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Lynnette It seems things were quiet.....too quiet at the cantina today. Sure it was being put back together but it was just....eery. And one would see why. Behind the bar was Chuck.....with a rather large raider behind him holding a gun to his side. The poor tender stood there silent for once as he glanced down at Lyn's shotgun that was stashed away but use to him. The raider seemed to be just....relaxing. Meanwhile in the corner is another who's just sitting back and smoking a cigarette...maybe? Who know what he was smoking.
Alpha     Alpha was on his way into the Cantina when he'd realize.. something was going on. Frowning, that rifle would be pulled and stashed with his grip on it under that duster. That done, he'd stroll into the cantina then, sheriff duster flickering in that wind passing by. He'd sweep the interior, tagging each of the three guys who were there for trouble. Lovely. "Didn't know it was trash day.." He'd mutter to himself as he'd start that smooth rolling stroll over towards the bar. "Yo Chuck. Beer."
Lynnette The one sitting in the corner would chuckle as he just inhaled the cigarette and tossed it on the floor, not even bothering to stamp it out. " beer for you....." Chuck had moved to do as told but as soon as he heard the hammer on that pistol cock back he'd go still. The tender looked at Alpha and just shook his head then...his eyes going to the kitchen.

The two out in the main area appeared pretty smug as the mouthpiece walked up. Rolling his shoulders he'd pull a pistol from his holster and nodded. "I don't know why.....Jack's Town would have a sheriff.....but...." Smirking then he'd nod bit. "We think that little joke is over we're going to ask get the hell out of it and drop this dumbass idea...."
Alpha     Alpha paused, waiting patiently for the guy to approach. It's a subtle move, with Alpha smiling all the while. "See? That's where yer wrong.. fragheads like you are around." *BAM* And the rifle he was hiding goes off, spraying the guy's brain across the bar. That rifle immediately switched locations, hidden to up and targetting the guy in the corner. "One less fraghead. Just fragged em.. Now.. ifn ya dun wanna join yer buddy? Yer gonna get yer ass up. And get outta my town. Got it? As ya can see.. I dun miss."
Lynnette The man holding Chuck would fall in a heap catching Chuck to jump but looked back to Alpha. The one in the corner would sneer but just smirked. "Well......" Letting out a piercing whistle, that kitchen door would burst open as the third raider dragged out Lyn with a hand over her mouth. Any scuffling that was heard was her trying to break free. Finally those green eyes would look to Alpha and just shook her head.

The one in the corner would pick up that gun and aimed it at Lyn, staring straight at Alpha. "....a little birdie told me that you might be sweet on this bar wench..." Licking his lips he'd pull the hammer of the gun back and grinned. "In fact.....that birdie saw you and wench pretty cozying in the dark."

Lyn would finally pull that hand off of her mouth as she screamed out. "Shoot his bitch ass!!" The raider holding her would snatch her by the hair and yanked her head back as he leaned in. Looking to Alpha he'd smirk as her slowly licked her neck then. "...tell me, easy was it to get this one in the sack?"
Alpha     Alpha tensed. Eyes going hard as those steels watched the man he was aiming at. He heard her come out with the third guy. "Ahh.. last asshole. Good. Now I dun have to hunt him down." It's Lyn's words that has that trigger pull, *BAM* the shot slamming right into the guy's shoulder, rendering the arm useless and knocking him down to the ground. Alpha immediately turns on the last guy, both hands gripping that rifle. "Ya'll wanna know the idiot part of yer whole plan here? Ya'll hardly brought enough men.. and poor Chuck is gonna have ta clean up more blood.."
Lynnette Lyn was slowly already moving her hand to the back of her pants then as she was getting harassed. Frowning she would just growl softly as she spoke the raider holding her still. "....not as easy as you think, asshole...." With that she had pull that gun out and just fired behind her hoping for the best. When she hit him in the arm and leg, he threw her violently to the ground. His hand twitched for his gun but instead he would turn and try to make a run for it. Problem was....he was bleeding out and limping like a busted up hobo.

Hitting the ground she'd grunt as she caught herself but just cursed silently to herself before looking up at the bastard that was trying to make a break for the door. Smirking she would just slowly stand up and pick up her gun. There was a look in those green eyes as she put a hand to her mouth making sure he didn't bust her lip.
Alpha     Alpha nods to Lyn as she'd pop the guy twice. Yep.. figured she'd have it. As the man scrambles to leave, Alpha is over there in an instant. That rifle swapped positions, the butt slamming into the man's leg, then snapping across to knock the man out. He'd shoulder his rifle and pull those cuffs to start locking him up. "Good shot, Lyn.. need ta get a medic ta make sure he dun bleed out.. so we can make sure ta make a show outta em hangin fer assaultin someone in here.. I'll stand by fer plenty.. but there's only so far ya can push.."
Lynnette She'd slowly walk over to the gun and just lifted her gun up slightly. "...he can bleed out for all I care...." These green eyes darkened as she as she slowly pulled the hammer back on that pistol and took aim. "....I don't like....being grabbed." Taking a deep breath she'd slowly release that hammer and shoved her gun back into her pants. "....bastard...."

Looking to Chuck she'd look him over and nodded. " alight?" The man just nodded as he went and grabbed the bucket and mop. Looking over to Alpha then she'd frown. "....apparently our little secret is out....."
Alpha     Alpha watches Lyn. Hey.. if she shot him? Totally self defense. What the sheriff saw and that'd be that. Nodding as she'd relax some, he'd rip some of the guy's clothing to at least staunch the wounds. "Yo Chuck.. better next time ifn ya duck. I almost missed." He'd flash that evil little grin at Chuck, who promptly flips him off. That just gets a laugh as he'd stand up from his work to smile at Lyn. "Eh.. so what? Ifn it stops them from bein assholes to ya, or they know I'mma gonna put a hole in their head? It works still.. Ya'll just be.. a more tastey bait.. eh?"
Lynnette Snorting she'd fold her arms a bit as she turned her head. "I should shoot him...." Grumbling she'd then look over at him and shrugged. "Well I was avoid this type of crap happening..." Sighing she'd just shake her head and walked over to him now. "I point in being all super secret all time if you don't wanna...." Then she'd frowned a bit and tilted her head. "....I wonder exactly how many people have heard about this little....informatin...."
Alpha     Alpha nods a little and chuckles softly. "Simple Lyn.. ifn more have.. so be it.. But I didn't kill em.. ta find out how he found out.. and who else he knows, knows.. yah?" He'd shrug some and shakes his head, eyeing the guy. "I'll get em ta the cell.. ya gonna be ok?" Alpha watches Lyn for a moment, studying her closely.
Lynnette "Yeah yeah....." She'd look off to the side as she folded her arms across her chest. Clearing her throat she'd shrug as she turned headed over to where Chuck was. "Let me something. I'll be fine. I just need to clean up damned mess....." It was obvious something was off but she wasn't admiring it. Stopping she would turn and wink at him playfully. "Thanks, Sheriff..."
Alpha     Alpha studied Lyn for a moment, raising a brow. Then he'd shake his head a little and smirks her way. "Sure thing." With that, he'd grab the guy's collar and bodily drag him off to jail for questioning time. Or bleeding out on the way there. Whatever. It'll give Roxie a snack.