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Qwillis     Qwillis was continuing his work on demystifying Dunwich. That gatling laser was in parts on one of the 4 main tables within Q's lab, all of them neatly arranged on a grid and categorized. Shiloh, having been seen as one who's more into tech got an invite to Q's lab to help work on the Dunwich mist. Serena of course, already knew how to get there with her own open invite to show up whenever. Currently Q was going over the parts of the gun to see if there's something extra. That one part that made it.. creepy. That unsettled merchants. Afterall, he's been shown a chip of Dunwich.. what if all of those items have that chip?
Shiloh      Shiloh looks down at her invitation to help make sure that she was at the right location. "Yup. Looks like this is the spot." She tucks it back away in her pocket and knocks to be let in. Her eyes roam over the walls over the lab as she walks down, taking in the sights of the machinery scattered about and the experiments in progress. The gatling gun does draw her attention and she walks over to the table that it's on. A low whistle is breathed out and that's about when Shiloh notices Qwillis himself! The person she -should- be greeting, instead of oggling over his fancy gear and toys nearby. She approaches him and offers a gentle smile in greeting, "Hello, Q? I hope I'm not late, got your invite a day or two ago and here to help." There's a brief grimace and she confesses softly, "If there's a way to get rid of that mist or...or at least push it back, I'm all ears." She doesn't let the topic drag her mood down for long and offers an official introduction, "Name's Shiloh, it's nice to meet you in person. What's the first step on the agenda today?"
Serena That blonde made her way over to that bunker then after her little incident. It had been a few days but her wounds had healed up nicely. Though her hands were still bandaged she was able to move them freely....for the most part. Blue eyes would look around the area but she slowly made her way down to that lab then. Licking her lips she would hold that notebook tightly to her chest. Still in that white dress though it was quite tattered now on the bottom from her....using pieces of it. Once stepping inside she came to a complete halt as she saw another person in there as well. Letting out a sigh she would stay by that door way for now as she waited. Her turn right? She was patient.
Qwillis     Qwillis? Well he's oblivous to the others coming in. The automated cycling of the system indicated by the machines moving due to visual recognition. Nice being able to program your own lock and all.
    As Shiloh would look around, she'd be able to see the four main tables have different experiments on them. Qwillis is standing next to the gun, looking over the parts with his pip-boy. Another table has some chemicals there that seem to be boiling.. with no heat applied. The third table has what looks to be a partly melted rock on it, as well as a few other items arranged for control and focus it seems. Although of what? would be hard to tell. That last table had an array of books and notes all over it. Physical form of the mental thoughts the scientist has.
    When Shiloh would speak up to him, Q would yelp actually, in surprise. Stumbling back a step as she'd introduce herself. "Ahh.. right, right! Miss Shiloh. A pleasure to meet you. Qwillis.. or Q as some goes by, yes. I've found some information about Dunwich, that tells me there's a lot of potential there. It's just a matter of.. well.. gathering more data."
    Qwillis looks over to Serena and msiles her way, aware now that she was there and would motion her in. "Serena. This is Miss Shiloh. A scientist I met recently." He'd look to Shiloh with a small smile. "This is Miss Serena.. ah.. she likes just Serena. Anyways. She's very honest and highly observant. Someone I've come to enjoy working with as a good check on thoughts and theories."
Shiloh      Shiloh blinks when Qwillis jumps and seems frightened of her, but attempts to offer him a smile in reassurance. "You alright there? Sorry, didn't mean to scare you!" She glances over at the notes and nods her head, "Oh? Interesting! I do not know much about the city, only that when it's spoken about, most just seem to want to burn it to the ground." This does make her twist her lips, "I'm not sure how that may fix things though, at least in the long run.." When Qwillis draws attention to Serena, she turns to look over at her, lifting her hand to wave at her in greeting. She chuckles nervously and tells Qwillis honestly, "Scientist is a fairly strong word for what I do...but when it comes to mechanical parts, then I guess I know a thing or two." After that nervous correction for the sake of modesty, she tells Serena, "It's nice to meet you! Always good to meet nice, honest folks."
