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Wiz The man known as Wiz puts out a call for a house call to the Lone Star Caravans base. He's not much of a noteable figure, but he is the one sitting outside, with a big bandage around his arm that is relatively soaked, and a bottle of beer. It's alive, but not an exciting place, people moving from barracks to loading up for various trips.
Molly Brown Wiz had made a pretty good impression on Molly when they worked together on the job so it wasn't longbefore she was swinging by to see how Witz was fairing after that dust up. She's been abit roughed up herselfbut it's clear she's treated herself. She walkked up looking concerned as she calls out. "Wiz? Heard you needed some help with a few scrapes."
Wiz Wiz takes his hat off in greeting, waving with a hand. "Over here." He actually didn't have much trouble with the geckos. But just barely. He only just barely scraped. The bandage is older, and bloody. He points to it with a finger, "You must be Mz Brown. I remember you from the recovery. I got a near miss with a rad scorpion I need some help with."
Molly Brown Molly Brown grins a bit and fusses with her hair for a moment. She looks over the wound and grimaces. "Did it get you with it's stinger? OR was is just general injury fromt he fighting?" The vault suit clad woman pulls a medical kit from her pack and will look for omewhere she can set it up. "We'll you been keeping it bandages that's good but it seems the dressing is due for a changing."
Wiz "Ah, just a claw knicked me." He isn't much willing to pull off the bandage. The blood is well dried. Wiz knows enough to put a good bandage on it, but he didn't change it very off. "Well, knicked me pretty deep. Figure if I got hit by the stinger, I'd be a dead man." There's a few picnic style benches, long wooden tables with attached benches. "This isn't too good though. Might need some of those stitches, I don't know."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Okay good then, it could havebeen worse. Let's see how about this. Given those things? It's likely the case."She smiles though andshe pauses. "This is likely going to hurt a lot at some point." She's being honest. "I'll use what I haveto deadend the painbut I don't think it will be perfect." She'll get to work pull out some medical scissors and cut it awya as best she can=, there will be a point where she'll have to pull it off, she'll do it fast though and give Wiz a warning. Once thatis done she's going to work at cleanign the wound, pulling out anything that might have got in there and then comes the disinfecant as well. "This will sting too but hold on. You had the sense ot bandage it up good, though your going to need to change it more often after this."
Wiz Wiz pulls more from his beer as the bandage comes off. He groans, banging on the table with his fist as the bandage rips off the scab of the laceration, revealing the ragged wounded underneath, which starts bleeding anew. Then comes the disinfectant. Wiz sucks in through his teeth. "Oh, shit, that hurt. Is that all of it?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "I'm afraid there's more I have to do, but that's with ... the sitches." She passes him two tablets and some water. "Take this, this will help deadend the pain abit, while I work on gettingthe tools for it ready." She'll busy herself with making sure the needle and thread are disinfected. Once that's done and she's given the pain killer some time to work should Wiz take it? Sadly it's not Med-X but it is better than nothing she'll set to work, she's at least quick and careful with it. Once that /is/ done she'll start to give the wound another round of local healing slav which does speed up healing a bit. Finally she'll work to bandage the wound once more with a fresh one.
Wiz Wiz pulls his beer up to his lips and chugs the rest of it with a steady heavy gulp, tilting all the way back until the entire thing is gone. He pulls himself back down and forward, wincing as the needle goes through. But it isn't so bad. Should you mix alcohol and pain killers? Probably not.

"I really should learn some first aid. I only know the basic. Don't get shot." He grins woozily.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "I'd be happy to teach you, if you like at some point. I think I can help you with the basics, it might just save your life or other carvaners as knowing how to stop someone from bleeding out is imporant, after all. Also tending to wounds like thatisn't bad either." She'll start to tidy up now, packing up het things. "If anyone else here at the carvan needs help, let me know. I'd be glad to help."