kittens, raccoons and weasels were rolling a ball before one of them squeaked at Reginald who said to the group, "Well, it's time to teach the little ones the important things in life. To answer your question, you may call me Sir Reginald, that's quite good. I'm a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steal, afterall." He snatched up the pair of pouches in his mouth and ran off to play with the babies!
Harmon     Harmon listens and nods, "Fair enough. Gulch, mutants, make mutants dead. Seems straight forward enough. Hope to be back with good news, I will spread the word a bit and see about rallying a bit of firepower." he says to Reginald before he trots off. Turning back to the others he lets out a breath and arches an eyebrow as he looks between them, "Well lady and gentlemen I think that about concludes this field trip. I don't know about you but until I met the leader and figure out just how friendly the place is I'd rather not hang around the guards. Bad memories." he says with a forced chuckle.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell blinks and looks down at Reggie "I didn't mean--" but then he's off. He looks over at the baby animals. DAWWWW...So cute! He looks over to Harmon. "I'll join you I guess...I need to shoot some things after all this." he says, rising up from his position on the floor and getting ready to dip.
Vault Girl A Deathclaw nods to Krysta and points it's axe towards the area the mutants are at.
Devlin     Nodding in agreement with Harmon along with Caldwell but for completely different reasons, Devlin looks to Krysta who he hasn't released yet with her questionable status. It wouldn't be until Krysta began to calm that the arm around her loosens until it slips away moving back into his leather jacket, once he took a half a step to the side, giving her some elbow room once again.

    Turning towards Reginald, Devlin didn't speak, but wondered what exactly was he doing being so openly friendly. It wouldn't be until the canine stated his 'rank' that Devlin turns and stares at the mutt before looking towards Caldwell highly questioningly. "She thought she was high.. and now the locals think you are a human breeding deposit?" is asked with a arched brow to the man in power armor.

    Turning his focus at last back to Harmon to ask, "Did you just agree to hunt a deployment is unknown number, unknown strength, and unknown command structure?" Looking away from the man he turns to Krysta to ask, "Did you hear him agree to what I think I heard him agree to?"
Krysta      Krysta nodded to Devlin. "Yes, I heard them both agree to it. I think they're nuts too. I didn't bring enough C4 for that..."
Harmon     Harmon arches an eyebrow to Devlin, "Not quite. I took the information and made my intention of attempting to help known. I plan to scout the area, get some intel and see if there is a reasonable way to accomplish the task." he says simply and shakes his head, "I'm not quite crazy enough to just charge head long into a super mutant stronghold with just my bravado and good looks." he says, chuckling a bit more to himself, still shaking his head.