Serena Blinking she'd watch the two speak until she heard her name. Looking to the woman stare at her intently and just nodded slowly. "....hi." Serena would slowly cast her gaze back over to Qwillis and nodded. "I can come back....." Taking a step back she would tighten her grip on her notebook and looked back to the other woman. "Perhaps....I should start scheduling my time in here....." She wasn't skittish but it definitely seemed like she was somewhat nervous to be around people she's not too familiar with. "Would that be better for you Qwillis....?" Quickly she'd put her gaze back to Shiloh. "Nothing against you.....I just don't know you....."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles sheepishly at Shiloh. "Just lost in my own world. I didn't see you come in." Yep.. that oblivious. He'd glance over at Serena curiously, then frowns and looks at his pip-boy. "What time is it.. wait.. I've been.." Frowning, he'd shakes his head a little. "Well.. uhm.. You.. can try. But I am not exactly the best at timing when researching.." Motioning Serena over towards that table he was at, he'd walk around it so he was on the other side of it from Serena and Shiloh both. "Anyways. I took this apart to try and study it. It's one of those things that merchants refuse to touch. They say stolen from Dunwich and feel it. But.. how? Well.. do you two feel it? Unease about approaching the table?" He'd motion to the parts. "I have been shown a chip.. microchip.. that was part of something from Dunwich. Something that matched the hell car that would try to eat people. What if that's in all the things from there? Interesting, isn't it?"
Shiloh      Shiloh hums thoughtfully at Serena's words and twitches her shoulder up casually, not seeming too bothered by the woman's reluctance while she's here. "That's why I said my name, now you do. You wanna know anything else, just ask. Not exactly under a lock and key here!" She offers a grin that's full of mirth, but lets her attention return to Qwillis to listen to him for the time being. Her eyes drift back to the table and she wanders back over to the gatling gun with the parts scattered around it. "I think that there is a bit of an...odd feeling in my stomach...come to think of it." She says carefully after considering it, "Not sure if that's just from the fact that we're talking about Dunwich in general does give me the creeps." Something that Qwillis says surprises her quite a bit and she laughs quietly, "A hell car? That tried to -eat- people? would it do that? them over or would it try to get them inside and something would...happen? Cars don't usually have a...defineable digestive system like we do so it's hard to imagine." Letting that topic go for now on just how a car would 'eat' anyone, she hums at the idea of a chip. "A chip in everything from Dunwich? Would be a curious theory...but then there would need to be something or someone in the center of it all if that were the case, right? Making those chips, installing them...I'm interested in what it would mean for other things too? Like I've seen fairly normal looking clothes before that seemed to bear this same sorta...cursed vibe. It'd be more difficult to add a chip to those types of things than compared to a gun like this or even a car. At least those do have some electrical components."
Serena "Knowing a name and knowing someone are two different things....." Watching the woman she'd just slowly look her over before making her way over towards the table Q was at. Stopping short she would frown then as she tucked her notebook under her arm then as she looked at the item on the table. "....I don't like it....." Looking over she would step a bit closer as she raised one of those bandaged hands up then as she popped her fingers. " for the car....I could careless. Just burn it....." Glancing back up to him she would tilt her head. "....the same chip brought in the other day?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Serena solemnly. "That chip made the car do what it did. No chip? No car attacking. Interesting, isn't it?" He'd shrug a little and look to Shiloh. "You're thinking human tech.. There are aliens. I've seen them too. And a weave of fibers that pass energy put into an outfit to make the same circuit? It's possible." He'd study the gun himself then. "I don't know which part.. It's not an obvious chip that I've seen. But.. something.. one part here does it."
Shiloh      "Then ask whatever you feel like you'd need to know me, that's why I made the offer. Personally I just know that if we're both here, there's a reason for it." Shiloh tells Serena, glancing away from the work set out before them. "I'm not here to make you uncomfortable, here because I figure we're both invited by Q. I trust his judgement since he's known you longer and know you to be a good person, so I'm looking forward to working with you for as long as you two will have me. Not here to force you into making some schedule that makes you have to pop in and out of here whenever I'm not here." With that offered, she lets the subject drop and nods over at Qwillis, "Aliens, huh. Things outta this world? Figured those were just parts of old stories too...but they somehow make more sense than spectres and demons. Alien tech would open up more doors then..." She glances down over the parts and admits, "We could try to go part by part, taking them out of the equation one at a time to see if there's a point where that...unsettled feeling goes away? If there is, then we can assume that the chip or tech is in that one and isolate it to work on it."
Serena Serena wouldn't say anything at first as she stared over at her for a moment. Staying quiet she'd look down back at the table and stepped closer. "Qwillis....." She'd look it over and then back up to him. "Can we put it back together? Does it react on it's own? I can threaten it and see what part activates......" That hand that was still up would suddenly have a flame in it. "Or you should just let me burn it now. Nothing good comes out of that town....." There was finally a smile that tugged at her lips a bit. "As for aliens...." She'd look up at him then. "....I want to see them then. Seeing is believing....."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Shiloh, then to Serena. He'd grin slightly towards Shiloh. "That was actually my thought as well. Although considering alien tech could be involved, it may require multiple parts together to form the proper circuit for the connection.." He'd muse, then blinks, looking to Serena and holds up both hands, metal and flesh. "Ok.. calm down. We don't need to burn it. I didn't steal it. I bought it. I didn't know it was stolen until after I did.. That said? I can rebuild it yes.. But if you apply too much heat to the energy component.. well.. boom, is the mildest form of what would happen."
Shiloh      Shiloh hums and glances over at Serena, shaking her head. "I'd prefer not to go...boom, personally. So let's keep fire out of it for now." She looks to Qwillis and decides, "We could start with it step by step at first and if nothing comes up, try to build up to combining pairs and see when the circuit is complete. It would...take longer that way. I mean, God knows how many combinations we can make with these parts before we just ended up putting the gun back together entirely...probably in the thousands or millions." She scratches at her neck with a thoughtful frown, "Maybe if it is alien tech, it might still have some lingering radiation from where it came from? I've heard stuff gets irradiated all the time up there from the suns and stars...but it might be...difficult...telling the difference between that radiation and the stuff that's lingering around these parts from the there even a difference?"
Serena ".....I am calm, Qwillis." Closing that hand that fire would dissipate and she'd run that hand through her hair. Exhaling she'd frown a bit as she then step back a bit. Sighing she would take a couple of steps back before sitting down on the floor. Looking between the two she would then pull her notebook from under her arm and slipped a pencil from it. Starting to scribble into it she would just shrug a bit. "Do we really want to be around anything with lingering radiation.....? Last time I's not the best idea. As for different radiation....?" Looking up at them she'd raise her brow a bit. "I mean...radiation is radiation right? Unless theres's some....strength of the radiation we should be looking for....."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles faintly to Shiloh and shakes his head a little. "No radiation. Already checked. It wasn't easy isolating it either.." Q smiles towards Serena with a small shrug. "You had mentioned anger to get that going before.. I'll keep it in mind you can get it calm too." Musing, he'd look between them. "Radiation.. light is radiation, actually. Alpha and Beta waves are fine. Even x-ray is ok. Just not in prolonged doses or near sensative flesh." He'd blush a little at saying that, looking to the table. "Gamma radiation.. what the bombs did.. can be bad in too high of an amount. It's not gotten that amount for a while. So we're ok.. and it's not gamma from it. I don't have the proper equipment to isolate it further though. So we're ruling it out until we can't." He'd muse and pick up the pieces. "Before we go too far, we should follow Occlums Razor. The most simplest conclusion tends to be right.. That said? One piece is the core of this. To not allow items there to leave. So they don't have to recover them from thieves innately."
Shiloh      "All sorts of radiation out there! Not all of it too bad." Shiloh tells Serena, ticking her head to Qwillis, "He knows a lot more about them specifics than I can explain rightly, so best to listen to him about it." She looks down at the parts and reaches out to very gingerly pick on of them up and inspect it. "Sounds good...any ideas how to start with the isolation process? Like are we just sticking to it just being a thing of distance, getting the part far enough away from the overall machine or subjects until we start feeling something different? We could make them being all together a control group, then start to test them all to different degrees of distance. Should we try to see if your doors are enough to block out the part's effects?" She glances back over to the door and decides, "Metal looks thick enough for it to be a possibility...but some of these sorts of things like this need specific kinds like uh...lead if I remember right. Lead's good at blocking things out, but can't go licking it."
Serena Serena would look to Shiloh then as if thought then back to Qwillis. "The trick is know how angry to get......" Chuckling she'd then look back to her notebook as she sighed a bit. "Honestly this is giving me a headache. Mainly because this definitely out of my depth." Sketching in that notebook, she'd glance back up to Q before looking back down. "I think I will keep my two cents to myself. I honestly have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to this stuff...." That's when she would turn her attention back to whatever it was she was drawing. "....just let me know when you need me for something I can help with...."
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, then nods a little, grinning towards Serena. "Ah. Well.. Good to know. Anger levels variant.." Musing, he'd look over to Shiloh and nods. "Well it's proximity. You approached the table, felt.. uneasy. So.. we each take two parts at a time, walk away and see if the unease stays or goes. When the unease stays.. then we know that one of those two parts are it?" Q would motion to Serena. "Care to come help? Grab two pieces and we all three walk to seperate spots. If you lose the uneasy feeling, then we know it's not one of the parts grabbed. We'll set them aside and keep going."
Shiloh      Shiloh grins at Serena and tells her, "That headache is just your brain swelling up from a workout. It'll ease soon. Sometimes gotta push through it too, like Private Wayne says sometimes, pain is just weakness leaving the body. Then again...think that might just be an excuse programmed in to beat on army recruits and commies." She chuckles and nods over at Qwillis before she reaches out to pick up another part to go with the first that she picked up. "Alright, sounds good then! Let's go on your mark?"
Serena She'd look up to Shiloh and actually...smiled? "It's a nice change from my other headaches..." Chuckling softly she'd looked back to her notebook then. Finishing it up she'd stand up and rip out the paper. "Here, Qwillis..." She'd set the paper down on the table and pointed. It was a sketching of him, Shiloh, and the pieces in action. "Might as well document your cool stuff....." Plopping her notebook on the floor she'd look back to Shiloh then. "That is....not a surprise actually. I guess that's par for the course with military...." Now she'd turn her attention to pieces and slowly picked up two of the pieces. Taking a deep breath she'd looked at them. "....I'm burning it if something happens though...."
Qwillis     Qwillis would take up his own pieces, hesitate and eyes Serena. "Ah.. please.. don't. I can't put it back together if you incinerate something. Besides.. it has no power. The unease will either fade.. or not." Qwillis glances to Shiloh, nods, then looks to Serena with a small chuckle and would state. "Go." With that? He'd.. walk across the room, away from where the two ladies go, to see if they find the part or not.
Shiloh      "My favorite kind of headaches to get! Or muscle aches." Shiloh jests as she starts to walk over to a corner of the room that she picked based on where the others are going. "There's definitely a common theme I noticed from what recordings I could pull up from his voice-bank. I'm probably going to leave them all in just cause they give him some...personality." When she comes to a stop, she looks around and reports to Qwillis, "I'm feeling better, no squirmy feeling in the pit of my stomach anymore. How about you two?"
Serena She'd roll her eyes slightly and then nodded. "Fine. I'll resist the urge..." Turning she'd move across the room as soon as he said go. The further she got the better she felt...less anxious. Stopping she would turn to look at them and then shook her head. "I got nothing. I feel fine actually...."
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns a little and eyes his parts. He'd nod and glances to the others. "Go return yours to the table. Tell me if you get it when you return or not. Otherwise.. I got it."
Shiloh      Shiloh nods her head and heads back over to the table, setting her parts back down with the others. She takes some time to wait and see if anything changes, eventually offering a thumbs up to Qwillis, "Seems okay over here to me. Looks like you're the lucky winner who found it! Which of those two do you think it is? Do you think that it's both parts interacting together?"
Serena As she made her way over to the table she'd just shake her head then. "....nothing." Looking up she'd walk over to Qwillis then and held out a hand. "Give me one." Staring at the pieces then she'd look between them and pointed at one of them. "This one. I'll walk to there other side of the room....."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to the others, looking at the two in his hands. As Serena would walk offer, he'd offer the one she pointed out and watches her as she'd walk off with it. The feeling of unease is subtle, but there, a certain relaxing that lets him nod. "Ah.. well then. Yes. It's that piece, Serena. Thank you... please don't torch it. I need to study it to determine how to turn it off. If I can do that here.. I can do that there.."
Shiloh      "Lookie there. Sometimes it is the most simple solution!" Shiloh observes, chuckling softly before looking at the part that Serena holds more closely. "So then you're thinking that these measures were the uh...other beings method of keeping their stuff from falling in the wrong hands? But why's it centered around Dunwich? I thought Roswell was the one that had some fairly heavy Alien history in its past based on the hearsay and museum they have over there?"
Serena She'd stop and turn to look at him then. Looking at the item she'd then walk over and hold it out to him. "....I know how to pick them that's for sure." Smirking she'd then raise her brow as she sighed a bit. "If you think I"m going burn everything I say I want to burn....." She'd stop herself and shook her head. "I tend to just burn things if I //really// want to burn them...."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles faintly to Serena. "I'll keep that in mind. I don't know. And I have a singed coat to show it can slip, hmm? But I appreciate the honesty." He'd take the part, leave the other one on that table with the rest of the gun and isolates the one of unease on that table with the notes. "Thank you for the drawing too. I'll add it into my journal about this. As for why? I don't know. Something is the source of the mist. The signal.. all of it. Just.. have to find out what."